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Childish cretin kills his toddler son because Mum wouldn’t let him go on a road trip

Father whose wife wouldn’t let him take a road trip ‘killed his son, 3, and was spotted washing blood off his clothes at gas station

WA man charged with deliberate homicide of 3 year-old son

Cold, soulless eyes of a killer

Cold, soulless eyes of a killer

I like road trips. If I don’t have time or money for one, no biggie. Jeremy Cramer likes road trips too. However, he doesn’t like being told “NO”. So he threw a tantrum like a spoilt brat and his son (who, at 3, was still young enough to throw tantrums) caught the brunt of his sperm donor’s outburst and lost his life.

Jeremy Brent Cramer (38) of Lacey, WA has been arrested and charged with deliberate homicide, after he was spotted washing blood off of his clothing at a petrol station in Ananconda, Montana. Police later found the body of his 3 year old son, Brody, in a lonely field.

According to Brody’s mother and Jeremy’s wife, Natalie Cramer, he took Brody from their home in Lacey and wasn’t returning any calls, after she told Jeremy that money was tight and that they didn’t have enough to travel to the East Coast. Jeremy had been unemployed for just about a year.

After frantic worrying and talking to the police, officers enlisted the help of Idaho, Montana and Eastern Washington police officers after Mrs Cramer found her husband had used his fuel card at Moses Lake. A console operator in the Anaconda area – which is 600 miles (nearly 1000 km ) away from the Cramers’ home – called police at 10.30 pm Monday after seeing Jeremy washing off blood in the petrol station’s bathroom. Police later found Jeremy’s vehicle in a rural area 5 miles from the petrol station.

The lonely field where Brody's little body was found

The lonely field where Brody’s little body was found

Police quickly began searching for Brody, but had to stop due to fading light. When they resumed their search the next morning, they found his little body in a field, not far from the car. Police won’t say how the little boy was killed, but it must have been gory if Jeremy was washing blood off of him *shudders*

There were no signs of Jeremy being a danger to his son and therefore an Amber Alert hadn’t been issued. Natalie and Jeremy had been arguing about finances because Jeremy had been unemployed for a year and he wanted to go to visit the East Coast. Jeremy had a Montana drivers licence and the family had only lived in Lacey for a year. Neighbours described Jeremy and Brody as being best friends and going fishing and camping together. When Jeremy took off with Brody, it didn’t raise any alarm bells.

If Jeremy is convicted of homicide, he could be sentenced to 100 years in jail. Let’s hope he does, and when Bubba finds out what he’s done, it’s going to be a long, long 100 years…

A further update has the details of a phone call that Jeremy made to his own father. During the call, Cramer says “my son is dead, yes I did it, something did it of me, but I didn’t do it”. What. The. So he did it, but didn’t do it? I dunno. Cramer is also a former meth user, and when he was arrested, an empty container of a generic brand of Adderall was found on him.

Jeremy Cramer is a selfish and immature piece of shit. He killed his child all because there wasn’t enough money to go on some stupid road trip to nowhere.  Financial matters have nothing to do with children and they should be kept right out of it. Jeremy Cramer’s selfishness and self-centred pigheadedness cost him his son, his wife, and his freedom.

Rest in Peace, Brody Cramer. Sorry that your Daddy was a selfish dick.

Rest in Peace, Brody Cramer. Sorry that your Daddy was a selfish dick.

Thanks to Benighted for the tip.

9 month Old Babies Are Not Supposed To Be Sexually Active

(Thanks to Broken Tiara for the write up)

Serenity Reedy

Serenity Reedy

Court docs: 9-month-old found dead had severe sexual trauma:

If you are anything like me, child abuse really burns my ass and hurts my soul. The ass fucks that commit these crimes should rot and burn in hell as far as I am concerned. Big Bubba is ready for this guy!

Heaven received another angel by the name of Serenity Reedy…. she was only 9 months old. She lost her life allegedly due to her egg donor’s cunt plug Jose Aguilar. He had moved in with Serenity’s mother Jennifer Reedy (said egg donor) to a trailer park….SURPRISE!!! Why do these fucktards always live in trailer parks?

