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Parents murder 2 year old daughter (an update)


Tori didn’t have a Chance

Parents charged with murdering 2-year-old daughter

Parents Charged With Murder in Death of 2-Year-Old Girl


Jennifer Dalhover, 36, and Joseph Sandoval, 21, are being held on a 1 million dollar bail for the murder of their 2 year old daughter. Little Tori was removed from her parents at birth by CPS, and placed in foster care with 8 older siblings because the family had a history of domestic violence and child abuse, as well as sexual abuse committed by Dalholver against Sandoval when he was a minor. Recently, Dalhover obtained a restraining order against Sandoval for domestic violence.



11 abuse reports on record!! Holy hell why did some one not sterilize this bitch??? Apparently, the Department of Children and Family Services pushed the courts to put Tori back with her parents, while the foster family fought to keep Tori away from them. The judge was unwilling to listen to the foster family and the older siblings, even though the parents had dropped out of contact with Social Services and court mandated programs to prepare them for the return of their daughter…can you say red flag?? With parenting programs unfinished, they showed up in court with a newborn, asking for Tori to be back with them…wonder how the judge feels now?? 4 months after being back with her mommy and daddy, she’s dead!! Dead from starvation! Little Tori also had a fractured rib and bruises on her body.



The administrator of the foster care agency wrote a 2 page letter to the judge stating “grave concern” for Tori’s well being. Linda (the administrator) said the court had not considered the risk of returning Tori to her bio parents. She wrote, “I know that reunification is primary and always work toward that goal. However, there are cases where common sense must prevail and history is relevant.” Officials had received 2 warnings about Tori’s well being in the months before her death. Despite all the concerns, the courts left Tori with her parents. Social visits were ordered and those records showed Tori’s weight droped from the 50 percentile for her age to the fifth percentile. Elise Esparza, a friend of Tori’s relatives said that the month before she died , Tori was pale and gaunt.



Officers responded to a call of “a child not breathing” …she had no heart beat either! CPR was performed before Tori was taken to the hospital, and the hospital tried for 6 hours to keep Tori alive… unfortunately, Tori did not come back.


Thanks for the update go to Nadia.


***Special thanks for the write up go to Leslie.

We get letters: An update

Last August, we posted a story about Lauren Belius.  Lauren was a 6-year-old that was murdered by her mother’s live in boyfriend who, on the surface, seemed like a likable person.  Sadly, what lied beneath the surface was far more sinister.

I received the following email from Alison, Lauren’s mother.  Sadly, Lauren did not receive the justice that she deserves:

Hi….I just wanted to touch base with you on the outcome of Lauren’s trial…especially since this new monster stabbed her children, claiming they were evil.
David Trebilc*ck did get off with the insanity plea. We had reason to believe that he molested Lauren the night before, my son witnessed it and begged to talk to police or judge, but since they delayed re’interviewing him until 3 months later, by then they said his testimony would be shot down because it came too late. The morning in that room, while David was cutting his own body, he tried to cut his penis off…..why, if his only motivation was that my daughter was the antichrist, would he be so disgusted by the presence of his penis that he needed to rid himself of it? This too, was not emphasized at the trial. Our trial happened to coincide with that of a sheriff shot in the line of duty by someone who was only planning to harm himself, nobody else, but because of that we were only allowed a five-day max trial. It was a bench trial, decided only by judge michael dwyer.
David was sentenced to one year at mid hudson psych, to be reevaluated every two years, or when they see fit. If found to be no longer a threat, he will be released with no criminal record. We have a petition on….lauren sylvia’s law…to try to change the laws regarding those found mentally ill and their confinement period…even though we know he was not mentally ill. Thanks to poor prosecutors, even worse shrinks, who made a decision about his mental health after a three-hour interview, and an even more ignorant and lazy judge, we don’t get to relax for twenty-five years, knowing he’ll be locked up, we only get two and have to go back to court every two years, see him, and fight to keep him locked up. Again, thanks for your kind words last year.

There is a petition for the law that Alison mentioned in her letter, Lauren Sylvia’s law (  I have signed the petition and urge our readers to do so as well.  It seems to many people are claiming bat shit crazy as a defense for murdering children.

