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Tanning leads to child endangerment charges

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Patricia Krentcil arrested  for taking daughter to tanning booth

Patricia Krentcil, New Jersey mother accused of putting her 6-year-old daughter in tanning bed

Ladies and Gents…meet Patricia Krentcil (44) of New Jersey.  In case you are wondering that is not make-up Patricia is sporting.  That is her skin, she is a sun worshipper and by her own admission has been “tanning” her whole life, and we can definitely tell.

Anyhow, Patricia’s tanning habits are not what landed her on BB, well not exactly, her tanning habits involving her 6-year-old daughter are. It seems Patricia’s daughter went to school with a sun burn and told the school nurse she went “tanning” with mommy.  Patricia admits she took her daughter to the tanning booth with her but denies she allowed the little girl to get into the bed and actually tan.  She and the little girl’s father say the sunburn came from her playing in the yard in the sun.

Patricia Krentcil has been charged with second-degree child endangerment and posted a $25,000 bond.  Her daughter has been place in the temporary custody of her father.

Thanks to my lovely,  April for the tip.