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Breeder uses foster girl as a baby factory

Mum forced 14-year-old to get pregnant

14-Year-Old Forced To Get Pregnant By American Foster Mother Living In Britain: Mother Uses Syringes And Sperm Bought Online For Successful Pregnancy

Most parents do not encourage their teenage daughter to become pregnant and have a baby. An American breeder living in the UK decided she wanted more children, but for whatever reason couldn’t have them naturally. She was also not allowed to adopt any more children. So she hatched a plan to get a 4th child – a plan involving her teenage daughter and some tadpoles bought online…

She inseminated her daughter with the sperm and allegedly made her douche with lemon juice and vinegar to try to produce a girl (the super-acidic environment apparently kills off the Y chromosome sperms, which swim faster but are weaker). The poor girl suffered a miscarriage on the first round (which her breeder probably beat her for), but then fell pregnant after 6 rounds of having some random guy’s jizz injected into her.

When the girl gave birth to the baby in July 2011, when she was 17. The hospital staff tried to get her to breastfeed the baby but they realised something was wrong when the girl’s breeder allegedly said “We don’t want any of that attachment thing”. The staff alerted the authorities and the teenage girl along with her siblings were taken into foster care. The breeder is now serving 5 years in jail for child cruelty.

The girl said about her breeder that she was a very determined person and that she does her best to not let anything get in her way. Maybe it’s a good thing that she couldn’t have children naturally and couldn’t adopt. She sounds like a dangerous and deranged individual, who should never be allowed near children.

I will never understand the mindset of women who get the baby-want into them so badly that they want a child at any cost. Some will spend thousands of dollars on IVF. Some will rape men by taking their sperm or lying about contraception. Some even steal babies from prams or even out of a pregnant woman. And some, like this freak, will even put their own child through the pains of labour to get a child. Seriously, there’s more to life than just breeding at any cost.

Peter Gavin Cawser: A Mother’s Biggest Mistake

DJ(22) battered girlfriend’s brilliant,beautiful 3-year-old son to death 

Dylan Crean murder – Mother’s partner jailed for life 

As my first story here, I felt it was appropriate to choose one about a three-year old, as my own little guy is the same age. Filled with blood boiling rage and fighting back tears, I will attempt to give a voice to this precious little angel, Dylan Crean of Leicestershire, UK. Dylan is described by his mother as “funny, cheeky, crazy, brilliant and beautiful”. Before going any further I need to say that after reading multiple stories about this, I have no doubt that Dylan’s mother lost the light of her life that day, however this story follows a pattern we have become all too familiar with. Mothers of the world need to find their self-esteem and stop settling for any man to keep them company. Some of the strongest women I know raise their babies alone. There is no shame in it; in fact a mother should have no greater pride than knowing she raised a happy, healthy, confident child. And if that means doing it solo for weeks, months or even years until you find someone to treat you and your baby properly, waiting is the only option!

As for the jug headed cunt plug you see depicted, he is 22-year-old Peter Gavin Cawser. He is a vile, herpes-faced cock peddler. The only solace I am able to find here is that he was sentenced to “life” in prison – a pitiful 18 years without chance of parole – for the brutal murder of baby Dylan.

On August 30th, the above dog faced bitch boy returned from “work” as a small-time DJ, finding his girlfriend, little Dylan’s mother Katie Crean cleaning her bedroom while her son played in his room nearby. Shortly after Cawser carried a toy box into Dylan’s room, Ms. Crean heard a slam as the object was thrown to the ground. She heard her dildo yelling “‘you’re not going to be naughty again or start walking about and messing with things again, are you?'”. Not feeling the need to intervene at the time, shortly after she claims Caswer ‘flipped out’, screaming “you don’t say OK to me”.

At this time she finally hauled ass to her baby’s room where she found Dylan cowering in a corner with Cawser kneeling in front of him shouting. He told her to take the toy box out and then smacked Dylan. The court was told Ms. Crean saw Cawser punch Dylan in the face, a blow which caused his “little face” to turn to the side with the force of it.