Serenity’s “mother” left her with Dirty Jose while she went to Walmart and did laundry. When she came home, Serenity seemed fine. However she wasn’t. The hell that little angel went through is disgusting.

When Jennifer and Jose went to bed that night, Jose wanted sex but Jennifer didn’t want anything to do with that so he said he was going to take care of himself….EWWWW! A 1/2 hour later he was back to bed but when Jennifer woke up the next morning, Assbag was gone. Why you may ask? Because he took care of himself by raping Serenity. She was found dead in her crib with multiple skull fractures and blood in her diaper. At least Jennifer was smart enough to call 911.

When police finally caught up with baby rapist he claimed the skull fractures were from falling from the couch. REALLY? Why do these criminals always think they are smarter than doctors, medical examiners and police? He was arrested and charged with manslaughter. MANSLAUGHTER!!!! Let that sink in for a minute….he killed a baby!

Here is the best part….ready for it? On Mother of the Years Facebook page on the day after crying over her daughter’s death she posts that her man left her. Yeah….now there is a guy that you cry about since HE KILLED YOUR BABY!!!! What an asshole!
Here is the next best part. If you go on the America’s Most Wanted website, you will see that Jose is wanted for raping an 8-year-old girl.

When will you single women learn to research your dick before bringing them around your child? This is something that definitely could have been prevented!

Gruesome Twosome, and then some….

baby beater
Arrest report 2 Ellens burg kids… Ellensburg couple Two arrested Ellensburg couple 2

I couldn’t find any pictures of the two winners in today’s nagging write-up, so I’ll have to find other ways to nag. Those who have been reading for the past couple of days will get it…

Anyway, it seems we have another FBO who has more affection for her snatch-supplier than she does for the two children she popped out of that same orifice. Ashly Eli, 23, will now have to go to the local hospital if she wants to spend time with her children, oh wait…no she won’t – she can’t – since she’s sitting her sorry arse in jail right now. Her two babies are in the hospital because her flavor of the month, Reuben Mulamba, 27, is apparently one mean SOB, and Ashly is obviously saddled with as much cowardice as Reuben has meanness. What a great match, huh?

The details are pretty horrible, and I had to wait a while after reading before I could begin to write, but here it is… An 8-year-old boy and a 4-year-old girl were both beaten so badly that they had to be rushed to the hospital. Both children were beaten with belts, an electrical cord (one article said phone-charging cord) and a piece of wood, and pliers were also used. Why? Because they misbehaved. According to one report, they would be struck all over the body up to 20 times for an infraction; but no details yet on what kinds of heinous deeds these two hardened children committed to earn such punishment. My guess is that they were probably just being normal children, and the short-tempered arse-munch couldn’t deal with any childish behavior but his own.

Both children had bruises, abrasions, cuts and open wounds in various stages of healing. Folks, for those who don’t already know, that means this abuse went on for an extended period of time. Weeks, according to the doctors. Many of the injuries had been left untreated for so long that they had already become infected. The boy is now listed in stable condition, but the girl is still critical. They have both been removed from their mother’s custody and placed in the care of the state.

To make all of this worse, Eli knew about the abuse, and even admitted witnessing the assaults and then failing to get medical help for the children because she was afraid to get the law involved. There are several things wrong with that. First, she witnessed the assaults – plural. Most rational parents would witness, at most, ONE assault on their children, and we at BB would likely witness only a single act of aggression in the first assault. Why? Because after the animal laid his hand on our child(ren) the first time, he would likely be either in a coma or dead. Second, she did not seek immediate medical attention for her children’s injuries. Anna Teig, who was interviewed for one of the above linked articles, said it best…”I could never imagine my son hurting and not taking him to a hospital.” That’s because you have a conscience, Anna. Vicki Carlson, another neighbor, added, “…to let somebody do that to your kids – I have two kids of my own, and there’s no way.” Again, someone with a conscience. Both women claim not to have known anything was amiss with the neighbors. I certainly hope not! Third, the reason she declined to get immediate help for them was to save her own sorry butt. I’m not even gonna go there – I’ll let the readers handle that one. Triple FAIL for this worthless hag, and all in only one sentence worth of information. I would say that must be a record, but since I’ve been writing for BB a while, I know it is not.

