Bad Breeders

Parenting so bad, it's criminal

Angela and Richard McAnulty Tortured their own Daughter

Teenager allegedly killed by Parents 

Prosecutor describes abuse 

Teen’s life of abuse detailed to Jurors 

McAnulty to be the first woman on Oregon’s Death Row? 

Angela and Richard McAnulty

**Warning: VERY graphic details**

In the town of Eugene, Oregon a teenager, Jeanette McAnulty was just 15-years-old when her life came to an end. She was found injured and unconscious in a bathtub on December 9th, 2009. 

She was covered in bruises and looked malnourished. 

Police received critical evidence linking the parents, Angela McAnulty (41) and Richard McAnulty (40) to the crime. 

Now jump to the present day… 

**Warning: VERY graphic details**

Angela McAnulty went to great lengths to hide her fatal abuse, starvation and torture of her 15-year-old daughter. 

She would whip and beat Jeanette behind closed doors in a flesh and blood spattered “torture room”. McAnulty would turn on a vacuum cleaner and leave it running so her 2 other kids wouldn’t hear what was happening. 

Jeanette’s lips were “pulverized” and needed stitches, but was not taken to a doctor. Instead she healed with scar tissue so bad is deformed her smile. 

McAnulty didn’t take her daughter to the doctor when whipping wounds on Jeanette’s hips became open, infected sores deep enough to expose the bone. Instead, a medical examiner testified, someone apparently used a knife to trim away the child’s dying tissue. 

Dr. Daniel Davis, the Lane County deputy state medical examiner, said Jeanette suffered so much harm inflicted so many ways that he could not determine which injury killed her. He said his Dec. 11, 2009, autopsy showed that Jeanette had experienced “prolonged starvation,” wasting away to the point that she had no fat and very little muscle tissue left on her body. 

That alone could have been fatal, he said. But she also had “multiple injuries in multiple stages of healing” over most of her body, Davis said, including bleeding in her brain from a recent blow to the head. 

He said he found evidence of at least 200 injuries, many apparently caused when she was struck by a “manufactured object with a straight, machined edge.” 

A blood-stained, broken wooden ruler was among evidence detectives seized from the McAnulty’s trash cans after her death. 

She also had pneumonia in the form of an abscessed lung that also might have sent bacteria into her bloodstream, causing shock and death, Davis said. In the end, he attributed her death to multiple factors, saying she was the victim of “repeated, ongoing, visible abuse and neglect.” 

Dr. Elizabeth Hilton, who pronounced Jeanette dead soon after Eugene Fire Department medics brought the lifeless girl to a local emergency room, told jurors she had never seen a more malnourished patient or an abuse victim with so many injuries. 

I can’t go on. But I have to… 

Someone had tried to destroy evidence of the abuse. Among items found was a piece of cardboard allegedly placed under Jeanette as she slept on the floor to prevent her blood from soiling the carpet. But when the carpet was pulled up by officers they found her blood had flowed off the cardboard and soaked through carpet and it’s pad, staining the wooden subfloor below. 

There was also a two belts stiff with dried blood and tree branch switches stained red. 

The room where the girl was beaten is “something out of a horror movie,” with her blood and bits of her flesh spattered everywhere. At one point, spots of her blood were found on a peach-colored, Barbie-sized dollhouse found in the room. Jeanette had been beaten with such force that blood flew through the tiny windows of the dollhouse and spattered on the miniature rooms inside. 

McAnulty also admitted on videotape to turning off the water supply to the kitchen tap, leaving Jeanette to drink from the dog’s water dish and even the toilet. She said she didn’t want her daughter “up at night drinking all kinds of water.” 

She denied starving the teen, though the Jury later saw a tape of Richard McAnulty telling detectives that his wife padlocked the pantry to keep Jeanette from stealing food. He said that Angels had a long singled out Jeanette for mistreatment, feeding her only peanut butter sandwiches while the rest of the family ate Thanksgiving dinner. 

Richard McAnulty said on tape that his wife considered it misbehavior when Jeanette begged her to stop a beating. Besides what he also called “spankings,” he said on videotape that Angela McAnulty punished the teen by making her stand hours at a time with her arms raised over her shoulders — even when she could not put weight on one foot because her mother had stomped and injured it. She also made the girl kneel with her hands behind her back, as if handcuffed, he told detectives. 

McAnulty discovered her daughter cold to the touch and impossible to rouse the morning of Dec. 9, 2009, he said. But instead of calling 911 then, he charged, she set about cleaning up Jeanette’s blood and other evidence before medics were summoned late that afternoon. 

Jeanette Maples

Jurors are weighing the death penalty for Angela McAnulty. She has even pleaded guilty to aggrevated murder. 

Angela would be Oregon’s first female on Death Row. 

*Thanks go to Papersnake for the tip.

**Stay tuned for updates**

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  1. Seeing the nightly news updates here on each day’s testimony/evidence being presented to the jury, I’m at a loss for words, very saddened and sickened that a human, any human, could inflict such abuse on a fellow human, especially when it is a child, and a child of her own. There is no animal on this planet that even deserves such treatment, human or otherwise. I can’t help but wonder; the photo of beautiful Jeanette….who did care enough about her to take a photo of her, and who was Jeanette smiling at? Because I see LOVE on her face, in her smile, and in her eyes. I need to cry now.

    1. That’s exactly what In thought when I found this picture.
      She looked happy and not abused.
      My hands are still shaking from trying to type out all the details in this story. I’m in shock. I can’t beilieve I hadn’t heard of this until now too.
      Family members loved her from her biological father’s side. I saw some of thier posts on the stories I linked above.
      There are hundreds of article pertaining to this if you Google it.

    2. I was crying… But this comment is making me bawl…

  2. That is just beyond horrific… there are no words, only the knowledge that, though she is gone, she’s no longer being tortured by her “mother”. 🙁

  3. Oh. Gawd. Nic….. Awesome writing for such a horrific tale. Kudos to you. Come hold me now… please.

  4. What a beautiful little girl. I know 15 year old girls can be a handful, but she looks like a sweetie. Fucking monsters. I hope they die painful deaths.

  5. Let’s torture the “parents.”

    1. I vote they be locked in a cell with other monsters who are into some sick S & M…let them “play” with these 2 all day, every day. Heck, I’d even chip in for some “toys”.

      1. i like your moves

  6. I have a smart, beautiful niece that age. I cannot imagine someone beating her and bits of her flesh flying about the room. I can’t imagine a mom doing that to her own daughter. I can’t imagine not loving your child so much you sacrifice yourself for them. This was a horrible story. I hope the “mom” fries.

