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Queensland twins “intentionally” malnourished to death by breeders

Queensland couple ‘intended to kill toddlers’

Brisbane parents plead not guilty to murder after court told twin babies starved to death

A Brisbane couple stand accused of underfeeding their twin toddlers, keeping them in a dingy back room and not letting anyone see them until their 11 year old sister found their emaciated remains.

The bad breeders pleaded not guilty to murder in Brisbane’s Supreme Court on Wednesday. They pleaded guilty to manslaughter, but the Crown prosecutor refused to accept it.

The court was told that the 18 month old twins’ bodies were found by their 11 year old sister, together in the same cot, in a dingy bedroom of the family’s home in 2008. What a horrible thing for these murderous maggots to put their children through! Starving to death and being unable to get food, and then the poor girl finding the gruesome remains of her brother and sister – knowing full well that her so-called “parents” killed them. When the babies were found, they were so emaciated that they weighed as much a 3 or 4-month old baby when they were 18 months old!

The court heard that the direct cause of the twins’ death was malnutrition as a result of being underfed for a period of more than a month. They had been fed nothing but baby formula for a number of months, and then feedings became more and more sporadic until they died. There was suggestion that the toddlers had been fed but just not enough, meaning that the formula could have been watered down or that feedings were spaced too far apart.

The jury heard evidence that suggested the family were happy right up until they moved to a rental property in Sunnybank Hills in 2007.  The breeders became withdrawn from extended family and friends in early 2008, which was the last time anyone saw the twins alive. There was an apparent breakdown in the de-facto couple’s relationship, with the female breeder spending long hours in front of the computer and the male breeder hanging out in bars. The female was heard to have said that she wished she’d given the twins away multiple times. The couple had three other children apart from the twins and their 11 year old sister.

The prosecutor added that the female had failed to provide her babies with sufficient nutrition and the male had refused to do anything about it. The maliciousness of their actions was further amplified by the fact that they pleaded for manslaughter rather than murder, implying that they didn’t think their actions were wrong.

The trial is expected to run for 3 weeks, with the jury expected to hear from up to 103 witnesses, including the couple’s other children, extended family, neighbours and others who were in contact with the family. None of the extended family had bothered to call DOCS, even though they knew things weren’t right in that household. They should be rotting in a jail cell with the murderous breeders.

Fuck, fuck, FUCK!! How do you just shut that bit out of your brain, the one that tells you “It’s wrong to not feed your babies just because your relationship isn’t great”? How did they not hear the babies’ screams of hunger? The bitch prevented other family members from going into that bedroom. Imagine the other kids hearing their baby siblings crying for food and the breeders telling them to ignore them. This is so so so sad, I’m just speechless and heartbroken for those twins and their siblings.

RIP little ones, together in life and together in heaven.

What do a claw hammer, a golf club and a space heater all have in common?

abusive freaks

Anti-child abuse movement started
Isle of Wight man faces first-degree murder charge in daughter’s death
PIPER MOLINSKI – 4 Months – Isle of Wight/ Smithfield VA
Father charged in baby’s death
Dad charged with murder in baby’s death

No, they’re not items used for home improvement, nor are they all items that can be used for sporting events (but I think that a ‘claw hammer toss’ category in the Prison Olympics could be an interesting addition). Apparently they are all items that can be used to torture and kill a 4-month old baby. Or two. At least in Virginia…but that doesn’t surprise Trench, I’m sure.

Fortunately the authorities were able to rescue Ella Molinski from the clutches of her tw*t-rotting egg donor and the snatch-filler she allowed to impregnate her. Unfortunately, Ella’s twin sister Piper Molinski was not as lucky. While both infants were taken to the hospital with skull fractures, broken ribs, multiple bruises and burns on the bottoms of their feet, only one of them survived the injuries – Ella. Piper was taken off of life support on Valentine’s Day, and she will never be able to do all of the things that other babies get to do when they grow up…like, grow up.

