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Lights, Camera, Innocence Lost…

Pinckney, Mich. man, 52, faces child porn charges

Livingston County man arrested on child pornography charges

Pinckney Man Accused of Exchanging Pornographic Images of Sons

There’s few things more evil then betrayal of a child to satisfy a parent’s depraved urges; innocence is so easy to lose and some lessons are best left unlearned at that age!  

This limp pisser out of Livingston County, Michigan called Marcus Wilson cared more for his pedophile urges then his sons’ well-being. He was subject of an international child porn investigation for causing his boys aging five, eight, and nine in sexual explicit poses in video chat sessions. Shit. Nothing like being sexually abused and being displayed for others to get their jollies off on, way to keep it classy smegma and make a profit too! Innocence is going for pennies, when at one time too valuable for a price tag. 

 So what lead the authorities to come knocking on this shit stain’s door? Remember, it was an international investigation which started in Australia, then went to United Kingdom, then to Texas – instead of following the ‘money’ the poor investigators had to use brain bleach and follow the photographs of three young boys losing their innocence. Well the creep in the Lone Star State, Timothy Whitington, told the Homeland Security Investigations and US Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents where they could find the source. There’s no comment on where the mother is in this case from what I can find at this time. Naturally these days due to it being illegal to arrest someone without charges Wilson’s got two: criminal complaint with production, transportation and possession of child pornography. 

 It’s good that law enforcement is cracking down on child porn and traffickers of children sex; this case brought on by Project Safe Childhood and Operation Predator. It’s just a damn shame though parents could look at their own child and see them as a means to and end, damn what it costs the child. Anyone who tries to tell me it costs the child nothing, go do us all a fucking favor and castrate yourself and don’t bother cauterizing the wound. As a survivor of child sexual abuse, I’ve been there; and know the hell it brings – no child needs it! 

 A thank you is due to sun runner for the tip and me for scrounging around for more information.

***Special thanks to Eccentric Lady for writing this one!

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  1. “On his Facebook page, Wilson wrote, “I am too old to have children. I am too old to be working this hard. I am too old to be a scout leader, but I’m loving every minute of it!”

    He’s a mother fucking SCOUT LEADER!!! I hope they questioned EVERY fucking child he had access to. Gawd damn.

    1. No kidding April.

      Gives me serious heebie-jeebies just thinking about that. He’s too old for all that shit, but he’s doing it anyway? So his boys don’t get his rocks off anymore so he has to groom for more…sick, very sick.

      Where there’s smoke, there’s fire… wouldn’t be surprised if they find his ‘secret’ stash of scout activities he filmed. Ugh.

      He so desperately needs to have a bullet meet brain meeting!

  2. Bullet meets brain… man parts severed and inserted in throat until choked to death. either is ok with me. I HATE pervs. hate them.

  3. My mom went to church with this family, she was close with this mans wife. The children were adopted by the Wilsons’ because their birth father was molesting them. So sad for them to have thought they were now safe. I want to hurt this guy beyond repair. He got sentenced today. 30 yrs. He was sent to missouri were he will be housed with other pedophiles. I say he needs to be in a regular prison where they dont take kindly to perverts…

  4. He got 30 yrs today

  5. you dont even know these men! and you dont judge wether they die or not! they are human beings just like you and me and human beings tend to make mistakes, and in the bible it talkes about how God sees all sins equal because our God is not a judging god. dont talk bad or trash other people because what if the family saw this? I happen to be very close to “The Creep In The Lone Star State” and he grew up in a Christian house hold and was very dedicated till about 10 years ago and decided to stray from the right path. Then he got arrested for this but stays he is truly remorseful and is in the word all the time now. God forgave him and now he is a new person in the Lord! but Satan will test him to see if he truly turned from his ways. He ws sentenced to 15 years, 12 years for good behavior but I dont look at those numbers because they dont really matter! God judges how many years he gets, God Judges his Lifetime, God Judges his Heart! not you or other critics in the universe, he, his heart, and his sin were given to God! and he is forgiven and a new person in Christ everyday:)

    1. Why don’t you take your Bible and smash yourself in the face with it, you piece of shit?

    2. You’re a moron. He strayed…. Fuck you. I’m glad you care more about this sack of shit than the innocence he destroyed. How about you go play in traffic and let me know how the “Christian” thing works out for you, fuck head.

