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Katherine Barstis does “things” when she gets “mad”

Mother arrested for allegedly breaking newborns bones

Mother accused of breaking baby’s leg maintains innocence

A Fort Myers, Florida mother has been arrested for breaking her newborn son’s bones.

Baby Breaker


A nurse overheard her say that she does “things” when she gets “mad”. 

The baby’s father told officers that he noticed the baby’s leg looked funny and that the baby was crying more then usual. After x-rays came back, doctors found multiple fractures in the tibia and femur all leading them to believe the injuries were intentional. 

Katherine Barstis, 21, is being charged with child abuse. 

And you know she saying the accusations against her are false! I even willing to bet someone shows up to defend her too. 

Anyone want to volunteer to slap the smirk of this Bitch’s face?

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  1. Is it me…. or does this c*** look inbred? Like… Deliverance….

    1. haha! I was wondering if her eyes always look like that or if maybe she’d been crying…?

      1. I have had sleepness nights full of tears and never looked that inbred.

  2. Perhaps I’m hallucinating, but I swear I’m hearing banjos!

  3. Insmouth taint, for sure.

  4. Maybe they should do a tox screen on her. She does look like one of those that does the oxy and cocain.

  5. ‘walk away from the baby! walk away’…

  6. I’ll volunteer, but I guarantee I’ll do more than “slap”. Fucking bitch. I hate her.

    1. That’s how I feel abotu most of the people featured on this site.  Good to know I’ll have some help…

  7. At least this story has a baby who will recover from his injuries. She needs to learn to do other things when she’s mad… like, call a friend or put the baby in the crib and walk away for a few minutes.

    1. I agree, but that baby (an all babies) need to be spared exposure to her… ever. I think she should be sterilized, but I’m told I’m a fascist, so what do I know.

      1. I love your fascist ass.

      2. She needs to be sterilized. So if that makes me a Fascist, YES

  8. Be happy to remove the smirk from her face. Can I use a bat?

  9. I looked in to this more and it seems like there is more to the story…She has another child and no history of abuse and her fiance – father of child injured not older child – is the one who is accusing her and he has a criminal history…he is the only new part of the equation that has put child abuse into this girls life…I think it was the father not the mother.

    1. thankyou someone finaly looked further into the case and finaly noticed that

      1. Hey, Katie. How about using you’re “real” name. You are as transparent as… well… My panties. But no where near as pretty.

        Fuck you and have a nice day.

        1. She is in prison now

  10. *update*
    the father has been arrested on battery causing bodily harm and for a robbery – no weapon when he was 16

  11. S3x_addict_annoymous

    well other guy ur wrong, yes the father has a criminal history but she is the abuser, she would abuse him

  12. OK, wait a minute… how the hell did we all miss this “other guy” defender?

    Are you Barstis’ “other guy”? Also, go away. No one is interested in dealing with yet another asstarded defender of an abuser.

    And S3x_addict_annoymous… WTF kind of screen name is that?

    ~Tired and Cranky

  13. Just because dad has a sheet from when he was 16 does not mean he did this. My dad has a sheet longer then the Constitution. He never once harmed me or my little brother or my children. My mom on the other hand…he is a whole different mental issue.

    I don’t care is she does “things” when she gets “mad”. I do a lot of things we I am upset at one of my three toddlers, like read the news, cook dinner, wash some laundry, vacuum, ect….those are all things my toddlers dislike.

    As far as the smirk on her face….don’t you know she needs that photo for Facebook?

    1. If she’s planning on using that pic for FB, she should have dabbed some preparation H under her eyes first to get rid of those shopping bags.

  14. iys funny kus none of you know the story and as for all of you except the other guy go fall off a bridge because the charges got dropd ; so go feel stupid somewhere else

    1. Tard-alert!
      Why don’t you and your spelling go be stupid somewhere else?

      Subject: [badbreeders] Re: Katherine Barstis does “things” when she gets “mad”

    2. So, are you Katherine Barstis, or just some troll who thought it’d be fun to use a name that might lead other readers to believe it’s her?nnBTW, that charges were dropped doesn’t necessarily mean the person is innocent… it could just mean that someone along the line fucked up and the case had to be thrown out. u00a0If she’s so “innocent”, HTF do you explain that a baby had all those broken bones? u00a0Or the smirk the bitch is wearing in the mugshot?nnA while back, my baby had pulled his bottom drawer out. u00a0I picked him up, not realizing his leg was under the drawer. u00a0He screamed and cried for 15 minutes, but only had a bruise to show for it. u00a0Even so, I felt so horribly guilty about causing him any pain that I was on the verge of tears, myself. u00a0I would not have been able to smirk about anything if my baby had a broken bone, whether or not I was the cause.

      1. Good catch! I didn’t even notice the name either.rnrn rnrnrn rnrnrnrnSubject: [badbreeders] Re: Katherine Barstis does u201cthingsu201d when she gets u201cmadu201d

    3. I have noticed that when someone comes back several months later and makes more comments there is usually a reason.  And it’s usually not good.  So I decided to look into this.  You say the charges got dropped but this link to the court case shows that you were found GUILTY. – Felony
      And this link shows you were recently rearrested on the same charge
      So, yeah, we’re the ones that feel stupid.

      1. I love you… and you’re hired.

        1. Love ya back!

        2. Don’t you just love how Katie told everyone here to “go feel stupid somewhere else”, like she owns the joint or something.

          1. Hopefully, she is feeling stupid someplace now.  Too bad it’s not a prison cell.

          2. Fuck… What is with all the retards lately?? Either I need to drink more, or…. drink more.

      2. Nice job! Isn’t it just fabulous how baby beaters are let free to abuse again? And all they care about is trolling the “enter net” to clear their name…

    4. But your sitting in prison now

  15. I guess the damn leg broke itself. Or perhaps the baby did it. One month old’s are so active in sports and dangerous, adventurous activities. If only newborns would be confined to a bed and not be able to walk.

  16. It is uncanny how much she looks like that inbred kid from Deliverance. I even youtubed the dueling banjos scene and showed my husband and then showed him the pic of her, he agrees. They are like twins.

    1. see post above

  17. it is disheartening

  18. Just to let you kno;  she is livin on 5th Street, Fort Myers (just north of Palm Beach Blvd) with her boyfriend (father) of baby who had broken leg.  She is havin a second baby anyday.  She is still on probation.  No one know she is livin there now cause she be a felon.  Both do not have kids in house now.  1 is taken care of by relative and other one is in care.  Father messes around too much.

    1. And they are having ANOTHER fucking kid? Are you kidding me? Forcible sterilization would be good here.

    2. This girl is currently in prison serving time she now as of 2017 has 5 kids!!! which all have been adopted

  19. This girl is currently in prison serving time she now as of 2017 has 5 kids!!! which all have been adopted

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