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Incest: It’s all relative

Mustie...eerrrrr.... Mistie Atkinson

Mother ‘made sex tape with her son, 16, and sent him naked photos of herself’ 

Authorities charge woman with incest

What mother doesn’t love photos and video of her son?  Heck, I have all kinds of photos and video of my boy.  Some I can even use to embarrass him when he starts dating.  You know the ones – baby pics with food from head to toe, naked in the bath… Hell, I think I even have one of him in a diaper, wearing his father’s cowboy boots.  What I don’t have is “baby’s first sex tape” co-staring ME!!  Ick!

32-Year-old Mistie Atkinson of Nice, CA and her 16-year-old son have taken their mother / son relationship to the next level; the level that includes sex and video. How fucking desperate do you have to be to fuck ANY 16-year old, let alone your own damn son?  Fucking skank!!  Then to take video…  UGH!

March 2nd, Atkinson was busted in a Ukiah, CA hotel room with her son.  She was arrested on suspicion of incest.  All suspicion was erased when officers found the child’s (YES!  16 is still a child) cell phone to contain text messages from his “loving mother”, dating back to December. There was sexting, she spoke of the two running away together and even sent him nude photos of herself.  Also on the cell phone was video of Skank-Mama putting down a little oral sex with her offspring and the pair getting busy.  (I can’t use “son” and “oral sex” together.  It brings on the nausea).  The video was dated February 3rd and 4th.  It seems this inappropriate relationship has been carrying on for months.

The child’s father has full custody and has obtained a restraining order against Atkinson.  What good that does NOW!  You have to wonder WHY the skank didn’t have custody of the boy.  Could it be because someone saw her for the nasty, incetuous pig that she is?

Atkinson was charged on March 2 with incest, oral copulation of someone under the age of 18, contact with a minor for a sexual offense, and “sending harmful matter” to her biological son.  She pleaded not guilty to all the charges on March 9.
Thanks go to Cheri for the tip.

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