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Utah Breeder killed 6 newborns because of meth

Megan Huntsman

You may remember the story from back in April about Megan Huntsman from Pleasant Grove, Utah. She was arrested for allegedly murdering seven newborns found in her house. Recently more details have been made public about the crimes.

According to investigators Huntsman killed her babies because she was a meth addict who simply did not want to care for any children. Forensic investigators have also said that one of the babies was stillborn. Not that murdering six babies is much better than killing seven.

DNA testing also showed that all seven of the babies were fathered by Huntsman’s estranged husband who is said to have first discovered the bodies. He did time for meth spending several years in jail. Police are unsure how he could have not been aware of his wife’s many pregnancies. Since I’ve never been hooked on meth I can’t speak towards its cognitive hazards but you would think that even a tweaker would notice seven pregnancies that were carried to term not to mention seven home births. Yet police say that he is not implicated in the killings.

As I said in my previous post about Huntsman, abortion is readily available in Utah. While I don’t agree with the practice It would have been more responsible of her than murdering her newborns.

If you or someone you know has a meth addiction you may want to think about contacting the national substance abuse referral line at 1-800-662-HELP (4357) or visit their website.

UPDATE 4/15/2015: Back in February Huntsman pleaded guilty. It’s more than likely she’ll spend the rest of her life in prison.

UPDATE 4/21/2015: Yesterday Huntsman was sentenced to up to life in prison.

UPDATE 5/31/2015: Huntsman won’t be eligible for parole until 2064. She’ll be 89 by then.

Utah Breeder accused of killing 7 newborns

Police arrest woman after finding 7 dead babies in cardboard boxes in garage of Utah home:

Police find remains of seven babies at Utah home:

7 Babies Found Dead in Utah Home; Woman Arrested:

Megan Huntsman

Police in Pleasant Grove, Utah, have arrested 39-year-old Megan Huntsman for allegedly killing 7 newborns that she gave birth to between 1996 and 2006. One of the bodies was found in a house that Huntsman used to live in by her estranged husband. He called police who found 6 more bodies. The causes of death have not been disclosed as of yet.

Now I know what some of you are thinking. In Mormon controlled Utah it must be next to impossible to get an abortion. Not so. From everything that I’ve read abortions in Utah are quite available.

What I don’t get is how was this incubator pregnant seven times and gave birth, I would imagine at home, seven times and not one person she knew could put one and one together? Obviously she can’t use the ‘I didn’t even know I was pregnant excuse’. That may work with one pregnancy but not seven. Technically, if the charges are true, she is a serial killer.

Utah does have the death penalty but only for aggravated murder. I think this more than meets the definition. What do you think? Should she be given the death penalty for the murder of seven of her own newborns if found guilty?

Thanks to Helen for the tip.

Methadone in a sippy cup

Jill Goff

Utah mother charged with child abuse homicide after her son overdoses:

Tooele 2-year-old dies after mom gave him methadone, police say:

32-year-old Jill Goff of Tooele, Utah has been charged with homicide after her 2-year-old son, Aiden Goff, ingested methadone and died.

Goff allegedly kept the methadone in a Gatorade bottle between her bed and the wall. She claims she poured the liquid into Aiden’s sippy cup and gave it to him. She then gave it to her other kids ages 5 and 8. When the 8-year-old complained that the drink tasted like medicine it was only then that Goff realized she gave the kids methadone. Sounds like an inadvertent accident right? Where’s the malice you ask?

Instead of calling 911 she tried to get Aiden to vomit and then took a nap with him. She said she didn’t call 911 at first because she was scared. Probably scared of being arrested. As usual the fear of arrest outweighs the well-being of a child. Now instead of a neglect charge she’s been charged with murder.

Let that be a lesson. Would you rather go to jail for a little bit and have live children or go to jail possibly for life and have a dead child on your conscience. Think about it.

Slovenly sow and her ghastly gal-pal torture teen son

Two women arrested for taping up teen before pouring hot sauce in eyes

Robin Rumsey

Let’s clean that silly smirk off your face, Robin. With hot sauce!