I asked Alison about her surviving children, Lauren had a twin sister and a brother.  They are both doing well in the aftermath of the violence they both witnessed and they think about their sister every day.  Alison shared some of their artwork with me.













Alison, you are an amazing woman.  I can only imagine the strength it takes to get through a day without Lauren’s beautiful face smiling at you.  Thank you for taking the time to email me and allowing me to share your words with our readers.  I hope to hear from you again soon and I hope we can help get Lauren’s law passed.

We get letters: An update on Theodore Madrid

Last January, I posted a story about a monster named Thodore Madrid.  While I got the important facts correct, some of the fluff I found in the media was not so factual.  Luckily, we were graced with the pesence of Nancy Dickinson, who was more than willing to set the record straight.  Well, Nancy has graced us once again.  This time with an update on the monster.

It’s been 22 months but Caden’s finally received justice.

After several continuances by the defense, the trial for Theodore Madrid started on 16 Oct 2012 and ended 8 days later.  The jury deliberated for about 12 hours before coming back with a verdict of guilty on all charges, including Murder 1, which carries a mandatory sentence of life w/o the possibility of parole.

The most ironic part in all of this was, to both my daughter and the rest of us, last year, Madrid was offered a one-time only plea deal that would have resulted in a 30 year sentence, most likely out in 15 years.  He turned it down, believing he shouldn’t do any time at all, thus forcing it to trial.

I’ll bet that 30 years is looking pretty good right now.  Do you imagine, as I do, his sitting in his cell that night, thinking, “Shit, I really should have taken that 30 years”?  It brings a smile to my face that he will now spend the rest of his natural life in prison.

It seems the jury simply couldn’t get past his doing absolutely nothing while Caden lay there, dying.

The link to the original article:

Thank you for the update, Nancy.  I know it doesn’t bring that precious baby back, but hopefully it brings you some closure.

PyroMom…. GUILTY!

PyroMom  – original post by Angel – October 2009

Opening Statements November 1, 2011 

Mother’s murder trial-debate over evidence

Michigan mother found guilty in children’s deaths 

“She will die in prison…” said Wayne County Prosecutor Lora Weingarder on Wednesday, November 9th

On Wednesday, November 9th, it took a jury approximately two hours to give Anthony and Alayna Hinojosa, the justice they deserve.  After two long years their birth vessel Sharon (I’m an evil, child murdering beast) Hinojosa was found guilty of felony murder and arson.  Hell-to-the-yeah Baby!!! May every moment of the rest of her pathetic life be miserable!  I hate this cow!

For those of you who don’t know the story of Anthony and Alayna or don’t feel like reading the link above I will give you a little insight.  You see, Sharon had four children all by different fathers.  Her oldest Erin was living with her father; her three youngest Anthony (4), Alayna (3) and Aiden (1) lived with her and her boyfriend/Aiden’s father Justin Whistler.  By all accounts Sharon and Justin had a turbulent relationship with a lot of issues surrounding Anthony and Alayna and the fact Justin preferred they were gone.  Well… Sharon got rid of them alright, but she didn’t send them to family or their fathers she opted for a far more evil way to rid her life of her beautiful angels…she lit Justin’s trailer on fire grabbed Aiden (his son) and walked out.

She stood her sorry fucking ass outside that trailer and listened as her babies screamed before succumbing to the smoke and fire.  Imagine that if you can… the sounds of YOUR children burning to death.  Hard to stomach?  Yeah, it should be, but not for her. Sharon would lie to neighbors who tried to save her babies telling them the children were on the wrong side of the house.  She busied herself calling Justin to tell him various lies about what happened, but assured him his son was safe.  Funny how that worked out, isn’t it.  No not so much… this cow cared more about the man who was breaking up with her, evicting her and dating someone new, than she did the two beautiful children God blessed her with.  Sickening!

Sharon“attempted” to kill herself, by drinking rubbing alcohol after she confessed to killing the children.  She was unsuccessful, unfortunately, but aren’t they always when it comes to really ending their lives.

If I sound angry I am, or was until Wednesday the 9th, when the cow got what she deserved.  She cried crocodile tears throughout the trial and when the verdict was read.  I wasn’t moved in anyway.  I feel NO sympathy for her.  Her family said those children adored her… loved her with all they had and she burned them alive… ALIVE!  For what?  A man, who didn’t love her, didn’t want her.