And while the judge has only charged them with assault and criminal mistreatment, he at least had the good sense to set a high bail for each of them – 1 million for him, and $750,000.00 for her.

To wrap this up, I will quote one of the neighbors again…Ms. Teig was also quoted as saying, “It’s unbelievable that it could happen.” Well, Anna, come and read a few of the cases here, and this won’t seem quite so unbelievable any more. Horrendous, yes. Unbelievable? Not so much…

I have found several links to this, including a copy of the arrest report, and they are all located at the top. If any of our readers run across pics of these two, please post a link,and I’ll try to add it to the article.

Thanks to Debbie and Depraved Nymph for the picture link above.

Ren faire douchebag went medieval on his daughter

Fremon Seay. I dub thee Sir Douche of Bag

Father ‘beat daughter, 16, with willow switches and forced her into medieval sword fight’:

Medieval hobbyist accused of forcing daughter to swordfight:

I apologize to actual ren faire enthusiasts. I merely used the headline to put an image in people’s minds. It turns out that the subject of this post is what’s known as a LARPer. For those of you not familiar with the term LARP stands for Live Action Role Play. Not the kind of role play that requires a safe word either. LARPers like to go off in the woods on weekends and play a ‘real life’ version of Dungeons and Dragons.

Here’s the most infamous video of LARPers ever to his the web.

Take it from someone who used to play every Final Fantasy game ever made, this is pretty dumb.

Now that we have that out of the way back to our story.

The ‘man’ in question up there is 38-year-old Fremon Seay of Yelm, Washington. His 16-year-old daughter was arrested recently. Seay seems to think that she was at a crack house. Now if my daughter was still 16 and I found out she was smoking crack she’d be going to rehab. If I found out that she was just hanging out at crack houses there would definitely be some form of discipline involved.

What the discipline would not involve is challenging her to a wooden sword fight which is allegedly what Seay did to his daughter. He did this for 2 hours straight until the girl collapsed. But wait there’s more.

It seems that Ye Olde Douchebagge also got one of his other kids to cut him a switch Old Testament style and beat his daughter so bad on the thighs and butt that this was the result…

The daughter is pretty slick considering that she contacted police herself and took pictures of the damage as evidence that she gave to police.

When police showed up at the house the girl was in the front yard kneeling and crying.

Also arrested was Seay’s wife and the girl’s step-mother, 42-year-old Julie Seay. She’s also an alleged LARPer. She was arrested for not only not intervening but encouraging the abuse saying that the girl needed the smirk wiped off her face or something to that effect.

All of this behavior and abuse just seems to me that Seay’s ‘magic missile’ isn’t as big as he wishes it was.

Thanks to our own April for the tip.

Son turns in father for rape of sister

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Wash. Deputies Rescue Rape Suspect From Fire

Father accused of raping daughter tries to kill himself in fire

Ok so first I am going to apologize for the lateness of this particular post.  I found several in February that I thought needed attention and unfortunately never got to them, but still had them in my BB folder.  I still think they are deserving of some shaming so here we go.

Back on February 16th Spokane County Sheriff’s Deputies entered a mobile home in the early morning hours and arrested a knife wielding rape suspect who was holding a homemade flamethrower.  Flamethrower?? That’s a new one.  Ok, I know get on with it.

As I am sure you have figured out, if it is on BB, the rape suspect has to be a parent and the victim their child, and you would be correct.  In this case we have David Jewell a father of three children ages, 17, 15 and 11-years-old.  David’s 15-year-old son had called the police to the family’s trailer stating that the night before his father had raped his 11-year-old sister and was now threatening to commit suicide.  To bad he didn’t do it before he forced himself on his daughter and altered her life forever.   

Anyhow as police arrived they could hear screaming coming from inside the home and called inside to make contact with Jewell and attempt to talk him out.  Instead he sent out his three children and began to set the curtains, cabinets and blinds in the house on fire.  Jewell then began waving his flamethrower (aerosol can and lighter) at the police and picked up a knife.  He was promptly tasered (sp?), handcuffed and removed from the burning trailer.

It was determined that Jewell had consumed a large amount of painkillers and was transported to the hospital before being booked into jail.  The children were interviewed by sex crimes detectives and released to their grandparents.  Their mother is a long haul trucker.