Oh my God, I’m dying inside. Bearing witness to that, I can’t see myself as a mother not developing the strength of Hercules, finding a blunt object and hammering the monster into oblivion with it! My heart hurts for Katie Crean, and I am a little torn about putting blame on her in this case, since one of the source stories details a vicious attack carried out on her and her son while she tries helplessly to stop it, however that does not change the fact that she welcomed this malignant tubesteak into her and her child’s life. The same story states that Cawser enjoyed using the prescription diazepam recreationally, and that Ms. Crean was aware of his habit. It also indicates that Cawser had been feeling annoyed with Dylan because he was often in the couple’s bedroom and playing with his belongings; and that he had recently been very irritable. So Katie Crean thought it a good idea to bring an irritable drug abuser around her son. This leaves her in my opinion with a portion of the blame. However, surely she will carry a lifetime of regret sufficient to punish her for her poor choices.

The attack continued with Ms. Crean attempting in vain to get between Cawser and her son. Caswer kicked, slapped and threw innocent little Dylan around the room while he pleaded and sobbed for his mother. At one point, Ms. Crean jumped on Cawser’s back, pleading that Dylan had “had enough now, leave him alone, he’s only a baby”. Cawser then turned on her and threw her down the stairs.

When recounting that day, Ms. Crean described Cawser’s face as “pure evil” and “like something out of a horror movie”. She recalls Dylan looking helpless. There is one part of this story which I find particularly chilling, where Cawser is alleged to go and shut little Dylan’s window in order to prevent the screams of Dylan and his mother from reaching neighbors. This is the point where I realized that he must have been in complete control of himself during the incident. It wasn’t that he just “lost his mind”. He was enjoying his actions so much that he closed a window in order to continue unhindered by the neighbors. This man is pure evil, and I cannot even begin to describe the kind of prison justice I hope to see perpetrated against him. When he finally begs to be sent to Hell, I hope a doctor is brought in to keep him clinging to life just long enough to live through it all again. There is no better candidate for the “human centipede” than Peter Gavin Cawser. I will provide a lifetime of smokes to any inmate who does the job.

When Dylan lapsed into unconsciousness, Cawser attempted to stop Ms. Crean from calling emergency services so they could agree on an account, in which he wanted her to tell police she was responsible for Dylan’s injuries. She was able to escape Cawser and hide long enough to tell the emergency services what really happened to Dylan. Operators could barely understand her because she was sobbing so loudly, telling them she was terrified that he would come back.

Dylan was rushed to Derby Royal Infirmary before being transferred to the intensive care unit at Queen’s Medical Centre in Nottingham. He died in his mother’s arms the next day. Dylan had suffered a catastrophic brain injury from head injuries. Prosecutor Sally Howes told the court a pediatrician, who had extensive experience, said he had never seen such a sustained physical attack on a child.

Cawser initially entered his plea as not guilty, but soon after it was changed to guilty. Katie Crean immediately expressed relief that the plea had been changed, and thanked the police and hospital for “being amazing”.

When speaking of her son, her heartbroken words express a mother’s worst nightmare. “No-one will ever understand what he took from me and I hope no-one else ever has to go through what I have in the past 12 months and will continue to go through for the rest of my life.”

Sadly, until women raise their standards and put their babies ahead of their own need for companionship, many more will have to suffer the same fate as Dylan and Katie Crean.

Thanks to everyone who sent in tips.


Rest in peace brilliant and beautiful Dylan.  

***Special thanks to Sarea Snow for the write-up.***

UK Burnout Breeder gets no jail time after son dies horrible death from poison plant food

Lauren Booth (Is that the fish and chips truck? I've got the munchies.)

