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Texas Ruiz Was Beaten to Death With a Wii As Bio-"Mom" Watched…

Toddler’s Mom Arrested on Murder Charges

Mom’s Bail Increased to $1 Million

Boyfriend’s Bail Increased


Baby Killer



I first wrote about little Texas HERE.  The incubator, Lorraine Rodriguez, and her shit-stain boyfriend, Juan Javier “JJ” Garza, have finally been charged with capital murder as well as the original abuse charges from last summer!  They are both being held on $1 million bond.

The reason I chose to update this in another post and not in the comments or the body of the original story is some of the facts of what happened to Texas have come to light along with the advancement of the charges.

The incubator’s version is Texas, seeing her with a bag of cookies got so excited he fell off the counter and hit the side of his face first, then the back of his head and then had a seizure.  She also told responders that she and Texas were the only ones in the apartment at the time. 

(Surprise, Surprise!!  She’s a lying c***!!) It seems she and Texas weren’t alone and he wasn’t the only child in the home the night of the fatal beating.  Shit-stain’s younger brothers ages 11 and 9, were there that night, playing video games with their brother.  In their statement to investigators they told a very different story.

The boys told investigators Texas died because Garza punched Texas in the chest over and over “with a Wii.”  (I’m assuming they meant with the controller…) According to the boys the prick got mad because Texas kept asking him questions…  (WTF!!  First of all this was around 1 in the morning why wasn’t that baby in bed???)

The 9 year old said “Garza punched the toddler in the chest ten times.” and “Texas would knock on the floor and hit his head and he would start crying.”

The 11 year old told police he had to sit and watch as “JJ” continued punching Texas and then told him to go in the corner.  He said he couldn’t do anything.  If he did his brother would beat him up.  His brother had done that before.

This whole time, “Lorraine didn’t say or do anything.”

A nurse told investigators Texas had bruises on his chest, behind his ear and under his eye.  She also stated there was recent major damage to tissue in the upper inside of the baby’s mouth.

The medical examiner’s report showed both new and old head injuries and the abdominal injuries were “minutes to hours old”.  The examiner also found a fractured rib about 10 days old.  He said that either the trauma to his abdomen or the bleeding in his brain could have caused his death.

I’m not going to Rant on this update.  What I said in the original still stands.  I do want to say one thing.

I believe everything the 11 and 9 year old brothers have said.  They have no reason to lie, unlike the Cunt that calls herself a mother and the Prick she allowed to kill that baby!  These two boys showed courage, they didn’t try to defend this murderer because he was their brother!    There are many adults who could take a lesson from these two!!


Thanks to Amber for keeping us updated!!



Texas Ruiz–Failed By The System and His "Mother"

Stepmother Interview

Mother Arrested for Separate Abuse Incident

Garza Accused of Abusing Baby Months Before Death



On New Year’s Day at about 2:20 am, 24 year old Lorraine Rodriguez called 911 saying her 21 month old son had a seizure.  She told emergency responders that little Texas Nathaniel Ruiz had a history of seizures.  He was rushed to the hospital and pronounced dead shortly after.

As tragic as that was that wouldn’t make the BB site.  Unfortunately, Texas’ life was not cut short by a medical condition, as horrible as that would be.  He died due to multiple blunt force trauma to the head and abdomen.  Not only did he have injuries from that day but he was also recovering from a fractured rib according to the autopsy report that was released on March 4th.  After the death was ruled a homicide the “persons of interest” in the case refused to cooperate with the investigation.

The kicker to this story is the gestational device and her freakish ass boyfriend 22 year old Juan Javier “JJ” Garza were both arrested last summer for a separate case of injury to a child.  That child was little Texas.

CPS confirms that it investigated the family for an abuse incident reported in June. CPS representatives say they found reason to believe that the boy was being neglected and abused. Officials say they did not take custody of the boy, but instead handed the investigation over to the police department.

Evidently, they were never tried for that incident because that’s what they’ve been arrested for now!!  There have been no arrests made in the death of the baby!!  WTF!?!

The baby’s father and stepmother, Raul and Lisa Ruiz, tried to get custody of Texas after learning about the CPS investigation.  After contacting CPS and telling them he didn’t feel his son was safe at his mother’s, Raul was told there was nothing he could do.  The stepmother Lisa says she and her husband will now be the ones to speak for Texas.  They want justice.


Rant On:

I am so tired of reading and writing these stories where the entire system set in place to protect these babies is a complete and utter failure!!

If CPS found neglect and abuse last summer why the hell wasn’t that baby removed from the bio-bitch’s custody!?!  Why didn’t the DA bring charges against them!?!  Was he afraid to taint his win/loss ratio!?!

This system is so corrupt and broken there is no fixing it!  I say fire everyone and make them reapply for their jobs and scrutinize the hell out of their records!  This is a nation wide problem!  I realize there are a good social workers out there and they are over worked and the case loads are piled a mile high but fuck!!

Something has to give that doesn’t include doctoring reports to make it look like you did your fucking job after a child is injured or has died!

I stand firmly behind the DA that is pursuing criminal charges against the two CPS workers that were partially responsible for the death of Marchella Brett-Pierce.  If a person that is supposed to be checking on these kids isn’t that’s a problem.  As far as I’m concerned they’re as guilty as the person that murders or hurts the child!

It seems the DA in this town is a little gun shy…  He still hasn’t charged these two with the murder!  The DA or Grand Jury whoever the hell is holding off needs to get their heads out of their asses and do their jobs!!  They’ve abused him at least once it’s not a far stretch that they would abuse him to death!!

Hell, from the time line, I’d say that’s how the pricks rang in the New Year!!  So unless he was at the sitters or they had a party and someone else beat Texas, I’d say it’s pretty clear who did it!!  I understand being overly cautious and not jeopardizing the case but this is ridiculous!!

Now for the abusive, fucking scum…

In doing research on this story I came across the bio-bitch’s social page.  Looking at the pictures and the captions she really seemed like a loving mother.  Then I read her status messages and at first I thought when she was saying “she was missing her baby” she was referring to Texas.

As you read further down it becomes clear she’s referring to her walking dick with ears!  It was fairly clear that once he showed up on the scene she went from loving mom to a worthless piece of shit who’s first thought everyday was how to hold on to the penis that was in her bed!

As for the dick, he just needs to die a slow, suffering, excruciatingly painful death!  As a matter of fact he can take the c*** with him!!

I’m sure I’ll get flamed for my rant on this one.  All I want to say is for any of the CPS workers we have reading and commenting here I am not trying to offend you!  I’m sorry but I feel social workers should be held to higher standards.  I’m in no way lumping all social workers in the same category as the ones we all read about daily.  I realize there are successes and the media won’t report those.  But, I also firmly believe that anyone that could have stopped something like this and didn’t should be prosecuted!  I don’t care if they are family, CPS, Police, DA, Judge or the general public!!  It’s everyone’s responsibility to ensure the safety of these children!!

Rant Over



Capital murder charges have been brought against the worthless excuse for a incubator and her abusive prick!  Let’s hope Texas goes for death on these two!!

Father’s Interview (video)

Mother, Boyfriend Charged W/Capital Murder



R.I.P. Texas

Thanks for the tip goes to Texas Gal.

Thank you Amber for the update.

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