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The Fuckers Leave Their Babies Alone to Get Methadone


Couple Accused of Leaving Preschoolers Alone in Tent

Two Kids Left to Fend for Selves While Parents go to Methadone Clinic

Girls Desperate for Food and Water After Being Left by Parents


When 26 year old Kathy Lee Tucker and 25 year old Mark David Tucker left their home May 9th, I’m sure they didn’t think they’d be sitting in jail later that day.

It seems when the moronic couple hopped in a transport van heading to a Gainesville methadone clinic, they were so looking forward to their methadone fix they thought the family dog was the perfect baby sitter for their 3 and 4 year old little girls!

All of this came to the attention of investigators when a woman who knows them and takes the same transport van asked them about their kids.  They told her the 5 year old was at school and that the 3 and 4 year olds had remained at the tent the family was living in…  I’m sorry but 3 and 4 year olds don’t remain anywhere…  They get left!!  Fucking idiots!!

She said she noticed the brain-dead duo weren’t lining up for the ride back from the methadone clinic.  They then informed her that they were planning on returning home later after they sold their plasma.  Seriously??  They actually pay addicts for blood products?!?  WTF?!?

The witness then convinced the van driver to take her to the place he picked the dipshits up.  She found the babies wandering around the woods in their pajamas dirty, hungry, and thirsty and one had lost a shoe.  She then went to the tent and found there wasn’t any food or water left for the girls.  She took them to her home, fed them, gave them something to drink, and called deputies!  Bravo Madam, Bravo!!!

Deputy Hanlon found the tent behind a trailer that was undergoing repairs but had running water and electricity.

The deputy also spoke with 2 of the kids grandparents.  They told him the 2 worthless slugs would sometimes drop the kids off without their knowledge.  One said they told the couple they were unable to care for the girls due to health issues.  A grandparent also said the idiots have left the babies alone before while they went to the methadone clinic!!

The Fuckers have been charged with child neglect.

All 3 children have been placed with a relative.  Thankfully, all were safe and not hurt!


Rant On:

How does a person think that trading one addiction for another is helpful??  I don’t care if methadone is legal and handed out like fucking candy it’s still a fucking drug!!

I’ve read comments on these articles where people are blaming this shit on the economy and these fucking junkies being poor.  BULLSHIT!!!

These worthless, brain-dead fucks chose to leave a 3 and 4 year old to fend for themselves in a tent in the woods!!  That has nothing to do with being poor and everything to do with being a neglectful, selfish, piece of shit junkie that is more worried about their next fix than they are about the well being of those babies!!

They sit in jail and I guarantee you someone is handing them their regular dose of methadone!!  That’s bullshit in my opinion!!  Detox their asses!  Cold turkey!  They should also have their parental rights severed and be forcibly sterilized!!  This isn’t the first time those babies have been left alone!!!  If you intentionally harm or place your child in harms way that should be it!!  No second chances!!  Why give someone a second chance to do more harm to a child???

Unfortunately, this happened in Florida.  We all know what the outcome will be.  A slap on the wrist, parenting classes and the children will be placed right back in harms way once again!!

Rant Over

For some reason I can’t seem to get a picture to upload…  I’ll update with one as soon as I can!!


Thanks to Emilie and Cathy for the tip!

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  1. Holy shit —- living in a tent? Walking around the woods alone? Fuck me, I can’t take these people!

    I still heart nosy neighbors and I’ll include the lady from this story in my lovin’! 

  2. what is it about Florida and heroine? its amazing how many cases I have heard about from that state -and from individual people that either moved away to get away from dealers/addiction themselves-that its almost hard to believe.

    and I want to rant for a moment here….for years I gave blood-O+ universal donor here-and was shocked to find out that gasp-once you have sex with a man(I’m gay) even if you use a condom-even if its oral sex-and you are negative you can no longer give blood in the state of california. no exceptions -Even though they test for HIV in the blood!

    but junkies-well, they’re cool. yeah, with methadone /by products gurgling through their veins and who knows what else floating around in there they have no problem selling their blood. they’ll take prostitutes, junkies, people from jail and everyone else(lesbians are fine btw)…and right after getting methadone!

    but a perfectly healthy gay man-well I’m just beyond the pale! and the blood banks wonder why they are always running low on blood. sorry about the off topic…

  3. Ughh.. I know all too well that addicts can “sell” their blood plasma. I used to work at a plasma donation center. Unfortunately, the FDA doesn’t think that drug testing is a reasonable request of these douche bags that come in and donate. AND THERE WAS NOTHING WE COULD DO ABOUT IT. We could defer the donor for one day and that was it. Some of them would come in and do the nod off thing that junkies do, and we could only disconnect them and send them on their way. I hope to God that employees from the center that these maggots went to see this and permanently defer them from donating.  

  4. How can they do that! poor the baby!

  5. These parents are awful and disgusting, not solely because they’re addicts, but because they’re awful and disgusting parents.  I never thought I’d read this comment on this blog:  “How does a person think that trading one addiction for another is
    helpful??  I don’t care if methadone is legal and handed out like
    fucking candy it’s still a fucking drug!!”