Freedom for the smirking mother whose boy died after drinking plant food she used to grow cannabis:

Poison plant food mother Lauren Booth sentenced over son’s death:

‘Inadequate’ Huddersfield mum whose son died after drinking poisonous plant food avoids jail:

In November of 2010 2-year-old Aaron Booth died a prolonged, torturous and horrible death. He drank a bottle of plant food that contained mostly potassium hydroxide. He had to have his stomach and esophagus removed. Unfortunately doctors were not able to save him as his windpipe had been destroyed by the toxic chemicals. Aaron held on for 11 days before finally succumbing to lethal effects of the poison. So how did he get his hands on such a dangerous toxin?

It seems that his female birth organism, Lauren Booth, and her boyfriend had been up until 6am, doing responsible adult things I’m sure, and crashed without feeding Aaron. Being a hungry 2-year-old he grabbed the nearest thing that looked like a bottle, in this unfortunate case it was the caustic plant food. The plant food was allegedly being used for the all the weed she was growing in the house. And like most drug users it seems she was more concerned about the drugs than her son.

Prosecutor Thomas Storey said that when Aaron’s father Mohammed Khan visited the hospital, Booth seemed more concerned about moving her cannabis plants than her son’s condition.

He recounted: ‘She told him that she and her partner had been trying to make some money by growing skunk [a type of cannabis] in the house, almost seeming annoyed by the involvement of the police because they were going to have to find somewhere else to grow [the drugs].’

A jury had heard that police found material relating to cannabis-growing on a computer in the cluttered house, but Aaron’s bedroom was ‘curiously empty’. The prosecution said Mr Williams (the boyfriend) had time to remove any plants after the child went to hospital.

So when her number came up for trial she would be looking at hard time since Aaron died such a horrible death. Not so much, this is England after all. She received a 12-month sentence, all suspended. And in my best TV announcer voice, “But wait, there’s more.” She already has another kid. She now has a daughter who is almost one. Luckily the child is in foster care.

The judge said that Booth would have to live with her consequences for the rest of her life. Excuse me your honour but she obviously never gave a shit about Aaron since she was growing drugs in the house and obviously neglecting him.

I just by wish by suspended sentence he meant she would be suspended by her neck while given a Drano douche and Clorox enema while forced to gargle with lye. Then maybe there would be justice for Aaron.

Thanks to Veronica for the tip.

Irish Traveler Mom Totures her 8 kids for 8 years.

Mother jailed for cruelty and neglect

Mother gets 24-year prison sentence for cruelty and neglect

One of my new favorite shows is TLC’s “My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding” featuring English and Irish travelers in the UK. It is, by far, some of the best train wreck TV I’ve seen to date. It really gets you inside the life of these gypsies and how they live. Marrying super young, wives never working, their incredibly secret society of close-knit families, neighbors raising neighbors kids, kids dropping out of school so that they can raise siblings and then get married themselves, the list goes on and on. One thing it never, ever has shown me is that Irish Travelers, or gypsies, don’t typically torture and beat their children. This story is about an Irish Traveler who did.

Strap in – because this is a tough story to read.

I’ll give you the shock value up front, the woman who you are about to read about only got a 24-year sentence, with 16 years suspended. In other words, she’ll be out in 8 years for what she did to her kids. Fucking deplorable, you’ll see.

Fuck, where to begin?

Mother of 8 in Ireland has pleaded guilty to eight charges of assaulting, ill-treating and neglecting her children in a manner likely to cause unnecessary suffering or injury to their health at various locations around the country for roughly an 8 year period.  She has 2 sons and 6 daughters. However, even though she’s plead guilty, she has consistently denied neglecting or abusing her children. She told the authorities that she was never influenced by her husband and was not afraid of him.

