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Dr. Do Wrong

Feb. 28, 2011 Former car salesman,  Steven Demink  of Redford Township, Detroit, Michigan pled guilty to six charges of sexual exploitation of children. Demink told U.S. District Judge Gerald Rosen that before his arrest, he worked as a car salesman for about six months and before that for about five years at a local bank. He said he completed a U.S. Customs and Border Protection training program in 2002 and worked for the Immigration and Naturalization Service for about a year. He attended college for about two years but did not earn a degree, he said. So much for The Department of Homeland Security.

This demented road apple posted himself on the single-parent website as a single father of a 14 yr old girl and in at least 1 case he stated he had a doctorate in psychology in order to coerce weak minded women into abusing their own children and sending photos and streaming videos. “Demink intimated to these women that the result of the therapy would be healthier children,” one court document.

According to his plea agreement he engaged in online chats with a mother in Oregon about the sexual development of her 8 yr old son who suffers from autism. He told her to engage in sexually explicit acts with her son in order to teach him about sex, while he watched via webcam. WTF!!!! How does a mother concerned about the welfare of her child especially an autistic child allow herself to be “coerced” into something so fucking heinous? I just can’t fathom that kind of betrayal.

At least 3 women have been charged all from several states. Seems to me that a sexual predator found other sexual predators to interact with. Of course I’ll probably get flamed for my viewpoint but it is what it is. If these worthless gyps had not already been abusers not one of them would have thought twice about contacting their local authorities and getting him offline and into a prison gang rape as soon as possible.

A mother in Idaho, one Ms. Eileen Schwab, reported her own daughter’s conversations with this fuck in 2009 kicking off the investigation that led to the end of this predation. I applaud you Ms Schwab, for have the courage and moral fiber necessary to stand up for your grandchild.

“I don’t know how he wrangled her in,” Schwab said. “She could have turned off the computer and gone the other way. He must have had a power over her.” I don’t, however, applaud you for this grievous insult. Don’t defend her she deserves to be raped with a pimp stick everyday for the rest of her natural life. Not coddled by our overly cushy justice system.

This case encompasses woman and children in several states including , New Hampshire, Florida, Indiana, Georgia and others. Seven children were “rescued” and at least three mothers have been arrested. According to prosecutors all the children , ranging in age from 3-15 are safe. Let us hope they haven’t let any slip through the cracks.


Thanks to JJ for the tip.


***Special thanks to Cyn 2 for the write up.***

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  1. All I can say is WTF was wrong with these women? were they so desperate for love that they let a total stranger, tell them to do those horrible things to their own children.

  2. hey, what did gyps ever do to you? i’m joking, i don’t care.

    and yeah, how weak-minded do you have to be to be ‘coerced’ to commit a heinous crime on the internet, as an adult? are ppl really that stupid? or are they, as you say, just predators waiting to be encouraged by some sort of ring leader? either way… i don’t think rape cures autism…

  3. any woman not way below normal intelligence would have immediately thought “Why does any therapy for my KID mean I need to be on camera? why do I need to have sex with my own kid?”

    Do you know of ANY therapy that involves having sex with your own children on camera? I don’t-and I don’t even have kids-I call bullshit.

    Its too bad that autism is so under researched that parents-and to be fair to those parents who REALLY do want their child to be happy-there is a lot of horseshit and misinformation out there trumped by dimwits like Jenny McCarthy and others-that you can understand the desperation some parents are faced with.

    But desperate enough to have sex with your own kid on camera for some guy you have never met in person? Who could be anybody? Um…BULLSHIT!!!

  4. These dumb, weak-minded, bitches remind me of the Manson girls!! It amazes me that people can be so desparate for companionship!!

  5. Fucking stupid ass people. SERIOUSLY? Come the fuck on. These dumb ass “woman” OBVIOUSLY have mental issues. How can one be SO stupid? Apparently it happens… and according to this site it happens A LOT. I’m a pissed off momma…

  6. this story has been on my mind since i ready it..having an autistic son the thought keeps running through my mind that this child will never forget the stuff that his mother did to him because kids with autism don’t forget breaks my heart that he will have this memory of his mom for the rest of his so sad..

  7. De-nut the guy. He’s one those people that needs to be cured with a bullet. And, the stupid, ignorant, POS women who go along with his suggestions? I dunno. I’d like to recommend the bullet for them, too. But, regardless of what they’ve done, it would hurt their children to think that mommy got killed because of something she did with them. They would blame themselves bringing on even more guilt and shame. sick, twisted, and revolting. I hope the children can move on with their lives away from the craziness they were born into.

  8. This guy doesn’t have any magical powers and no one can “coerce” anyone to do anything over the Internet. “Coerce” means a gun to your head, not a threat to unfriend you on Facebook. These bitches are child molestors pure and simple, and should be buried alive in quicksand. As for him, he should get a thousand cuts and then be staked out in the desert sun so the buzzards can pick his bones clean – assuming they would even touch him.

  9. losing hope in mankind

    Holy crap, I’m also a mother of an 8 year old autistic son, also in oregon…my son wouldn’t have a clue what sex was even if I told him, he’s not ready for that talk, or able to comprehend it. I highly doubt he has any interests outside of legos. But even if he was curious, or had questions about puberty…why would anyone think an 8 year old, autistic or not needed to know about sex at all? I get having a talk about puberty, summed up, no 8 year old needs to hear anything too graphic, but why sex….and then to preform it (gag) on/with him? Wtf, what the actual fuck? How can any mother/person be so fucking stupid!?!?!?!?!? Even if my dr advised it, id be calling the police not taking his advice, let alone some asshole online, claiming to have a medical degree…and him watching via webcam didn’t give them any fucking clue that this ass wipe was a pervert????? Well now how the fuck do you explain this to that autistic victim, when I’m sure he wouldn’t have understood her if it was just a talk?? Poor little kids

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