  7. What I don’t understand is how can the arresting people not shot them on the spot. They are not worth the air we breath.
    I’m just speechless, and probably going into a deep depression after this one.
    ~Nicole’s Mom

    1. Hi Nicole’s mom!!  Welcome!  I knew you were a lurker, but how do you feel being out of lurkitude?

  8. i feel fucking sick right now. just sick. that poor poor little girl. i dare somebody to come on here and defend this evil hambeast. ya know, evil hambeast doesnt even cover it. this woman, and i use the term loosely, is the fucking devil incarnate. because she sure as shit cant be a human fucking being. and the father? really ? that motherfucker just stood by and watched the show? i would love to watch this vile c***rag getting it up the ass with a baseball bat(with nails in it of course) oh,but i would be nice and supply a little acid for lube. and then i would set that fucking slampig on fire,and put it out,and light it again,and put it out, you get the picture. and as for the penis? well i would cut his balls off,stuff them down the bitches charred throat, then i would skin him alive. im sorry for the graphic rant, but i just feek so sad and sick right now.

  9. These are not human beings. They are evil demons wearing human skin.
    That is the only answer to how one can do such evil & the other not effing notify authorities or better yet kill her and stop the abuse.
    They both need to die by bullwhip!

  10. even in that lovely photo, it seems like she is holding her arm as though it is injured —

    1. I thought the same thing

  11. The death penalty is way too kind of an option for this woman.

  12. Actually,’woman’ is far too kind of a description,too. I want to vomit. Demon. Beast. Thing. She should be told each morning that she will be put to death that day,and then ‘reprieved’ each evening. I cry.

  13. I don’t even have words to describe the pain I feel for this poor sweet girl. I also have no words for what should be done to her breeder. Let’s not ever call her a mother again.

  14. Oh mother fuck…..

    1. it’s raining here right now……..

      1. Are you in CA?  It rained all day yesterday.

        1. no PA. slight drizzle this morning. bright and sunny now though. I guess Jeanette is smiling at us right now. What a beautiful little girl, I remember when my girls were 15…. I was so proud of them as I watched them becoming the beautiful women they are today….my heart hurts so badly for the suffering that this sweet thing had to endure before she could rest in God’s arms and be safe for the 1st time in her life. 🙁 sobbing

          1. I wish I could think that way…. I wish she was here instead of the stupid rain.  I’d give anything to put my arms around that beautiful creature and call her mine.

  15. Her daddy wanted her. He got his life together for her. Fuck. Can someone please kill this whore now? Please?

    1. It’s raining all week here too. Maybe that’s how this story came to us.

      1. Oh fuck.  I want to cry now.  She looks so sweet… and knowing that hr daddy was looking for her kills me.  Someone loved her.  She probably had no fucking idea, either.  She dies, cold, alone, naked, and thinking that no one cared.  Fuck me.

        1. Did I miss the link about her bio-dad looking for her? That makes me feel worse!

          1. Check out the video that April posted from YouTube.
            There are hundreds of articles, I’m sure one of them mentions her biodad.
            One of the links above that I posted mentioned the phone call he got when police called to tell him she was murdered…

          2. thanks darlin’ I’m gonna go read alittle more, as much as I can stomach atleast.


          3. It was on the youtube video.  He had a drug problem and was in and out of prison.  After the last time, he decided he needed to turn his life around for his kids.  He looked fro Jeanette, but he couldn’t find her.

    2. i would do it in a second. i hate this thing who calls herself a mother.

  16. I should not have read this one. I really shouldn’t have.

    My only daughter is 15. I was reading this and thinking about her. She was rather snotty this morning, and I gave her a kiss and told her to stop the crap and drink her juice. Never did it even enter my mind to smack her around a little bit, and this devil-c*** and her bitch TORTURED this child for her perceived infractions. WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH THEM?!?!?!?!?!?! I want them to suffer, painfully, for years. Hell, decades.

    I’m not sure if I’ll ever be the same after reading this one.

    1. I think this site should be required reading for all expectant parents for that reason. Get people outraged over this, and they’ll think twice before raising their hand to their own, if doing so would even occur to them in the first place.

      There have been a few stories on here that have changed me.

  17. I should not have read this one. I really shouldn’t have.

    My only daughter is 15. I was reading this and thinking about her. She was rather snotty this morning, and I gave her a kiss and told her to stop the crap and drink her juice. Never did it even enter my mind to smack her around a little bit, and this devil-c*** and her bitch TORTURED this child for her perceived infractions. WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH THEM?!?!?!?!?!?! I want them to suffer, painfully, for years. Hell, decades.

    I’m not sure if I’ll ever be the same after reading this one.

  18. Speechless… just speechless!

  19. Richard McAnulty testifies yeasterday against Angela…

    But on Wednesday, the court learned about Jeanette’s last day and what her parents did in the moments following her death.

    Richard disclosed the gruesome details surrounding the moments just before his stepdaughter Jeanette died at her Eugene home in December 2009.

    Richard chose not to be filmed by TV cameras because he feared it would affect his pending murder trial this summer.

    But he told the jury that Jeanette looked terrible, skinny, weak and was constantly falling just days before she died.

    He says on the morning of her last day, she was cold and mumbling after Angela went too far in hitting her over the head.

    Richard says he remembers his stepdaughter asking for a blanket when she was already covered in one.

    At the same time Richard says Angela was working to clean the blood off the room Jeanette had been tortured in.

    When Jeanette lost consciousness and was so cold that even a warm bath wouldn’t work, Richard says Angela panicked.

    Not wanting to call 911 and fearing the police, Richard says Angela gave him two options: bury Jeanette’s body in the backyard or drive to the coast to dump her body.

    1. sickening…. I have to tell you Nicole, I am glad April handed this one off to you and not me.  You did a great job writing up a story that is just beyond horrific!  I’m not sure I could have done it nearly as well as you did.


      1. Thanks Deena!
        Funny thing is I almost passed it on to you because there was soooo much info about it that I thought you’d do a better job researching! There is tons of stuff and mo0re coming too.

        Thank you so much for the compliment!

        1. I can help you with anymore research if you need any help. 
          I was just reading all of the links. I’m ill now! 


        2. I can help you with anymore research if you need any help. 
          I was just reading all of the links. I’m ill now! 


    2. Death was the only escape for the little beauty.  What a shame. 
      Richard was a pussy.  A 200 pound man that claims he was afraid of his wife.  I hope that cavern of stench was worth it.