Hot Sauce Abuse

The foul friend, Krista Miller

Now I’m not afraid to admit that I’m a grade-A stumblebum. I’ve broken my fair share of plates, cups and glasses. One time I accidentally broke a plate belonging to my great grandma. Mum wasn’t very pleased about that and yelled at me. What she didn’t do was tie me up and torture me.

Robin Willette “I know what she was guzzling” Rumsey (38) and her scissor sister Krista Jean Miller (33) from Utah, apparently can’t afford to replace glass dishes. Or have an over-attachment to the everyday, garden variety casserole dish. They felt that a fitting method for punishing Rumsey’s 14 year old son for breaking a glass dish was to tie him up and rub Tabasco sauce in his fucking EYES!! The only situation where I think it’s appropriate to put Tabasco sauce in someone’s eyes is if they’re trying to rape or mug you (I make home-made mace because our sissy NSW laws don’t allow women to carry mace for the purpose of self defence. The key ingredient is Tabasco sauce or ammonia)

Not surprisingly, this wasn’t the first time the poor boy had been abused by these penis ogres. On other occasions, the pudgy pigs forced him to smoke pot, poured alcohol all over his face and held him in the basement. I bet it wasn’t even nice alcohol, it was probably gin they poured on him. The useless bullfrog bitches could do with less alcohol, look at all those broken blood vessels and blotchy complexions!

The skanktards had been living in a house owned by Miller’s foster mother, who evicted them because they weren’t paying rent. So not only are they child abusers, they’re also deadbeat sponges! Nice… The foster mother doesn’t believe that her precious offspring could be an abusive tw*t, and says that the story was concocted by the boy’s dad because of a custody battle. Well, guess what Ma? The police are investigating, and found that there is no custody dispute going on! Seems like your daughter rubbed Tabasco sauce in her eyes too, because she’s blind to the fact that her daughter is a nasty whore who likes to abuse children.

The scissor sisters have been arrested and charged with felony child abuse and child endangerment. They could be facing more charges as the investigation continues. The boy has been returned to his father’s custody. I can’t understand why he would’ve left that bloated blob-monster /sarcasm.

Barry Morrison – child rapist and liar

Barry Morrison

Magna man charged with a decade of sexual abuse
Magna man charged with sex abuse

Either I’m getting lax in my writing skills, or I simply need a break from the horrors we deal with here on a daily basis. I am hoping it is the latter, and after this write-up, I am going to take a week or so off to regroup and get my head on straight again. As much satisfaction as I get from being a voice for the abuse victims here, sometimes a story just hits me…and I crack. This is the one. Perhaps because it reminds me too much of my own past, or perhaps just because I know what effects evil like this can have on the child. But I digress….

The beady-eyed man with an extra helping of forehead that you see up there is Barry Morrison. He’s been a really bad boy. Did I say boy? What I meant to say was ‘animal’. He’s a child rapist. (allegedly) As far as I am concerned, that consigns him to the very lowest level of breathing organisms – lower than an amoeba on a worm’s butt.

Morrison, 47, has been charged with numerous counts of object rape, forcible rape, sodomy, and other sex crimes. The victim was his step-daughter. And he began using her as his own personal sex slave when she was only five years old. She is now 17, and has finally found the courage to call this bastard out for what he did to her. I’d like to give this girl a big hug and a gold medal!

According to the articles linked above, Morrison began fondling her when she was five, and by the time she was twelve, he had raped her so many times “she lost count”. Judas in a jumped-up sidecar – that poor child! I have a lot of questions about this situation, and I will address them all in due course. But first, a word from some (former)’friends’ of the rapist:

Apparently when Morrison was forced to leave his house, but before he was arrested, he went to stay with an old friend. This was back in December. According to this person, he referenced the allegations and indicated to his friend that they were false – that the girl was ‘making it up because he was a strict parent.’ Is that what they’re calling child-rape and sodomy these days? Strict parenting? Jeez almighty – I better quit referring to myself as a strict parent then, because I wouldn’t want to be confused with the likes of this beast. The (former) friend went on to say that she was ‘disgusted’ that he had been under the same roof as her kids – even for the short time he was there. What a refreshing breath of fresh air, huh? A ‘friend’ who doesn’t feel the need to defend the rapist. God bless her!