    3. God forgives – I don’t.

    4. Ummmm….shut the fuck up!


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      1. Now Deena…what would April say? Dont poke the troll. What I would say? Poke the hell out of it with a lllooonnngggg sharp pointy stick!!!! But that’s just lil ol me.

        1. LOL….


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          Deb (unregistered) wrote, in response to Deena: Now Deena…what would April say? Dont poke the troll. What I would say? Poke the hell out of it with a lllooonnngggg sharp pointy stick!!!! But that’s just lil ol me. Link to comment
          IP address:

        2. Are you fucking kidding me? I have a troll poking stick. Ask trench.

    5. You may want to re-read your bible, especially the Ninth Commandment – Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness.  You say you are “very close to The Creep In The Lone Star State”, but then you also say “I happen to know the Son and he is the same If not happier kid as before:)”.  There was more than one son exploited and they live in Michigan.  So how would you know the son(s) and the Creep?  Doesn’t really make sense does it?  Perhaps you know the Creep and viewed the sons on-line?

      Oh and your friend (The Creep In The Lone Star State) was actually sentenced to 16 years according to this link from the US Dept of Justice
      In October the perverted father was sentenced to 30 years (note this link also refers to innocence lost)
      Since Daddy is in his 50’s he will most likely never see the light of day again, and hopefully neither will your creepy friend.

      1. get your facts straight the creep has one son! not many, just something to point out

        1. There is more than one person featured in this fucking article you stupid bitch. The man from Pinckney had no children, but received and exchanged images from Timothy Whitington in Euless, Texas of his 11-year-old son engaging in sexually explicit acts. Marcus Wilson, from Michigan, had THREE sons ages 5, 8, and 9-years-old.

          Someone didn’t do their fucking homework as usual.

          1. Our trolls sometimes have reading comp issues. True story.

          2. This is very true, but I have had a rough day and felt like taking it out on someone who deserved it.

  6. The fact that people who have to put others down to make themselves feel better is a sad thing that everyone on this page has! I stick with my Daddy God because it works! and no inoccence was lost like you would think! I happen to know the Son and he is the same If not happier kid as before:) thanks and God Bless the haters and I pray that the lord would reveal himself to you like never before and you wound recieve him!:)

    1. Wow. Fuck off, you twisted bitch. You honestly think being sexually abused while strangers on the internet makes someone happier than ever before. You are vile. You disgust me with your half witted talk of God. Eat a fucking gun.

    2. “I happen to know the Son and he is the same If not happier kid as before:)”
      Nicole, IF the child is happier maybe that is because his father is locked up and can’t abuse him and his brothers anymore.

    3. Hmmm ok Nicole you said and I quote.

      “and no inoccence was lost like you would think! I happen to know the Son and he is the same If not happier kid as before:) ”

      He’s happier because this sick fuck is in prison and no where near  him!! You think he hasnt lost his innocence you could NEVER be more wrong. I was continually abused as a teenager and I cant even look at my husband, my uncle (who are wonderful fathers and men) when they hug my babies in fear of it being the “wrong” way. My view on people, life etc is forever skewed! 

      Go back to you whole because my dear Im a Christian and God is proudly in my life, in my heart and in my corner. However this man should PAY for the pain he has caused! God can forgive him behind bars for life, and your right he judges his life maybe he’s decided its over tomorrow and cause is the prisoner in the cell next door!

      1. * your hole (haha caught in the moment I guess)

        1. We all do it. Like Deena’s “their” / “they’re” typo that caused all the proofreading assholes to rear their (not they’re) ugly heads. Fuck me… I’m the queen of typos.