  20. I can’t even pay attention to anything this morning. I just want to follow this trial and watch this woman get the Death Penalty.
    Richard’s trial is in May.

    1. I hope neither of them make it until May.

  21. It’s a trial like this that I would want to be one of the jurors, but then again I’m not sure I could hear all this everyday for weeks.

    I wonder what’s happened to the other 2 kids that lived in the same house. The articles said they were in custody of DHS, but they have to be traumatized too.

    1. What I’m going to say can’t be confirmed via any media links; not yet anyway. I know somebody very closely involved with this case. Yes, the other children are traumatized. They were actually witnesses to some of the abuse, such as demon-mom forcing Jeanette to clean the dogshit out of the yard, then forcing her to eat it. When she gagged and vomited it up, she was forced to eat it again. Yes, the kids are traumatized. Psychologists are also on stand-by to help the jurors who must listen to all the testimony/evidence. The prosecution has blown up color photgraphs of Jeanette’s injuries. As sickening and heart-wrenching as it is, I hope to hell this will hit the jury (God bless them) in such a way that the only possible outcome will be DEATH. Again, death is a way-too-easy (and humane) method of ridding the world of such worthless garbage. I don’t know how the other children will ever recover from any of this.

      1. I had actually read somewhere in the Goggle search about the dog feces being smeared on her face and in her mouth. I just still can’t believe everything of this story.
        I would truly HATE to be one of the jurors and have to see those pictures. Horrible, just horrible.

        Since you may have some closer insight, please keep us posted! I practicly have my mind set to look up recent stories now on a daily basis. I had also read somewhere that they expected this trial to last until the 27th…

    2. The half sister is doing well. I run into her every so often and she is so strong. Prayers for her and her brother forever.

      1. Thanks for the update.

  22. No clean death for these fuckers. Strap them in good old fashioned medieval hanging cages and lower them into a river of raw sewage to drown like rats.

  23. Check out this blog:

    The second video I saw on YouTube – it says her cousin made it…

    1. Stop!  I can’t cry any more.  Damn me and my love of mascara….

    2. read this… it’s from Jeanette’s journals… read what she wrote about the woman torturing her.  I am barely keeping it together, if I was not at work…

      Lynn McAnulty took from the home a pile of notebooks that contained Jeanette’s homework, poems and personal journals.
      One passage stands out.
      The teen wrote it in February, a few months after her mother — the only constant in her life for the past decade — began homeschooling her.
      It’s titled: “If I could be one person in this whole entire world, who would I be?”
      “If I could be one person in this whole entire world, who would I choose?” she wrote. “Well, it wouldn’t be no super hero, not any great champion, it would just be my mother.”
      Jeanette continued by describing her mom as mature, loving and responsible.
      “She’s the best,” Jeanette wrote.

    3. read this… it’s from Jeanette’s journals… read what she wrote about the woman torturing her.  I am barely keeping it together, if I was not at work…

      Lynn McAnulty took from the home a pile of notebooks that contained Jeanette’s homework, poems and personal journals.
      One passage stands out.
      The teen wrote it in February, a few months after her mother — the only constant in her life for the past decade — began homeschooling her.
      It’s titled: “If I could be one person in this whole entire world, who would I be?”
      “If I could be one person in this whole entire world, who would I choose?” she wrote. “Well, it wouldn’t be no super hero, not any great champion, it would just be my mother.”
      Jeanette continued by describing her mom as mature, loving and responsible.
      “She’s the best,” Jeanette wrote.

      1. Poor Jeanette; with her “mom” being her ‘teacher” I’ll bet anything that she knew she’d better choose to write about her mom. I’ll bet the fucking pig got some sort of twisted satisfaction out of that. Hell, I’ll say the warped tw*t stood over Jeanette and told her what to write.

        1. That was my first thought, too. That and maybe she thought that stroking the devil’s ego would help her go a little easier on her.

  24. Check out this blog:

    The second video I saw on YouTube – it says her cousin made it…

    1. thank you!  poor guy!


    2. I sure wish that the person that called to inform daddy of her death had made a call earlier and told him where to find his “little angel” I have read many stories on this site and have cried for many of these little ones but this story is affecting me worse than any of the others. I have been crying all morning and can’t stop seeing that beautiful face in my mind. I can’t wait until the day I get to heaven and get to meet Janette, I think I will just hold her for a while and tell her how much I wish she had been my daughter so I could have lavished all the love I have on her.

      1. Thank you for saying what I couldn’t find the words to say.  My husband asked me last night why I was crying.  When I showed him the face on the screen he said “I don’t want to know, don’t say anything else”.  I have become hardened from this site, so for one to make me bawl like some PMS monster on a chocolate high with a stack of Halmark cards…. That says something.

  25. Ok, I’m done.

    Sorry babe! Do you need to borrow mine?

    1. I need to start wearing waterproof or stay away from this site.  Fuck.

  26. Richard is even more of a loser then I thought he was originally…

    Looks like Jeanette’s little sister testify’s next – does anyone know when the next trial date is? Is it today?

    1. What a fucking loser.  I hope he dies.

    2. The penalty phase is going on daily. I don’t know if you meant that, or the dickrod’s trial.

  27. I live a few blocks from where this took place. Eugene is a wonderful city, but I’ll never be able to drive down River Road again without thinking of this poor girl. I hope she doesn’t get the death penalty so she can go to prison and get the fuck kicked out of her on a daily basis. It will happen when other prisoners find out what she’s done. They will probably kill her eventually, just like she did to her daughter. Slowly over time. Take solace in that everyone!!!

  28. They say these kinds of things only happen in the movies. They were wrong.
    That is the most horrific story I have ever heard. The images the fly to your mind when hearing she would turn on the vacuums to drown out the sounds of the torture, are so horrible.
    I dont usually agree with capital punishment, but this is one case I would like to see the woman hanged, or fried to death like the Cajun man in The Green Mile, anyone remember that horrific scene?
    RIP Jeanette, you didnt deserve the life you were given, but I hope you are at peace now.

  29. I have never been more sickened by any story, ever, in my life. I cannot fathom a punishment that would serve these two fucking scum-sucking pigs properly. I truly feel sick to my stomach and I cannot stop crying. RIP Jeanette. I’m sorry you had to go through all that you did. I hope you are at peace now.

  30. read this, this morning… it’s the sister’s testimony at mom’s penalty hearing.. so sad!

