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Tatted-up tweens

Three people charged after two girls under 13 ‘tattooed without consent’

Tattooing leads to charge of child abuse in Campbell County

More charges filed in tattooing of children

3 supposed “adults” have been arrested and charged after two girls under the age of 13 were tattooed in Campbell County, Virginia. Now, I understand that tattoos are all the rage these days and aren’t just limited to bikies and sailors, but having them on pre-teen girls just won’t do.

Alexander Edwards is a  crappy babysitter

Alexander Edwards is a crappy babysitter

It’s understood that the girls were left in the care of Alexander Edwards (20) when he took it upon himself to ink the girls. His artistic attempts were met with charges of malicious wounding, abduction and child abuse.

Melissa Derp

Melissa Derp

When the girl’s mother Melissa Delp (Derp) (35) and her salami Daniel Janney (32) found out about the impromptu body art, they were mad. So mad that Janney decided to try to remove the ink with a hot razor blade. This MacGyver method of tattoo removal earnt him and his hot pocket charges of malicious wounding and child abuse also.


Daniel Janney

Michael Mucklow, owner-operator of GO! Tattoo Removal, located in Kutztown PA, has offered his services to the girls for free. He uses non-invasive laser treatments to break down the ink pigments, and his clients usually have to return 10 to 12 times for the ink to be completely removed. What a kind fellow to help these girls get rid of the disfigurement that this wankstain inflicted on them. Those home tattooing kits are dodgy as fuck and the tattoos look like absolute crap. It’ll probably only take 1 or 2 goes to get the ink out.

The news sources list Edwards as being an “associate” of the broodmother and her sperm pump, but I can’t help thinking that he might actually be her bit on the side. In comparison to Janney, Edwards is younger and has more hair. But Janney also has those glasses that make him look a little bit more clever than Edwards and has a thinner face. But the dodgy home tattoos give the game away. She can’t decide who is more of a “catch”, but I bet she’s willing to trade Janney in for the younger model.

That’s enough speculation. All three of them need a dick tattooed onto their faces. And it’s probable that all three of them had their brains removed with a hot razor blade some time ago.

Kids “home alone” in rotting caravan

Couple charged after children found in chained/padlocked camper in Suffolk

NewsChannel 3 looks inside trailer where police say kids were found in horrible living conditions

A pair of not-so-happy campers

A pair of not-so-happy campers

Thanks to Muggle for the tip on this one. Before we begin, the terminology in this story will differ. As an Australian, I use the term “caravan” to describe what the Yanks call a “camper”. But when I hear the term “trailer”, I also think of that as being a “caravan” (but a bigger one). When I was growing up, we had a holiday home in the NSW Southern Highlands. Admittedly it was a caravan/camper that was old and rickety, but it was 7 metres (22 ft) long. That’s what I think of when I see the word “trailer”.

Two children were found alone by police in a chained and padlocked caravan in the backyard of a house in Suffolk VA. According to reports, the 2 year old girl and the 6 month old boy were left alone in conditions that were no less than foul. There were shitty nappies strewn about, the beds were covered in pee and crap, the upholstery was infested with fleas and the floorboards were rotting out from under their feet. A news crew reported that when they opened up the trailer, a wave of garbage stink hit them. There were flies clinging to dirty dishes in the sink. The caravan had all the windows boarded up, no air conditioning, and the only power source was an extension cord plugged into the caravan’s electrical inlet.

While police were sorting out the youngsters, who should come moseying along? None other than Jaronda Wilson (23) and her salami swinger. They had gone to the store for some beer and said that they had left Wilson’s brother in law Laron Huston Neal (22) in charge of the children. This was true, but Neal had better things to do than hang out in a smelly old caravan, so he put an egg in his shoe and beat it.

The poor little tackers were covered in mosquito bites and the baby boy had bronchitis, probably from living in a confined space with piss and shit everywhere.