    I agree there’s a problem with MMT and SMT (Methadone Maint. Treatment /Suboxone…) but it’s not handed out like candy, which is why they have to go to a clinic vs. getting a Rx.  These people should never have had kids in the first place, let alone leave them by themselves in a tent.  That’s crazy.  BUT, most addicts who seek treatment are not this way. Many of the parents on this blog are addicts/alcoholics, however, it’s important to make the distinction between horrible parents and  addicts.   People raise successful children while taking valium, prozac, suboxone,  or some other substance.  You wouldn’t know because they don’t appear on this blog and probably have no experience dealing with this.  But, being on those pills is an addiction and sometimes the family is better off because of the pharmaceutical crutch.  I  want to make it clear that not all addicts torture and neglect their children and it’s not fair to generalize addicts that way.

    1.  First of all, I totally agree with the first sentence on this comment.  That is the only one.
                 There is a difference between a RX drug and an illegal drug. If you are being prescribed a drug from a doctor that has the education to write a prescription (hence why nurses can not write prescription), and you are taking it as prescribed you are not a drug addict. There is a reason why those medications exist. There is a chemical imbalance for you to be prescribed a drug from a doctor.
                There is absoutley NO EXCUSE to use drugs legal or not when you have children. I DON’T CARE HOW BAD YOU THINK YOU LIFE IS!!! And yes ALL DRUG ADDICTS torture their children. Whether they show it or not, you are smoking, shooting, snorting while you are not being a mother/father. That is choosing a drug over the person you are supposed to be protecting, from that such evil.
              I  know from experience you can choose your child over the drugs and it WILL NOT kill you.  As for “generalizing” it is not fair to generalize that addicts and people that take a prescribed drug (as prescribed by a doctor) are even in the same catagory.

  6. Fuck off with all the junkie bullshit you asswipe. These two individuals were definitely worthy of being called that but not everyone who goes to a mthadone clinic does. I was in a clinic for a year and have been completely clean for six. Also have a bachelors in computer science so i’m not exactly braindead either.nnBTW, if you aren’t taking too much methadone you wont be high. The kids will never know. However, if mommy ends up on the couch for three months puking and ignoring them they will definitely know somethings up. All of you people who have never even done a drug in your life need to jump off your high horses and stop acting like your experts in something you have no knowledge of.

    1. Wow, another asshole that really needs to yank the stick out and READ and COMPREHEND the information before you start spewing your idiotic bullshit.u00a0 Who said every person who uses methadone to help withdrawal symptoms is a junkie?u00a0 The author shared her personal opinion that a person who CHOOSES to use drugs and become an addict should suck it up and kick it without trading it for another addictive substance.u00a0 She’s not entitled to her opinion if it doesn’t mesh with yours, huh?u00a0nu00a0nI had a very close relationship (my sister’s best friend, my family treated her like a member of the family for over 20 years) with some one who traded narcotics for methadone, and when she couldn’t get her dose, or buy it from someone, she snorted heroin.u00a0 She NEVER went into treatment, and to this day, 5 years after trading the painkillers for methadone and Xanax, still gets her prescribed doses of methadone.u00a0 Her use of methadone to kick her pill-popping is a fucking joke.u00a0 She’s never been clean a day in her adult life, she smokes weed CONSTANTLY, even in her car during her lunch break.u00a0 They drug test at the clinic she goes to, and tests dirty for one thing or another EVERY FUCKING TIME, and guess what?u00a0 They make her come in and get her doses instead of giving her however many days worth she was getting before that.u00a0 We finally had to cut her out of our lives, right after we called Social Services, but guess what?u00a0 Since she was in a State recognized “methadone treatment program”, her methadone abuse was not an issue in determining her fitness as a parent.u00a0 Since she was under the care of a psychiatrist (actually, she has 5 doctors that prescribe her Xanax and Klonopin for her “anxiety disorder”), her usage was not an issue in determining her fitness a parent.u00a0 So we gave up on her.u00a0 She didn’t want the help she could have gotten and chooses to continually put her daughter and herself in dangerous situations.u00a0 I guess I have no experience with methadone.nu00a0nI also partied my ass off until I grew the fuck up and stopped putting whatever garbage I felt like in my body.u00a0 I wouldn’t say I had an addiction, but I sure as fucked abused that shit.u00a0 Cocaine, weed and pills were my drugs of choice, and I can still remember the feeling of being high and wanting to feel like that again, so that argument doesn’t quite fly, does it?u00a0 If you want to make generalizations, go right ahead, but you’re going to be finding yourself looking incredibly stupid, since you don’t have a fucking clue.nu00a0nOne last thing, how long were you taking the methadone, how long did it take for you to be weaned off, and how long has it been since you took it?u00a0 Hope you have the balls to tell the truth, but I’m not expecting must from a “recovered” junkie.nnSorry for the novel, but this is one of those subjects that I am rather passionate about.

    2. I’ve been surrounded by addicts my whole life!!u00a0 Everything from alcohol to cocaine and prescription drug abuse!!u00a0 I chose not to go downu00a0 those roads because of the hell and havoc it wreaked on my family when I was young!!u00a0 I’ve seen one addiction traded for another many times and not once have I ever seen that work!!u00a0 nnI’ve also seen people on methadone.u00a0 I have yet to see them weaned off the damn drug!!u00a0 I’ve also seen people sell it to someone else so they could get high and continue to use themselves!!u00a0 It’s a common occurrence at the jail!u00a0 That system, like so many others, is broken and abused!!nnNow, as for me calling all methadone users junkies and brain dead, I believe if you reread the rant you’ll see I was referring to the fucking moronic assholes this write up was about!!nnKudos to you for beating your addiction but I don’t think it had anything to do with the methadone!u00a0 I’d say you were ready for a change and beat it!u00a0 You’ve stayed clean because you have chosen to!u00a0 Don’t short change yourself and your own determination.u00a0

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