  31. Ugh, this bitch is SOOOOO going to fry!

    Jeanette’s half-siter, Prescious, testified yesterday. Along with a School Lunch Aide and an old friend of Angela’s. They also played the 911 tape from that night they finally called.

    1. I’m sorry, her name is Patience.

      1. I posted a link to her testimony too… now I am all interested to see what happens to this evil cow!


        1. I saw that – JINX! hahaha!

          I’m almost obsessed. Yesterday I was just waiting for an update on the new testimony. Trial is supposed to resume on Tuesday.

    2. OH GAWD!!  That poor little girl.  She has to relive the horrible situation in that house.

  32. Fuck “Death Row”… just strap that bitch in and flip that switch already.


    1. That’s too kind.  Rope is cheaper.  Short drop and a quick stop.

  33. In other testimony Thursday, Cascade Middle School cafeteria worker Michelle Mullins said she began secretly feeding Jeanette school lunches in sixth grade because she was concerned that the girl was “getting skinny.” When she once asked to see the lunch Jeanette’s mother had packed, Mullins said, she was shocked that it contained only one piece of cheese and a cracker.

    A crying Jeanette came into her office later that year, saying she had to stop eating the lunches because “my mom notices that I’ve been gaining weight because I’m eating.”

    Mullins said she reported the situation to state child protective services, which opened a case but closed it after an investigation.

    OK… HTF does CPS “investigate” this and not see the evidence? Didn’t anyone talk to Jeanette? Did anyone even look at her? Did they have her examined by a physician? WTF???

    1. States could save money by firing all CPS worker and putting in self service checkouts like the grocery stores.  You’d get the same result with no payroll.

      1. I so want to like that comment, because it’s true… but the fact that it’s true is just disgusting.

        1. You know what I mean, right?  Like a self service kiosk.  You scan the barcode on your summons, hit the know button on the touch screen when asked if you’ve been abusing your child, machine prints out a “CASE CLOSED” notice and you are on your way.  Just like a real CPS worker (even minus the heartbeat) but there is non of that pesky payroll bullshit.  California could duse some help with our budget – maybe I should run this idea by the governor.

  34. I sat in during wednesday’s & Thursday’s testimony. Patience was a very brave girl. It was heart-wrenching. The Prosecutor ( Erik Hassleman ) is spectacular. When patience spoke of Angela ordering her to retrieve dog feces out of the yard so that she could smear it on Jeanette’s face, Erik turned and stared at Angela as his voice rose with obvious emotion & said “Your mother SMEARED DOG FECES on Jeanette’s face?!!!” It was a very powerful moment. From what I’ve seen & heard. I hope Angela gets the Death penalty. She probably will not be executed, but she would be kept in isolation for the rest of her life. I think that would be better than putting her to death. Mr. Hassleman intends to put an Oregon prison official on the stand Tuesday to inform the jurors what life would be like for Angela if she’s given a life sentence or the death penalty. He then plans to follow by testimony of two deputies from the jail Angela is currently lodged. I’ve heard that Angela, when in general population, has “fans” in jail. She’s also demonstrated dominating behavior with other inmates. This is why Hassleman wants to isolate her for the rest of her life. She is absolute evil. Richard, her husband faces ag/murder charges & he stated he had no part in her death. Patience’s testimony said he was fully involved, although Angela was more abusive.
    Jeanette was asking for help so many times, but she fell through the cracks and people dropped the ball at every turn. I, for one, will be keeping a closer eye on my daughter’s friends, other children & even elderly for signs of abuse. My heart aches for what Jeanette suffered through.

    1. Thanks for posting.

    2. I love that they will interview prison officials and let the jury know what life will be like for her and help base thier decision – I just hope they make the right one.
      And I love the fact that you said you will pay closer attention to your daughter’s friends, I intend to do the same.

      Question: You said Angela has “fans” – what do you mean by that? Like she has friends on her side? or are you saying people don’t like her?

      Please come back and keep us posted on what else you gear from inside.

    3. I love that they will interview prison officials and let the jury know what life will be like for her and help base thier decision – I just hope they make the right one.
      And I love the fact that you said you will pay closer attention to your daughter’s friends, I intend to do the same.

      Question: You said Angela has “fans” – what do you mean by that? Like she has friends on her side? or are you saying people don’t like her?

      Please come back and keep us posted on what else you gear from inside.

  35. I mean that she has admirers within the jail systems. I know.. perverse. Fellow inmates admire her for what she has done. This will come from the testimony of the two deputies on Tuesday. During recess, I sit in the lobby & listened to discussions between prosecution & witnesses. The defense is worried that the prosecution is placing the jurors in the position of deciding Angela’ s custody rank & rights to privledges. They feel that’s the prison’s job..Not the jurors. Prosecution has conceeded that they will not ask about amenities such as raising puppies for the sight impaired in prison et cetera. She could do that if given a life sentence. I also appreciate the fact that Lane County DA office will not offer ANY DEALS to Richard or Angela. Mr. Hassleman is firm on this. He will not seek the death penalty on Richard simply because the burdon of proof. But there will be NO DEALS

    1. I like the idea of the jurors getting an idea of how much better Angela’s life will be behind bars than Jeanette’s life was in the care of that monstrous bitch.

      Also, if she only gets life, they should not let her anywhere near any puppies that will go to anyone who is in any way disabled. She’s just as likely to torture those poor animals, which would wreck their temperament.

      I still think she needs to be put to death… call me sadistic, but I’m starting to like the idea of her having to sit around waiting for it for a little while, just so she can contemplate what it will be like to die and how much easier her death will be than Jeanette’s.

    2. Thanks, Roger, for sitting in court and providing information that we’d otherwise never hear of. As a Lane County resident, I have noticed lately that prosecuting and sentencing of child abusers/molesters seems to have stepped up a bit and I can only hope it continues, such as the recent life sentencing of the child molester. That’s how I see it….you fuck up a child, you don’t deserve to enjoy a life of your own. If ya don’t get DEATH, ya get LIFE (& life should mean life; none of this f’n bs “good behavior” or whatever), and it sure ain’t gonna be the life you’d like to have. I realize we still have a long way to go when it comes to ridding society of all these POS. And there is SO MUCH that needs to be done as far as how the reporting/investigating of claims of child abuse are handled. What?…not enuff $$$ in the budget, not enuff case workers?…Well, how ’bout cutting budgeting to any and all useless, ridiculous programs or whatever, and put our CHILDREN first, above ALL else?

