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Savanah Sholter frantically called 911 about her 2 ½ year old son who was non-responsive.  “My son’s not breathing.  He’s a special needs baby.”  “He’s on a feeding machine.  He’s been having problems with the machine.”

2 ½ year old Elijah Collins was unconscious and not breathing.  The boy only weighed 13 pounds!!  (Now just to put that into perspective, my 3 month old nephew weighs 12 pounds.  Yeah, that’s right, 3 months not almost 3 years!!) He was dehydrated, emaciated, had fecal matter embedded in his skin and lesions or bed sores  on his body, a severe rash covering his body and his toenails were so long they looked like they had never been cut!  He was found lying on a mattress covered in urine and feces!!  WTF is wrong with these people?!?  This is a child that has to have a feeding tube and infections can run rampant if the living conditions aren’t clean!!  13 pounds!!!  Both DNA donors are Lazy Ass Bitches!!

“He looked like a concentration camp victim from the WWII documentaries that we see.  He was emaciated,” said Carl Zogby, of the Hialeah Police Department.  “Not only was he not fed, he was not hydrated properly.  He wasn’t even groomed.  He was probably not bathed in his lifetime, perhaps.”

According to police, Elijah and a dead cat (seriously, a dead fucking cat!?) were found in a motel room full of garbage, living animals (I’m assuming more cats), both animal and human feces, dirty diapers, rotten formula and spoiled food.  The place reeked of cat urine.

“Diapers that were 3 feet high – stacked up soiled diapers, urine, dead animals and live animals in the room,” Zogby said.

The sperm donor, a fireman machinery technician in the USCG, could see more charges filed against him under the military code of justice.  (One can only hope!!) 25 year old Vincent Collins and 21 year old Savanah Sholter have both been charged with neglect.  Their bonds are set for $7500 each.  Sounds more like attempted murder to me!!  How about adding abandonment, child-endangerment, torture?  Hell, cruelty to animals!!  Something more than neglect!!  This is so much more than neglect!!

It seems the DNA donors and 1 year old Jeremiah were staying in a separate room while little 2 ½ year old Elijah stayed alone in the filthy room “a few doors down”.  According to the motel manager the bio-parents rented two rooms and always refused maid service in that room saying “We do it ourselves.”  All they had to do was let the maid service in once a day!!  Lazy Ass Bitches didn’t even have to clean!  The only reason not to let them clean would be they were trying to hide something!  Was it the cats or the fact that they were starving their child to death??  My guess is the latter!

At a hearing to decide the custody of the two babies, Irma Martinez was the only family acquaintance who appeared at the court and she was not on the “parents” side.  “My reason for being here is so that Elijah and Jeremiah do not go back to them – ever!”  According to Martinez, she called the child abuse hotline in September, after Elijah was rushed to the hospital with a serious bacterial infection.  “I explained to them the conditions they were living in.  What you saw over the weekend, that’s basically how they live.”  Wait!! She reported this in September and the kids remained in that nasty shit til now?!?  Way to drop the ball once again Florida DCF!!

The judge at that hearing said, “At this time I’m going to find probable cause and reasonable efforts to shelter these children, and I’m going to order no contact whatsoever with the parents.”  Thank You Judge Sampedro-Iglesia!!  At least someone is looking out for those babies!  Now sever the parental rights and you’ll be my hero!!

Elijah is expected to spend at least a month in the hospital.  Jeremiah has been placed in a foster home.

Hopefully, they’ll never have to live in the filth their so called “parents” think is suitable to raise children in again! Unfortunately, they’re in Florida so most likely these disgusting, lazy, uncaring pricks will get another chance to finish the job they started.  I don’t want to hear any bullshit about parenting classes or therapy!!  Screw that!  In this case once a lazy-ass, neglectful slob always a lazy-ass, neglectful slob.

