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"Evidence of Pain"

Parents Arrested for Death of 3 Month Old

Family Defends One, Blames the Other

Autopsy Inconclusive on Cause of Death

Calvin Pitts and Amanda Deleon


7:55am June 11th, a young mother placed a call to Denver 911 reporting a 3 month old baby boy not breathing.  Police and paramedics arrived and transported little Sinai Pitts to Swedish Medical Center where he was pronounced dead at 8:40am.

Police arrested 21 year old Amanda Deleon and 28 year old Calvin Pitts on Felony Child Abuse charges.  They’re waiting on the cause of death to up the charges to murder.

3 month old Sinai had obvious signs of trauma and “evidence of pain” according to the reports.  Both old and new injuries that they say can be dated back.  This baby was just 3 months old how fucking far back can it go?!?

Bet you couldn’t guess both breeders have had issues with the law before!  Guess what the majority of the charges were…  Yep, drugs!!

Bio-bitch up there has a record of various drug charges, shoplifting, robbery, and assault.

Bio-prick’s list includes sexual assault, carrying a concealed weapon, and a long list of drug offenses.

Neighbors said they rarely saw them but some said they heard the baby crying all night…

“Mostly through the night you could hear the baby crying for hours.  Hearing stuff like that it’s kind of sad.  You don’t know if they’re hurt or what’s going on”, said neighbor Mike Sanchez.  “He was little baby.  He couldn’t defend himself.”



“Evidence of Pain”– when I first read that I was stunned for a moment.  I’ve never read that in any of the research on any other write-up.  Little Sinai’s injuries included two broken legs, a broken left wrist, a burn on his left thigh caused by the c*** scalding the skin off with a wash rag, a scab on his chin, a burn on his right foot where the swine supposedly dropped a cigarette on him,  and ear injuries!!!  The prick also said he burned him with a wet towel he heated in the microwave for 2 minutes then wrapped around the baby’s leg!  This baby had 2nd and 3rd degree burns!!  Both of these wastes of oxygen have admitted to these injuries!!  Here’s the new link


I’m not going to rant on this case.  I’m going to respond to the Cunt’s defenders who are already getting their time in the spotlight!  An aunt has come forward saying how she is not capable of doing anything like this!  Yeah.  Yeah.  We’ve heard it all before!! How she just fell on bad times and was homeless for awhile.  I’m sorry but what does that have to do with the murder of this innocent baby??

And my favorite quote: “She is a loving person and she loves kids.  She’s been taking care of kids since she was a kid, and she has never hurt anybody in her life.”  Well, let’s see, she was arrested for assault and robbery so evidently she’s not the same person she was when she was a child!!  Could have something to do with her being a druggie bitch maybe!

I can understand the need to disbelieve that someone you’ve loved and cared about their whole lives would be capable of such an atrocious act, but it’s time for a dose of reality for all the defenders!

Wake the fuck up!!  This baby was abused his whole life.  3 short months is all he got on this earth and it was 3 months of pain and suffering!!  Even if, and that’s a huge IF, the Cunt didn’t actually abuse this child she knew what was happening!  The police and paramedics recognized it as abuse on the scene!!  It wasn’t hidden!!!

She shares the same guilt as the dickless ball sack!!  They should both be tortured daily for the rest of their worthless lives!!


Thanks to Barbara and Monica for the tip.


R.I.P. Baby Boy




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  1. Good Lord! Who the eff can look at a precious child and break bones and burn them etc. I am telling you these folks are part of the subhuman species infecting this planet and our country and they and all their ilk need to be eradicated. I just cannot believe the extent of some of the heinous depravity we see here. It’s not just inhumane, it’s inhuman. We should start a movement SOSHES (Stamp out sub-human evil species).

    1. Where do I sign up?!?

  2. They deserve to have every injury and attack they subjected that poor baby to visited upon themselves. “drop” some cigarettes on them, burn the skin off them with boiling water, break their legs. Then sterilize them with rusted spoons.

    How terrible that for that child’s entire short life he knew only pain and fear? That this happens over and over again is unacceptable. The penalties for child abuse must be stronger- more money must be allotted to child protective services, and neighbors must CALL and report these things. The neighbors heard him crying all night? Why did they never call the police? Good for you, not intruding or getting involved. Glad that worked out for you. Didn’t turn out too well for that poor baby though did it?

    1. I agree they should be made to suffer everything Sinai did and 10x more!! 

      I thought the same thing about the neighbors.  Then I saw the interview with the guy who said it.  He was a young father and had his baby girl with him, she was probably about 6 months old.  He was obviously uncomfortable with the attention and seemed to be regretful that he didn’t do more when he heard the cries. 

