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Brothers found imprisoned in bedrooms

Minnesota couple accused of chaining up kids and withholding food

As I write this I am at work,am I happy about it?  No, but I do it for my children, to provide them the things in life they need and the extras I want them to have.  I can say without a doubt that there is NOTHING I would not give or give up for my children to have the things they need.  Sadly that is not the case with our next set of Bad Breeders.


Meet Brian Miller (33) and his not-so-lovely wife Charity Miller (26); do they appear to be malnourished in any way?  No.  Well that would not be the case for their two sons 8 and 5-years-old.  After a staff member of the youngest Miller boy’s school alerted authorities, a check was made of the household.  We all know where this is going don’t we?


Mr. and Mrs. Miller were found to imprisoning their two sons in their bedrooms and depriving them of food, only allowing them out to attend school.  The 5-year-old was getting the worst of it; he was chained by his ankle to a crib day and night.  He was unable to free himself to go to the bathroom, his entire roomed smelled of urine.  The crib had no mattress, it was found leaning against the wall because, according to mom, he picked at the cover and ripped it.  Well shit… he ripped the mattress, what freakin difference does that make when he is forced to piss on the floor.  Not to mention you had him freakin chained to the bed. What fuck else was supposed to do to entertain himself?


The boys told the investigators they were often hungry, hence the foot long metal chain and padlock around the little guy’s ankle.  Mom indicated the chain was to prevent them from getting into things, but it is apparent it was to keep them from getting into the food.   The 5-year-old told police the chain “gets real tight” and hurts a lot, his brother said he would hear him crying every night and that he too used to be chained to his bed, until he learned to stop getting up to look for food.  Aww, that makes me so sad.


Charity, A NURSE, told police she knew it was wrong to chain her son to his bed.  She knew it was wrong but did it anyways not just to one son but both.


Both boys, small for their ages possibly due to malnourishment, are in protective custody.  Their parents were charged with seven counts of child abuse, child neglect, malicious punishment of a child and false imprisonment.  Mr. and Mrs. Miller are both free after posting a $50,000 bond each.

Thanks to Sarah T. for the tip.



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  1. why do the parents always look well fed? Damn I got into things as a kid-kids do that ya know-but it never meant I was locked up with chains to my bed. wtf? he should have the crap knocked out of him for that ridiculous facial hair.

  2. A nurse?!? A FUCKING NURSE!!!! What the hell is wrong with this evil sow?!?

    I don’t understand this at all. When I’m around a baby or child my first instinct is to feed them! Always has been…

  3. There are so many things wrong with this I can’t even name them all but I will touch on the two that piss me off the most….

    First of all why does anyone think it’s ok to do the withholding food thing? I mean Children are children……as long as you feed your kid when they are hungry and they are not grossly obese then FEED them! These asshole look like they should have been chained to the bed so they didn’t eat since they are looking MORE than healthy.

    The second thing is I know that most medicsal and school officials are REQUIRED by law to report suspected abuse, but this bitch chooses to abuse. I can’t imagine ever doing this to any child let alone my children. I have been reading this for awhile now and I don’t get how anyone ever thinks this is ok. And for the bullshit plea of “oh woe is me, I was abused as a kid” is so much bullshit. As an “abused child” I vowed that I would never ever treat my children like my mother and her c*ck plugs acted with me EVER! So this is just mind boggling, and thank God for the official that called the cops on these fuckers and may they rot in hell with a demon depriving them of food for eternity (yeah I might be a bit twisted but for the people that deserve it I can come up with some pretty creative punishments)……

    1. Twisted is good here. These people who abuse and murder children deserve nothing but cruel and twisted punishments.

  4. Of all the horrible things that are done to the children mentioned on this site,for some reason,the starving gets me the worst. Maybe because it’s the most basic thing you can do for your child. I’d love to see all the food witholding parents on this site go without food for as long as possible without killing them,and then see how they feel.

  5. and people ask me why i didn’t wanna have my baby in the hospital…

    i realize that parenting can be trying but isn’t it better to FEED your kids and make sure they sleep soundly, ie don’t have to get up at night to wonder around??? i don’t try chaining up a child is a good solution, needless to say… these ppl are fucking IDIOTS!!

  6. I can’t understand how anyone can do things like this! Common sense would tell you that if you don’t want your kids up at night then feed them a filling nutritious meal, bathe them, love on them so they feel safe, and then they go to bed happy so they don’t have nightmares or get up looking for food! As parents we all have bad days, we all have screamed into a pillow and wanted to pull our hair out a time or two, but who in the WORLD makes the rationalization that chaining a child to a bed ALL DAY AND NIGHT is ok??!!! I treat my dogs better than these people treated their own sons and that absolutely breaks my heart… I hope that their foster parents can give them the love and security to know that nothing was their fault and that they are loved and wanted. I just want to hug them and never let them go!

  7. A nurse?! Maybe she should take care of her own and be “charitable” and live up to her name.

  8. What is really sad is to read is the child’s comments. He seems to explain it so calmly. They have probably been living like this their whole lives that they really don’t know what it’s like to be a normal kid living in a loving home where they can get up out of bed and use the bathroom or grab a couple cookies from the pantry. How sad. I hope they get to experience how great that is.

  9. What is really sad is to read is the child’s comments. He seems to explain it so calmly. They have probably been living like this their whole lives that they really don’t know what it’s like to be a normal kid living in a loving home where they can get up out of bed and use the bathroom or grab a couple cookies from the pantry. How sad. I hope they get to experience how great that is.

  10. What amazes me is these two asswads are affluent enough to post a combined $100,000 bond but they couldn’t spend 50 cents a day to even give these poor kids 3 packs of ramen noodles a day. Fucking useless.

  11. these ass wipes got 1 year (yes that’s it) and 2 years supervised probation and they were able to maintain their parental rights.  Seriously… wow!

    1. Thanks for the update.

    1. I know I had read that somewhere…. can you freakin believe that shit?

      1. Dammit.  What is wrong with the courts??  Don’t they have the blood of enough children on their hands?  Fuck me.

  12. There is a hearing is progress to terminate parental rights right now.   A licensed clinical counselor reports that neither parent understands what they did wrong and that “Mom” exhibits psychopathic traits.  Please join me in praying that their rights are terminated!

  13. Decision postponed until March.  Judge is going on vacation.

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