Now for some of my questions: I’ll start with the girl’s mother….just where in the HELL was SHE when this man was raping her child for ten years? Good lord, people! Why are parents failing so miserably at their job these days? Her primary job was to protect her daughter – AND SHE FAILED!!! I’d really like to know how this just “slipped by” her field of vision for so long, because there’s no way in the burning depths of Hades it would have escaped MY attention if it were my child. The man would have been missing his willie and probably his other head as well – and it wouldn’t have taken ten years to happen, either. I’m just thorough that way.

Second question: where was this child’s bio-dad? Was he not in the picture? Was he dead? Did he not have any contact with is child? Those are the only three reasons I can come up with that HE wouldn’t have noticed something amiss.

Third question: Where were the rest of this child’s relatives? You can’t tell me that she had no contact with anyone outside her home. Someone, somewhere, should have noticed that something was wrong. GAR!!!! I want to rip my face off! This whole situation just pisses me off to the ‘n’th degree! Where were the people who were supposed to love and protect this child? WHERE WERE THEY????????

As I mentioned earlier, I have been having a really hard time for a few days, and my head is all jumbled up with the images of the children on here. I think my train of thought left the station without me this week, and my horse hasn’t been fast enough to catch it.

Since I know at least a couple of our regulars will do a little more research on their own, I will go ahead and say that yes, I know about Morrison’s son. I decided not to include him in this article because he had nothing to do with it, and the rest of his family are probably having a hard enough time dealing with that loss without associating him with this heinous situation. If you want to discuss it in the comments, I won’t stop you; but I just couldn’t do it to his mother (she is NOT the mother of the rape victim). If any of you do decide to open that can of worms, please be respectful of the son’s family – they are not the ones at fault here. In my opinion, what happened to the son is a direct result of the father’s actions as well, and he needs to shoulder the blame for it as much as for the abuse of the girl.

Morrison is currently being held on a $250,000.00, cash only bail. At least the judge has some sense; although this is one of those times when I could almost hope that they would let the guy out for an hour or two, so he could have the chance to ‘resist arrest’ when they came to pick his arse up again. I’d love to watch him resist arrest. I really would. I’d buy popcorn and a sno-cone, and call it an evening’s entertainment.

I have been watching this case for more than a week now, and haven’t received any tips from the readers from April, but if any of you have sent in tips on this, thanks. I actually did some research on my own for a change…

Missing woman’s husband kills himself and 2 sons in a home explosion

Attorney: Missing mom was ‘in the trunk’ boys said before their deaths
Josh Powell Dead: Missing Woman Susan Powell’s Husband, 2 Sons Killed In Home Explosion
3 killed in explosion at Josh Powell’s Graham-area home

RIP Susan, Braden, and Charles

 UPDATE at the bottom of the story

In December 2009, Susan Cox Powell went mysteriously missing in Utah.  Her husband, Josh Powell, claimed he had taken their sons on a midnight camping excursion in a blizzard when Susan vanished.  Josh has always been a “person of interest” in her disappearance and under investigation.  But no charges or proof against him ever surfaced in all that time.

The boys, 5-year-old Braden and 7-year-old Charles, have been living with their maternal grandparents since Josh’s father, Steven Powell, was arrested on child porn and voyeurism charges last fall.  Just last week,  a judge denied Josh from regaining custody of the boys until he underwent a psycho-sexual evaluation himself. A psychologist recommended the evaluation based on undisclosed materials Utah police discovered on Josh Powell’s computer in 2009. I’d like to know more details on that, but at this point I guess it doesn’t matter.

Fast forward to yesterday, 2/6/12 around noon. While most people in this great country of ours were preparing to watch the Super Bowl, Josh Powell was preparing to kill himself and his boys in a murder/suicide – home explosion style.  A social worker arrived around noon for a scheduled supervised visit. Josh met his sons at the door (they had run ahead of the social worker) and he then closed and locked the door, banning her from entry.  She made a call to her supervisor to report the incident and that she smelt gas, moments later the house exploded.

