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Sergio Turrubiates Jr. killed the baby

Sergio Turrubiates Jr.

Turrubiates Jr. charged with second-degree murder

Charges expected in death of 19-month-old girl

Suspect in Olivia Toddler death attacked in court

Sergio Turrubiates Jr., 19 (now 20), of Olivia, Minnesota was arrested after the death of 19-month-old Tiana Moore. 

Sergio reportedly had been watching the child at an apartment that he recently had moved into with the child and her mother, Tina. The ambulance was called about 40 minutes after the mother returned from work and the child was unresponsive and had thrown up. Sergio reported that he was pulling the child around the apartment on a blanket and she had hit her head, he stated he was bouncing her on the bed and she struck her head on the end table but did not cry and was not acting unusually. At one point he reported to law enforcement that he began to shake Tiana but it was “not his hardest”. 

The family said when they saw the little girl right after she was taken to the hospital, she had bruises up and down the entire right side of her body. She was found unresponsive on her family’s apartment on Dec. 22nd. She has injuries so sever she needed immediate medical attention.

Friends say Baby Tiana was alone with Sergio that afternoon. They do not know what could have driven him to such an extreme as to hurt the little girl and eventually kill her. 

The autopsy has revealed a number of bruises on the child forehead and a large fracture at the base of her skull. The neurosurgeon that operated on Tiana stated that a significant amount of force would be required to cause the fracture and related injuries, more than the force of a child falling as the defendant indicated to police. 

When Sergio made his first court appearance for the baby’s death, he was attacked by two people after entering the courtroom. Both attackers were tackled by law officers.

Sergio has been charged with second-degree unintentional murder. 

She was her mother’s joy.

Baby Tiana

“And Tina loved that baby so much. That baby is Tina’s life.” 

Sergio’s bail was set at $2 million with no conditions. The maximum sentence is 40 years in prison. 

Thanks go to Andrea for sending us the tip.

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  1. That little girl looked so freakin cute! Doesn’t she?

  2. These men that these women are hooking up with aren’t good looking. I have yet to see one with a great job (if they have any job at all). Tell me again why they find them worthy enough to play daddy? Is it bacause the cavern where their legs come together is in serious need of filling? Because a vibrator does the came job. It goesn’t spend your money, wreck your car, beat your kids, or fuck your friends…. well… it might fuck you friends if you’re into to sharing, but Ewwwww.

    1. Because a vibrator does the came job.

      You and your Freudian slips… LMAO

      And I agree… I have yet to see one of them who is remotely attractive in any way.

      1. Dammit.  And why are you the first one to catch that?

    2. – Bro really. .? please dont talk like that bout her mom. . !! She didnt know that junior was gonna kill my baby cousin. . !! if we knew that he would of already been fucking dead. . !!!!!! very much appreciated. . !!!

  3. Wish I could shake the hands of the people who attacked him in court.

    1. I would like to shake thier hands too.
      I should written more about it, but earlier I didn’t fiond this – this article posted thier names:–court-ap/8875675

    2. Here is an even more detailed article that I wish I’d found earlier:
      her he is qupted as saying he did get irritated with the baby but cooled down later.

    3. I’d give ’em a medal……

  4. It’s just so sad. You know her family truely loved her too:

    “Family members are struggling with the loss, said King, who pointed out that Moore’s organs had been donated upon her death to another child with severe medical needs at the hospital.

    A fund has been established at the Hometown Bank in Olivia to help the family with funeral expenses for Moore. King said all donations are welcome. “They just need help. They need all the help they can get,” he said.”

  5. Tiana, you were so beautiful and I’m so sorry you endured so much pain. I am sorry your mummy lost you. Evil, sick SOB. All these stories,abuse, pain and death, what a start to 2011, hey?? God, it has to stop, please make it stop. It’s becoming, dare I say it, a normal everyday occurence.

  6. Well, for the first time ever, I’m actually sending $5 to her fund.

    1. wow $5 your soo cheap

      1. I’m cheap yet no one else sent anything.
        Besides something is better then nothing right?
        We could always just talk shit about the baby murdering boyfriend and the dumbass mother like usual. I guess I learned a lesson here.
        I’ll just stick to the shit talking.

        I recommend you go away now before April comes after you.

        1. Nicole.  You’re cheap.  Gimme $5 and I’ll poke the troll with my stick.

          1. hehe. “Cheap” sounds so “cheap” – I like to think I’m just frugal.

          2. Oh…. That’s not where I was going with that…..  Damn.  Way to burst my bubble.

        2. bitch you can shut the fuck up talking shiit bout my family niggahh ill beat yo ass.. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and i recomend you shut the fuck uhp .. !!!!!!!!!

          1. I suggest YOU shut the fuck up and don’t threaten people here.  You may just wind up on the wrong end of someone who is a proud member of the NRA, yous stupid c***.

          2. Try Topix!! You’ll fit right in!!

        3. Bitch! u dont know the mother to that little girl i do and she loved that little girl. so go fuck yourself HOE!

          1. NO… you go FUCK yourself! 

            I see NO WHERE in the entire post that Nicole says a single negative thing about the mother! Unless you consider:
            “She was her mother’s joy.” or
            “And Tina loved that baby so much. That baby is Tina’s life.”  talking shit or negative. Dumb Fuck!