They would have been taught when Elijah was born how he had to be cared for.  It would have been stressed that the tube hanging out of his little body and the area around it be kept clean!!  They also would have been instructed on the feeding machine and how to trouble shoot it or who to call to get another one if that one stopped working!!  I don’t believe for one damn minute that machine was the cause of him weighing 15 pounds!  A real parent would have noticed it when he lost a few ounces and immediately would have notified the doctor!

IMO putting that baby in that room and leaving him alone was tantamount to torture!!  He may have special needs but he also needs what every baby needs; love, attention, caring and interaction!!  I guess that’s what the fucking cats were for!!  A baby needs to know if something isn’t right and he cries out there will be someone there to take care of him!!

If they were incapable of doing any of these things then they should have put him up for adoption!!  These two have absolutely no excuse!!  If they were overwhelmed there was help out there.  Hell, he was a Coastie, they had access to military programs.

Personally, I think this is a case of pure fucking laziness!!  Well, that and I think they played favorites with the kids.  Elijah’s care required more attention so he got shoved aside and forgotten!!  It breaks my heart to think about it…

They should both be forcibly sterilized, their parental rights severed, and placed in an 8×8 room with nothing but a dirty mattress, a bucket for a toilet, and a cat (take the cat out once a day to feed/water it)!  Fucking low-life, nasty, lazy, worthless maggots!!

I didn’t mean for this whole post to turn into one giant rant.  It is what it is I guess!

Rant Over


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  1. This is just to illustrate the ineffectiveness of the system supposedly in place to look out for the more vulnerable among us. My aunt, suffering from end stage alzheimers, was being “cared” for by her sister. Cared for included not giving her medication, not feeding her or feeding her nothing but canned ravioli, beating her, choking her, tying her to a chair all day, and for some reason that I never even learned of until last week – blind folding her all day long. I called in a complaint, letters were sent, others called in anonymous complaints. By the time anyone showed up to take action my aunt was dead. She was left facedown in her bed at a point in the illness where she was apparently completely immobile. None of us could afford to take over her care. We had her in a home actually, her house set up for sale to help pay when her sister took over. I’m just saying, the state called A YEAR after she died. A YEAR. And they do this to BABIES as well. It’s disgusting.

  2. These two were probably “embarassed” to have a specials needs baby, like he chose to need a feeding tube. My oldest boy is pretty slim, but at 2 and a half he weighed about 25-27 pounds (he weighs about 32 now at 4 and a quarter). My baby weighed 13 pounds at 2 months, but he’s always been a big, stocky baby, but even his shrimpy cousin weighed 12 pounds at 4 months (cousin is just tiny, I’ve seen that baby eat, lol, and he’s healthy, just tiny). But yeah, no excuse, the military takes care of its own, as long as you aren’t too “embarassed” or suffer too much pride to ask. And shit, if you aren’t gonna let the maids in, at least take out the nasty filthy diapers, and clean the damn catboxes, I’m surprised people in nearby rooms didn’t complain of the stench from the diapers and the cats. Hope those babies never see these two again, and can find loving homes that will properly take care of them.

    1. While, I’m sure embarrassment and a sense of failure comes along with giving birth to a special needs child… “why my baby?”, “is there something wrong with me?” or “will people stare at us?” I can’t say for sure. I can only speculate, because I was blessed with four healthy children.
      However, maternal instincts or even the tiniest drop of humanity would certainly eclipse those feelings of embarrassment/disappointment and at the very least, compel a person to take care of their child or any child in their care’s most basic needs.
      Rather than embarrassment, I think they’re monsters who should be shot after being starved and forced to lay in their own filth for a month.

      1. I think it is a combinatoin of being selfish jerks and being embarassed, with the selfishness quashing any glimmer of maternal instinct. Looking at their pictures, neither one looks very capable of giving a hoot about other people, They actually both look a little annoyed and inconvenienced by the situation (which is really not something I want to see in someone who’s chosen career involves protecting this country, so I am glad he is being taken care of under the MCOJ).

        1. Not trying to nit-pick, but unless things have changed from when I was enlisted it is UCMJ (Uniform Code of Military Justice)

          He’s a scumbag who should be discharged without honor from service, and she is a stupid bitch.

