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Hooker Breeder tries to sell kid to pedo

Reardon and Brys

Reardon and Brys

Warren mom accused of offering up 4-year-old daughter to Lincoln Park stranger for money:

On my other site (cheap plug) I used to give craigslist and Backpage prostitutes a hard time. I thought getting out of the life was easy. I thought they could just walk out whenever they wanted. Then I met someone at a human trafficking symposium who was in the life and the stories that she told the audience made me realize how difficult it really is to escape that kind of life especially when a pimp is involved. Since then I focus more on the actual johns and traffickers than the prostitutes themselves. This time however I can’t do that because even if our subject today was under the control of a pimp I’m pretty sure even the pimp would be horrified at what allegedly took place.

Police in Warren, Michigan, say that Jennifer Marie Brys advertised her services as a prostitute on Backpage. She was contacted through her ad by one Edward Cody Reardon. The pair had texted back and forth which is usual when an ‘escort’ is setting up an appointment. What is unusual is that somehow the conversation turned to her 4-year-old daughter. I’ve known working girls and I know someone who is still in the business. The ones I know that do have children would never divulge that kind of information to a potential john. Anyway, this apparently piqued Reardon’s interest because he then basically asked “Uh…how much for the girl?”. Not in those words but…

In one text message, Reardon allegedly wrote, “To be honest I won’t even wanna do like much with u… I really like her.”

Investigators say Reardon was willing to pay $200-$300 for time with Brys. When he found out she had a daughter, he allegedly agreed to pay at least $300-$500. He allegedly said he wanted to shower with the child.

And police say that she was willing to go through with this. If it wasn’t for the fact that the baby daddy went through her text messages a 4-year-old girl may have been molested for a mere 3 bills. I guess that’s the going rate these days to condemn your child to a life of tragedy.

The Devil made me do it!

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Here’s another one from my home state, Michigan.  Meet Randall James Caballero (35), from Warren, MI.  Back on December 19th, at approximately 10pm, while watching wrestling the devil paid him a visit and told him to kill his 3-year-old stepson.  Crazy much there Randall or maybe drunk who knows… but the devil told you to?  Hmmmm. 

Randall was watching wrestling and the devil told him to kill the 3-year-old and so he took the little guy outside and choked him out.  He immediately panicked, went to a neighbors and told the occupants he had just killed his son.  The neighbors, who are not friends with Caballero, called the police.  Imagine their shock when some guy they have never met, knocks on the door to tell them he killed his son.  Wow!  When the police arrived they detained Caballero and searched the area surrounding his home.  While they were there the boy’s mother arrived home and reported that her son was missing.  Poor woman, she had to have been scared shitless, first she is told he killed her son then she cannot find him anywhere.  Within in minutes the little guy was found around the corner crying and wearing only pants… poor thing, he had to have been scared out of his mind.  Firefighters treated him and transported him to the hospital for treatment of hypothermia.  He had red marks on his neck but suffered no life threatening injuries was treated and released. 

While in custody, Caballero confessed to the alleged actions, telling them he left the boy outside the home and indicated he thought he had killed him.  He was arraigned on charges of attempted murder and first-degree child abuse and was held on a $1 million bond. 

According to police, the young boy’s twin brother, Caballero’s own three children and two other adults were in the house at the time.  The adults were sleeping and had no knowledge of what had happened.  The boy’s mother said she had no prior indication Caballero might harm her son. 

Wow!  This one has a happy ending for the most part.  The little guy will need some counseling but he is alive and that is really what matters.  Caballero…. well he is a different story, crazy, drugs, drunk, whatever…. you never choke a child… even if the devil tells you to.

Coward uses 2-year-old daughter as human TASER shield

Police: Dad Uses Kid As Taser Shield:

In Warren, Michigan 27-year-old Joseph Cox allegedly tried to force his way in to his ex-wife’s house while he had their 2-year-old daughter in his arms.

The ex called the Police who went on a search for Cox. They found him hiding at his mommy’s house down the street.

When Cox wouldn’t comply with police they drew their TASERs. In turn, Cox drew his 2-year-old daughter and started using her as a shield.

Luckily his mommy had a cooler head and grabbed the girl from him. Unfortunately police did not end up using their TASERs on Cox. Too bad.

Twins of Adoptive Mom Tamika Shuntell Williams Tell of Cigarette Burns, Other Horrifying Abuse

Broken cigaretteHere’s another story that should make all well-meaning people ask the question: “Why would you adopt kids just to treat them like this?” Today’s case involves Tamika Shuntell Williams of Warren, Michigan, who adopted two twin girls, now 8, because Williams herself couldn’t conceive. How did Williams treat her precious gifts? According to quiet, fearful testimony from the girls themselves, the “parental love” included being beaten, tied to a bedroom door, tied down to a bed, bathed in bleach, burned with cigarettes (AND the lighter), struck with a belt, bitten on the head, and threatened with decapitation if they told anybody about these crimes.

The testimony came several weeks after the terrified girls previously tried to testify, but couldn’t.

It’s nearly impossible not to believe a story like this. Unless the defense can make a strong case that someone planted all of these ideas in these girls’ head (and explain away the physical evidence), mom is going to jail for a long spell.

So again, I ask: why? Why bring two children in your home, just so you can torture them? What illness possesses people to recruit kids just so they can be tortured? Was she herself raised like this – subject to constant abuse for merely minor infractions?

The only conclusion I can come to is that some people just get off on this. It thrills them to control and inflict pain on others. Shuntell’s parents may or may not have had this legacy of sadism passed on to her by those who “loved” her. Who knows? With any luck, though, authorities have prevented this from being passed on to the girls she was supposed to protect.

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