EMS was dispatched to the home of Leann Webb, 23, and Robert Molinski, 22, on the evening of Sunday, Feb. 12, in response to a 911 report of an unresponsive child. I REALLY hate to see those words. What they usually signify is that a child has been beaten to death, or near death, by a parent or caregiver. As happened in this case. These girls, at only 4 months old, had been so severely abused that they both sustained multiple skull fractures, multiple broken ribs (in various stages of healing – meaning the abuse was not a single occurrence), numerous bruises, and their little feet had burns that were attributed to a space heater being placed too close to their feet. Items seized from the house as evidence included the aforementioned claw hammer, golf clubs, space heaters (yes, more than one), and bloodstained bedding. Two space heaters? WHY? WHY? WHY? I guess because they wanted to be sure they could torture both babies at the same time, and in the same manner, with as little expenditure of energy on their part as possible. Because it would put a serious strain on their time management options if they had to move the space heater back and forth between the babies, I guess. Piper died form blunt-force trauma to the head. I don’t even WANT to know which of the parental playthings was used to inflict the fatal blow – but I do hope someone returns the favor while the two useless scumbags await trial.

Both of these worthless individuals have been arrested. However, while the sperminator has been charged with first-degree murder, Eggzilla has only been charged with felony child abuse and neglect. Why is that I wonder? Did she convince the authorities that she only participated in the torture, but the mean, nasty dung-dad was the one who struck the fatal blow? I don’t give a rip if all she did was watch – she is just as responsible for that child’s death as he is. She should have taken that claw hammer to his head, and played a couple rounds of golf with the balls the good Lord provided to the sperm donor. Placing the space heater on his crotch and turning it on high would not have been remiss, either. After all, everyone enjoys a good weenie roast, right? You could place the balls on sticks and call them marshmallows after the golf game ends, too. Just to complete the campfire scene, you know.

The witch’s father is apparently attempting to secure a good defense for his little girl, when what he should be worried about is attempting to secure a good home for his granddaughters. But since the whole fam-damly was living in his house, I suppose he’s already trying to protect HIS ass(ets) as well.

And, according to Sheriff Marshall, who was one of the responding officers, the house was filthy. There were animal feces everywhere, soiled bedding, and “The inside of that house was a wreck,” as Marshall put it. Why does this not surprise me? He called it one of the worst abuse scenes he has ever encountered in his 27 years in law enforcement. *shudder*

What DOES surprise me is that Webb’s 4-year-old daughter, from a previous relationship, was completely unharmed. Usually these walking piles of excrement like to kill the previous snatch-filler’s offspring before turning on their own young. Maybe the older child was smart enough to stay out of his reach, or maybe she was able to out run him – or outsmart him, since he doesn’t look like the freshest sandwich in the picnic basket. Thank the Lord for small favors, anyway – at least one of the angels was left out of the sadistic activities. I imagine she probably saw a good bit of it,though,and will have her own demons to deal with as she gets older.

The surviving twin is still listed in critical but stable condition, according to one article, but another article mentions that she has already been released. That came from the Bishop at the church the walking incubator attended in the past. I guess none of that “do unto others as you would have done to you” sank in on her, huh? Unless she likes being beaten with hammers and clubs herself, in which case I say – let’s give her what she likes! The bishop also says that the poor mother is hurting, and reached out to him over the weekend. I hope she IS hurting! I hope it tears at her guts every day that her baby is dead, and she is the reason for that. The good Bishop went to see her to “help bring some healing to her”. I know that is his job, and I commend his motives, but I would much rather have seen someone bring some “healing” to the baby who now calls a coffin her home. I cannot work up any pity at all for this FBO who sacrificed her child’s life for a worthless neanderthal she was shacking up with. Not a drop.

I am now thoroughly disgusted, and will leave the rest of our readers to draw their own conclusions. I’m sure they’ll be quite entertaining.

Thanks go to Deena, Rachel and Korin for tips they sent in. And thanks to Malevolent April for supplying me with that information. If I locate any other articles, I will be sure to post an update.

Twin newborn girls found dead in trunk

Mom Charged After Twins Found Dead In Trunk
Update: Mother Charged With Murder Of Twins

First, I’m going to start this story off with a link to the Iowa Department of Human Service, Safe Haven Act website. The website that 22-year-old Jackie Burkle of Huxley, IA obviously never went to or looked at. She gave birth to twin baby girls at home and they died. Authorities later found the dead babies in the trunk of aforementioned piece of shit’s car.  It is not known yet what caused the babies’ deaths, pending the autopsy results that can take weeks. But it is known that the babies were born alive.

But what authorities do know is that that selfish c*** deliberately and intentionally killed the babies. In fact,  Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation agent Michael Motsinger was quoted saying, “Miss Burkle indicated she didn’t intend for the kids to live after they were born. And she took — did — certain acts to make sure the lives of those newborns were terminated.”