  36. I don’t think there is a legal punishment that we can impose on this monster that even comes close to what Jeanette went through. That standing on one leg with arms above her head??? Patience said that was from 8 am until about 9 pm EVERY day. WITH all the injuries she was suffering from. If she dropped her arms, they would make her hold canned food or shoes above her head. Mostly, she was beaten. Richard said that 4 days prior to Jeanette’s death, Jeanette asked that he change her dressings since her mom was off on an errand. He claims it was the first time he saw all the blood in that room ( doubtful). Jeanette was trying to get help. Through years of abuse, she only sought to please her mother to stop the punishment…FOR YEARS!!!! There is no punishment that will satisfy those who have heard what took place. If she is sentenced to death, odds are that Angela will never be executed due to the appeal process, the length of exhausting all appeals & the state’s queasiness of executing a woman. She would, however, be in isolation for the rest of her life.
    One thing that drove me nuts was Angela’s bouts of tears & sobbing. She does not care about what she did to Jeanette…She only cries because she was caught. She refused to seek medical treament for Jeanette, contemplated burying Jeanette in the back yard & attempted to blame it all on Richard- all to avoid being thrown in jail. That merciless bitch spewed venom on poor Jeanette every day they were together-which is absolutely crazy…. But she knew it was wrong & she would be punished if caught. She KNEW but still did it. She should be put in the most miserable conditions allowed by law…Unfortunately, that’s only the death penalty. I’ve caught myself shaking with rage, repulsion & tears listening to just how sadistic “Mom” was to Jeanette. ( The lone time I wish we had Muslim- cleric courts… I’d hurl stones repeatedly)

    1. The downside to Muslim Sharia Law is that she wouldn’t likely be punished for this. Women have little value as far as Sharia Law is concerned, and female children have even less. If Jeanette went to the authorities in a Sharia controlled country, she’d likely be the victim of an “honor killing” for bringing shame on her family. Not to mention that, at 15, she’d likely have been married off a while ago.

      But, hey, if they could pull their heads out of their asses and start punishing the right people for the right kinds of crimes, I’d be all for it. I’d show up with bells-a-ringin’ and dragging a big ol’ Hefty Bag of Holding full of rocks, because no one deserves it more than this waste of oxygen.

    2. I apologize; I posted the link to yesterday’s testimony before I read Roger’s post. Roger has covered it for us more in-depth than the article. Again, thnx Roger. So freakin’ heartbreaking.

    3. Has there been any “reason” given for why she singled out Jeanette and left the other children alone? Not that there is anything in the universe to condone any of this horrific torture but I’m just wondering what her “justification” is?

      1. You can bet that, had she not been caught and her children removed from her care, she’d have singled out another one eventually.

        1. I cringe to think what she would have done to the next in line if she’d have killed Jeanette and gotten away with it. Can you imagine what sort of “power” she’d think she had?!

          1. I can’t speak for the daughter that testified, but if it were me, that’s what would have been going through my head…

          2. Mr. Hassleman asked Patience why she wouldn’t tell the police anything when questioned the night of Jeanette’s death. She said because her mom told her that what happens in the house stays in the house ( A mantra Angela repeated to Bubba & Patience daily before they went to school.) Only after patience was informed by the D.A. that she would never live with Richard Sr or her mother again did she reveal what happened in the household. She testified that she still loved her mother.

          3. That poor girl… she was afraid of them.

            It’s not at all uncommon for a child to refuse to testify, even when they’re the one being abused, if they think there’s a chance they’ll end up being sent back to the abuser(s). Even very young children can grasp the concept of retaliation.

      2. I don’t know if the defense plans to address why Jeanette was singled out. Here’s the background I have heard. Angela had 4 children she conceived. 2 boys that were removed from her & placed in foster care. Jeanette who was removed from Angela at age 1 & placed in foster care and lastly Patience who was with Angela from birth to the day Jeanette died. Now the two brothers, I know they are older than Patience but haven’t heard much background. According to testimony Thursday by Angela’s former “best friend”, Angela fought hard to get Jeanette back while she was pregnant with Patience. Her friend said from day one that Jeanette was treated harshly. I don’t know if Jeanette’s father was the father of those two boys. (Keep in mind the young boy “Bubba” who was living with the McAnultys at the time of Jeanette’s death is Richard Sr’s biological son. I’m not sure if Angela was his biological mother.) There is some speculation that Angela really hated Jeanette’s father who spent a majority of his earlier years in jail. The shocker to me is Angela’s biological mother… When Angela was 5, her mother’s badly decomposed body was found in California & the murder remains unsolved. There is speculation that she was a victim of the Zodiac Killer, or contracted to be killed by Angela’s father. This is not offered as an excuse for her behavior, merely background information. In all testimony to date, Angela only physically abused Jeanette. ( Some argue of the psychological abuse of the other children.) But the physical abuse was exclusive to Jeanette. A friend of Richard Sr who is attending the trial told me that Angela’s 1/2 sister was on America’s Most Wanted… I haven’t been able to find any information on that other than what that person said. I do not know if it’s true. Angela’s mother’s demise is fact. For some reason Angela said Jeanette was a pathological liar. So far, not a single witness recalled Jeanette EVER lying… Patience & Richard Sr both said she was a really good girl. ( However, Richard Sr’s testimony seems shakey after Patience testified that he actually participated in punishment of Jeanette & he claimed Angela was the only one to dicipline her.)

        1. Thanks very much for the info.

          Good lord – sounds like she comes from a long line of unstable (to say the least). I think I know who the pathological one here is and it sure isn’t Jeanette!

  37. Here’s a link to yesterday’s testimony from Jeanette’s little half-sister.

  38. Jeanette’s mother’s made from the same cloth that allowed atrocities of the concentration/PoW camps of WWII (Japan had them as well), Stalin regime, China, and Khmer Rouge. She might think she has justification like the Inquisitors of long ago.

    But that’s in the history books – and quite frankly history tends to have a way to acknowledge the hell but keep some distance from it; this is very different! It’s not suppose to happen in this ‘enlightened’ day and age, but it does and there is no distancing of what splashes on the various news medias, that someone is living like a concentration camp victim straight out of the history books.

    Obviously this Irma Grese wannabe didn’t learn from the past at all and took a page out of it and applied it to someone she was suppose to raise and nurture. So this sadistic piece of shit betrayed Jeanette as well as shown her hell on earth – I think she’s going straight to the bottom of hell when gets her skin off…it’ll be home sweet home for her, right? ><

    Of course she was sorry that she got caught – most psychopaths are! After all, having the long arm of the law restraining them is restricting them of THEIR rights – psychopaths don't give a damn what they cost their victims with their actions.

