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6 Month Old is Beaten, Bruised, and Burnt but boyfriend “may have fell asleep and kicked her off the couch…” WTF?!?

Paternal G-ma’s Video Interview (Warning!  Graphic hospital photos)

Maternal G-ma’s Interview


A 6 month old baby girl is fighting to recover from the abuse inflicted on her by her 16 year old Bio-mom’s live in boyfriend, 22 year old Tyler Temple.

The baby is suffering from burns to the face, mouth, and nose, friction burns between her legs, lacerations on her face and bruising to her back and ulcers on her mouth.  She had to have surgery for a blood clot in her nose.  I haven’t been able to find a prognosis.  I know she was, at least temporarily, on a ventilator and has to have a feeding tube.

On March 25th, Temple was watching the baby on the couch while the un-named 16 year old mother was sleeping.  He says he may have fallen asleep and kicked the baby off and into the coffee table.  He is being held on $500,000 bond.

The maternal grandmother says she took the baby to Doctor’s Hospital and she was treated and released.  She suffered “abrasions or bruising and they sent us on our way … Told us to give her Pedialyte and Motrin every four to six hours.”  She said they didn’t seem to suspect abuse.

Doctor’s Hospital staff did call Franklin County Children’s Services.  On March 27th children’s services visited the home and took the baby to Nationwide Children’s Hospital where she was admitted and has remained for ongoing treatment.

Children’s Services are said to be working with the bio-mom and may file for custody before the baby is released from the hospital.

Jackie Worstell, the paternal grandmother, said, “She’s an innocent little baby. She can’t talk. She can’t walk. Her only way of communicating is crying.”  She says all she wants is for the baby to get better and be safe with someone that loves her.

Thankfully, the baby survived!!


Rant On:

He may have fallen asleep…  WTF?!?  How the hell do you not know whether or not you’ve been asleep???  Drugs and Alcohol maybe, but you normally still know if you’ve just woken up!!

Even IF, and that’s a huge IF, that’s what happened and the baby was accidentally kicked off the couch into the coffee table, what the hell was on and/or under it to cause all the bruising and burns!!!

I’m sorry but the injuries that child had doesn’t seem to be a one time incident!!

Tyler Temple is a worthless, child-abusing, dickhead!!  I couldn’t find anywhere what his charges were other than “he was charged with hurting the child”.   Since when is “hurting” a legal charge?!?  Hell, this wasn’t even the baby’s father; he was just another live in dildo.

Now to move on to the “child” that had that baby!!  Your baby had to have screamed and cried as he was burning and abusing her, where the fuck were you?!?  How the fuck did you not wake to the cries of your screaming baby??  I don’t care if your 16 or 63 it’s your responsibility to take care of and protect your child!!!

This baby’s injuries scream of neglect!!  If you can’t handle taking care of your responsibility then give the child up for adoption and keep your fucking legs closed!  This “child” went from having this baby at 15 to living with a 22 year old piece of shit and allowing him to hurt that baby!!  Grow the fuck up!!

How the hell does a hospital treat and release a baby that was in that condition?!?  How, in good conscience, could they let anyone walk out with that child and tell them to give “Motrin and Pedialyte”???  The doctor that saw that baby should lose his license to practice!!  He needs to be sued for malpractice and made to pay that child’s medical expenses!!

The abusive prick should have “I beat and burned a baby!” tattooed on his forehead and then stuck in gen-pop!  Let the prisoners do with him what they will!!

As for the “child” that had this baby, she should have all her parental rights severed and be forcibly sterilized!!  If ever you don’t care enough to protect a child you’ve given birth to you should never be able to birth another one!!

Rant Over



Thanks for the tip goes to Ashley.