  7. Nicole, you have some fucking issues. You say God is not a juding God and in the same sentence you say God already judged this nasty pervert. Putting perverts down doesn’t make us feel better. What would make us feel better would be for assholes like this to STOP ABUSING!
    For you to say no innocense was lost is the most ignorant thing I have ever read. I know first hand, you bitch.
    Go to some porn site to show your support of perverts, it’S NOT welcome here.
    Fuck you!

  8. You misunderstood me! Again! I never said what he did was right and Im not proud of him but I dont judge him and niether does God after he is forgiven! All of you need to open your minds to the fact that people make mistakes and God doesnt judge one sin over another. So, again. God Bless and if you would like to except Jesus Christ as your personal savior, just reply and Ill be happy to set you up with a church:) thank you 

    1. “no innocence was lost like you think”. A direct quote from you. You make me wanna vomit. Please go die. The reason I doubt the Christian God is because, as you put it, he does not judge one sin over another. If a liar and a baby raper are to be judged equally, God is a terrible judge.

      1. No shit. This is the best way I have EVER seen it put.

        1. Thank you. For me, I just don’t get how a just and loving God can have one honest good person who doesn’t get “saved” and they go to hell, and then the likes of the fucker in this story can get “saved” in prison, and hallelujah, he’s my neighbor in Heaven! It’s just hard to believe.

          1. Yeah. I worship trees. And Starbucks. I may be going to Hell.

          2. AS far as gods go, trees are pretty good. They give us stuff we need like oxygen, stuff we like like shade, and stuff that helps all living creatures like preventing soil erosion. 
            Trees never ask their followers to do weird stuff like not eat certain things or wear certain clothes.
            Trees also provide nice strong branches ot hang murderers, rapists, and child molesters from.

          3. Awesome! I win! My god is better than this shit head’s!! Go me!!

      2. I have hard time with the Christian God because, what benevolent God would send children who died before their baptism go to Purgatory, or hell even? What benevolent God would allow, for lack of a better word, children to suffer and die horrific deaths from cancer and disease? Hell, even at the hands of their parents or relative. I get that there is supposed to be a deeper meaning, but when it comes to what happens to children in this world I have a hard time wrapping my mind around that sort of thing. Why teach adults a lesson by utilizing their children (not just biologically, but the world’s children)? Doesn’t that, in a way, send a mixed message? I don’t want to get into a debate about this, but those are just some of the things that don’t sit well with me. Then there is also this(picture at the bottom). I think it fits well with what I am saying.

        1. I never believed God sent babies to hell, in the OT when David’s baby dies, he says that he will see the baby again but the baby can’t come back to earth (major paraphrasing here) so unless David was planning to go to hell, he was implying that the baby was in heaven. Idk, its all confusing and so many unanswered questions!

          1. I never believed that either, but I do know that there are a few (Catholics for sure as I was raised Catholic and sent to a Catholic school for 14 years) that do believe that children who have not been baptized in the name of God will go to hell or Purgatory if they die. Again, it all depends on the branch of Christianity you are apart of and also what you personally believe.

          2. On top of all that, I am no longer Catholic. I changed faiths without announcing to my parents after they forced me to get Confirmed at 14 despite my concerns of not feeling ready for such a commitment. I didn’t feel ready because it is a big commitment, almost like getting married but to your Church, and also because I had already found things that I didn’t agree with.

    2. Ummm… Excuse but since when is child pornography as “mistake?”  A mistake is forgetting to get dog food at the store (like I did Saturday) NOT using children to get off and sharing it with other sickos for their perverted enjoyment.

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    3. “God doesnt judge one sin over another.”

      That depends on who you talk to. Catholics believe in Mortal Sin and Venial Sin. Mortal sin being the more severe sin and considered a direct path way to hell after death. Not all Christian faiths believe in this concept, but several do have their own versions of it.

      “All of you need to open your minds to the fact that people make mistakes”

      I do have that open mind. Repeated sexual offenses on any person of any age is not a mistake. Forgetting to take the garbage out is a mistake. Sexual abuse is far from a mistake. This man did these things to these boys for his own sick gratification, and then sent the proof out to other sickos just like him so they could get their jollies off too. The fact that you are trying to minimize this disgusts me to the maximum as I am a survivor of severe short term and long term sexual abuse. Those boys are not as happy as they may seem on the outside. I would know. Even after all of my therapy and the many years that have passed since each abuser I am still struggling with it every day and the way it makes me feel.

