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…Momma Says, "Stupid is as Stupid Does"

Sheriff Calls Act “Despicable Parenting”

Couple Faces Child Endangerment Charges

Baby Escapes Injury After Flying Out of Car


“Forest Gump”, uh…I mean Gilbert Saavedra


To start off let me say that sweet little 9 month old Alejandro Saavedra suffered only minor injuries; bumps and bruises, no thanks to his 2 incredibly stupid breeders.

On Tuesday, March 8th at approximately 2pm, the 19yr old male breeder, Gilbert Saavedra, and his 16yr old girlfriend (unidentified due to age I assume) were having a massive argument at their Winton, CA apartment. Neighbors report that this is a regular occurrence even though sperm donor no longer lives at the apartment he is still a regular visitor there. They continued to argue as they headed outside where   they threw (and I don’t mean placed) their son, strapped in his car seat into the back seat of their Mercedes and then both got into the front seat. While still screaming at each other they took off down the street at a high rate of speed (approx 50 MPH on a residential street) and while rounding a corner the back doors flew open and little Alejandro, still strapped in his unsecured car seat fell out of the car and rolled several times before striking the curb.  “Mom” and “dad” immediately stopped the car. Did they check to see if the baby was ok? Did they call 911 or ask someone else to? Nope! The 16yr old worthless uterus didn’t even get out of the car. Saavedra however did jump out of the car, grabbed the baby still in his car seat and again threw him back into the backseat leaving him unsecured again, and took off down the street.

“It was just another despicable display of parenting skills. They basically threw the baby in the back of the car like a sack of potatoes,” explained Mark Pazin, Merced Co. Sheriff. Amen to that!

Witnesses called 911 and gave officers a description of the car and details about what had happened. The police located the car approximately 90 minutes later. At the hospital right? Where they had rushed their baby to check to make sure he wasn’t injured? No, again! They were located driving down the street with the baby, still unsecured in the back of the car. Officers took the baby from them, and although he didn’t appear to be hurt, they rushed him to the hospital to make certain that he wasn’t injured. CPS was called and they took custody of the child. Both the sperm contributor and the sperm receptacle were arrested and charged with felony child endangerment. Gilbert was sent to big boy jail on $50, 000 bail and teenybopper was questioned by CPS where she proceeded to assault the CPS investigator. She was sent to Juvy with additional charges for assault. She was originally being held without bail but according to her sister she has since been released.

The 16yr old mother’s sister, Cecelia Sanchez said, “She’s a good mom, she’s always there for him and everything. But when it comes to her boyfriend, everything revolves around him,” Now I don’t know if she means that the mom is a good mom unless she’s with the boyfriend because then everything revolves around him and the baby doesn’t matter, or, if she means that Gilbert thinks everything revolves around him and the baby doesn’t matter but either way no one had this little boys best interest at heart when they placed him, unsecured, in a speeding car with the doors unlocked not once but twice even though the first time he fell out and could have been killed.

These two are not only too young to be having babies; they are too stupid to be having babies. I mean really, they can afford a Mercedes but they can’t afford one good brain between them. I hope they both spend enough time in jail or juvy as the case may be to grow up and learn how to be responsible parents before they have any more. I also hope that CPS does not return this child to either of them. I think they have placed his life in jeopardy more than enough times, he deserves better.


Baby Alejandro Saavedra, Alive and well in CPS custody. I’ll be praying for you little guy.



Thanks to Alissa for the tip.


***Special Thanks to Abusehater for the write up!***

Bio-Mom Scuffles W/Police Defending Abusive Dildo

Video:  Dumb and Dumber

Police Jail Man for Assault on 1 year old

Little Emily


It seems on February 28th 1 year old Emily Slider was picked up by her Uncle and his girlfriend for the father, Cody Howard.  On the way home they stopped at the store and little Emily was cranky and seemed to be in discomfort.

When they got home dad and grandma noticed that she just didn’t seem right.  When they took off her coat they noticed swelling around the neck and arm.  After taking off her jacket they saw bruising on her head and other injuries.  They immediately took her to the hospital.