Seems that Jackie was at work in the days before the twins’ birth, looking visibly pregnant in early January and came back two days later looking much different – aka she’d given birth and was back to work. So it would seem that she gave birth, killed the babies, then got back to work. All the while,  her daughters were dead in the trunk of her car. What in the fuck?  Well one of her coworkers smelled a rat and called the po-po. They went to do a wellness check on her and found that she’d given birth. More searching uncovered the babies’ bodies. What shocks me to my core is that this bitch lived with her parents. Where the fuck were they? Didn’t they know she was preggo? How did she give birth at home and they didn’t know? A lot of unanswered questions right now.

She’s been arrested on two counts of first degree murder and is being held on a $1 million bail at the county jail. She faces life in prison if convicted. Unfortunately, Iowa does not have the death penalty. In my opinion, death is actually too good for this bitch. I hope she gets life. Starting at 22 years old? That’s a long fucking sentence to serve and hopefully she never gets a break from  nightmares and visions of snuffing out the lives of her two baby girls for the next 60+ years.

Hats off to the coworker for reporting her ass. If she hadn’t, this c*** would likely gotten away with a double murder.

She did not take advantage of the Safe Haven Act, which allows mothers to drop their newborns off at hospitals or fire stations with no risk of criminal charges.   I just don’t fucking get how these selfish tw*ts that kill their newborns don’t fucking get that this is the easiest way to walk away from unwanted babies.  Now she faces a life behind bars and the babies are dead. No one wins, right?

RIP baby girls… I can only imagine how beautiful you were.

Thanks to everyone for the countless tips that were sent in on this one.

A Toilet is NOT a Birthing Tub












Baby twins found in motel toilet, 1 dies

Newborn dead after twins found in Clarksville motel toilet

There is so much sadness to this story I’m not quite sure where to begin.

Police in Clarksville, IN were called to a motel room by a couple asking “How do you get babies out of a commode?” – not exactly your average 911 question.  The couple on the phone was 36-year-old Betsy L. Dalton and her boyfriend, 52-year-old Jerry Conrad.  Officers quickly arrived at the motel room but it took several times asking what was wrong before they were directed to the bathroom.  There they found two newborn babies, one boy and one girl, in the toilet.  The little girl began to cry immediately when she was removed from the toilet but sadly, officers were not able to revive the little boy and he was pronounced dead at Clark Memorial Hospital.

According to the couple, neither of them had any clue that Dalton was pregnant and when she went to the bathroom to relieve herself she got a little more than she bargained for.  Now, normally I might cry foul on the ‘I didn’t know I was pregnant’ line – it happens, more often than we think but come on, with twins!? – but, this case seems a little different.  The couple is described as “mentally challenged” so, I don’t think it’s too much of a stretch that they truly didn’t know what was going on and just had no clue what to do when they discovered babies instead of pooh in the toilet.  According to a rep for a local homeless shelter, Dalton was a “resident” there for about three weeks in 2007 then in and out for several months after that until she was asked not to come back because of behavioral issues.  The rep said “There are people who need to be watched over and she was one.”  I can only assume these people have been failed for their entire lives and sadly that, in part, led to the death of a precious little boy.

The infant girl is listed in good condition at Kosair Children’s Hospital and is in CPS custody.  No charges have been filed against either Dalton or Conrad as the prosecutor’s office is awaiting the police report.  Dalton is in jail on unrelated charges – parole violations stemming from a 2007 theft conviction.

I guess this question still remains – are they actually mentally challenged and had no idea what in the blue hell was happening or are they truly evil people trying to snow the police and get out of a terrible situation unscathed?  Personally, I’m leaning towards the former and if that’s the case I hope they get the support they need to get their lives together and that the baby girl is adopted out to a wonderful family who will give her all the love and attention she so richly deserves.

Thanks go to Tina for the tip.

Twin Infants with Fractures ‘Too Many to List’

Fracture Fairies 1 and 2








Deputies: Twin infants had fractures ‘too many to list’

Parents of twins each charged with two counts child abuse, neglect

Couple arrested after 10-week-old twins suffered numerous bone fractures

My husband and I have always operated under the theory that children are made almost exclusively of cartilage until they are well into their teen years.  This is the only explanation we can see for how either of us went through our childhood stunt phases and lived to regale the world with our tales.  That’s also how babies survive bumbling first time parents who try their damndest to be perfect but those little dudes can get a bit squirrely; they’re equipped to take a little stupidity and keep on truckin’.  What they aren’t intended to take is all out abuse which is clearly what these twin 10-week-old sisters have endured at the hands of their “parents”, Priscilla Melina Martinez (20) and Brian Juelz Joseph (22) both of Brooklyn, NY.