  39. who gives a motherfuck that they donated this child’s stuff to charity? why didn’t the grandma go and check on this girl herself?? *argh*

  40. ps i concur on that pic looking funny, she looks like she has a broken arm she’s holding up and that someone placed a snowball on her to make her look like she’s playing. probably the kind of thing an abuser stages to show that an abused child is having a ‘happy life’. this charade was, nonetheless, probably on of the happiest moments in this poor girl’s life. what senseless horror.

  41. That’s the saddest and most horrible thing I have read. She endured torture for that long and to read the testimony of that piece of crap stepfather. How can you sleep in the same house with someone doing such awful things to a child?

    Rest in peace Jeanette!

    I pray that justice is served. The “mother” should be kept in isolation for the rest of her life and be forced to drink from a bowl and eat off of the dirty prison floors. Even THAT is not enough punishment for what she has done. I’m sickened.

  42. So, why don’t we draw and quarter people any more? Just curious.

    1. The Eighth Amendment disallows “cruel and unusual punishments.”

      Looking at the hideous faces of these two bottom feeders would qualify as that, if you ask me.

      1. I think that allowing these 2 to remain alive is cruel and unusual punishment for the rest of the population of the world.

        lets take a vote:

        raise your hand if you think these 2 should be put to death in the most horrible way imaginable………

        majority rule- KILL THE BASTARDS!

      2. True, but “cruel and unusual” should be defined by the situation. They were quite “cruel and unusual” to Jeanette so, by their standards, that wouldn’t be as harsh as what they did to her.

        I’m well aware that we can’t legally do to these bastards what they truly deserve but as we all know, the legal system isn’t always fair.

        1. You don’t have to convince me. I think they should be sealed in drums and buried with the rest of the biological waste.

  43. Sorry these two are both going to jail for a long time. Ol’ bat ears over there looks inbred enough to be his own father and his hijinx while in jail so far already confirms we are dealing with someone of far below normal intelligence. And she looks psychotic and confused. I wonder what we would find if we opened up these two beauties brains, what kind of black tar would we find at the center of it? Its really irritating that we have such a hang up about executing women in this country. Women are just as capable of violence, abuse and mistreatment as any human. whatever happened to equal rights for women?

    1. Anyone who’s ever been a teenage girl (or at the mercy of one) knows full well that women (and women in training) can be far more cruel than any man!

  44. (Edited for this was suppose to be an reply to The_Shadow_Knows, but I fumbled on the reply for the comment section went wonky.)

    I know radioactive waste is sealed up in special drums and put in a super stable geological area – never heard of that for biological waste. (However disposal of biological waste isn’t a topic I’m familiar with to that degree.) I think that’d be a fitting burial place for them. There’s not really a need to have ’em properly laid to rest for they didn’t give the poor gal a chance to live in peace!

    ‘Sides with how vindictive they are, they’d be a good reason for humans in the distant future to avoid the disposal areas – like in the distant past when humans or animals were sacrificed to the earth spirits to ensure the structure would stand, they could provide a reason to stay away from that very toxic area!

    1. “biological waste”
      I like the comparrison

    2. I think they actually incinerate biological waste – which would be another good fate for these two.

  45. I’m calling Bullshit… but of course he defense team will say she was brought up the same way by her abusive father…


    Richard – what’s the latest news that you know of?

    1. I can appreciate that they grew up with a monster of a father, but her brothers do not abuse their children, neither one of them beat their child to death, and it clearly states the father was harder on the boys specifically her older brother Mike.  So just because she grew up in violence doesn’t excuse the fact that instead of making a choice to break the pattern as her brothers did, she followed in good old dad’s footsteps, she gets no pity from me!


  46. Hey folks. work beckons so I will not be attending the trial further. The prosecution must demonstrate 4 components for the jury to chose the death penalty. 1. Angela’s a continuing threat to others. ( Jailhouse behavior/manipulation). 2.She injured Jeanette with reasonable assumption death was probable. ( this is a little gray, but after putting a hole in Jeanett’s head, Angela did everything to cover up & not seek medical care). 3.Angela’s reactions to Jeanette were not reasaonable to the behavior of Jeanette. ( mother claimed pathalogical lying, bad behavior yet all others who tezstified never saw this behavior from Jeanette.) 4. The death penalty is more fitting than life imprisonment. ( We agree on this here. Hopefully the jury sees it the same way).

    1. Thanks for the updates, Roger.
      1. Anyone who believes that someone who could do something so horrible to a child wouldn’t do it again is just plain stupid. I mean, you don’t “accidentally” torture another living being. Also, Angela seems to be a pathological liar and a sociopath.
      2. When you take chunks out of a person’s flesh, death is a reasonable assumption. When you beat a child and starve them, it’s reasonable to assume that you’re not trying to keep that child alive.
      3. Even if Jeanette were a pathological lier, what happened to her isn’t even close to a reasonable response.
      4. Let’s hope the jury has some common sense and some common decency.

  47. This is effing disguisting. I’m sick to my stomach reading this. I just do not understand the evil that is in some people.

  48. I posted in the open thread, but must post here as well…..the news just came in….Jury has sentenced Angela McAnulty to DEATH!!!!!

    1. It couldn’t have happened to a more deserving bitch!!

      I’m so glad the jury didn’t buy all her “I’m sorry” bullshit she was spouting yesterday!! From what I read she didn’t once say she was sorry for her actions, just that she was sorry for the trial and to the judge, prosecutors, jurors. She did say she didn’t mean for “her little girl” to die. Sorry Ass POS!!

    2. Normally, I would not be happy about someone receiving the death penalty, but this is a person who needs to be euthanized.

      1. euthanasia usually consists of painless torture free death. I don’t want her euthanized I want her to suffer for a long long time. long enough for her to wish she was dead and then about 10 hrs longer. then kill her by beating her in the head with a tree branch. I can honestly say that I have never hated anyone before in my life. stongly disliked a whole bunch of people but this is truely the first person I have ever really really hated deeply in my heart. I used to love it when it rained, now everytime I feel a rain drop I think of Jeanette and what she went through and then I hate this bitch more. I really wish I could be the one to kill her.

    3. Hot fucking damn.  Stupid c***.  Good riddance.

  49. Hallelujah! Praise the world! The sun shines again!
    I have never felt more releaved with an outcome of a case then this one. I will never see the light of day the same after this story but at least I’m smiling and hopeing Jeanette is too.

