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She’s a redneck woman, she ain’t no high class broad


Redneck Woman

Driver with “Redneck Woman” license plate arrested near Fourth St. for driving on drugs with child in car

Sorry.  I don’t even like Gretchen Wilson, but I had to quote her on this one.  You all can thank me for the earworm later.

If you can’t tell by that skanktastic picture of 47-year-old Toni Lynn James that she ain’t no high class broad, certainly you can tell by vanity plate on her pickup truck.  Toni’s license plate advertises that she’s a “redneck woman”, and an ugly one at that.  Hey, Toni…. I think you should change that plate to read “redneck has-been”.  Just sayin’…. 

James was pulled over earlier this month after she failed to stay in her own lane 3 times.  James claimed that she was swerving because she was arguing with her 10-year-old daughter (who was riding shotgun).  The cops didn’t buy that shit.  The officers believed she was under the influence of narcotics so they proceeded to make her do field sobriety tests… which she failed.  Another test that was given indicated that James was under the influence of opiates. 

James was booked on suspicion of driving under the influence of drugs, being under the influence of drugs, child neglect, failing to maintain a lane and driving on a suspended license   She has since been released on $2,100 bail. 

A relative has taken custody of the child and Nevada Highway Patrol has taken custody of her vehicle.  That doesn’t mean that she learned her lesson.  On the plus side, the child isn’t dead – so I guess this story is one of the few featured on BB that has a happy ending.

Thanks go to Karaaan for posting this in the Open Thread.