Not only was Josh denied regaining custody of his kids, but the boys had starting talking lately.  They were starting to remember and talk about what happened that night their mother vanished back in 2009.  An attorney for Susan’s family was quoted saying,  “They had gone camping. Their mother had been in the trunk and later, their mom and dad walked out into the desert and mommy got lost.”  So the little boys were remembering and they were talking and I guess that was too much for Josh to handle and he figured he’d be a pussy and take the easy way out.

If he’d just taken his own life, who gives a fuck right? But he didn’t do that… he took his boys with him and for that he’s a selfish, cowardly, pussy motherfucker.  He didn’t leave a suicide note, but he did send his attorney an email 10 minutes before the house exploded simply saying, “I’m sorry. Goodbye.” So why take the boys down with him? My guess is that he was a) scared of getting busted, b) pissed that his wife’s parents had custody of the boys and didn’t want them to have full custody after he died, OR c) he was mad at his own sons for talking? I suppose we’ll never know.

Josh not only left behind a lot of unanswered questions, but most of all he left behind a myriad of  broken hearts. Susan’s parents not only have had to deal with the devastating loss of their daughter AND never truly knowing what happened to  her, but now they also mourn the loss of their two grandsons. Anyone that has grandchildren, or has seen how grandparents typically love their grandchildren can agree that this kind of pain would be insurmountable.

There’s a special place in hell for anyone who harms or kills a child, we can all agree on that. But I truly believe that Josh rode in First Class to hell yesterday.

RIP Braden and Charles, I hope that you’ve been reunited with your mommy in heaven.

Thank you to the countless tipsters that sent this in.


Just when the worst story of 2012 so far has settled in and we’re all left open-mouthed about what Josh Powell did to his boys…. a report surfaces later with more gruesome details that makes you fall to your knees. Late yesterday, as more details emerged about the horrific deaths of Braden and Charles Powell, we learn that not only did Josh kill them in a home explosion, but he attacked them with a hatchet before the house went up in flames.  Police have described the boys as having “chop wounds” to their heads and necks. But they believe that they still died of smoke inhalation, not the brutal attack. As that sinks into my brain… 2 little boys chopped up by their father and only parent left, but lay in a house engulfed in flames to die when smoke filed their little lungs to capacity. It’s just too much to take. How much pain were they in? How long did they suffer? Were they screaming for daddy to stop? Did one brother watch the other be attacked? Honestly, I don’t want to know.  I just can’t imagine the suffering they experienced in the final moments of their lives.

To quote Cori in the comments of this story, “Braden and Charles, I hope you have found your mommy waiting for you with open arms. You can never be hurt ever again. ” Well said Cori, my sentiments exactly.

“Mom’s” Choices Cost Christian His Life

Mom Charged w/ Negligent Homicide of Toddler

Mom Charged in Son’s Airbag Death


I know it doesn't actually say not to place a 2 yr old on a lap in the front seat but come on!! Could it be anymore idiot proof!?


On March 22nd, 35 year old Brandi Cox Roberts was driving down a dark highway when she hit a deer.  The damage to her van was minimal.  The damage her choices caused were horrific and totally preventable!

There were 3 children in the car with her at the time of the accident.  A 10 year old, a 13 year old and 2 year old Christian Roberts.

No one in the vehicle had a seat belt on nor was the toddler restrained in a car seat.  Christian was actually sitting in the 13 year olds lap in the front seat at the time of the collision.

The 10 year old had minor injuries and was treated and released.  The 13 year old had a broken wrist.  2 year old Christian was killed by the airbag.  Of course the moronic “mommy” was fine and had no injuries.

Sanpete County Attorney Brody Keisel said, “If [Christian] had been properly placed and secured in the car, he would be alive, no question.”

Police didn’t believe she was impaired but drew blood “as a matter of course”.  She tested positive for drugs!