    1. It’s raining…..  sigh.

  50. Glad to hear it!

    Now for him…

  51. The jury had the fortitude to do what must be done. That was no easy task on thier part. Sure, we say “kill the bitch!” But actually voting to do so takes guts. I applaud them. Yes, next up, Richard. Hopefully life without parole for that dunce.

  52. fuck.. a bullet and rid the earth of it fast and quickly.. no mercy.. maybe keep her alive and give her to the violent offenders in a men’s prison… YOU SICK COW! When you give birth, You make and unconditional, unreversable PROMISE TO LOVE AND CHERISH AND PROTECT YOUR CHILD! Not abuse them… sorry for the rant but there is NO NEED TO TORTURE YOUR CHILD! You are truly the inspiration for the Bogey Man… BITCH!

    1. Rant away. We want you to.

  53. death penalty is to good for the mother… she should suffer the same way then her daughter did…

    poor girl…

  54. it rained today this morning sweet girl! I cried for you I sure hope you like being an angel and watching over all of us

  55. why do we insist on calling people like this animals? These demonic spawn are nothing like animals. Elephants, for example, will risk their lives protect their babies from harm and shower them with unconditional love! Scarlett the cat was willing to sacrifice herself by entering a burnng building to rescue her kittens. Hell, these so called “irrational” creatures often act more rationally than most humans! That monster who calls herself a mother deserves to die a slow death from cancer while rats are eating at her entrails!!

    1. I love Scarlet! She kept going into that building until each of her kittens
      was brought to safety… when she finished, one of the firefighters saw her
      touch each of her kittens with her nose, as if counting to make sure she got
      them all (at this point, she couldn’t see a thing due to the heat and the
      smoke, and if I remember the story correctly, half her fur had burned off)
      before collapsing to the ground next to them. That is love. I cried so
      hard when I read that. Happily, the shelter that took them all in kept mama
      and babies together so she could care for them until they were old enough to
      adopt. They were all found great homes, including Scarlet, who was adopted
      by a lovely woman who was willing and able to take on the necessary medical
      expenses to care for her for the rest of her life.

      I agree with you… that’s why I call them monsters or beasts, or make up
      some other name for them.

      1. If they were animals, we’d put them damaged ones down.  How sad is that?

          1. I meant “the damaged ones”.  Fuck.  I feel like shit.  Need Mexican food.

          2. I think we all knew what you meant… you’re not *that *incoherent. 😉

          3. Close.  I’ve gone from needing Mexican food to a little hair of the dog.  Guh.

      2. thank you. i’m glad someone agrees with me on this, it seems most human parents are becoming more evil and twisted for no reason at all. Even some of the most dangerous and scary-looking animals make outstanding mothers and fathers to their babies. Human beings can learn a lot from observing maternal instinct in animals from the elephant to the grizzly bear and even to the creepy-looking wolf spider. People like that sick bitch really give us humans a bad name. Thank god there are still SOME people who are willing to love and protect our children from danger.

        1. what made the story of Scarlett even more touching was that she was only concerned about the safety of her babies even after she was nearly burnt to a crisp. Many human beings nowadays don’t even make the effort to protect their children and even allow others to abuse them or perpetrate themselves for some sick enjoyment. Some animals will fight to the death to protect their loved ones, whether it’s their human families or their babies from a perceived threat. At least there are still some people left who would do the same for their kids.

          1. Actually, there has been at least one story on here where parent(s) were
            only concerned for their own safety when their home caught fire and left
            their babies in the home to burn. Horrible.

            And I had a cat who viciously attacked my boyfriend because she thought he
            was hurting me (he was tickling me, in fact, and I was screaming “NO! NO!
            STOP!”… apparently “no” has a very similar sound to a feline distress

            It should be pointed out, however, that there have been some recorded
            instances of animals in the wild going a bit “crazy” and acting out of
            character… I watched a show on PBS or the Discovery channel once where a
            mother lion ate her own babies… the other lionesses could sense something
            wrong with her (mentally?) and shunned her.

            Also, if I’m not mistaken, mother wolf spiders will eat some of their own

          2. You have a good point. I’m aware that some animals do kill their own offspring. However, when we compare the instances of animals killing their babies to reports of human parents abusing and molesting their own children, it does show that we humans aren’t all the frontiers of moral crusades that we’re cracked up to be, especially when it seems that the increased occurence of child abuse and the ways that parents kill their children in a slow, cruel manner are outnumbering the instances of animals killing their own babies. Even then, at least animals don’t kill their offspring for some sick pleasure in hurting those weaker than themselves.

    2. Our society would be a lot better off if she was tied to a pole in the public square and whipped to death! That’s what she deserves!

  56. The devil isn’t really a monster that embodies all evil. If anything, he is merely the judge that doles out the punishments to the real monsters that walk the earth and come down to Hell after death for their crimes. That’s right, I’m talking about human beings. IMO, people merely made up the devil as the personification of cruelty in order to avoid responsibility for the atrocities they commit against each other and against other creatures. I’m not a religious philosopher, just stating my opinion on the dark side of human nature.

    1. I’m beginning to think that evil has a life of it’s own & feeds upon it’s self to begit more evil.
      However the devil (Satan, Lucifer) is a judeo- Christian belief and he was an archangel, “son of the morning” a being of great beauty and light who was cast out of heaven for his pride and attempt to usurp God.

    2. Well spoken! “Evil” is a very human construct.


    Lets hope that we actually get to see her die, and not have the appeals process prevent her from getting justice served to her evil ass.

  58. I don’t see this update posted so I will, especially since it is raining today. I always think of jeanette when it’s raining:

    the jury only deliberated for 6 hrs then returned a sentancing verdict of DEATH!

    1. Sounds like Oregon is a bad place to kill children – according to this story the only other woman sentenced to death in Oregon was convicted of killing 2 children. Good for them!

    2. Northern Songbird

      Good. Perhaps a torture chamber? One can hope…

  59. My roommate testified at this trial as this woman’s friend. I guess she knew them. I am glad I didn’t know this woman. If I had known her & that she was abusing this child like this I would have been in jail myself for beating the shit out of this so called mom. But then I’m sad that I nor anyone like myself did not know because perhaps this child might still be alive. I don’t understand why nor how this happens without ppl knowing this was going on. My roommate claimed she never witnessed anything physical but clearly noticed the way Angela mistreated Jeannette. This was before they moved to Oregon. All I can do now is shake my head and wonder still why no one stepped up for this little girl. I still just don’t understand. Its more than just who to blame but who NOT to blame. Everyone failed.