      “if you would like to except Jesus Christ as your personal savior, just
      reply and Ill be happy to set you up with a church:) thank you”

      OK, to my wonderful Christian friends I love you and your conviction of faith to your religion. Please, don’t feel that I am speaking to ALL who are Christian, I am only referring to this one in particular.

      Ahem, first you seriously disgust me with your idiotic spewing of how we need to not judge, and these boys’ innocence wasn’t/isn’t as lost as we think. Now, you’re going to go all Evangelist on us and start spewing this bullshit? Even more fucking infuriating. I am all for believing in the faith that you want to. You don’t need to be advertising your beliefs to try and get someone saved. If someone wants to follow your religion then they will come to your church, on their own, looking for it. You’re not going to attract people by trying t shove it down their fucking throat. Besides, here is something that I think would be of use to you. Look up Matthew 6:1-34 it will be very eye opening for someone like you who is acting like the hypocrite Jesus speaks of. Here is Matthew 6:5-6 “5”And when you pray, you must not be like the hypocrites. For they love to stand and pray in the synagogues and at the street corners, that they may be seen by others. Truly, I say to you, they have received their reward. 6But when you pray, go into your room and shut the door and pray to your Father who is in secret. And your Father who sees in secret will reward you.”Thanks, have a nice day, and fuck off.

    4. If it’ll make you happier,Nicole,I won’t judge this pervert. I’ll judge YOU. You have a few marbles loose. Children that are sexually abused are not happier people,and people who twist the bible to suit their own purposes are sickos in their own right.

      1. I’ll give than an AMEN!

    5. so if someone walked up to some one you love and shot them in the head you would be ok with that? since you dont judge right?

  9. Nicole is obviously filled full of propoganda and abuse. Nicole is LOCO. Nicole doesn’t realize what a disservice she is doing to God by even speaking. Many of us have been jaded by organized religion as the ( generally) men in power have in fact turned themselves into some sort of god, with powers and rational undetermined, instead of focusing on God. The man she is defending is disgusting and vile. I believe in God, I pray to God. My God does not accept this, nor will he accept repentance. Different strokes, different folks. I consider myself fairly intelligent and I do not presume to decipher the Bible. Nicoles friend is going to hell, in my opinion. Nicole just turned a few people off from going to church. But do not let Nicole make you bad mouth God. She is ignorant and a horrible representative of Him.

  10. Point being…whatever you believe don’t let Nicoles ignorace effect that!

  11. Also..:)..I should have not written anything. Suzee and her words..PERFECT!

    1. What about the trees?? The trees ROCK!!

  12. I was also raised Catholic but parents moved to Midwest and went Baptist. I hear what you are saying about being baptized and “saved”, not all my siblings were and that always worried me. But I think it is my Catholic upbringing that brings me to the conclusion that Nicoles friend.. is going to hell..possibly WITH her because of what she has witnessed and not confessed 🙂

  13. Nicole, HA!  I see why you came here and started posting on 11/30/2011.  That day, your friend The Creep from the Lone Star State was indicted for ongoing sexual abuse of a child.  Since it is an 11 year old boy, I assume this is the child you are saying is so happy.  In addition to the 16 year federal sentence Creep already received, he is looking at 25 to life without parole in Texas.  I LOVE TEXAS!  Kiss his ass goodbye; he will most likely never see the light of day again!  Here’s the link

    1. Bwhaaaaaaaa… I love it…. somebody got schooled!


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      1. Hopefully it shuts her up!

        1. Yeah me too!


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          KathyK (unregistered) wrote, in response to Deena: Hopefully it shuts her up!
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      1. ahem….. excuse me???


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        Malevolent April wrote, in response to KathyK (unregistered): Love love love you.
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        1. You’re my wifey and you know it.

      2. Luv you too!

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