          1. Not to be argumentative but SHE is a stupid slovenly sick sow!
            And I also served so I KNOW he knows better than to live in such filthy environs. He is disgusting!

          2. Do you see me disagreeing? And do not insult a sow by comparing her to one. At least a sow takes care of her children.

          3. I like you your thought process 🙂

        2. I disagree, completely. Being embarrassed would mean not taking the kid out in public, showing him off to your friends, posting pictures on facebook. Being a selfish jerk would be skipping a feeding here and there because you can’t be bothered, diaper rash from being left in pissy diapers too long, infrequent bathing.
          But when a 2 1/2 year old child weighs 13 pounds, has fecal matter embedded in his skin, bed sores, and a severe skin rash, we are not talking about embarrassed, selfish jerks. We are talking about people who have no compassion or love for their helpless, special needs child.
          You say embarrassed, selfish jerks as if they are teenagers who don’t want to be seen in public with their parents, instead of two adults who left a helpless toddler alone in a disgusting hotel room, starving, and wasting away in his own filth. Oh wait… he wasn’t alone… there were cats, one of which was dead.
          No, not selfish and embarrassed… but hateful, retched, disgusting excuses for human beings. They should never be allowed to have their children back or procreate at all, for that matter.

  3. This is something I’ve been struggling with in my mind for quite sometime:

    It seems facist, but I really think that all members of vulnerable populations should have to be “seen” at least once per month. This could be by doctors, nurses, teachers, police, social workers – anyone, in fact, who works in an obligated-to-report capacity.

    That way, these kids who get “home-schooled” to death would have a chance to survive. These elderly folks being “cared for” at home would likely do better.

    If I homeschooled (wish I could, but life makes it impossible), I would not object to being visisted a couple times a month by a roaming teacher or social worker.

    Of COURSE this isn’t a silver bullet – kids and special needs folsk being “monitored” by social services die with alarming frequency of abuse/neglect. HOWEVER, I can’t imagine that the number of stories like this wouldn’t drop at least a little…

    1. I homeschool, but don’t need someone checking on me. My children don’t fall into the category of ‘vulnerable’. I have nothing to hide. We meet with a teacher every semester and turn in work. Progress is monitered on a computer which the teacher accesses. Our classroom is by a window which looks out onto our cul-de-sac and our pe is dance classes and bike-riding. We are always in public. There is a way to homeschool without flying under the radar, so to speak.

      1. There is, indeed, a “way” to homeschool without flying under the radar.

        That isn’t the problem. The problem is that there is ALSO a way to fly waywayway under the radar, and MANY of the parents of dead children here on bbnet were doing precisely that.

        There needs to be no way to fly completely under the radar so that “homeschooling” does not become a way for neglectors and abusers to do their evil without detection.

        1. I agree.

      2. There is, indeed, a “way” to homeschool without flying under the radar.

        That isn’t the problem. The problem is that there is ALSO a way to fly waywayway under the radar, and MANY of the parents of dead children here on bbnet were doing precisely that.

        There needs to be no way to fly completely under the radar so that “homeschooling” does not become a way for neglectors and abusers to do their evil without detection.

      3. Also, your kids ARE part of a “vulnerable” population – they’re kids.

        Children/Infants, the elderly, the severely disabled, and a few others groups are what are known as “vulnerable” populations. We call them “vulnerable” because, on their own, they are very easy to abuse.
        If you are 90 with dementia, or 4 years old, or have severe/profound mental retardation, it is VERY hard to defend yourself from abuse – hence, vulnerable.

        1. That’s a good point. I guess all kids (mine included) are vulnerable when put like that. I just meant that there are no disabilities like the one the poor child had in the post.

