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Brttiny Dick exchanges “goods” via Craigslist, but not HER “goods”

Tulsa Man, Vinita Woman Arrested For Child Pornography

Man, woman arrested, accused of exchanging child porn

Child porn, dog sex and parents exploiting their kids for sex. Just another day on Craigslist

Craigslist is one of Trench’s favorite subjects.  Not because of all the Ikea shit you can buy for scratch; not because of the abundant listings of used cars that he can troll; not even for the sex starved skanks that list personal ads with half nuded, pouty faced pics.  Nope.  Our Trench loves Craigslist because it provides him with endless material for his other crime blog. It’s true.  He really is that geeky.  Anyhow, you are about to learn exactly why our Trench loathes Craigslist.

31-year- old Ricky Lee Lewis is a Craigslist Creeper.  Lewis used Craigslist for a myriad of personal business.  Seemingly, he was just a man looking to sell stuff, looking for couples, relationships and even posted ads looking for playdates for his son.  It all seems on the up and up, although Craigslist isn’t where I turn for someone to keep my child company, but I digress.  I’m not sure which one of his ads garnered the attention of Brittiny Linne Dick, 21 (that has to be a typo), but the two cretins found each other.  It seems that Lewis was looking for more than a playdate and Dick was all too willing to acquiesce.

Lewis was arrested on September 21st after a search warrant on his residence turned up several THOUSAND pornographic images of children on his laptop.  The sick fuck admitted to also having child porn on his cell.  He was re-arrested within a week after his phone was examined.  Along with pervy photos of children, the phone contained disturbing text messages where Lewis was soliciting women to send nude pics of children and about sex acts he wanted to perform on a toddler.  There were also photos of Lewis getting busy with his dog and texts containing details of the doggy encounter.  *gag*

Brittany Dick was actually depraved enough to take the sick bastard on his proposition.  In exchange for her sending nude pics of her 3-year-old, Lewis offered Dick pornographic pics of an 8-year-old boy and asked her to commit sex acts on the child.  ewww.

Authorities were alerted by one of the couples that Lewis contacted via Craigslist.  The conversations started with Lewis telling them he had a baby.  Eventually he told them all the sick shit he’d like to do to the baby.  Thankfully, they weren’t into that kind of thing.  They immediately drove to the police station to turn his ass in.

Lewis is being held atTulsaCountyjail on $70,000 bond.  He is facing charges of possessing child pornography, manufacturing child pornography and crimes against nature.  Dick is being held atCraigCountyjail on charges of manufacturing child pornography and lewd molestation.  She is being held without bond.

Thanks to all who sent this tip.  I wasn’t going to post it because I knew Trench was all over it, but he thought it deserved a place on both sites.