Jaronda and Laron were arrested and charged with abuse and neglect, reckless disregard and cruelty to children. Along with those two, the police arrested Kimberly Shelton (20) for assault, after she beat up another woman so that she could be initiated into a gang. When the police showed up to arrest Kim, that’s when they found the locked caravan.

The owner of the house and caravan, Marvin Askew, claims to not know anything about the conditions of the caravan or that there were children living there. He reckons that his son lived in there and that occasionally he had friends over. Well, Marvin, it’s time to pull your head out of your arse and look around. How could you not know there was something going on? Kids cry and play and stuff, plus people coming and going regularly. It’s time to get your son to clean up the horrific mess that his whore made, and then boot him the fuck out. It’s time he made it in the real world and stopped leaching off Daddy. Maybe if he stopped buying so much beer, he’d have enough money to move out.

The kids were taken into the custody of CPS, where they received medical treatment and were released to their grandfather. Hopefully the gene that made Jaronda enjoy living in filth is just a throwback, and not a family history thing.

(I think I detect a hint of meth-face in Laron, at right)

I put home alone in quotation marks, because that ain’t no home for kids.

Thanks again to Muggle for the tip.

What do a claw hammer, a golf club and a space heater all have in common?

abusive freaks

Anti-child abuse movement started
Isle of Wight man faces first-degree murder charge in daughter’s death
PIPER MOLINSKI – 4 Months – Isle of Wight/ Smithfield VA
Father charged in baby’s death
Dad charged with murder in baby’s death

No, they’re not items used for home improvement, nor are they all items that can be used for sporting events (but I think that a ‘claw hammer toss’ category in the Prison Olympics could be an interesting addition). Apparently they are all items that can be used to torture and kill a 4-month old baby. Or two. At least in Virginia…but that doesn’t surprise Trench, I’m sure.

Fortunately the authorities were able to rescue Ella Molinski from the clutches of her twat-rotting egg donor and the snatch-filler she allowed to impregnate her. Unfortunately, Ella’s twin sister Piper Molinski was not as lucky. While both infants were taken to the hospital with skull fractures, broken ribs, multiple bruises and burns on the bottoms of their feet, only one of them survived the injuries – Ella. Piper was taken off of life support on Valentine’s Day, and she will never be able to do all of the things that other babies get to do when they grow up…like, grow up.

EMS was dispatched to the home of Leann Webb, 23, and Robert Molinski, 22, on the evening of Sunday, Feb. 12, in response to a 911 report of an unresponsive child. I REALLY hate to see those words. What they usually signify is that a child has been beaten to death, or near death, by a parent or caregiver. As happened in this case. These girls, at only 4 months old, had been so severely abused that they both sustained multiple skull fractures, multiple broken ribs (in various stages of healing – meaning the abuse was not a single occurrence), numerous bruises, and their little feet had burns that were attributed to a space heater being placed too close to their feet. Items seized from the house as evidence included the aforementioned claw hammer, golf clubs, space heaters (yes, more than one), and bloodstained bedding. Two space heaters? WHY? WHY? WHY? I guess because they wanted to be sure they could torture both babies at the same time, and in the same manner, with as little expenditure of energy on their part as possible. Because it would put a serious strain on their time management options if they had to move the space heater back and forth between the babies, I guess. Piper died form blunt-force trauma to the head. I don’t even WANT to know which of the parental playthings was used to inflict the fatal blow – but I do hope someone returns the favor while the two useless scumbags await trial.

Both of these worthless individuals have been arrested. However, while the sperminator has been charged with first-degree murder, Eggzilla has only been charged with felony child abuse and neglect. Why is that I wonder? Did she convince the authorities that she only participated in the torture, but the mean, nasty dung-dad was the one who struck the fatal blow? I don’t give a rip if all she did was watch – she is just as responsible for that child’s death as he is. She should have taken that claw hammer to his head, and played a couple rounds of golf with the balls the good Lord provided to the sperm donor. Placing the space heater on his crotch and turning it on high would not have been remiss, either. After all, everyone enjoys a good weenie roast, right? You could place the balls on sticks and call them marshmallows after the golf game ends, too. Just to complete the campfire scene, you know.

