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Pigeon Toes and a Dead Little Boy.

Long before a baby died, a Tampa girl knew fear and confusion

RIP - Baby Ezekiel

I walk like a duck, people have told that my whole life. I’m pigeon toed or bow-legged, whatever you want to call it. I’ve been pigeon toed my whole life, but never once have I fallen down constantly because of it. Well, that’s the explanation that Swazikki Davis came up with when questioned about the multitude of bruises on her 2-year old daughter, she fell down a lot due to her pigeon toes.

What was really going down was that Swazikki’s man, (holy shit, is that really her name???) “Slim”, is the one who was causing those bruises on that little girl.  Because of these unexplained bruises, the little girl was taken from the home and put in foster care.  The child was found with swollen feet and bruising in her private area,” investigators said in a statement used to justify taking her from the home. What happened next is just too hard to stomach.

Left behind with Swazikki and Slim was the girl’s little brother, 13-month old Ezekiel.  The 2-year old was only gone for 4 days when 6 foot 10 inch “Slim” killed that little boy.  This animal admitted to throwing Ezekiel against a dresser , then pounding on the baby’s back to make him stop crying.  We all know that beating a baby always makes them stop crying, right? Well, eventually if you beat them hard enough it will silence them forever.

All of this while the boyfriend, mother and baby were under close watch of child protection officials. OH! Guess what state this was in? I’ll give you a hint, it ends in “duh”. We all know how amazing those CPS workers are there.

The part that really pisses me off (not that I’m not already) is that the mother was ordered to stay away from Damarcus Kirkland-Williams (aka Slim) after the little girl was removed.  There was some kind of bizarre loophole getting the little boy out of the mother’s care because officials didn’t know Slim’s real name and baby momma wasn’t giving it up. She finally did and the judge wrote an order to remove the baby too.  However, sheriff’s investigators tried twice to remove the boy and they were refused approval by the state office of the Attorney General. All because they hadn’t found bruises on him and they lacked “legal sufficiency” to remove him.  Instead they thought a fucking piece of paper would keep Swazikki away from her vag-filling manly man and that they’d monitor the home. Obviously none of that worked.

Shame on you, Pam Bondi – Attorney General. This little baby is dead because of you. How do these motherfuckers sleep at night!?!?

Ps – in case you hadn’t absorbed the fact that this “man” was 6 foot 10 inches tall, I wanted to reiterate that. And he killed a baby that was younger than 2. Imagine how strong “Slim” must be.   He’s been charged with first-degree murder and aggravated child abuse in the death of the baby boy, but not criminally charged with abusing the girl. (Um, why the fuck not?)

The mother hasn’t been charged yet but an order from the county sheriff’s office said that she failed to protect her child from the abusive boyfriend. And Swazikki can’t believe that shit.  She said that despite the warnings from the court she wouldn’t have seen them coming. “He wasn’t abusive around me. He didn’t hit me,” Davis said. “So why would he hit my kids?” And she expects to welcome the 2-year-old back home soon.

A spokesman for the Florida DCF in Tampa, said the investigation of Ezekiel’s death would determine Davis’ parental rights. So basically you’re telling me that the stellar job you all did to keep this animal off of the baby will likely be how you handle keeping this dumb-ass breeder away from her surviving child and give her back, right? I really hope I’m not writing about that little girl on here one day.

Some further information on this “mother”. I’ve read an article on another site that she was raped and molested by a babysitter that was later sent to prison, starting when she was 7. She was turned over to the state and bounced around foster homes until she was an adult.  She had a hard time trusting men until she met Slim, who threw rose petals on  her doorstep and slipped love notes under her door. I’ll stop there and just pipe in and say I could give a motherfuck about her past or how wonderful Slim was to her in the days he courted her. She was obviously weak and damaged by her past, which made her forgive and pretend that her man wasn’t beating her kids. She should’ve had some serious counseling before she started procreating.

RIP, Ezekiel. You deserved more than the mother you were given.

Thanks go to Cyn for the tip.

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  1. here’s he tough guy! 

    1. oh the pic didn’t come through!  shit!  you could see how big he is!

      1. I saw in the link – he was 210 lbs! shit

  2. I wish I could punch her right through my computer screen!! And Swazikki?! That beats the last name, Shantaniqua! Seriously, where do people come up with these names?

