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Total Miss in Mississippi

Father charged in sexual abuse of toddler daughter

Father sexually abused 3-year-old daughter givers her STDs

Jake Jerome Bias is a child raping piece of shit who will only serve 15 years for what he did to his little girl. He will also have 3 years of probation and will now be registered as a low risk sex offender. Because of the nature of his crime he will also receive a cozy cell by himself. Now my thoughts of bubba taking care of him are completely shot to hell.
Unfortunately the girl’s mother seems to be the ONLY one who has the child’s best interest. We can only hope for the best.
Jake’s father Terry Banks had the nerve to say if his son did what he pleaded guilty to, he doesn’t believe he intentionally committed the crime. He said his son has a drinking habit.

“He has never done something like that,” Banks said. “I know he loved the child and kept the child all the time.”
In October the child’s mother took her 3 year old little girl to the hospital when she noticed a discharge from her vagina. The hospital determined that the little girl had Chlamydia and Gonorrhea. What the fuck.
Jake Bias, the father, was questioned and at first he claimed didn’t touch the child. He later changed his story to say that the little girl climbed on top of him and he accidentally penetrated her. That’s right; he claimed his 3 year old daughter had raped him.
He later said that he was drinking one night and mistook the little girl for an adult and raped her….. so he really meant to rape an adult? I guess this version is good enough since Jake seems to be incapable of telling the truth.
The mother of the child begged for a tougher sentence which the judge ignored. Jake will be out before the child turns 19. That makes me sick. The judge in this case is Tommie Green. I hope everyone writes judge a nice Thank you note for a job well done.
I have been searching somewhat and haven’t found what Jake was arrested for previously however he is referred to as a repeat offender. Yes this piece of shit has a criminal history. There are teenagers sitting in prison for life, rightfully so I will add, for a lesser crime. Yet a child raping worthless excuse for a human being like him, who shows intent and no remorse, will be out roaming around the streets in 15 years?? Bloody hell. They could have at least thrown him into General population!!
I am just going to add that Chlamydia can contribute to a host of health issues in adults with long term effects. Chlamydia can cause scarring, infertility as well as PID which is painful. If it is not treated quickly enough these health issues can typically last for the rest of your life. Who knows what effects this will have on a 3 year old’s little body. Disgusting.
I am just happy to hear for once that a mother is doing the right thing finally. The justice system in Mississippi is not, but she is. I hope she moves to Texas.


Thanks to Heather for the tip.


**Special Thanks to itsmesg2003 for the write-up, I can say beyond a shadow of a doubt there is no way I could have stomached it.**


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  1. First let me say that I commend this mother not only for fighting for her daughter and tougher sentence but also for allowing the law to handle this because I’d kill this mother fucker with my bare hands and laugh the entire time, I tortured him. They’d have to find his body parts to convict me or him. Just Sayin’

    What a travesty to this little girl, his sentence gives her no justice, it is slap on the wrist for what her “father” did that altered her life FOREVER! He’s a low risk sex offender… really?? It’s good to know men who rape babies are considered “low risk” in Mississippi, we know where they are going to run to now, don’t we!

  2. Mistakes can happen in fifteen years. Sometimes the guards forget to lock the doors, or so I hear.

  3. That is really awful. Some way, some how, he and the worthless judge will get what they have coming to them. Just what in the hell is wrong with people that they feel it’s ok to fuck up these childrens lives and make some lame excuse?

    1. I’m sorry but you let a child rapist plea to STATUTORY RAPE!! that’s an insult to the 3 yr old that was raped by her father. and to the mother of this poor child. You should be ashamed of yourself, i hope you don’t sleep well!

      Very sad!

      that is my email to this sorry excuse for a judge!


    here’s Tomie’s email address i say we all email her..and yes it’s a her .. can’t even believe that she would let him plead to STATUTORY RAPE…that’s bullshit

    1. OMG are you shittin me?  It’s a her?  That makes it even freakin worse!


  5. Rape a toddler and do fifteen years? Seriously?

    That judge must be the dumbest bitch on two legs.

  6. I just sent her an e-mail, would have love to call her names, but I sent it from my military e-mail account, so I had to hold my tongue.