She’s facing charges of Negligent Homicide, Reckless Endangerment (both Class A Misdemeanors), driving with a measurable controlled substance in the body (a Class B Misdemeanor), failure to use a child restraint device (an infraction), and Possession or use of a controlled substance (a 3rd Degree Felony).  How fucking sad is it that the more serious of the charges is the drug charge!?  Is it not worse to be negligent and endanger your child causing his death?!?


Rant On:

It would have taken all of 10 minutes tops to place this baby in a car seat!!  This is so tragic because it was so fucking stupid!!  There is no reason for this child to not be on this earth living a life!  No reason he’ll never experience his first day at school, a first love, graduation, marriage, and kids of his own!!  NONE!!!

Once again we see a selfish, drug enhanced, moronic bio-bitch that doesn’t think twice about the safety and care of her child!!  I hope the fact that she caused the death of this baby haunts her for the rest of her life!  I hope it weighs on her until she can’t take another breath!!

Rant Over


R.I.P Christian


Fostering love in Utah


Nola Fortine (66) of Vernal, Utah is a poor excuse for a foster parent and her son is a middle age pedophile who makes me want to vomit.

On Jan 1st Nola’s 45-year-old son George Stone, gave the 16-year-old foster child drinks mixed with Vodka and Orange juice. Eventually the girl would pass out in a hot tub after consuming too many of these drinks. The girl is damn lucky she didn’t die but she also did not deserve what happened to her.

George did the next logical thing (for a creeper). He carried her into her bedroom and raped her repeatedly. While doing this he snapped nude photos of her. It gets much more messed up too.

In the morning of Jan 2nd Nola the foster devil walks into the girl’s bedroom only to find her pedophile of a son in bed with the girl. The girl, I can imagine was hung over and trying to figure out what happened to her. Nola then took it upon herself to coach the girl so that she would say the right things if she was ever questioned. That poor girl. The conversation must have been so hurtful and gut wrenching.

The victim was one of three children being fostered by Nola and I am glad to say all have been removed from the home on Jan 4Th. Nola is no longer a foster parent and was issued an appearance ticket for third-degree felony witness tampering and class B misdemeanor failure to report child abuse. I hope the bitch gets some jail time. Just enough for someone to find out what she did.

George her creeper of a son, was charged with 3 counts of rape which can result in 5 years to life in prison for each charge. I just want to point out he was not charged for the pictures.

A person in Utah is not considered a child if they are 16 or older so the pictures would not be considered child porn. I am completely disgusted that he wasn’t bitch slapped with further charges. Hopefully he gets three life sentences in prison and suffers repeated rape without the luxury of a few mixed drinks. It’s the least that could happen to someone who takes advantage of kids. 

**Thanks to itsmesg2003 for the write-up. **

Child found covered in feces: This is not a repeat

Mother arrested after toddler tests positive for drugs:

Sharpie Eyebrows over there is 20-year-old Sara Jerz of Salt Lake City. Back in August police say they found her 19-month-old daughter home alone and covered in feces. Again, no word if they were human or animal. Anyway at the time of finding the girl police said her breath smelled like alcohol.

Well the toxicology report came back and it wasn’t alcohol at all. Instead the girl had cocaine and amphetamines in her system. And by amphetamines I’m going to assume it was meth.

The decline of American civilization continues unabated as I fear that good parents are slowly being outnumbered by garbage like this.

Thanks to Christie for the tip.

Foster parent gets it on with teen foster son

jamontagWoman accused of sex with teen foster son:

Foster parent faces felony charges of sodomy, rape:

40-year-old Jennifer Ann Montag of Hooper, Utah was arrested for allegedly having sex with her 14-year-old foster son over the course of the month of October.

When discovered by a family member with the naked 14-year-old boy she allegedly exclaimed that “You will ruin our family. I could go to jail, and if I do, I will kill myself.”

The victim was also unwilling to cooperate with police for fear of getting Montag into trouble.

I like how she tried to blame everyone else for ruining the family but herself for her sick and twisted actions.

If you’re not getting enough at home go have an affair or something. The foster parent program isn’t your personal escort service.

Thanks to Monique for the tip.

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