    1. They make them up.

  3. my son was pigeon toed and had to wear braces at night, he tripped all the time…never was I suspected of abuse.  There’s a difference and people can tell when a child is being a child or when a child is being abused. 

  4. Mother fuck.  What an awesome write up.  All I can picture in my mind is the “gentle giant” from The Green Mile… Only this fucker wasn’t gentle.

  5. There were multiple attempts to remove him all blocked by the piece of shit Attorney General!!

    I was actually thinking CPS tried in this case until I read that the day that baby died a social worker was at the house saw him, dick-less, and the shit for brains mother.  Then that worker proceeded to take the cum craving c*** to the doctor and left Ezekiel with the bastard.  The baby died about 4 hours later if I remember right! 

    The prick said he threw him because he was pissed off at the tw*t!!!

    BTW He has been charged with abuse of the little girl.  He got caught on video with the bio-bitch watching!!

    Sorry about the rant this case has pissed me off from the start!!

    R.I.P. Babyboy

    1. That stupid tw*t Pam Bondi (or is it Bundy?) needs to be impeached for dereliction of duty. Seriously, she is an accessory to murder 2. Actually she should be impeached AND prosecuted. And Florida CPS…what can we say that hasn’t already been said in this forum? It’s obviously a department plagued with cognitively challenged, disreputable, incometent oafs.

  6. i’m pigeon toed and when i was little i used to fall down a LOT; on my mom’s boyfriend’s penis.  it was the weirdest thing.  oh, no, wait, that’s a crazy lie!  my bad…

  7. OMG,he was a BIG piece of shit,wasn’t he? Such a big man he had to beat on little tiny babies. Well,you know what they say,the bigger they are…  As for the so called mother who is defending him,she is every bit as guilty as he is.

  8. OMG,he was a BIG piece of shit,wasn’t he? Such a big man he had to beat on little tiny babies. Well,you know what they say,the bigger they are…  As for the so called mother who is defending him,she is every bit as guilty as he is.

  9. OMG,he was a BIG piece of shit,wasn’t he? Such a big man he had to beat on little tiny babies. Well,you know what they say,the bigger they are…  As for the so called mother who is defending him,she is every bit as guilty as he is.

  10. Oops,sorry.

  11. i do not like how sympathetic that 2nd article is!  what the fuck?  it’s entirely from the point of view of the mom!  oh, poor her, she’s bummed her baby died!  she doesn’t like to argue!  fuck you, lady!  how ’bout that?!

    1. Yeah, the 2nd article pissed me off too. And the grandmother saying “the past is the past” fuck her too. She didn’t protect her daughter from getting raped and then sent her off in foster homes for over 10 years. She’s a c*** too.

  12. Any chance that someone gets fired over this?

  13. Meanwhile – Florida DCF has cut 500 jobs and swears that children won’t be affected. They can’t do their fucking work at a full staff, now you’re cutting 500 workers? Fuck me.,0,7008749.column 

    Wilkins called at 8 a.m. Tuesday. He was driving to Miami, where he would continue answering questions about last week’s announcement that DCF was axing 500 of its 13,000 jobs.
    The news sent shockwaves through a state that already struggles to properly care for kids who have been abandoned and abused.
    Some children have died under DCF’s not-so-watchful eye. And some of the best social workers — overworked and underpaid — have left rather than stay with a system that was failing innocent children.
    The last thing it seemed like these kids needed was fewer resources.
    But Wilkins said his mission is really all about those in the trenches.
    He has vowed not to cut any of the front-line workers — but rather the bureaucratic and duplicative positions.
    He says his goal is actually to free up his foot soldiers to do what they do best.
    DCF’s responsibilities are mountainous. The agency deals with everything from foster care and adoption services to mental-health treatment, substance abuse and food stamps.

  14. He killed a baby because it was crying.  That’s what babies do!  Also, how can you not notice your kid being abused?  The stairs/bathtub story must get old sometime.

  15. My daughter is so severely pigeon toed that is causes her to trip, so that is not a completely implausible excuse as you dismissed it. That woman is a pathetic excuse for a parent. And obviously an absolute idiot if she doesn’t understand why she is not being charged.

    1. This woman,aged 21 at the time the newspapers reported about her,gives young moms a bad reputation.I understand that she has unresolved issues stemming from her childhood abuse.But she should have got therapy for that,so that she could move on with life and hopefully be a great mom.But she never got the therapy she needed and I think this caused her to be blinded to the fact that her boyfriend was abusing her kids.

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