This all happened close to my home and brought me to BB.  It changed me forever, these two sweet faced children, so innocent, so loving… murdered.  I would cry and tell my husband she has to get convicted I can not take it if they don’t get justice.  It just can not happen.  I was thrilled to hear she was convicted and that day I visited them, as I do on holidays and the anniversary of their deaths, and said NOW babies you can rest in peace.

I never met Anthony and Alayna, though I wish I had, but they changed my life and will forever be in my heart.

Angels.... Alayna and Anthony

 R.I.P. Sweet Angels…now you have the justice you deserve. xoxoxox

DeBlase Sibling Update

There have been some recent updates following the case of the two missing kids, Chase and Natalie DeBlase. 

Natalie’s skeletal remains were found nearly a week after her brother, 3-year-old Chase DeBlase, was found in the woods of rural Mississippi, just 23 minutes after a team had started their search.

Also coming out are some gruesome details on what kind of abuse these kids endured.

Daddy-O still claims it was at the hand of their step-monster that the children were bound with duct tape and gagged for hours at a time.

The reports detail that Natalie was bound at the hands and feet, gagged with a sock and stuffed into a suitcase for 14-hours. *Grab your tissue now before I go on.

Chase would have his hands ductaped to his legs, a sock stuffed into his mouth and a broom stick strapped to his back to be forced to stand up all night while the adults would go to sleep.

All night long he would be standing in a corner and his sister in a suitcase. 

DeBlase also has described how he dumped his children – originally it was reported that they were buried – however he says that for little Chase, the ground was too frozen or too hard so he left him on the side of the road, wearing just a diaper and placed inside a garbage bag. He left him only about 50 feet off the highway because he didn’t want to get lost in the woods. Wow Really? That’s how much this fucker loved his little boy?!

 It has not been reported, or I haven’t found, how he left his daughter. 

Both of these beautiful children have been found and can have a proper burial and now be able to rest in peace.

Update on Raijon Daniels

Crazy mother

Crazy mother


This story was originally posted by Zero boss here, and updated by him here at a later date. It happened back in 2006, but it seems that the murdering psychopath has just now been sentenced for her crimes……although ‘sentenced’ in this case is a joke, as far as I’m concerned.

I won’t go into great detail about all of the atrocities she inflicted on her 8 year old son, Raijon Daniels, before killing him, because Zeroboss did it so well that I really don’t think there is much more I can add. Please go to the links I have provided, and read what he wrote.

In a nutshell, little Raijon was abused over a long period of time – starved, locked up like an animal, tied to the bed, and made to lie in a tub full of his own waste and Pine-Sol, because he wet himself. The day he died, his incubator admitted to pouring Pine-Sol on his genitals.

She has been found not guilty by reason of insanity. What a freakin’ crock! The rules for her ‘incarceration’ are that she will be required to spend at least six months in a mental hospital, and could be there for the rest of her life. Notice I said “could”. I’m sure she’ll do what so many other murderers have done over the years – spend a few months on the crazy ward, be miraculously cured, and then be freed to kill again. This disgusts me. Crazy or not, cured or not, she should be required to remain locked up SOMEWHERE for the rest of her miserable life. Her son doesn’t get the chance to be ‘cured’ and live again….so why should she? The bile in the back of my throat is gagging me.

I don’t see how they could have come up with an insane defense anyway though, since her lawyers originally tried to ‘explain’ her reasons for treating him in such a subhuman manner. While her current attorney Robin Lipetzky, was not available for comment, a former attorney had argued that Moses was forced to take such ‘extreme measures’ because “Raijon often urinated and defecated on himself at home and at school, acted out and once ran away from home.” Really? I wonder why? Could it possibly be because the beat the crap out of him (defecation and urination on himself, anyone?), and was so mean that he wanted someone else to notice his plight (acting out, anyone?), and he didn’t want to live with such a horrible monster (running away, anyone?)

I imagine that just having to look at her face every day would have been enough to scare the piss out of him. I would have run away too.

Thanks to Layla for the update on this story.

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