What a hero this little girl’s big brother is, he will never know how brave he was turning in his father.

Baby thrown on bed so he could sort his shit out

Baby critically injured, mom’s boyfriend arrested:

Police in Whitman County, Washington arrested 21-year-old Nathan Cranfield after his girlfriend’s baby was rushed to the hospital with a brain injury.

As usual with these assclown boyfriends the 5-month-old was crying and allegedly Cranfield lost his shit. His story to the police is said to have changed several times before he told police that he was rocking the baby. Police say the way he was showing the way he rocked the baby was “hard and rapid”. Originally he told police that he accidentally hit the baby’s head on a door jamb. He also said that he wrapped the baby in a blanket and threw him on a bed so the baby could “sort his shit out.” It was then that Cranfield said he heard the baby make a “wet burp”. That wet burp was probably the baby gurgling as it was trying to get some air as he stopped breathing.

The hospital said that the baby had a brain injury consistent with being shaken. The baby is currently in critical condition.

The video says that Cranfield and the baby’s mother took turns waking up with the baby. Instead of flinging a baby across a room and shaking him how about waking the mother up for a little help. Would that have been such a big deal. And ladies when your that young the guy your with then is probably not the guy that you’re going to be with for the rest of your life no matter how much you think you love each other. Knowing guys the way I do he was probably only in it for the nookie and the baby was just a distraction.

Thanks to LeAne for the tip.

Grandmonster arraigned for forcing incestuous relationships

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Kent grandmother accused of sexually assaulting six children
Arraignment for grandmother in sex-abuse case postponed when she is taken to Harborview

Well, I couldn’t find a pic of skanky grandho, so if any of you run accros one send it my way, please……

Rose Marie Johnson has been arrested and charged with child molestation. That’s all she’s being charged with, because the statute of limitations has run out on all of the other disgusting things she did with six children. I actually hesitated to write this story, because it doesn’t say that the kids were HER grandkids, or that an actual parent of the victims was involved, but I will make enough connections (even if only in my own mind) to make it a story worthy of BB.

For starters, she is in fact, a grandmother; and that makes her a mother as well. Hence the ‘parent’ part. Second, the children claimed they were forced to perform incestuous acts on each other, which means that one or more were related. I’m willing to go that extra little bit, and suggest that the only way a grandmother had six siblings staying with her would be if they were her grandkids. Again, that is strictly speculation on my part, and if it turns out not to be the case, I’ll rectify the error in this article.

On to the charges…..this hideous old bag has been charged with three counts of first degree child molestation. But that’s allegedly not ALL she did to these kids. If they refused to obey her, she would make them ingest their own feces and urine. The forced incestuous contact between the kids was also used as a form of punishment, and she began making the children ‘perform’ for her when they were as young as four years old.

Another horrendous aspect of this case is that she was reported to the authorities by one of the children in 2008. THAT’S TWO FREAKIN’ YEARS AGO!!!!!!! The police could not find enough evidence to charge her at that time, so she was allowed to not only remain free, but also continue ‘watching’ children. And abusing them. According to one of the reports the children actually lived with her, which just reinforces my belief that they were related to her. I need to go vomit now……

OK, I’ve brushed my teeth to remove the sour taste, so I’ll continue. The child who reported the abuse in ’08 was a boy, but his charges of physical and sexual abuse could not be proven.

I have several bones to pick on this one…..first, who in Blue Hades thought it would be a good idea to leave children with her after the first accusations were made? Second, WHY was she not (at the very least) monitored by CPS after the claims were made? Third, who in their right mind would leave their kids in the care of someone who has already been accused of such a thing? The parents of these children should also be brought up on charges of neglect. If they had done their jobs, these children should not have been left anywhere NEAR this slimy sack of worm vomit.

I am so completely disgusted by this case that I couldn’t even manage to come up with one of my trademark witticisms. I sincerely hope this wrinkled wart on the ass of humanity is put in a cell with some others who know what she’s done. And I hope they revisit her actions with her as the target. In spades. I need to puke again….

I did all of my own research on this article too. Thanks go to me for finding this sickening bit of information.