That poor baby suffered 5 broken ribs, 2 broken legs, 1 broken arm, and a broken clavicle or collar bone!

Police arrested 18 year old Brandon Joshua Phillips.  He was arraigned on 3 counts each of simple assault, recklessly endangering another person, endangering the welfare of a child and 1 count of aggravated assault.  He is the current vag plug of the bio-mom 20 year old Karli Slider.  He is being held on $250,000 bond.

Investigators say he assaulted Emily on 3 different occasions during a 5 day period late last month.  Here are his explanations for each time:

  1. When questioned by the police, dildo told them that he’d been holding the baby and dropped her and she hit her head on a plastic toy crate.  At least it wasn’t the bathtub…
  2. Next he told them that he had tossed the baby up in the air too high and grabbed her arm as she came down.
  3. According to the little dicked prick she got the broken legs when he was giving her a “horseback ride” on his back and allegedly grabbed her legs because she started falling off.  This fuck is just full of excuses!!

He denied breaking her ribs.  What, no, I was tickling her and she moved and they just snapped??

Now, one would think that that if a little piss-ant boy broke 9 of your baby’s bones you’d be extremely upset.  You’d definitely drop his ass right?!  Of course all the regulars here at BB know better than that!  This bio-bitch takes the prize for the most ignorant of all the defenders I’ve seen yet!!

She went so far as to stand outside the police station waiting for him to be transferred to jail and got into an altercation with the cops.  An Officer had to shove her to the side and she bounced back at him.  She stood trying to block their way.   One officer said, “Are we really going to do this?”  “He didn’t do it; he didn’t do nothing to my daughter!”  She told a reporter.  When asked how the baby got her injuries she says she was fine when she left her other than a bruise on her head caused from falling out of the bed.  Guess you should have gotten your stories straight because that’s not what the boy toy is saying!  What I wouldn’t have given to see the officer Taze this stupid twit!!  Guess it’s a good thing I’m not a cop!

Apparently, while the dumbass had the baby girl, she sent text messages telling Cody’s mother the baby had fallen and was throwing up.  Grandma advised her to take her to the doctor ASAP.  She never did.  Why is this selfish waste of a uterus still walking freely?  Where are the neglect charges from not seeking medical help??

A physician’s report stated, “This baby has been the victim of extreme violence. The fact that her caretakers, including any caretakers who did not inflict the injuries themselves, did not seek medical treatment for these injuries and allowed her to remain in incredible pain after these injuries occurred constitutes child abuse/medical neglect.”

Officers say this investigation is far from over.  Officer Bush said, “It is beyond belief that the mother did not know there was something wrong with her child.  I am not done with this.”

Emily is now recovering with her father and family.  This one has a happy ending because she survived these people!!


Rant On:

These two deserve to be beaten so severely they have to live in a body cast!  At the very least they both should be charged with felony child abuse, endangerment, neglect, torture…

Brandon is a small-dicked, lying, abusive, little shit-stain.  I so hope he goes to prison and the inmates show him how much of a “tough guy” he really is!  I bet you’ll make a good little prison bitch!  Your 18 now let’s see how you play with the big boys!!

As for this stupid, skanky, trailer trashy, cum-drunk, tw*t.  She was literally physically harassing officers trying to defend the scum that broke her baby!!  What The Fuck is wrong with you????  Since it’s obvious that dick will always come before your child please sign your rights over to the father and go to the nearest hospital and have a hysterectomy!!  Not a tubal!  Make sure that shit never works again!!  Your supposed to be protective of your child, you stupid bitch, NOT the prick that broke 9 fucking bones in her little body and caused her excruciating pain!!  If you’re unable to do that do us all a favor and swallow the barrel of a gun.  That’s the only cure for your kind of stupid!!

Rant Over

Unfortunately I couldn’t find a picture of these two Morons!!


I don’t know how I missed it but thanks to Abusehater we have an update!  Mom’s been charged!! Her charges are:  3 counts of recklessly endangering another person and 1 count of hindering apprehension or prosecution.  Not what was deserved but hey at least she’s been arrested!

Thanks for this tip go to Alissa and Me.

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