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Baby Escapes Injury After Flying Out of Car


“Forest Gump”, uh…I mean Gilbert Saavedra


To start off let me say that sweet little 9 month old Alejandro Saavedra suffered only minor injuries; bumps and bruises, no thanks to his 2 incredibly stupid breeders.

On Tuesday, March 8th at approximately 2pm, the 19yr old male breeder, Gilbert Saavedra, and his 16yr old girlfriend (unidentified due to age I assume) were having a massive argument at their Winton, CA apartment. Neighbors report that this is a regular occurrence even though sperm donor no longer lives at the apartment he is still a regular visitor there. They continued to argue as they headed outside where   they threw (and I don’t mean placed) their son, strapped in his car seat into the back seat of their Mercedes and then both got into the front seat. While still screaming at each other they took off down the street at a high rate of speed (approx 50 MPH on a residential street) and while rounding a corner the back doors flew open and little Alejandro, still strapped in his unsecured car seat fell out of the car and rolled several times before striking the curb.  “Mom” and “dad” immediately stopped the car. Did they check to see if the baby was ok? Did they call 911 or ask someone else to? Nope! The 16yr old worthless uterus didn’t even get out of the car. Saavedra however did jump out of the car, grabbed the baby still in his car seat and again threw him back into the backseat leaving him unsecured again, and took off down the street.

“It was just another despicable display of parenting skills. They basically threw the baby in the back of the car like a sack of potatoes,” explained Mark Pazin, Merced Co. Sheriff. Amen to that!

Witnesses called 911 and gave officers a description of the car and details about what had happened. The police located the car approximately 90 minutes later. At the hospital right? Where they had rushed their baby to check to make sure he wasn’t injured? No, again! They were located driving down the street with the baby, still unsecured in the back of the car. Officers took the baby from them, and although he didn’t appear to be hurt, they rushed him to the hospital to make certain that he wasn’t injured. CPS was called and they took custody of the child. Both the sperm contributor and the sperm receptacle were arrested and charged with felony child endangerment. Gilbert was sent to big boy jail on $50, 000 bail and teenybopper was questioned by CPS where she proceeded to assault the CPS investigator. She was sent to Juvy with additional charges for assault. She was originally being held without bail but according to her sister she has since been released.

The 16yr old mother’s sister, Cecelia Sanchez said, “She’s a good mom, she’s always there for him and everything. But when it comes to her boyfriend, everything revolves around him,” Now I don’t know if she means that the mom is a good mom unless she’s with the boyfriend because then everything revolves around him and the baby doesn’t matter, or, if she means that Gilbert thinks everything revolves around him and the baby doesn’t matter but either way no one had this little boys best interest at heart when they placed him, unsecured, in a speeding car with the doors unlocked not once but twice even though the first time he fell out and could have been killed.

These two are not only too young to be having babies; they are too stupid to be having babies. I mean really, they can afford a Mercedes but they can’t afford one good brain between them. I hope they both spend enough time in jail or juvy as the case may be to grow up and learn how to be responsible parents before they have any more. I also hope that CPS does not return this child to either of them. I think they have placed his life in jeopardy more than enough times, he deserves better.


Baby Alejandro Saavedra, Alive and well in CPS custody. I’ll be praying for you little guy.



Thanks to Alissa for the tip.


***Special Thanks to Abusehater for the write up!***

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  1. I need the use of an old Ford pickup, a spare bucket seat, about 20 feet of rope, and a really bumpy off road trail….naturally I would prefer the owner of the truck have full coverage, as you never know what can happen at high speeds.

  2. So glad he’s alright!!

    BTW I think your stupid duo beats my dumbass defender for the moronic awards!!

  3. what a cutie!

    1. He is such a cutie. He seems to be another like both my boys (only mine were both blondies, with a full head of hair at birth), with such beautiful long hair as a baby, that you think he should have been a little girl so you could put it up in little ponytails and stuff. He looks like a sweet little guy too. I just want to give him a cuddle. thank goodness someone had the sense to strap him into his carseat, although he could have still hurt his neck when he flew out.

      And while he got daddy’s hair and eye color, he must look like his mama.

  4. i’m so glad he’s okay. and i think it’s crazy when ppl say, ‘oh, she’s such a good mom except when…’ there’s not exceptions to being a good enough parent.