Some of the torture and cruelty that she put her children through:

  • She stood by as her 14-year-old daughter was stabbed through the arm and then helped stitch the wound at home with an ordinary needle and thread so that the girl, who was regularly beaten and tortured along with her seven siblings, could not make a complaint to the authorities. (The mother refused to take her daughter to a doctor when the wound and stitches became infected and burst open days later.)
  • She was present when the same girl was tied to a tree and whipped until she was nearly dead. The mother laughed at her as she untied her later. Her mother regularly locked a vice grips to her nose, ears or lips for an hour at a time to punish her.
  • The girl was regularly beaten with a length of piping with screws attached to one end and her head was shaven by her mother to stop her running away from home. Her mother often bit her on the face and hit her over the head with anything she could get her hands on — bottles, hammers, sticks and blocks.
  • The other children outlined how their mother regularly attached vice grips to their noses, ears and lips to punish them. One daughter said her mother would use a vice grips to grab her ear and pull and twist it until it bled.
  • Another daughter told authorities how their mother would lock them all in a confined space with no food and give them a wet sheet to sleep on. One daughter recalled how their mother often went away for a week at a time and they would have to beg food from neighbors.
  • She beat one of her sons so badly with whips and sticks in a bid to make him look disabled so that she could claim extra social welfare benefits for him.
  • The second youngest daughter who was born with physical disabilities was found strapped into a filthy stroller by a social worker in 2002. Her face was bruised and the room in which she was in was filthy and cold and there were diapers strewn everywhere.
  • One of the older sisters later told authorities she often saw the young child bleeding from her private parts and she would give her a bath but the bleeding never stopped. She said she found blood-soaked diapers piled in a press and when she was six years old and potty-trained her mother pretended she was disabled to claim more money.

More reported information:

  • Reports from care workers said all of the children were infested with head lice when taken into custody, the worst any of them at ever seen. They had very little clothing, wore no underwear and didn’t know how to wear underwear when given some by caregivers.
  • They ate continually when first taken into care and didn’t know the names of basic fruit and vegetables. Most of them could not read or write as their mother had often refused to send them to school.
  •  The woman drank regularly and would buy food in her local store but would then refuse to feed the children when she was drunk.

Holy mother of fuck. I don’t need to tell all of you how disgusted I am with this human waste of a “mother”. I don’t have to guess how you feel about it either. I can’t find in the articles how old all these children are, but I know some of them are adults and are living their own lives.

A little excerpt from one of the articles:

“Rarely do you come across someone who utterly defies the description of “mother”. Someone who is so far removed from the nurturing, loving care that mothering implies that it’s hard to think of a name for her. “Evil Bitch” is what one of her daughters calls her — and it’s as good as any.”

A-fucking-men to that. I feel like I should copy and save that and post it in every one of my posts. Seems to fitting to BB, wouldn’t you agree?

To add to this story is how these poor children were ignored by all the people in their lives for all these years while the torture was taking place.  How could you pass a child who was mangled, beaten, emaciated and with hardly any clothes, covered so badly in lice that they’re crawling down their face, without stepping in? Why did this go on in isolation for so long? These children were abused and tortured for over 8 years and the abuses that those children suffered were so heinous that they would quite simply, be impossible to miss. So how were they missed? I’m going to guess there’s a whole lot of “I don’t want to get involved” out there, or “can’t be bothered”, or “its none of my business”. Well that’s bullshit quite frankly. These children were not only failed by their parents, but by every person that they ever came in contact with. Seems that no matter what side of the pond you’re on this shit is happening. When is it going to end?

A judge during the trial told one of her daughters, “Your mother is never going to be able to harm you again.” Well judge – don’t you think the harm’s already been done? There’s no coming back from living this kind of life. These poor kids are harmed for life. And not to mention that their evil-bitch of a mother got a slap on the wrist from you.

Wishing each and every one of these precious children a new beginning, fresh start, and a wonderful life ahead.