            Don’t get me started today Fuckwad… I am NOT in the mood!

          2. I love that the tards still come to this story.

            Love you too!

          3. Why wouldn’t they?

          4. No reason why they wouldn’t I guess…
            They seem to come back every few weeks or so.

          5. To take a break from window licking.

          6. I got your bitch right fucking here.  You are not making Tina look very good by spouting you retarded nonsense on this site.  In fact, if she’s associated with the likes of you, I’d be willing to bet that she’s nothing more than a skanky fucking hood rat with a tuna locker for a snatch.  Now fuck off before your feelings get hurt.

          7. Awesome!

          8. I had to approve your comment.  Strange.  I wonder if the tard flagged it.

          9. That’s weird. They can flag away all they want.

          10. Yeah.  Mine get flagged all the time.  I just go back in a approve them.  Lame.

          11. LOL!


  7. I’d like it if just once they’d arrest the family members after they got hold of the prick!!

    That baby was beautiful!!

  8. I have 2 boys, my oldest just turned 4 yesterday and my other turns 2 on Sunday. The use a quote from the article ” they are my life”. There is no other way to describe how I feel for both of them. They come before anything or ANYONE I want & need in life. If that skanky little 19 year old was the last person on earth & I had a meeting with God, he still would not watch my boys. These pathetic females simply disgust me. I’d rather go without sex the rest of my life than bring some boy/man around my little ones.

    1. I meant a boy/man other than their father…..

    2. I know what you mean. My children are my life and my reason for living. They are the reason for EVERYTHING I do. And I let my actions show the truthfulness of my words.

      That’s were my problems with the majority of the parents on here. They SAY their children are their lives, they SAY they would never do anything to harm them, they SAY they would never allow anyone to hurt their children. But when it comes down to it, their actions SHOW that they are full of it. I cannot and will not show any sympathy to these idiotic parents who leave their children with someone that they don’t know well enough.

      A year, hell even two years, is not necessarily enough time to know a person well to GUARANTEE that your child will be safe. And most of these dumbasses are with a person weeks, if not days, before they leave their children alone with them. I’ve been with my fiancé for over 6 years, and I have NEVER left him alone and in charge of my children. EVER!!! I trust him with my life and he has a wonderful relationship with my children. We were together for almost a year before they even met him. We were together for over 3 years before he stayed overnight while they were in the house. We don’t even live together, not until we’re married. And he knows if he ever thought about touching one of my children, they’d never find the body. And the same goes for his children. Yes, our children are older, but that still doesn’t mean I’d leave him “in charge” of them. The few times (and believe me, it’s a VERY few) that he was alone with my children, one of the older ones was in charge, not him. There were “problems” that came up between the kids, and he helped get it resolved, but I did the punishing when I came home. He has never even raised his voice to them. As a matter of fact, he helps get them out of trouble (the minor stuff; the big stuff, they’re on their own). And the father of my children applies the same caution when it comes to having women around our kids. The only girlfriend they’ve ever met is his current girlfriend of 4 years. I wouldn’t allow it if it wasn’t serious, and I checked her out (it’s really easy to do a background check). Am I a little overprotective? I don’t think there’s such a thing. I’m cautious, that’s all.

      Well, shit. I’ve damn-near written a novel, but you get my point.

  9. what makes ppl think that someone can take proper care of their baby? what are the standards? that they be a live human? ridiculous!

  10. Wow, I must have hormone issues today. I don’t normally tear up at things. But, this has me dabbing the corners of my eyes hoping none of my co-workers walk by. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a $2M bond set in any of the articles on this page. Looks like the courts in Olivia take baby-murdering seriously. There are comments in the articles that people have witnessed this guy interact with children and play with children without any issues. Sounds like people other than just the mom thought this guy was okay around kids. He has a record of theft and burglary, but no mention of violence. Such a sad story.

  11. This is horrible. The fracture at the base of her skull? That takes A LOT of pressure.

    The scary part is, this could be a picture of my own home. Tiana looks a lot like my daughter, hair and everything. We have the same couch the mom is sitting on in the picture, and the exact same carseat also. Eerie.

  12. What makes me sick , is how women can just leave their babies with just anyone! Don’t they watch the news?!?! A child is a prized possesion, not to be taken lightly! I was a severly abused child, When my paternal grandparents found out what was going and got custody of me, I had already lost my hearing, burns all over me, and molsted not only by my very own parents. By the people they would just leave me with. This shit enrages me. I trust no one with my babies and I would rather be over protective then sorry later. I think all the mothers on this website that leave their babies with new boyfriends need to have some kind of mandatory classes for their lack of good judgement.

  13. I went to school with him and one thing about him I know is he always had anger problems but to be honest that gives him no excuse to kill a baby… the mother shouldn’t have left him alone with her in the first place lord know what else he would have done if you know what I mean… you want to protect your child from all thats bad and the day that her mother left her with him she was not protecting her my thoughts and prayers go out to the more family

    1. Thanks for not defending him.  You have no idea how many show up here with the “I use to knnow him and he’d NEVER hurt a fly” defense.

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