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30 year old Anthony Walker and 22 year old Adrienne Haslam-Tatti decided to go for a midnight stroll.  Now, normally this wouldn’t land them on BB but when they took their walk they left their 18 month old son, Dillon Walker, in his crib alone.

Justin Stevens, the downstairs neighbor, told police he was brushing his teeth when he smelled smoke.  After searching his home he went outside and saw an orange glow coming from his neighbor’s suite on the second level.

He kicked the door in and saw fire coming from the oven.  He tried to put it out with water and when that didn’t work he ran from room to room to see if anyone was there.  He searched the living room and a bedroom but unfortunately couldn’t get to the bedroom Dillon was in because the smoke was too thick.

Canadian police and fire department received 3 emergency calls of a home burning and within 9 minutes were at the scene.   When they got there the second floor was fully engulfed in flames.  The intense heat and flames prevented firefighters from entering at first.  Eventually, they got the flames controlled and were able to get inside to find the baby dead in his crib.

While emergency workers were trying to get close to the home the bio-parents showed back up.  Haslam-Tatti immediately started screaming her baby was in there while Walker was yelling, “We just went for a walk.  Our gas was shut off.  We use the stove for heat.”  He said the gas had been shut off 2 days prior and they were using an oil heater, 2 small heaters, and the oven for heat.  He told police they were only gone 10 to 15 minutes.

Emergency workers arrived at 1:43 am, 9 minutes before that were the 911 calls so it was first reported at about 1:34.  According to reports the parents showed up on the scene at 2:05 am and were uncooperative and wouldn’t give the police their names.  So that’s about 30 minutes that we know the home was burning.  The neighbors didn’t notice it until it was already too late to save little Dillon.  So who knows how long these two were actually gone!!

Police now say that their midnight stroll was in fact a drug deal and that these two were the dealers!!  Neighbors told investigators that Walker “dealt numerous kinds of illegal drugs to people in the community.”

The two are being investigated for criminal negligence causing death, failure to provide necessities and child abandonment according to a search warrant.

They have another child who fortunately wasn’t in the home the night of the fire!!


Rant On:

I don’t know much about Canadian law but why the hell haven’t these two been arrested??  They left an 18 month old baby alone!!  Regardless of anything else that alone should land their worthless, negligent asses in jail!!

I don’t care if it was 10-15 minutes, which I don’t believe for one fucking minute, their actions cost this baby his life!!  They might as well have set the fire themselves!

Why did it take both of them to make a fucking drug deal!?!  If one of them had stayed with that baby this wouldn’t be an issue right now!!!

BTW, what kind of drug dealer doesn’t make enough money to pay his fucking utility bills!?!  Makes me wonder if they weren’t using up all the profit to feed habits of their own!

True justice would find both of these useless bastards burned alive!!!

Rant Over


R.I.P. Dillon



Thanks go to Connor for the tip.

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  1. Split Second Blur

     I think setting this c***s vagina on fire, and ramming a sharp, jagged object up the ass of the “Father” sans lube really is an appropriate punishment that Canada should explore. – But of course they won’t because Canada is about as weak as Bin Ladens dick when it comes to actually punishing criminals.

    I mean Jesus, what is that aboot anyways ? Oi.

    1.  I know this is serious, but that last bit about Bin Laden was fucking hilarious!

      1. Split Second Blur

         Kae Lily,

        I’ve got a really warped sense of humor. Some people appreciate it, and others are always offended. – I said a few days ago that there are sometimes so few laughs to have on this site, but hopefully I gave you a good giggle. It’s needed around these parts I think.   🙂

        1.  We need a little laughter on here!  These cases are so tragic if we didn’t have something to laugh at every now and then we’d lose our minds!!

  2.  OMFG this story happened a little close to home 🙁
    it was awfully suspicious of both parents to go out, and the “dad” to show no emotion at the scene… 

  3. Doesn’t bin Laden have like 39 kids?  He may be a murdering bastard but I’m pretty sure his dick was, uh, in fine working order before he got shot in the eye.

  4. Split Second Blur

     Well, I meant AFTER he got his ass smoked.

    Man…I really don’t want to think about his dick. I’m enjoying a fine cup of coffee right now.   🙂

  5. i knew the family and the parents had just got the kids back because they were in rehab, THEY NEVER SHOULD HAVE GOT THEM BACK the terms for getting dillon and quinton (there other boy) were they had to finish rehab and be clean for 1 year, they got kicked out of rehab and got there kids back 3 months later, quinton was 3 and didnt talk or eat properly because he was depressed and abused,  i belive they did set the house on fire, what are the odds that the younger (and not anthonys bio-son, the mother told us this by accident) and more neglected child was home and the older bio child wasnt?

  6. Daddy dick head paid us a visit. Googling your name because you know you’re a douche must suck ass.

    Email from Anthony Walker:

    “You know you must have a pretty pethetic life to talk about people you dont evan know me and my wife loved dillon with all are hearts and were not drug dealers either you should get uour facts straight”

    1. Ugh. I hate the “You don’t even know me. Get your facts straight,” crap. I had to revisit this story to refresh my memory. I then realized that this is one of those that I can’t make it all the way through. 

      Daddy dearest just feels guilty and can’t face the fucking music from strangers. Hope that’s the last we hear from him, but I doubt it. 

      1. Naw. Let the pathetic sack of shit come back. I can use a giggle right now.

        1. I could use that too right now. Sorry if others will wind up with this now too, but after reading the first little bit of this write-up, I can now only hear in my mind what would be that poor little boy screaming in pain and fear for his life until…the end. Breaks my heart and makes me teary eyed. 

          1. But…. But….. His whore was a good mother and you don’t know all the facts.

          2. Don’t forget the part about the media lying. 

          3. No I didn’t. I just try not to be too long winded when I’m being a smart ass.

          4. Hmm, long-winded smart ass, wasn’t that my title for awhile!?!

            As for the moron’s email not only is he an uncaring, neglectful, baby killing prick he’s a coward to boot! 

            As the author of this particular write-up if you take exception with it’s content you really need to address me on this thread and not email the tip line about it with vague complaints we’ve all heard a million times before… 

            Cowboy up and grow a pair Mr. Walker!!!

          5. Gawd damn I miss you.

          6. Too stupid to address anyone in particular. I love these dummies.

          7. Oh crap, that’s right! Thanks for reminding me! 

        2. If he really wants to come back I’d love for it to be as a registered user. That’d be awesome instead of this e-mail crap. lol. That way we can all get a taste. 

    2. Why can these cretins never spell anything right?

      1. Got me. To busy thinking up way to murder their kids and lies to cover it it.

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