The witch’s father is apparently attempting to secure a good defense for his little girl, when what he should be worried about is attempting to secure a good home for his granddaughters. But since the whole fam-damly was living in his house, I suppose he’s already trying to protect HIS ass(ets) as well.

And, according to Sheriff Marshall, who was one of the responding officers, the house was filthy. There were animal feces everywhere, soiled bedding, and “The inside of that house was a wreck,” as Marshall put it. Why does this not surprise me? He called it one of the worst abuse scenes he has ever encountered in his 27 years in law enforcement. *shudder*

What DOES surprise me is that Webb’s 4-year-old daughter, from a previous relationship, was completely unharmed. Usually these walking piles of excrement like to kill the previous snatch-filler’s offspring before turning on their own young. Maybe the older child was smart enough to stay out of his reach, or maybe she was able to out run him – or outsmart him, since he doesn’t look like the freshest sandwich in the picnic basket. Thank the Lord for small favors, anyway – at least one of the angels was left out of the sadistic activities. I imagine she probably saw a good bit of it,though,and will have her own demons to deal with as she gets older.

The surviving twin is still listed in critical but stable condition, according to one article, but another article mentions that she has already been released. That came from the Bishop at the church the walking incubator attended in the past. I guess none of that “do unto others as you would have done to you” sank in on her, huh? Unless she likes being beaten with hammers and clubs herself, in which case I say – let’s give her what she likes! The bishop also says that the poor mother is hurting, and reached out to him over the weekend. I hope she IS hurting! I hope it tears at her guts every day that her baby is dead, and she is the reason for that. The good Bishop went to see her to “help bring some healing to her”. I know that is his job, and I commend his motives, but I would much rather have seen someone bring some “healing” to the baby who now calls a coffin her home. I cannot work up any pity at all for this FBO who sacrificed her child’s life for a worthless neanderthal she was shacking up with. Not a drop.

I am now thoroughly disgusted, and will leave the rest of our readers to draw their own conclusions. I’m sure they’ll be quite entertaining.

Thanks go to Deena, Rachel and Korin for tips they sent in. And thanks to Malevolent April for supplying me with that information. If I locate any other articles, I will be sure to post an update.

Two-month-old twins had 40+ fractures between them

John Paul Clark and Richelle Smith

Blacksburg parents arrested in twins child abuse case:

Not a whole lot of details on this story but what we do know is that John Paul Clark and Richelle Smith of Blacksburg, Virginia have been arrested on child abuse charges. It seems that their two-month-old twins have this habit of getting their bones fractured. The boy had 28 fractures including a skull fracture while the girl had over a dozen fractures including her collar bone.

Clark has allegedly confessed to the abuse but a ‘reason’ why has not been given. Personally I would lay odds that it was some pseudo-macho bullshit considering the douche-beard and the ever classy neck tattoo.

Smith was also arrested on child abuse charges. Again no details but I would imagine that she was protecting her man.

The kids are in stable condition and will be placed with a foster family.

Thanks to Sharon for the tip.

Call and Respond to end world slavery

Human Trafficking Victim Speaks Out:

This has become an important issue to me so I’m posting this at all four of my sites.

I’m sure you’ve noticed that haven’t made any posts the past two days. That’s because on Thursday I drove up to Richmond, Virginia to attend a screening of a movie called Call + Response. It was held at Richmond’s Byrd Theatre and was organized by the Richmond Justice Initiative and the International Justice Mission. I attended the screening with Greg Collier the CEO of Geebo.com. The movie was also attended by the Secretary of the Commonwealth of Virginia, Janet Polarek.

Ms. Polarek spoke before the movie stating that the issue of human slavery and human trafficking was not an issue of Republicans or Democrats but a issue that we all need to be concerned about. Also right before the screening some free craigscrimelist t-shirts were given out to the audience.