  5. You know what’s going to happen right? They are going to get suspended sentences, ordered to attend parenting classes (and mommy maybe anger management classes) and they’ll get the baby back. The car seat probably saved his life when he went flying. Hooray for car seats – thank goodness they had enough common sense to put him in one in the first place, or we may have been reading about a dead baby.

    This is why children shouldn’t have children. Most 16-yr olds are incapable of controlling their emotions (did you know most teenagers, when profiled, profile as sociapaths?). I’m not saying all of them are like this, there are certainly some stellar teen parents … but it seems the majority of the cases we read about on here are young parents who are unable to control their emotions.

    1. Unfortunately, your probably right. That is one of the things that irks me most about these situations. They keep giving the babies back to these morons until they are either fuck up for life or killed.

      Personally, I think it should be a one shot deal. The first time you do something to harm, endanger, or neglect a child you should lose that child!! I also believe depending on the circumstances the “parents” should be forcibly sterilized. At the very least if it’s a young person, like this situation, force her to get the implant or depo shot something to try and prevent more kids since it’s obvious she can’t control herself!!

  6. Jesus this guy looks like an inbred. How does a retarded moron like this get a Mercedes? Gee, let me guess – maybe from his job as an engineer or something. Not.

  7. We

    For cryin’ out loud, don’t they make sure that they teach parents how to properly use child safety restraints before they even allow them to leave the hospital with their babies anymore? I know they did with both of mine… even the second one, and even though they went through all the steps with us for our first at the same hospital.

    Thank goodness little Alejandro is OK! Such a sweet looking little guy.

    Selfish gits. >:-( I hope they don’t get this little sweet pea back… he might not be so lucky next time.

  8. That guy’s eyes are so close together, you couldn’t get a bullet between them. Unfortunately.

    1. I was going to say he looks a bit cross-eyed… FAS, maybe?

    2. I am out of practice but I would be happy to take the shot.

      1. I’d be happy to pay for bullets.

  9. I don’t require “between.” “Through” is just fine.

  10. sod the bullets ill inject them both with whatever it is they use in lethal injections

    1. Yeah, but drugs are so expensive… bullets are cheap.

      1. Rope.  You can use it over and over again.

        1. Just make sure it’s not getting frayed… wouldn’t want the damned thing to

          1. Thick leather strapps.  They just won’t burn as much a leather.

          2. Really, with hanging, what we want is a short drop and a strong rope.

            See, too long a drop, and he dies quickly.

          3. I kinda like the idea of stabbing a vital organ and letting them bleed out.

          4. Fuck.  I just woke up.  Leather won’t burn as much a rope.

          5. Sorry for the double post but to improve on the leather straps idea-wet rawhide and a hot summer day. I am sure you can use your imagination. >8)

          6. Double ppost away.  I ♥ you.

          7. Actually, hemp rope is really strong. It’s what they use on ships (or used
            to do) if I’m not mistaken.

          8. You are correct-hemp is one of THE strongest fibers known-its use in shipping has to do with its ability to withstand rot-but there are also a number of synthetic ropes which are good. Hemp is also the cheapest and most natural material for its strength ratio(I’m an Eagle scout if you’re wondering why I know this).

            all that aside, has anyone noticed how our boy Gilbert has all the classic signs of fetal alcohol babies?

          9. YES! I did notice… his eyes are way too close together. It’s a wonder
            that beautiful Alejandro sprung from those loins.

  11. I’m pretty good with a bow, and arrows are cheap.

  12. O.k. so I guess I have to expand on the rawhide strip idea. See what you do is you take some rawhide, wet and stretch the strips, and then tie it around something until it dries. As the rawhide dries, it will shrink dramatically, crushing whatever it is tied around. As you can imagine this is only limited the amount of rawhide you have on hand, and the speed of drying is limited by the heat and relative humidity of the surrounding area. So yes in theory you could tie a rawhide strip around someones head and it would slowly crush their cranium. My guesstimate is at 70 F and 10%-20% humidity it could take about 3 days to fully dry.

    Now use your imagination.

    1. Uh… HELLO! This was my whole argument when OJ tried on the glove. Of
      course that shit didn’t fit, it was blood-soaked, then dried. It probably
      shrank to about 3/4 the size it had previously been.

      Native Americans used to do that with their moccasins… wet them, then wear
      them until they were dry. Got a perfect fit every time.

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