Last meal….

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Police: Father beat toddler to death when she wouldn’t eat
Tacoma father accused of killing 2-year-old daughter

I can’t find a name or a picture of the murderer in this story, since both have conveniently been left out of the news reports, but I thought this one was worth posting anyway. If any of our readers find a name for the child or the father, please share it with us……

In Tacoma, Washington, a 23 month old girl has lost her life because her father could not control his temper. The unidentified 25 year old man has been arrested and his charges are expected to be upgraded from assault to murder two since the baby died.

Wednesday night the the man (and I use that term loosely) was taking care of his two children while his wife worked. He had reportedly just recently started taking care of them, and it looks like he should have just hired a sitter instead. Or gone to work himself, so the mother could stay home. According to authorities, the sperm donor got irritated because his youngest child refused to eat. So he shook her violently and hit her repeatedly. Yeah….we all know that beating a child is the best way to get them to eat. Just last night, I punched my kid in the head for refusing to drink his milk. No…not really. When he decided he didn’t want his milk, I simply put it in the fridge until later, telling him he couldn’t have anything else to drink until he finished that one. I’m pretty sure the same thing could have been done with the baby girl’s plate of food. But, no, the father thought it would be much more effective to beat the crap out of her. One thing’s for sure – the little girl will never refuse food again, or eat any, for that matter….because she’s dead. A selfish prick couldn’t control his animal impulses, and now a sweet child is dead.

To make matters worse, if that’s possible, there was a protective order against the man already in place. Why in blue blazes did the mother leave the kids with him to begin with?!?! She obviously KNEW he was dangerous, or there would not have been a protective order. Last time I checked, kids didn’t go get those kind of things put in place – it takes an adult to have one filed. This was a massive fail all the way around. The father and mother should both be charged, and the courts need to review their policies and procedures. This makes me sick!

Thanks to Morrigan for this tip.

BC Breeder charged with slashing his step-daughter’s throat

Stepfather accused of fatally cutting 5-year-old girl’s throat:

29-year-old Peter James Wilson of is accused of slashing the throat of his 5-year-old step-daughter while on vacation in Hoodsport, Washington.

Allegedly Wilson argued with his wife over how the children should be disciplined and then told his wife “not to worry that he would take care of it.”

The next thing the wife knows is that she hears a scram from her daughter, 5-year-old Clare Louise Shelswell. When she got to where she was she saw her own daughter bleeding from the throat holding her throat trying to stop the bleeding. Wilson was allegedly standing over her with the knife.

The child died from blood loss after being nearly decapitated, according to Mason County Coroner Wes Stockwell.

Being a stepfather myself I am more than horrified over this story and could never imagine hurting my stepkids let alone doing something as abhorrent as this.

Washington does have the death penalty and they offer the choice of hanging. Personally it shouldn’t be a choice. For crimes as heinous as this the hanging should be mandatory. I just hope the government of Canada doesn’t try to sticki their nose into this since they’re so death penalty opposed.

Thanks to Angelica for the tip.

Valerie Tran took the wrong chance

Boy Left In Car At Casino For 13 Hours:

Judge: Child left in car for hours to stay in state care:

32-year-old Valerie Tran was arrested outside of a La Center, Washington casino after it was detrmined that her 3-year-old son was left in her SUV for 13 hours while she allegedly gambled inside.

The boy was in the Lincoln Navigator with only spoiled mil to drink and no food. He had soiled himself multiple times which can lead to severe health problems as we’ve seen here recently.

When Tran was able to finally be pulled away from gambling she didn’t think it was that big of a deal. She allegedly said ‘Why are we getting so excited about this?’

A judge has ordered that the boy be kept with a non-related foster family however Tran seems to be in denial…

She quickly left the Battle Ground courtroom Thursday while saying she was going to pick up her son and that he was staying with her.

To a question about the boy already being in protective custody, Tran said, “No, he is going to stay with me.”

When I lived in Atlantic City the local gambling addiction center used the phrase ‘bet with your head, not over it.’ No matter what her gambling outcome was it’s obvious that she wasn’t using her head at all.

Stunts like this is also what got gambling in South Carolina banned after having it for only a year.

Thanks to JJ for the tip.