The funny thing was that when Greg and myself were talking to people before and after the movie that were completely unaware that craigslist and backpage were such huge sources of human trafficking in this country.

The movie itself was spectacular. It was a bout a musician who wanted to get other musicians together to bring awareness to the slavery that was still going on in the world today. Not only abroad but also in the US. It included music performances and interviews with politicians, journalists and activists. Unfortunately I was not moved by the movie. That’s probably because I’ve been writing about horrors like this for the past 10 years. However I am sure that most ‘normal’ people would be moved by it.

After the movie some of us retired to a restaurant across the street where a Q&A session was held. The one thing that stood out to me about the Q&A session was a woman who stood up and addressed the crowd. By looking at her you would think that she was just a regular person that you would see in an office setting or at the store or whatever. Her story was anything but regular as she told her story about how she was held in slavery in this very country as a prostitute.

After hearing her story about how many times she was almost killed and had her freedom taken away from her under the threats of extreme violence. I was so fascinated by her story I introduced myself to her using my real name. I told her about craigscrimelist and how I’m using the site to call on sites like craigslist and backpage to end their facilitation of human trafficking and how I was working with Geebo to show that it can be done. When I was done she did the most amazing thing ever to me. She thanked me. For the first time in a really long time I felt like what I was doing was helping.

Which ties in with something that movie’s producer, musician Justin Dillon, said in the movie. He said if you want to help find what you’re good at and use it to bring awareness to the problem. That’s what I am doing. I hope I can call on you to find what you’re good at and use it to bring awareness.

Another DUI – Another Dead Child

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the driver/drunk dad

Child killed in fatal wreck, father charged with DUI

Phillip Ethan Watson, 2 years old, was killed early Thursday morning. And by early, I mean at 1:45 in the morning; and by killed, I mean that Phillip Derek Watson, 26, got his drink on and put his son in the pickup and drove while intoxicated. Of course, as in most cases like this, the driver was virtually unscathed while the passenger was killed. Great dad, huh?

The article mentioned that the child was in a safety seat, so either the dad had enough sense to buckle the boy in, or someone did it for him. If the dad is the one who buckled up little Phillip, he should have also have been cognizant enough to know that he was too impaired to drive. Now a child is dead and the responsible party will have to live for the rest of his life knowing that it’s his fault his son is dead. Hopefully a large part of that life will be spent behind bars.

The father has been released on bond, and the rest of the family are refusing to give a statement, except to say that “It’s devastating to everyone.” I agree. It was especially devastating to the baby. He paid for his father’s mistake – with his life. Why in the world was he out with his son at that time in the morning, anyway? That’s a little late to take the kid to the park, isn’t it?

Thanks to Winnie for the tip.

The Family Jewells

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Grandparents indicted for torture, child abuse

Laura Jewell, 49, and Ronald Jewell, 48, of Louisa County Virginia, have both been arrested for torturing their 8 year old granddaughter. The little girl, who has not been named in the story escaped and ran to a neighbor’s house to report the abuse. Apparently she and her siblings have been living with the grandparents for a while, and the parents are out of the picture – I wonder what for? Hmmmmm…..looks like whatever the parents’ problems may have been, the grandparents were worse.

The 8 year old had bruises covering her body and an ear was partially torn off, and she had clumps of hair torn from her head. She also had a broken foot. In court, the male grandmonster apparently burst into tears at the sight of the girl’s injuries, claiming that he had no idea she was being abused by the female grandmonster. Yeah……right. Because the child enjoyed being beaten so much that she never cried out, not even when her ear was being ripped from her head. Or maybe Grandpa is deaf as well as blind. Or he helped. Yeah, that’s it – he helped with the beatings…..no get out of jail free pass for you today, grandpa.

Apparently both of them have their own attorneys, so I guess the trials might be held separately, or they might be trying to blame each other for the injuries to the child. According to Sheriff Lowe, none of the other children appear to have been harmed. I wonder what made them target this child above the others???? What could an 8-year old possibly do to warrant such cruelty? Not a freakin’ thing!