Mother and Daughter killed after custody battle

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Mother shot dead with toddler had been beaten in the street by ex, neighbours claim, as police investigate how she was ‘pestered and harassed’

‘Double kill’ dad in suicide bid 

Chrissie and her daughters; Shania and Chelsea

David Oakes, 50 of Braintree, Essex (UK) has attempted his 2nd suicide since his arrest for killing his ex-girlfriend and daughter in the street outside of their home.  His 1st attempt was shooting himself in the face with a shotgun. Too bad that didn’t work. Now he’s fighting an infection that came as a result of him pulling out his feeding tube. Docs say he may not live.  Let’s hope they’re right.

So let’s back up, shall we? What’s most important here is the life of a 2-year old little girl named Shania who was shot along with her mother, Chrissie, allegedly by this man who was her father.  Not only did he kill these 2, but this came after he had repeatedly harassed and pestered the mother over an extended period of time. She had shown the police over 100 threatening text messages from him just days before the double murder.  He had threatened to kill her and her family numerous times.  Not only did he threaten her, but also “beat her in the street” in front of her own home. Sounds like an amazing man huh? Yeah, I didn’t think so either.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission have confirmed that they are investigating whether police officers had handled the case properly in the months leading up to the double killings. Since she had showed them his threatening texts and she was attacked by this man and she ended up dead along with her daughter – I’m going to go with no… but what do I know?

A friend is quoted saying: “‘The police said to her “We cannot do anything until something happens to you”. She was scared – she sobbed her heart out to me on Friday. This should not have happened. ‘The police were in the wrong and they knew about this weeks ago.’

Chrissie also had a 10-year old daughter who fled the scene on foot – running for her life.  David Oakes had placed the weapon in 10-year old Chelsea’s mouth but didn’t pull the trigger, which gave her the chance to high-tail it out of there — running across the roof and she was able to run to her father’s house and call the police. Poor, poor girl! Her mom yelled to her in her final minutes, “Run, run! Save yourself!”  This is all just too much to bare.  Just minutes later, her mom and her little sister were dead. 

So now he’s knocking on death’s door and wants to die so that he doesn’t have to face the charges that are being brought against him and the murder trial that awaits him. Chrissie’s family wants him alive so that he can pay for what he’s done. Sounds like a case of  “death is too good for him”, if you ask me.

RIP Shania and Chrissie — at least you all can walk the next life together, even if it was well before your time to do so.

Thanks to Emilie for the tip.

Tyler’s Star

Family to Hold Funeral

Family and Friends Say Farewell

Emotional Scenes at the Funeral


Whelan and Lee


26 year old Stephanie Whelan and her boyfriend 33 year old Elvis Lee were arrested and charged with causing or allowing the death of a child.  That child was Whelan’s son 5 year old Tyler Whelan.

Tyler collapsed at his home and was taken to the hospital where he later died.  He had been hit in the head and stomach and had a bite mark on his calf.  The autopsy revealed he suffered from blunt force trauma, a split bowel, and bleeding in the head.

This happened in the UK on March 7th and the media coverage on this has been sparse at best!

The bio-bitch is now out of jail on restrictions.  She has to stay at her mother’s and from the sounds of it she’s on house arrest.  Both of these bitches sobbed when facing the judge.  I bet there weren’t any tears until they realized they were caught!! Thankfully, the inbred-looking, cowardly, piece of shit is still in jail.

She was allowed to attend Tyler’s funeral.  According to reports she had to be carried out by family members.  Where was all that concern when this child was being beaten to death, Bitch?!?

In a written message to his son, Tyler’s dad said, “Though they’ve taken you, you will always be with me.”

In a floral arrangement that spelled out SON there were 2 separate cards.  His father wrote: “To Tyler my baby boy, you will always be with me, love always, Daddy” the other “From Stef, your mum, miss you always.”

My heart breaks for this father and his loss…

The staff and students at Tyler’s school have named a star after him.  Many sing “Twinkle, Twinkle Tyler’s Star” to it at night to remember him.


Rant On:

I don’t know that I have a rant left in me tonight.  I’m livid with this so called “mum”!  At the same time I’m saddened to my soul.

How many times do we have to write the same bullshit stories about a parent not protecting their child from their current sexual apparatus or anyone else for that matter??