    2. I homeschool, but don’t need someone checking on me. My children don’t fall into the category of ‘vulnerable’. I have nothing to hide. We meet with a teacher every semester and turn in work. Progress is monitered on a computer which the teacher accesses. Our classroom is by a window which looks out onto our cul-de-sac and our pe is dance classes and bike-riding. We are always in public. There is a way to homeschool without flying under the radar, so to speak.

    3. It will never happen or not for a really really long time. Why? Because the American citizenry does not have the will OR the time to do the right thing. If they did they would be writing & screaming at their elected state and US representatives to do SOMETHING to ensure the safety of oue most vulnerable citizens, esp children.
      And yet, they don’t. They don’t take the time, they are too lazy to Google the e-mail addresses and send an e-mail or pick up the phone and call. They believe someone else will do it. And they are right, someone else does. I ,for one, write until they must thick I’m a total rag. But I’m just one. For anything to happen many many need to do the same and keep it up until something is done. As of now, the parents/ guardians have all the rights and CPS clearly is incompetent in many states.

  4. My opinion…. the “parents” were too selfish and lazy to do what was right by their disabled child. If they didn’t want to deal with him, they could have relinquished their rights and given him over to the state. The state would either have found a suitable foster home or a medical facility to provide care. There is no reason this child had to suffer so horribly. Hopefully, he will survive his terrible beginnings and find a kind and loving home that can help him become the best he can be.

  5. When I was researching this one her social sites came up on the list. Her myspace is actually titled “I Love My Boyz!” I saw pictures of both of these kids. All of the pictures of Elijah seemed by appearances to be when he was small. It was almost like once the new one was born he was an afterthought…

    I mean how does a parent go from loving adoration of a child to starving them and leaving them to die alone in filth!?!

    By the time I wrote it I was so angry and saddened by it all I was nuts. Cyn2 called me and he heard all about it. That’s why it reads like a rant throughout. I had to stop myself because I was starting to sound like a raving lunatic!!

    These two should be facing much more than neglect!!!

    1. I agree…it should be attempted manslaughter at the very least

    2. don’t you ever worry about sounding like a raving lunatic when it comes to something as horrific as this. How could anyone possibly research this and not come out ranting like a fucking lunatic. these people suck. I hate them for what they did to that child. I even hate them for what they did to those cats. Fuck them. we all love you!

    3. I thought the same thing as I read the article… wonder if they wished the older one gone when the new, unbroken baby came.

      You asked “I mean how does a parent go from loving adoration of a child to starving them and leaving them to die alone in filth!?!”

      I don’t think they do. On social networking sites, especially, it seems the more someone posts or says “I love my kids!!!”, “I love my husband!!!” “I love my life!!!” the more they have to hide. Whether it’s an unhappy marriage, dissatisfaction with being a parent or life the way it is, or you know, your special needs child down the hall of a motel wasting away from abuse and neglect…
      It just seems the more a person “cheerleads” about how much they love their kids/husband/life and how happy they are, the less truth there is in those statements.

      1. well, I gotta dissagree with you here but just because I post all the time on FB about how proud I am of my kids because I am proud of my kids. I post that I love them all the time because they are my heart and soul. I also post all of the time about how much I love my husband and how wonderful he is because he is wonderful and I love him more than life. But then I never beat raped or killed anyone either. I guess you just have to test a person by the fruit of their life.

        1. I did make a pretty broad statement… and based it solely on personal experience with acquaintances/friends and stories I read here and in the news.
          It isn’t fair to group everyone in the same category. But I bet you back up those statements with pictures of smiling, happy children and anecdotes of why your husband is so wonderful.
          Others, however, give me the impression that their “I love my babies” statements are nothing more than subject matter for their site.

          1. well I am a bit special :p! but I do agree that whenever we locate a myspace or FB account for prople posted about here they are always saying how much they love their kids right up to the time they get caught.