  7. Oh god, I live nearby this sickfuck. I could even drive to his damn house.
    This story was horrifying. Excuse me while I empty the contents of my stomach.

  8. Actually, I’m impressed with the plea and the sentencing. I work in CPS and often law enforcement does NOTHING!! No charges at all. If you look at he sex offender registry, you’ll see that most plea to indecent liberties and get very little if any jail time. So, I’m impressed he actually got 15 years, though he probably won’t serve all of them.

    Also, quit talking about how great Texas is!!! They are just as bad as other states. My friend’s niece has been involved with DSS since she was BORN! She is now 5yo and has been placed outside of the home more than she has been in the home. She was removed at 3 days old, returned at 18 months old, DSS been involved all her life except for a few weeks here and there. They became involved in March 2007 and after nearly a year of involvement, my friend was finally given custody. She had her for several months, was returned to the mother, and 30 days later removed again. Yet DSS still refused to terminate their parental rights and allow my friend to adopt. Not only that, but they made my friend monitor 9 phone calls per week when the child was only 3 yo, got angry with my friend if she didn’t repeatedly attempt to ensure the calls were convenient to the different family members (3 to dad, 3 to mom, and 3 to half-brothers that lived with their dad). She would have to hunt these ppl down to make the calls or the judge would threaten to take Kaitlyn from her. The mother was substantiated for child abuse due to her meth use and cannot be unsupervised with her boys, yet the court lets her and the father have unsupervised weekend visits with Kaitlyn. The parents have both been addicted to meth for 30+ years and often relapse, only to get clean only when DSS is involved. Yet they call them a success. Not only did they not terminate their rights, but they tried to send the child back home. After my friend had the child for 2 1/2 years, they attempted to say my friend couldn’t financially support her. She had been taking care of her for 2 1/2 years!! They also tried to suddenly accuse my friend of drug use (THC), which she had already voluntarily gotten a drug test she paid for herself. Not only was she taking care of Kaitlyn and paying for the daycare herself, but she had to hire her own attorney b/c DSS was that bad. And this has been going on not in one but mulitple counties in Texas throughout this child’s life. The parents make stupid reports on my friend (who has a 15yo of her own and never been involved with DSS or illegal activity) and DSS will make my friend take time off work to attend CFT meetings that are pointless, especially since there is a court order in place that cannot be changed! They are a joke and poor Kaitlyn in stuck in the middle. What’s worse is that my friend is so fed up she’s about ready to just let DSS send Kaitlyn back home and hope she has instilled what is necessary for Kaitlyn to transcend whatever comes her way. When she makes reports about issues (during visits Kaitlyn has seen DV incidents again, been without electricity, and was burned on hand by cigarette), my friend is asked “what proof do you have” and “we can’t do anything without proof.” I’m embarrassed to be classified as a CPS worker after what Texas has done with this poor child.

    FYI, all reports in Texas are sent to law enforcement, so just b/c they mention LE is involved doesn’t mean anything in Texas!

    1. This is not impressive. It’s an insult to victims and a travesty of justice. I’m well aware that for every incident that is reported and prosecuted, there are countless others that are never discovered however, that fact does not make this okay. For the simple reason that there are so few cases which are prosecuted, this judge should have used the opportunity to do everything she could to do justice for not only this little girl but for all the other victims who have never had the chance to be heard.

      DCFS in all states is a damn joke. Granted, a lot of their ineffectiveness is due to politics and laws which are meant to protect the rights of the abusers, not the victims but that’s not the only problem. There are lazy, useless wastes of oxygen who are responsible for protecting and serving these children who choose to take long lunches then forge paperwork regarding their daily whereabouts rather than actually doing their jobs. There are pathetic little worms who live next door to these children and choose to do nothing because they would rather not upset the neighborhood status quo than make a phone call to help an innocent child. Clearly the system is broken but it’s broken in all state just some more than others.