The news article also referred to their residence as being located in a gated community. With any luck, both of the grandmonsters will move straight from one gated community to another, soon. The new community being the gray-bar motel, and the ‘gated’ part being the chain-link and barbed-wire combo so favored by our penal system. Both abusers are currently being held without bond (good job, judge!), and are to be arraigned on the 28th of this month. She faces up to 35 years, and he faces up to 15. I think they should both get life….but that’s just me…..

Since they live in a gated community, I’m going to guess that they either have money, or know someone who does…..so we will probably be seeing some tards and defenders trying to come to their rescue. Bring it on. April has sharpened her stick, and JJ’s been on fire lately.

Thanks again go to April for this tip. Along with my eternal love…..

3 arrested in Va. for putting kids in trunk

Police Find Kids in Trunk, Parents Arrested:

Why do some people continue to think that the trunk of a car is a safe place for kids to ride during a trip?

Anyway in Bedford County, Virginia police arrested Dwayne and Conchita Spurlock and Armentha Kennedy. There were 9 people on the car with 3 kids, ages 13, 9, and 11, in the trunk. They claim they were on the way home from a family reunion and that they were using two cars but one broke down. Oh, well i guess that makes it ok then.

Here’s a thought if you can’t take everybody without putting someone in the trunk MAYBE YOU SHOULDN’T GO!!!

Thanks to Cynthia for the tip.

Va. couple charged with murder in death of 11-month-old daughter

Murder charges for baby’s parents:

Breeders Linwood Jones Jr. and Shawntay D. Jones, both 25, of Suffolk, Va. were arrested Monday and charged with murder in the December death of their 11-month-old daughter Zanya Jones.

On December 1st paramedics were called to the house to find Zanya laying on the floor. Her body was already cold and rigor mortis had already started to set it.

The Breeders were charged with murder after the autopsy revealed that Zanya died from malnutrition and dehydration.

As usual in these cases the home had little heat, trash all around, no running water and feces in the bathroom.

Makes me wonder if they had a flat screen TV and an Xbox though? Not only that but it doesn’t cost money to pick up the damn trash in your house. And if they were really that bad off there are plenty of government programs that would let you feed your own damn kids.

Thanks to LadyJade for the tip.

Michael Lowe Beats and Strangles Daughter, Then Commits Suicide on Highway

Michael Lowe's path of destructionSigh. Yet another tragic case of murder-suicide in the parenting world. Michael Lowe of Virginia Beach, Virginia had visitation with his daughter this weekend – a regular occurrence that usually went off without a hitch. So what the hell happened? Lowe went bat-shit crazy, that’s what. The dad, who some drivers say acted like we was drunk or on drugs, hijacked a car and got into two separate accidents before wandering into busy traffic on Virginia’s I-64 near the New Kent rest stop. Two cars glanced him before a third came along and struck the fatal blow.

It seemed at the time like a bizarre suicide. It wasn’t until two hours later that police discovered the beaten body of 2-1/2-year-old Mali Lowe in the driveway of an unoccupied house in York County. Lowe had murdered the girl sometime over the weekend, and dumped her body before taking to Virginia’s highways to commit suicide-by-traffic.

Police are still trying to piece together the crime, and make sense out of the insanity. Did Lowe intend to kill his daughter? Did he snap after an “accident”? Either he “just snapped”, or Lowe did what he did in response to his separation from his wife. It’s not uncommon (sadly) for parents to murder their kids out of anger or revenge aimed against their spouse. Elaine Campione and Jim Junior Nice are two recent examples of this twisted line of reasoning. How tragic for that little girl that she got caught in the suction of her father’s implosion. If anyone who knew Michael Lowe can shed some light into this darkness, please do.

(Hat tip: MCA. I’m working through a backlog of tips at the moment, but please, keep ’em coming. I’ll use whatever I can!)