Martinez and Joseph were in Florida (good lord, even the visitors can’t behave themselves – it must be something in the water…) visiting Joseph’s mother and grandma noticed the arm of one of the babies was limp and she asked about it.  She must have been given some sort of bullshit excuse because she let it go however, the arm was still limp the next day and she told Martinez she needed to take the baby to the hospital.  She took Martinez and the baby to the hospital where, surprise surprise, those pesky nurses and doctors found it odd that a 10-week-old infant had a fractured arm and they called DCFS.  DCFS workers then discovered that there were in fact two babies so, they examined both of them.  They performed full skeletal surveys of the girls and found numerous acute fractures in both girls “too many to list”.  Holy shit – how does that happen?  Let me guess – late night baby WWE fights in their crib?

During her interview, Martinez denied abusing her children but did admit that she gets agitated with them during diaper changes because they won’t lay still and they draw their legs up so she forcibly moves their legs out of the way.  Um, you mean they act like newborns and you torture them, dumbass?  Joseph has of course denied any wrongdoing.  I guess the fracture fairy has been visiting while they were sleeping; hate it when that happens.

Martinez and Joseph were arrested on June 1st and have been charged with two counts each of child abuse and/or neglect.  Neither has been granted bond.  Since their arrest, FL authorities have been working with police in NY to determine if there are any additional reported incidents.  The babies are in the custody of DCFS.

Thanks go to Isabella for the tip!

Band of Misfits charged in abuse, death and neglect of half brothers

2-year-old beaten by aunt and boyfriend

Neighbors report disturbances in apartment where two-year-old was abused

Link to picture and other links

Joshua Peacher and Nereida Allen learn fate

Twin mothers boys victimized in child abuse case now facing charges


The band of misfits you see above story starts in 2008, when Jeanette and Janet Allen (20 years-old at the time) gave temporary custody of their two sons Christopher and Wyatt, both 2-years-old, to their sister Nereida Allen (22) and her boyfriend Joshua Peacher (23).  It appears that the Christopher and Wyatt, whom were both fathered by the same man, were living with their mothers, in spacious home the twins had inherited from their mother.  Social Services removed them August 25th 2008, citing squalid conditions.  So they have this big beautiful home and it was filled with animals, animal feces and trash.  Yuck!


Within 48 hours of being placed with their aunt Christopher was found unresponsive and died at the hospital after being removed from life support and Wyatt showed signs of severe abuse.  Nereida and Joshua claim they punished Christopher and Wyatt for throwing tantrums.  Ok then… babies throw tantrums, get over it!  Anyhow, Nereida and Joshua were both convicted of murder, assault and abuse in March 2011.  April 1st 2011 they were sentenced Nereida got 25 years for murder, 12 years for assault and 10 years for abuse and Joshua got 50 years for murder, 20 years for assault and 20 years for abuse.  Awesome!  The story doesn’t end there…


On March 29th a grand jury indicted the twins Jeanette and Janet on four felony counts related to placing the half brothers in a potentially abusive situation and prior to that keeping them in “hazardous conditions” regarding the home they shared with their mothers.  The prosecutor is treating the case as he would any other case against a parent involved in alleged abuse or neglect, stating “the charges are serious, this far exceeded a dirty house.”  Charges were not sought sooner as they did not want to interfere with the ongoing murder case.


R.I.P Christopher



Update on mom who plays favorites…..

I originally posted about this atrocious individual here.
Since I posted her scary visage on the original thread, I will not subject you to the trauma of having to look at her here, too. According to this article, Jewell Hendricks has refused the plea deal being offered by the prosecutor, and the trial is now in the planning stages.

This is the nastybag who smothered one of her twin boys because it would make life easier for her if she only had one to deal with. The infant was only 2 months old at the time of his death. And she decided which twin to kill by choosing a ‘favorite’ between them, and killing the other. There are so many more things I’d like to say about this hag, but I simply don’t have the time right now – and besides, I said most of it in the original article already.