      1. Well said!


  9. Sorry to ramble on but I forgot a few points. DSS did not give my friend custody, they “placed the child” with her and she had to hire her own attorney to actually get custody. Then DSS closed their case before the court case was even finished: DSS initiated the court case! The judge ended up ruling that my friend could have the parents submit to random drug tests, but she had to hand deliver the request to the parents, get them to sign that they received the request, and she has to pay for the tests! They repeatedly refused drug tests by DSS and/or “forgot” where to go, or “accidentally” went to the wrong place and therefore missed their drug tests when DSS was involved. There have been multiple arrests for DV between the parents and even when the parents were together, they would make CPS reports on each other often. The mom went to court one time re: a car wreck she caused and had meth in her purse while DSS was invovled but Kaitlyn wasn’t even removed that time amd their case was “unfounded.” The parents also have already taught this child not to talk about what happens at the house. So if you start to question her when she’s talking, she will shut down and refuse to tell you anything else. You have to just wait for her to come forth with the information. There have been reports of her being unsupervised in the apartment complex, some when she was as young as 2yo, not being properly fed, DV, etc. (some from ppl other than my friend). When she goes for extended visits (yes, DSS/court allows this child to stay with parents during spring break, a week in summer, and a week at christmas), she comes home having lost several pounds and extremely hungry. The parents were ordered to pay $50/month in child support but have never paid anything, never buy Kaitlyn anything, and have NEVER even given Kaitlyn a birthday party. Even before my friend got custody, if she didn’t give Kaitlyn a party and buy her presents, Kaitlyn wouldn’t have had anything.

    These parents are so violent that for years before Kaitlyn was born and then after she was born, my friend wouldn’t even let her own brother know where she lived. They are crazy and unstable people and my friend couldn’t be a better mother if she tried. When Kaitlyn was first removed at 3 days old, the family declined placement b/c they thought it was in her best interest for the parents not to know where she was living! They were willing to let go of their own niece/granddaughter for her own safety, only to have DSS place her back home, until they needed to remove her again. My friend also found out during the court case that on one of two other occassions between this child being returned at 18 mo and removed again around 2 1/2 that DSS had tried to get the parents to place her outside the home before but the parents refused and so DSS didn’t pursue it! One time when Kaitlyn was little they engaged in sexual activites with Kailtyn in the room!

    Texas may not be scared to use the death penalty but they are apparenlty scared to take innocent children away from drug addicted IV users, sorry ass parents that get into violent fights and use METH with Kaitlyn present!

    1. I don’t think anyone here thinks Texas is great for anything other than the DP.  I can attest to how horrible Child Services and Adult Protective Services are in Texas.  A complete failure.  But that pretty much is standard nation wide.

      1. Holy Shit thanks April I was just going to say that. Texas rocks because if you kill someone they kill you back.

  10. There’s nothing impressive here.

    Veneral disease strains are very distinctive, so the prosecution had this bastard dead to rights. They didn’t need him to plead and shouldn’t have allowed him to plead. He should have been tried and convicted of the most serious charges possible and then sentenced to the max. The judge should have sentenced him to the max in any case, but I guess she’s using her skull to store old rags or something.

    This sentence is a middle finger to all abuse victims.

  11. I am so sorry this happened to this little girl.Little girls are supposed to be daddys princess.A father is supposed to protect his daughter from monsters such as his self..At least mom begged for a longer jail sentence, insted of a shorter jail sentence considerating mothers on this site has done or known about the abuse

  12. And good ol’ Tommie Green is a woman! WTF?

  13. Something I cannot wrap my head around is if you have at least a pair of shorts on how do you “accidentally penetrate” anyone, much less a 3 year old? It’s all good though man, because i have a feeling Bubba is gonna “accidentally penetrate” your ass, assuming someone doesn’t make you have an “accident” before then.

  14. I’ve heard the “accidentally” story before too in my CPS practice. I had one man “accidentally digitally penetrate” a sleeping girl after he rolled his wheelchair over there and started fondling her. I had another man say he fell on a kid coming out of the bathroom (which is why he was naked) and that when he fell, his penis accidentally slid into her vagina! REALLY!

    I’ve also heard similar stories about accidents that caused the parent and/or their newborn to test positive for drugs. My favorite was when a lady said the reason her child was cocaine positive at birth was b/c the mom had had sex with a man that uses crack the day she delivered.

    With all these wayward penises running away and drugs seeping through skin to skin contact, we need better public service announcements for protection.

  15. Thats my
    uncle and he makes mistakes like you guys will

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