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Midday Par-tay and 10 kids in an SUV

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Mackisha Johnson and Christopher Jones

Oh boy this one is a dozy… we read here, more frequently than we’d like, about parents leaving their children in the car while they do whatever it is they are doing, but this one has to top them all.  Here we have a case of not one, not two but three adults leaving, not one, not two but TEN kids, yes you read that right, in a SUV while they headed on into the bar to get their drink on.  The temperature in Missouri that day 99 degrees with a heat index of 101 degrees.

On Thursday, July 28th Police responded to the Alibi Lounge at about 3:09 pm, after getting a call of children left in an SUV for at least two hours.  In the SUV police would find ten children ranging in age from 7-months to 11-years-old.  Witnesses said the children would occasionally turn the SUV on to use the air conditioning.  Surveillance video showed Christopher Jones (38) going out to check on the children waving his hands and returning to his midday par-tay!

Mackisha Johnson (25) the mother of six of the children and Shacona Johnson (30) mother of four of the children, are also accused of leaving the children in the car to get their midday par-tay on.  Mackisha told the police the three adults had left the children in the car so they could go into the bar a grab cocktail.

Mackisha and Jones were arrested at the scene; Shacona was gone when police arrived.  Shacona would contact police the next day and explain she had left her children in the care of Mackisha and Jones while she went to a baby shower and that she had only left the kids in the car for 30 minutes and was under the impression the other two adults were leaving right after her.  Well… Shacona then all is forgiven, it was only 30 minutes you are guilty of leaving the kids in car, but what about the two people you left your kids with who were DRINKING.  Just sayin’

All three of them have past criminal records and/or some kind of pending warrant or case against them.  The two mothers and Jones have all been charged with misdemeanor child endangerment.  Mackisha and Jones are in jail in lieu if $2500 bond and Shacona now has another warrant for arrest.

Thanks to Sarah O. and one of my personal favs’ JJ for the tip.

Michelle my bell

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Mother runs over daughter in Walmart parking lot

May 18th, Michelle Touma of Sandusky Ohio, was having fit in the middle of a Walmart Parking lot which began an altercation with her 19 year old daughter. Classy right?


The two verbally fought in view of bystanders and of course the Walmart security cameras. Slightly trashy but nothing unusual as far as Walmart standards are concerned.  Michelle gets into her SUV and her daughter Emily, smacks the SUV to make her final point. Big mistake Emily.


I guess that’s what caused Michelle to loose her shit since she then drives forward, swerves at her daughter in an attempt to complete a ‘drive by swatting’ of Emily. Instead Michelle accidentally hits her daughter with the mirror of the SUV and ran over what looks like Emily’s foot. Emily is dropped like a bag of potatoes as a result and begins holding her foot. I say accidentally since Michelle appears to have been only interested in hurting her daughters face as well as her emotional health. Running her down was just an added bonus.


Michelle doesn’t jump from the SUV in shock of what she just did. No, she walks over to Emily in order to make sure Emily understood that she is the baddest bitch in town. The fight ends when the police arrive.


Michelle has been charged with aggravated vehicular assault and domestic violence. Damn right.


Personally I would love to know what Michelle was wearing. Her seductive hair only suggests that she was wearing some sort of lounge wear complete with random food stains. I could be wrong, I am pretty sure I’m not


**Thanks to itsmesg2003 for the write-up.**


Woman on drugs flips SUV, kills infant

KSP charges woman with murder in baby’s death:

Woman Charged With Murder After Crash:

Infant Killed in Crash, Mother Charged:

30-year-old Amy Griffin has been charged with murder by the Kentucky State Police after they say she flipped her SUV while under the influence of drugs killing her 9-month-old child. Her 5-year-old was also in the vehicle at the time and sustained injuries.

Also police say that some of her family members towed the vehicle home and took the children with them. So to me that would seem like instead of calling 911 like a normal person that she called her family instead who allegedly helped her in tampering with evidence.

That sounds more like someone who was more concerned about not having their license taken away rather than the welfare of her own child.

Thanks to Marci for the tip.