  6. the problem isn’t that homeschooling is bad its just that for people who are shitty parents to begin with “homeschooling” is too close to “NO” schooling. She looks like some fat housecat mother-out of it, dead eyes, the whole bit. What we used to call an “around the way girl” because her legs opened for any man with a c*ck and a heartbeat, if that.

    it does make me wonder WHY the kid is special needs, because if you can be that shitty of a parent AFTER the kid is born, how good a care of oneself do you think they were taking BEFOREHAND? Hmmm? fetal achohol syndrome…there are alot of birth defects that come from unmonitored pregnancy and poor in utero lifestyle choices. wish we knew in this case.

  7. So, I scoped out her myspace page. First off the dickhead isn’t Elijah’s father. You don’t see or hear anything about the bio dad. Second, she was proud of him when he was first born. You can see pictures where he’s well taken care of and loved. She had other family around and you saw he was clean and dressed. Fast forward a year. She marries fucktard, has another baby, and Elijah ceases to exist. He got older and it probably got “too hard” to care for him so they left him to die. It sickens me. I couldn’t see anything on what caused the disability in the first place but the poor thing was tiny and hooked up to all kinds of tubes from birth. Poor, poor babies.

  8. I’m a nurse case manager and I have a child right now who I’m worried sick will end up like this…He has a g-tube and is very medically fragile. DCF took him away at 1 month due to medical neglect and suspected physical abuse and he was thriving in a foster home, but she got him back in November and she has missed pretty much every single medical appointment since she regained custody. I’ve tried calling her, I’ve gone to her last known address, I’ve been up her caseworkers @ss every day, and no one seems to be able to locate her or her baby (he’s only 11 months old 🙁 ) . If you wonder how children like this fall through the cracks, this is how it happens. I have a few child abuse and neglect cases and a disproportionate number of them are kids with special needs. I can’t understand why the most vulnerable children get the brunt of the abuse, but it seems to work out that way. Anyways, I hope that Elijah gets put in a home with adoptive parents who will love him and give him the extra care and attention he needs and deserves. I would take him in a heartbeat.

    1. Wow.  Just.  Wow.  I wish there were more like you.

      1. Thanks April, and just so you and anyone who read my post knows, we were finally able to find mom and baby on Sunday. We don’t know exactly what happened to him, but he’s in the hospital in stable condition. He’s on a 72 hour hold right now and probobly going back to foster car. It’s a sad situation but at least he’s safe and we know where he is.

        I’ve been a long time lurker here and I have to say that reading about all of the tragic cases where a child falls through the cracks has compelled me to be extremely vigilant in making sure that action is taken whenever a child is at risk, so thank you for getting these stories out there-they need to be heard!

        1. Thanks for the update and thanks for the compliment.  Even more, thanks for being you.  I always feel so blessed to be in th company of such amazing people.

    2. Thank you soooooo much for caring! I <3 you for it

  9. I found this picture of Little Elijah on her MYSPACE I feel so bad for this poor little boy . I pray that he goes to a loving home and gets all the love he needs. On my moms main myspace page on top it says “I love my boyz”

  10. *On the Moms Myspace

    1. I looked at all of those pics and I don’t get it. Nice house, nice family how the hell do you go from hugging, kissing, loving like that to where they ended up. That poor little boy. He knew what it was like to have mom and dad cuddleing and smooching to being left all alone in filth to die. What must he have been thinking inthat little head……..*sob sob*

  11. It’s horrible being left to sit in this filth but I think the worst part was how scared and alone that poor baby must have felt in that room all by himself. Fucking awful.

  12. ““At this time I’m going to find probable cause and reasonable efforts to shelter these children, and I’m going to order no contact whatsoever with the parents.””


  13. Oh My,, again, that is so sad.. what a horrible way for a child to have to live! His parents need to learn that just cos he had a few extra needs, he is still a human and guaranteed basic human rights…
    I wish the parents could read this page! I wish the parents could understand that a child does NOT actually ask to be born! A child with special needs is one of the most endearing children I’ve met,.. and I’ve met a few.. they are so special and so so honest, so loving, doing anything for a hug or a smile, or even a wave.. thank god the judge took them away..
    I’ll be saying a special prayer for these kiddies tonight xx

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