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C’mon lucky 7!! Tamonda needs a….Babysitter?

Tamonda Johnson


Police: Mother Left Child in Cold Car While She Gambled

Mother Arrested, Left Son in Car to Go Gamble

I’m not comfortable leaving my 9 year old home alone in the middle of the day, so you know I’d have to be feeling hella lucky to head off for an evening of gambling  while leaving a 4-year-old in my car.  Well, that’s exactly what 32-year-old Tamonda L. Johnson did on Wednesday, November 10th.

 Deputies arrived at the Cyber City Café, in Canton OH, after receiving a call about a car running in the parking lot.  They located the car, which was no longer running, and in the backseat they found a sleeping 4-year-old.  Something a little more worth their effort to get out in 36 degree weather (Brrrrr) besides just some bonehead leaving a car idling, doncha think?

Officers entered the Cyber City Café and located Johnson.  She admitted to leaving her son in the car but claimed that she often returned to the car to run the heater in order to keep the boy warm.  Um, okay….  I guess.

Johnson spent more than 4 hours is the café attempting to win enough money to pay her rent.  I guess that beats getting a 9 to 5 like the rest of us.  She claims that she didn’t have anyone to watch the child while she went out.  I’m thinking that this was more an act of criminal stupidity than it was selfishness, but she’s a Bad Breeder, nonetheless. 
Hopefully Johnson learns her lesson.  She was booked on one count of child endangering and her son was taken into custody of CPS.  Now she needs rent money AND bail money.  I guess she didn’t get as lucky as she thought she would.  Scratch that.  She was lucky…. Lucky that nothing terrible happend to her son.

Thanks go to Crystal Willingham for posting this in the Open Thread.