    1. Thanks for your compassion Cherice, this little girl holds a special place in all of our hearts. For me personally she has affected me more than any of the others to date.

  60. another update:

    Looks like richard has either agreed to a plea bargain or is going to change his plea to guilty Monday. There is going to be a press conference following the hearing to let the public know.

  61. @ Clevo I’m not trying to bash anyone for holding belief in a higher power or that the devil really exists. I’m just saying that people who commit horrific crimes against other people (including children) are often perfectly sane and are able to comprehend the evil of their actions but still commit them. The fact is, people don’t need to be possessed by some demonic spirit in order to commit genocide, rape, or slaughter helpless children. Human beings are naturally driven to these things even though they know that it’s wrong.

  62. I don’t disagree with that statement. However, I do feel there should be a special place in HELL for ppl who hurt children.

    1. thats what I’m saying. People who pull that kind of shit deserve to have their intestines roasted over an open fire while they’re still alive and conscious. They can’t really use the devil as an excuse for their actions because IMO, the devil passes judgement on the monsters that come to hell after they die on earth and decide what kind of punishment they deserve.

    2. thats what I’m saying. People who pull that kind of shit deserve to have their intestines roasted over an open fire while they’re still alive and conscious. They can’t really use the devil as an excuse for their actions because IMO, the devil passes judgement on the monsters that come to hell after they die on earth and decide what kind of punishment they deserve.

  63. Richard plead guilty and he got life but he will be eligible for parole in 25 yrs.

    A statement by his lawyers : “They say it’s a case of failure, pointing part of the blame at schools and DHS for failing to report the abuse, citing a lack of their resources. and that Richard had a low IQ and was very obedient and that is why he never tried to stop his wife from abusing his stepdaughter” they also said that they thought richards sentance was not appropriate as everyone else was to blame as well. They also said that he had his mind set that he was going to plead guilty and they could not change his mind (shame shame richard, I thought you were very obedient.)

    It was raining tonight…….

    1. Motherfucker!!!!! He should have gotten death. Low IQ or not. UUUURGH!

      1. well actually, his lawyers were fighting for him to have a less than life sentence because he was stupid and pussy whipped, Richard himself refused to agree to any plea deal and just plain pled guilty. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t think he should ever be allowed out and there is nothing about his character that I think is redeemable but…he himself wanted to plead guilty to the charges leveled against him. evil as he is at least a brief glimmer of humanity showed through long enough for him to take the consequences even if they were not harsh enough for him.
        I am still praying for Jeanette’s real father. I hope he can at least take some comfort in the fact that the bitch who did that shit to her is going to die and this ass is going away for a long time.

        1. Well, at least we aren’t supposed to have anymore rain for at least a week.

          1. it’s raining here right now damnit

          2. It’s pouring rain here today. 🙁

        2. I apologize. I don’t mean to rant. I am having a hard time with this one.
          This one I can’t push back and leave hidden.

          1. I think this one affects us all this way. This little girl has become part of my heart and soul, and I can’t stop comming back to this post and looking at her sweet face.

          2. and by the way , you don’t ever need to appologize to me for anything. I love you guys. we share the same heart

          3. Don’t mind me Cyn says I’m drunk. Slightly ineb.. inebre.. hell I can’t spell it … well anyway 1 beer too many.

          4. must be nice

  64. Okay, so he gets the chance to get out in 25 years because-and I can’t believe I am actually typing this-he’s stupid? Really?! No, Really?! wtf! More proof that there is no god…really…so he’s too stupid to stop his wife was systematically torturing his daughter? Why on earth are they letting him have the chance to get out and do this again?! Stupid fuckers…god the justice system is so fucked up. Take this guy the hell out of the gene pool permanently!

    1. How Politically Correct can we get? Now, we’re rewarding stupidity. I think there should be a hunting season and they should have to wear a sign. Maybe a trapping season, too, if we can’t knock a big enough dent in the population.

  65. PUT HER ON DEATH ROW! NO ONE CARES ABOUT HER !!Jeanette was a beautiful little girl, and deserved not one thing that she got! Kill the bitch, she deserves to sit burning in hell! Excuse my foul language! This story almost madfe me puke! I cant see how anyone can do these things.

    1. To make matters worse (if that’s even possible), Jeanette’s sister will have to live with everything she witnessed for the rest of her life. She will probably always feel guilt for it, even though it wasn’t her fault. There’ll probably always be those “what ifs” in the back of her mind. Poor child.

  66. Angela McAnulty, evil in the flesh, will die for her crimes (though not slowly or painfully enough for any kind of REAL justice to be served).….. I know the update is rather late but I thought it should be posted anyway…. also in September the search warrant affidavit  was unsealed….. …… What was read here was beyond what I can fathom,(I cant find the actual document so if someone can stomach the search they can update) but new details were released.            That poor little girl, her whole life was hell. The only “Good” that came out of this is that she is no longer suffering and is in the loving hands of God now. There isnt a punishment harsh enough for her “mother” IMHO, I only wish someone could kill her in the EXACT way she did to her beautiful daughter.  

  67. Thanks for the update, Ashley.  I think the sentence was right.   I was not aware of this case, but as horrifying as it is I am glad to know of it so I can join you in remembering this sweet little girl. 

  68. Jeanette would have turned 18 this month on the 9th. Angela Mcanulty cannot find her way to hell fast enough.

  69. Ok, worst ways to die. Drowning, fire, cancer, hmmm. So she should be exposed to ever cancer causing substance until she develops cancer. And while waiting till that happens, set her on fire, but put out the flames by drowning her in a bucket of vomit. Recesutate and repeat. I think it should happen every day till she dies of cancer. Hopefully it takes her a few years to succumb.

  70. As evil as this woman is and believe me, I think she’s possessed by the devil, the CPS workers are getting another free pass. All the red flags were up, yet they ignored them and failed to respond to repeated calls to check on this girl. If any of them gave a damn, this poor girl may be alive today. Yeah, her worthless father won a wrongful death suit, like he deserved to profit from the torture murder of a child he had nothing to do with, but that’s besides the point. A law suit was the only repercussions suffered by the CPS. I’m appalled by that. We expect more from our police, fire fighters, and other civil servants, but worthless CPS workers are held to no standards at all. How many more children will have to die because of this failed system? Rest in peace child, no more pain. Your mother will rot in hell, while you sleep with the angels.

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