The prosecutor says they will not offer any plea that is less than a murder charge, but Hendricks’ attorney is apparently trying for a lesser plea. Her bottom-feeder is apparently also trying to drum up sympathy for his client with some of the public statements he’s made. Here’s a few examples:

1. “She’s adapted to her surroundings, but she’s still sad when she thinks about her son. ”
Good! She damn well ought to be sad! She should be completely despondent! And the guards should offer her access to sharpened razors and rope in her cell, as well.

2. “A little boy lost his life, and his mother is sitting in jail.”
The child didn’t LOSE his life, the incubator freakin’ TOOK it from him! And she’s exactly where she should be. The only place I can think of that she deserves to be more than jail, is in an unmarked grave.

3. “This is a very sad case.””
Nooooo….ya think? Good call Einstein!

And if those comments weren’t enough to get your blood boiling, try this one:

Bushell says his client is “doing better every time I see her.” and: “She’s not so scared.”

Gee….that’s entirely too bad. I was hoping she was getting worse by the day and close to death herself. I also hope she has nightmares every time she closes her eyes, and that when she awakens, they come true. I think she SHOULD be scared. That baby must’ve been terrified when his mother was killing him.

The one redeeming act that has occurred thus far is that both DNA donors have given up their parental rights to the remaining twin, and he has been adopted into another family. I hope his life is AMAZING from here on out.

Thanks for this update tip go to Jill. I appreciate all the help we get from our readers!

Left on burner kills twins

Mom not home, gas burners left on as fire kills 18-month-old twins:

A woman in Houston turned on two gas burners in her house then left leaving her 18-month-old twins home alone. Since you’re reading this here you can guess what happened.

While she was out the house caught fire claiming the lives of the twins.

Police have released her after questioning and have not yet charged her with a crime?

My question to you dear reader is this. Was this intentional or just idiotic? Either way shouldn’t she be charged?

Thanks to Eliza for the tip.

Francina Katina Shepard, Known Abuser, Kills One Twin and Beats Other

Francina Katina ShepardHot tipper Norma gave me the lowdown on one Francina Katina Shepard, who is apparently well known by Child Protective Services in Detroit, Michigan: three of her kids have been taken from her in the past. But that didn’t stop Shepard from bearing twins, and beating them both so severely that the 16-month-old boy died.

There’s very little information beyond that. Mostly all we have at this point are questions. Was CPS involved with these kids from the get-go, given Shepard’s history with the state? Did she give birth to them before or after the other kids were seized? In short, what (if any) is CPS’ culpability in this case? Obviously Shepard bears the brunt of the moral blame. But if this is another case of a state agency turning a blind eye to a known abuser, I’m going to blow my stack. It’s hard enough to watch what happens to some of the kids we profile on this site. It’s almost unbearable knowing that some of these tragedies could easily have been prevented.

If you have any information on this developing story – past CPS records, court records, etc. – please give us a heads-up.

(Some hot tipper supplied this link to me, but I lost their name. Sorry. It’s been a loooong week.)

Elizabeth Dillon Leaves Three Kids in Car for Over Three Hours, Doesn't See Anything Wrong with That

SaddleHere’s one for the ages from Sand Lake, Michigan. 28-year-old Elizabeth J. Dillon can’t understand why authorities are so angry that she left her three kids, twins age 6 and a 22-month-old – in a running pickup truck for over three hours while she waited for a saddle shop to make her parts for a bridle. The irony is that the owner of Circle JF Saddlery in Lowell has a special room where kids can wait. But, no – Dillon decided it was better for them to wait over three hours in a running vehicle that was parked in a two-hour parking spot, while she hung out alone in the shop and watched the owner work. Nothing happened to the kids before police arrived…unless you count the baby, who was sitting in his own piss.


Dillion insists that she’s a “good mom” who made mistakes, but shouldn’t be charged with felony child abuse. Too bad she never heard of Amy Elizabeth Calvin, who found out the hard way what can happen when you leave your child in a car unattended for even a few minutes. Not to mention what might have happened if the 6-year-old had figured out how to get the vehicle out of Park. Good GOD, woman, where’s your paranoid parental imagination?!

Saddlery owner Joel Forrest, who was much less gobsmacked than Dillon, hit the nail on the head: “If you go into a gas station and you have kids,” he told reporters, “you take them in with you.” Precisely.

Dillon’s kids are back with her while she fends off charges of second degree child abuse. If i were her, I’d practice begging for mercy. Stupidity may not be a great defense, but in this case, it’s the only defense she has.

(Hat tip: Sinthyia)

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