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“Mummy and Daddy are asleep.” A Murder/Suicide with a Twist…

Mother Murdered in Front of the Kids

Father Killed Wife then Himself:  Leaving Kids Alone w/Bodies

Barry Harrison

34 year old Amanda Harrison was murdered in front of her two young sons.  5 year old Aiden and 3 year old Owen were in the home alone for 24-48 hours.

47 year old Barry Harrison is believed to have strangled his wife with a piece of washing line.  He was found in the bedroom with her where he had taken an overdose and hung himself.

A family friend had tried to contact Amanda by phone, became worried and contacted her sister, who was also the apartment manager, and asked her to check on the family.

Pat Cannon knocked on the door and Aiden answered saying “Hi Pat.”  She asked where his parents were and his response was “We can’t wake Mummy and Daddy up.”  He said, “Mummy is lying down and Daddy is asleep standing up.”

Aiden later also demonstrated how his father attacked his mother.  He reenacted his father grabbing the mother by the throat and her trying to push him off.  “Daddy had blood on his face.”

According to police the apartment was in disarray.  “There was a lot of mess on the floor of the whole flat, in the kitchen area the fridge was open, there was a red substance smeared on the dining table which looked like jam, a white substance on the floor of the kitchen, a bleach bottle lying on its side, bits of biscuits lying on the carpet.”

“Foodstuffs were scattered and smeared over the floors and furniture and the lower shelves of the fridge had been cleared and emptied.”

”The children told me they had been making potions and having fun. The children appeared happy and had been playing.”

According to reports, Barry had lost his job, due to the plant shutting down, and the couple was struggling in a mountain of debt.  They lost their house and had been having marital issues due to financial strain.

Barry Harrison’s first marriage ended because of an affair his first wife had and he was terrified it was happening again.  The couple had decided to take a 3 week break.  He went to stay with his sister and her and the kids stayed with a friend.

Stacey Harrison, Barry’s daughter from his first marriage, told the inquest that when her father left to return home he had been “on edge”. “He seemed to have made his mind up,” she said. “He said he wasn’t sure if he could cope with losing the boys in the same way he had lost me and Lee.”

Amanda confided in a friend that she was in a relationship with 19 year old Alex Harmer-Wood, a fact that he denies.  He says they went out for drinks and he was no longer interested because of her age and marital status.  He has said she had become obsessed with him though.

During their time apart, Amanda Harrison allowed Alex Harmer-Wood and his girlfriend to stay at their home, but her husband found the young couple in his bed. The following day was the last time the Harrisons were seen alive.

R.I.P. Amanda

-Rant On-

The only good thing about this story is he didn’t touch those boys!  The bad thing is it seems he didn’t think of them at all!!

How do you plan to leave your children on their own in an apartment with their dead parents?!?  Why not send them to a neighbor’s or if it’s that urgent call the authorities before you kill yourself!!  Hell, leaving them outside would be a better alternative!!!

I was very hesitant to say this and had a lot of issues writing this story until a friend helped me out.

Barry Harrison is just another selfish SOB that placed his feelings and/or dick in front of his kids!  I am sorry for his family and the loss, but it’s obvious those boys and their well-being never entered his mind!  It was all about the woman that was going to leave him!

People cope with money problems and infidelity everyday.  Cowboy the Fuck Up and deal with it it’s not the end of the world!!

At the same time I’m thankful his thoughts didn’t stray to his sons.  That’s probably why they are still alive!

Thankfully, the boys didn’t realize what had happened!  Hopefully, their little minds will completely block all memory of the event!!  There are so many things that could have happened to make this story more tragic!

-Rant Over-


Thanks for the tip goes to Emilie!


**A special thanks goes to Abusehater for the virtual kick in the ass I needed on this one!!  I Love You, Girlie!!**

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