If you stand idly by and allow someone to harm your child or you hurt them yourself, you do not have the right to cry for your loss!!  You do not have the right to grieve because it is your fault!!!  You did it!!!  You’re the reason they are no longer on this earth!!!

If there were true remorse there would be a confession and an acceptance of any consequence handed down by the courts.  Of course, we rarely see that!  We always get the bullshit excuses and denials!  Abusers are nothing but a bunch of selfish, cowardly fucks!!

With the blanket charge of causing or allowing the death of a child and no information out there there’s no way of knowing which one physically caused the death.  As far as I’m concerned it doesn’t matter which one physically did it they should both be beaten to death because whoever didn’t actually hit this child did nothing to stop it!!

Rant Over


Tyler’s pic was deleted because his father had an issue with us having it on this site. I can’t imagine why. If you want to see his face, feel free to Google his name. I guess the father wants to erase his memory. What ever helps him sleep better at night.



Thanks to Neal for the tip.

Possible candidate for ‘how clean is your house’…. maybe not.


House of filth: The ‘unspeakable’ squalor in which a mother was bringing up her four boys 

The gestational devices name can not be released in the case for legal reasons. Bull-crap but alright. The fathers name hasn’t been released either. I assume because there are too many of them and DNA tests would have to be done. Pathetic. 

4 children and a fifth one on the way had to live in complete filth. The mother of the boys had a reduced prison sentence because the judge heard she was pregnant with her fifth child… I wonder if he also heard that one of her posted interests is singing and getting drunk? This is proof that no good deed goes unpunished. 

The boys were covered in lice, clearly they didn’t have any clean clothing and had such health and dental issues that they were treated in the local hospital. 

The house had its usual filth, dog feces, human feces, clothing and garbage piled up to the ceiling.

These four boys aged 8 to 12 had to go to school dirty and they were bullied due to their poor hygiene. Horrible! 

This is what makes me angry, this mother and her children lived in a 4 bedroom house and lived completely off of public assistance. She had no job other then to care for these children. She had a reduced sentence in order to give these kids their mother.

 On a side note…. who the hell would sleep with someone in a shit covered lice infected ‘bed’? 

This mother is not young either ( like that would make a difference ) she 35 which means she was 23 when she had her first child. She is not a young unprepared mother just a fat lazy bitch. 

Thankfully these kids are now in protective custody and I imagine they must be so happy to finally get a shot at some sort of normal life.

***Special thanks to itsmesg2003. for the write up. 

“You will never see him again”


‘You’ll never see him again’: Jilted father’s chilling message to mother before he killed his son, 6, then committed suicide

A jilted father killed his 6-year-old son and then himself after he snatched him from his mother and chillingly telling her, “You’ll never see him again.” 

Chris Hall, 52, had feared his was going to lose his son, also named Chris – however I think he just wanted to hurt his ex in the worst way possible. And he succeeded. He ex-common law wife, Rachel Wild had left him and started a new relationship with another man.

She says that Hall “lost it” when he spotted her with her new lover in the car the last time she dropped off her son.  Hall, a body builder, dragged the youngster from the car and told her, “I will take him to a place you will never see him again.”  Two days later she got a note in the mail that said to come to their former home together.  After getting there, she said there was an eerie quietness and left to talk to a neighbor who then called police. The police entered and found the boy and his father lying in bed together, dead. 

Hall, a handyman, had giving Little Chris (a former diabetic) a fatal mixture of insulin, morphine and sleeping pills, before overdosing on painkillers himself.

Wild explains that while sitting in the backseat of the car when she last dropped him off that, “He didn’t want to go back and when we got around the corner we noticed Chris leaning against the wall.”

I can see how this all went down, just the way she explained it:

Hall sees her and child with her new lover, he gets mad, yells at her and threatens her. She heard him but didn’t really think he’d do anything but he did.