      Babies cry.  It’s how they communicate.  A colicky baby will sound like he is being tortured at times and there isn’t much you can do to console them.  I guess my point is this young father had probably gone through many sleepless nights himself recently with his baby and most likely thought the baby was sick and fussy or something.  I bet the next time he hears a baby crying like that he’ll report it…

    2. This is one of those cases where I wish “cruel and unusual punishment” didn’t have to apply. What they did wasn’t cruel or unusual, yet they get to live comfortable lives, and if given the death sentence, have a comfortable death too.

      1. And now my blood is boiling with rage again…

  3.  This is just so sick  I can’t even believe it. How many innocent babies have to be tortured to death before we put severe enough penalties in place to  scare the next idiot out of ever doing something this depraved? Obviously they only care about themselves, so make them suffer in the only way they understand.  As for the neighbors who heard that baby cry and did nothing  to help…that is a whole new level of evil…

  4. OMG.. they both deserve to have all their bones broken, then let them reheal and break them all over again..   Why can’t these stupid ass spermburping woman just learn.. SWALLOW and you won’t have to worry about the conscequences..  -shakes my head- each and every day, I become more and more discouraged with how many children get abused.  My child will never ever ever go through that…

    1. Or take it up the rear, no babies there either, and you don’t have to worry about any teeth.

  5. this tears my heart apart…the evidence of pain, and heating up a wet towel in the micro for 2 mins..why? what would they do that for…they purposely wanted him to feel pain..this poor child…omg to be in the mere presence of a little baby .. that is cooing and so sweet and loving .. and to do these things to him…omg and if they were so homeless and whatnot ..funny how they had a microwave and ciggarettes..those are not cheap .. talking about cigs

  6. I could really five two flying shits that the c*** was homeless.  What she did, or alloweed to be done (which is just as bad) is so horrific.  HE WAS THREE FUCKING MONTHS OLD!  I can not think what a baby could have done to deserve that, but BE A FUCKING BABY!  A baby will cry when it is hurt, so my guess is they were mad at him for crying, crying at the pain they inflicted.  OR better yet, they were mad at him for crying for going through withdrawl.  Why even have a baby?  They could have given it up, oh wait, that is right people are two fucking selfish to give up what is theirs, even though all they are going to do is beat the baby up and torture it.  I am going to say something controversial here, just have an abortion.  I know that it is awful to think that way, but I don’t know what to say anymore.  I would say keep your legs shut, but that would NEVER happen, like EVER! 

    (I don’t mean to offend anyone by saying have an abortion, but it has to be better then the torture this baby experienced once outside the womb)

    1. Or they were afraid they’d go to prison for him going through withdrawal after being born. He could have also been crying from hunger, I have seen very few if any stories here where a baby that was being abused physically was being properly fed, which also leads to crying. Poor little dude didn’t stand a chance.

      1. I was trying to make a point that they made him cry and then beat him because he was crying.  I really didn’t explain that too well.  He could have been crying for any number of things, which we all know.  I wish I had made that more clear, but was just trying to make a point.  I should probable take a couple of minutes between reading and responding to wipes my tears and also come up with coherent thoughts. 

        1. You should not apologize or  doubt yourself. It makes all of us sick. This evil  beyond any level of comprehension and has made me both cry and throw up. 

          1. Sorry…this ‘is’ evil. Guess I got too caught up as well.

    2. I became pro-choice years ago, simply because of things like this. I find it would be better for our world if selfish stupid people didn’t have the children in the first place, then to put the child through constant torture. No one deserves the life this child had, and I would rather live in a world where every child that is born is truly wanted and loved, than to be in one like I am in now. I don’t condone using abortion as a form of birth control, but I would rather that no child ever have to go through anything like this again. 

      As for these two “parents” I agree with the poster who suggested that they have boiling water poured on them and their legs broken over and over. These people should be tortured until they die exactly how their baby died. It makes my skin crawl thinking that I live even in the same state as people like this… 

  7. Both of these demon spawn need to be strung up by their achilles tendons and caned. About 100 strikes should be good. A flame thrower should top it off just perfectly. THAT would be just punishment.
    Not that we’ll ever see anything close to justice for any of these kids.

  8. i was friends with amanda for the last yr&a half. When i 1st heatd this i said no way! But i now know she’s a heartless bitch.her moms a pos& so r the rest of them! Amanda had a ton of support&resources @her disposal. I hope they die a long slow death. &i better not ever see those cowards or i may b the next story on here…

    1. Wow.  Sorry.  Don’t kill the bitch, it’s not worth it – but if you happen to, can I be the one to write your story?  =0)

  9. i like how the neighbour found hearing a poor baby cry all night, ‘kind of sad’.  thanks for the empathy, bastard.  maybe if you’d called the police none of this would’ve happened.  douche.

  10. i like how the neighbour found hearing a poor baby cry all night, ‘kind of sad’.  thanks for the empathy, bastard.  maybe if you’d called the police none of this would’ve happened.  douche.

