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Another Dad Who Considers Murder/ Suicide a Solution

Single dad kills mom, himself in home, police say

Alrighty then! Hello class, today we have example number 3 of Parental Selfishness.  Everyone gather round…

We have Keorattana Lo, 25 of Columbus Ohio (say that name five times real fast.) who apparently decided to leave her boyfriend, one Kimly Prak, 29.  There are no details as to why she left or why leaving her 6 children with Kimly was her best option.  Kimly had two children of his own, bringing the total children in the house to eight.  (cue the Brady Bunch theme…off key and disjointed if you please.)  According to family, the separation was temporary and had thrown Kimly out of whack.

Ya think?  I bet the first glaring clue was when Mama Lo came to visit the children and an argument ensued  between her and Kimly.  The considerate bastard at least had the decency to have this argument in an upstairs bedroom away from the children.  Even MORE considerate….he shot and killed Lo in the  same bedroom and then killed himself.  I mean hey, at least the kids didn’t SEE it.  He was considerate I suppose , in the fact he didn’t go after the kids first. The selfish bastard couldnt just kill himself and be done with it…no, he had to kill the girlfriend too.

The oldest child in the house was 11 years old.  She had the sense to grab the younger children, including an infant, and skedaddle to the neighbour’s house as soon as she heard gunshots.  Good girl.  They are lucky that Daddy Dearest didn’t decide to go on a killing rampage before offing himself like so many do.

Now, here comes my soapbox.  Who ARE these FREAKS who seem to think their feelings and needs come before those of their children???  I grew up with this kind of shit and it simply makes me shake all over when I read this material over and over again.  My mother had it in her head that the best place to find men to date was the local night club.  She was always so devastated and surprised when they treated her like dirt and cheated on her.  Do you know what chopped liver feels like?  It’s that wonderful feeling when you spend you child hood evenings sitting in a hospital emergency room because your mother decided she would rather die than lose some punk ass guy.  Apparently her child wasn’t worth living for.  I suppose I should be thankful she never tried to take me with her.

This man had two children of his own and the responsibility of six more that I would like to hope he cared about before the woman walked out of his life.  While heartbreak can be absolutely mind numbing, the CHILDREN must come first.  In a moment of anger he has deprived these 8 children of both parents….and making all eight of them feel like chopped liver.  Great job Dad.  I bet Satan will have a wonderful award for you when you make it to Hell.

Thanks to Nicole for this one.

apartment where man shoots girlfriend with 8 kids present in home.

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  1. Excellent write up and no dead babies. Only ones that will be scarred for life, but there has to be a silver lining, right?

  2. Just heard in the news a similar story to this. Can’t remember what state but a 30 year old BMW mechanic bashed his wife’s head in with a hammer then slit his own throat and wrists. The kicker? Their 3 and 1 year old babies were alone in the house all night with their bodies. Nice isn’t it? And if the house happened to catch fire who would have gotten the kids out? They would have roasted right beside their parents’ corpses. Pisses me off.

    1. The fun never ends….

    2. Fuck you. Btw you dont know that damn story so stfu. both my parents made mistakes yes but Nobody is perfect.!

      1. They don’t know what happened and they got all details wrong the are 8 of us and no matter what our love is a tite bond fuck all of them love is strong and life is fucked up keep ya head up sis I’m proud of u and RIP to our momma an daddy duce

  3. I will now eat crow as I had just asked myself why these murder suicide types don’t just go after the mom instead, since at least she is a grown up…. :S

    but yeah, at least the kids lived, which here at bb is a fucking awesome miracle! silver lining, indeed!

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