This whole situation is really sad. It makes me even sadder as I actually call my kiddo “Little Chris” a lot too. 

For once this is a successful suicide – if only it happened before he killed his own child. 

Thanks go to Ally for sending this to us.

Aly Gilardoni didn’t want a fat daughter

British Mom put her Daughter on Dieting at the Age of 2

U.K. mother welcomes eating disorder over weight problem

And in this corner, weighing in at 238 pounds, we have Aly Gilardoni.  Okay, seriously…. I’m not a medical expert, but isn’t 238 pounds a little overweight for a woman?  So, why is it that Gilardoni was more obsessed with her daughter, 8-year-old Corleigh’s, weight instead of working on her own unhealthy weight?  So obsessed that the child has been on a diet since she was TWO!!   

Gilardoni is admittedly guilty of depriving her daughter of nutrients essential to her growth and development and has likely caused her psychological damage through this unhealthy obsession for her daughter to be thin.  Corleigh weighs only about 4stone (56 pounds), which is about 5 pounds less than she should at her age, and her daily caloric intake is a mere 700 calories.  That’s almost half of the recommended intake per this website:  http://www.heart.org/HEARTORG/GettingHealthy/Dietary-Recommendations-for-Healthy-Children_UCM_303886_Article.jsp.  What’s worse, Gilardoni stuffs herself with 3,000 calories a day consisting of mostly carbs and junk food.  GAWD DAMN, WOMAN!!  Push the fucking HoHo’s off your lap, feed your kid, and go for a walk.  

That being said, I believe that restricting a child to a low calorie diet is not a healthy way for them to maintain a healthy weight.  Restricting their TV, video game, and computer time is certainly a way to teach your child healthy habits.  To go a step further, not stuffing your face in bed and getting off your ass to play with your kids is another great idea to keep your ENTIRE family healthy, happy, and fit.  Starving a child will only cause them to suffer from anorexia, bulimia, body dysmorphic disorder, depression, anxiety, vitamin deficiency, and who knows what other biological or psychosocial issues in the future.  It’s not a secret that teen girls are literally DYING to be skinny.  They starve themselves and pop diet pills – I see these girls every day at the Starbucks across from the high school.  So why start them at such an early age thinking that skinny is beautiful?  Why not tell her that she is beautiful the way she is and make sure to teach her to love herself and let her inner beauty shine through no matter what she weighs?  

On the plus side, doctors say that Corliegh is healthy although it’s possible she may wind up with a plethora of medical problems and / or and eating disorder.  Gilardoni doesn’t seem too worried about that though.  She believes that you can get help for an eating disorder but fat is forever.  No, bitch – Stupid is forever and you are walking proof of that.  I guess she missed the part where stuffing your face full of junk food IS a fucking eating disorder.

Gilardoni has not been charged with a crime (that I have found), but that doesn’t make her any less guilty of one.  That’s why I’ve gone ahead and posted her sorry ass on BB.  I wish Corliegh all the luck in the world.  She’s a stunning child who shouldn’t have to worry about her weight, but with a psychotic mother, she has no choice.

Thanks go to Starri for this one.

UK Breeder let kids and pets starve while she played game

Mother Obsessed with Computer Game Neglects Kids, Starves Dogs:

An unnamed UK birth organism was given a suspended of six months after neglecting her kids and starving her pets while she became obsessed with a computer game allegedly called Small Worlds.

The woman became so obsessed with the online game that she made her kids eat only food that didn’t have to be cooked to be prepared even making them eat cold baked beans straight from the can. Not only that but she let her German Shepherd and Lurcher starve to death and supposedly left their bodies where they died for at least two months.

Her defense attorney argued that she was devastated over her husband’s sudden death. Her kids, ages 9, 10, and 13, and are in custody of social services.

Can you imagine what kind of health hazard that put her children in with having the rotting corpses of two dogs just laying around the house? This woman’s problems go well beyond a simple game.

Thanks to Marcy for the tip.