    1. seriously. how can you hear a child cry all night long several times and at least not call the cops for a welfare check? what a bunch of NIMBY pantywaists!

  11. It’s inconcieveable (sp?) to me that people can be so cruel. I hope they don’t get the death penalty. They should spend the remainder of their wretched,worthless lives in general population,getting all the ‘respect’ they deserve,which is obviously none. They should each be issued a toothbrush and made to clean the bathrooms and the kitchens each and every day. Even this is so much more than they deserve,but it’s about the worst the law will allow. Cries. RIP,angel baby.

  12. Baby jane-if they are kept alive, cleanong toilets is still too good 4 them! They need 2 experience the TORTURE their sweet& innocent baby had 2 experience during his 2short life.

    1. I fully agree. Unfortunately,the law will not allow us to do to them what they REALLY deserve. If only.

  13. Thats my kuzn uz r talking about he abused both of them u dk the whole story so shut the fuck up!

    1. With that kind of vocabulary there’s definitely blood in the water.

    2. I don’t think I can speak simply enough for your illiterate, simple-minded brain to understand but what the hell!!!

      Your “kuzn” is a low-life piece of shit!!  The tw*t had one job, just one!!  To be a mother!!  That means loving and keeping that baby safe!  She failed miserably, not to mention the c*** admitted to at least part of the fucking abuse!! 

      Even IF she was abused, I don’t give a fuck!!  Nothing excuses a parent from failing to protect their child!!!  That just shows her fucking mentality!!  She didn’t care enough about a child she carried and birthed to leave the abusive prick and get that baby somewhere safe!!! 

      So in your version she was just another cum-drunk slut that put dick before her child!!

      In my version she actually said, and I’m paraphrasing here, I burned the skin off my baby’s leg with a wash rag!!  I heard his leg snap! 

      Get out of wonderland alice and face up to reality!!  She’s GUILTY of the ABUSE, TORTURE, and MURDER of a 3 month old baby!!

      She deserves nothing less that to be burned, tortured, and beaten daily for the rest of her miserable fucking life!!  So does he!!!

      Your nothing more than a low-life piece of shit defending a baby murdering slag!!  You are no better than she is so Fuck Off and Die!!!

    3. dude all of us in amandas class whould have helped her if she would have said something, i dont care if he abused her the fact she didnt do a damn thing makes it wrong!!!! fuck sake, i would have killed that SOB if he laid a hand on my child slit his throat while he was sleeping there is no excuse. Not to mention im sure she had a hand in the abuse, 

    4. ignorant ghetto trash. nice

  14. Today was Baby Sanai ‘s  Funeral . It was so sad and the Mother Amanda Deleon was there . The family raised the money for her to attend .  She was cuffed and surrounded by guards . Amanda was also balling her eyes out ! The room was tense with anger and saddness .

    1. It’s a shame she was protected by officers…

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  16. Thank God for the person and the avenue that allows for someone to speak on behalf of the defenseless babies.  Keep up the good work, please don’t be deterred because anyone that preys on the defenseless deserves EXACTLY what they dish out!  I wish it were an eye for an eye becauese jail is too good.

  17. When will this abuse end? I have two children and they are my world I couldnt imagine hurting either one..and 3 months old? My god..

  18. This put me in tears. As a labor and delivery nurse and occasional pediatric nurse I can not imagine the pain this poor innocent defenseless child endured. To break a babies bones takes a lot, since they are way more pliable then grown ups… Sadly I occasionally see atrocities as such, and I have the urge to beat the $hit out of the waste of oxygen human who harmed these precious souls… I want to do it painfully though, and I do in my mind. May the perfect baby play with the angels and be rocked to sleep by Jesus as he should.

  19. Never giving up...

    What’s with the all these calls to 911 “Baby not breathing” – they should have the balls to say what really happened & what they did, so the child can get the best possible care without the medical staff wasting time trying to figure out what the fuck went down – I’m sick of this shit. 

    1.  That would be too  much like accepting personal responsibility for your actions – an act most worthless child abusers are loathe to do.   They would rather blame everything from their own “abusive childhoods” to “poverty”.  Sometimes “society as a whole” is blamed by these people.  Because everybody knows that since others have more of (fill in the blank with whatever useless noun you  like) than the abusers do, then it must be THEIR fault the baby got a beating….

  20. I thought everyone would like to know they both took a plea deal for child abuse resulting in death and got 40 years in prison

    1. TY Killalette, I Hope they have no option of parole. She-bitch is crying she had nothing to do with it now????? yet she said “An arrest affidavit for Deleon says that she told police the baby had been on his stomach a few weeks ago when she moved him. She said he let out a cry, indicating the movement may have caused a break to his leg.
      Deleon also told police she wet a washcloth with hot water and put it on his leg, which removed some skin. ” arggghhhh

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