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Moronic Mummy Monday: Maggoted mummy likes to party with underage boys

Kimberly Kiernan hosts party for teens, locks 7-year-old son in bathroom, police say

Kimberly Kiernan, Fla. mom, arrested for hosting alcohol fueled house party for teens, police say

Florida Mother Kimberly Kiernan, 39, Throws Booze Bash For Teen Boys


A common cougar, Kimberly Kiernan

Thanks to Lucy for this one, I’ve had a busy weekend with my sister’s 21st birthday and relatives visiting, so this one is a few days old.

Lucy sums this one up very nicely in the note she left with the tip: “Question: you’re a 39 year old cougar wannabe who likes to party hard with a big crowd of young teen boys. You have a seven year old who is far too young to be exposed to this type of debauchery, not to mention smart enough to tell a responsible adult what you’re up to. What do you do? Why, you lock him in the bathroom, of course!”

As the title reads, a certain cougar by the name of Kimberly Kiernan (39) likes to think of herself as a bit of a party girl. She seemingly likes to party with young boys. But not too young. According to police reports, while she was supplying alcohol to minors and chatting them up, she locked her 7 year old son in the bathroom. Perhaps he was cramping her style with his pesky needs, or she didn’t want the smelly teenage boys to know that she wasn’t as, ahem, tight as she used to be.

Police were called to the cougar’s flat in Palm Beach, Flori-DUH, with the neighbours raising concerns about a fight occurring outside and the young boy being in the midst of all the partying. When the po-po showed up, the brawlers ran inside the flat and refused to come out. Officers knocked on the door and the cougar took 20 minutes to answer the door. When she eventually did present herself, she was completely wasted. Police explained that they were there to investigate her son’s welfare, and she refused to let them in, hiding behind her little boys who then barricaded the door with their bodies, screamed obscenities and told the police to go away. They then tried to pass a list of demands to the officers under the door. It’s funny how desperate boys will fight to try and keep their only source of female attention. She’s hardly worth fighting for, but for some teenage boys an overused Fleshlight is better than nothing…

Eventually the police broke through the door, and rounded up the partygoers – 26 in all. A 16 year old girl was choking on her own vomit. Police found the cougar hiding in the wardrobe, and then had to break down the bathroom door to find the cougar’s 7 year old son locked in the bathroom. The boy told officers that “mommy locked me in the bathroom”.

The cougar has been charged with child abuse, 26 counts of hosting an open party, resisting an officer and providing false evidence.

The ex husband says that the cougar often enjoys partying with teenage boys. I hope the courts pull their heads in and see that the boy is not safe with his predator birth vessel, who puts her own desires for partying above the safety and wellbeing of her son, and that Dad is awarded sole custody.

9-year-old girls are not your drinking buddies

Updated: Father charged for forcing 9-year-old daughter to drink beer:

Jeffery Hickson of Augusta, Georgia is accused of forcing his 9-year-old daughter to drink beer and threatened her if she didn’t.

The girl was visiting with Hickson and called her mother distraught and begging to be picked up. When Hickson heard about the phone call he drove the girl out to the edge of the woods only turning around after receiving a phone call. God only knows what this scumdrunk had planned for his daughter at this point.

The girl had to get her stomach pumped and had a BAC of .165.

When we talk about drunk parents I often bring up my dad because he was one. However he never forced my brother or I to drink even when we were old enough to drink. He even went out of his way to make sure we weren’t drinking as kids. I like to think subconsciously my dad didn’t want us ending up like him.

But how much of a drunk loser do you have to be to try and make your 9-year-old daughter into your drinking buddy? That just shows how much of a loser you are and that no one wants to hang with you because you’re such am asshole.

Most dunk Breeders make their kids into their designated drivers.

Thanks to Jennifer for the tip.

Breeder has sex with teen, lets daughter watch

Woman had sex with teen while daughter watched, police say:

This one is straight from the ‘Ick’ files.

43-year-old Donna L. Andree of Manatee County, Florida was arrested for supplying her 15-year-old daughter, a 14-year-old girl and a 15-year-old boy with alcohol. And oh yeah, she just happened to have sex with the 14-year-old boy while her daughter and her friend watched.

Her estranged husband caught her in bed with the kid and he called the cops.

She tried the old tried and true, and by that I mean it never works, I thought he was 19 defense. She admitted to having sex with the boy while her daughter and friend were at the foot of the bed.

Like I said…ick.

Thanks to Lady Jade for the tip.