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Pot Smoking Momma, Thought She Had It All Figured Out!

Mom Denied Kids Access To Bathroom

Awful Pot Smoking "Mom" Angela Henderson


3 children sent text messages to their father complaining that their mother, 35 year old Angela Henderson, wouldn’t allow them to use the bathroom.  When I say bathroom in this case what I mean, specifically, is the toilet.

Needless to say Dad called the police and they went to investigate.  They found marijuana and paraphernalia in the home.  The water valves to both toilets had been turned off.  When they asked why they were off the stupid twit replied they were both clogged.  I guess when police turned them back on the clogs magically vanished because both were in perfect running order!!  Did this dumb bitch really think they would take her word for it?!?  Who says pot doesn’t kill brain cells?!

So what could possibly be the reasoning for not allowing the kids access to the toilet??  Why force them to drink Gatorade continually so they would have to go more often??

Well, since she was having them go in bowls the police think she was planning on using the kids’ urine to pass drug tests.  Of course she denies this!!  What a world-class, selfish, drugged out POS!!

She’s been charged with 3 counts of child abuse, possession of marijuana, and possession of drug paraphernalia.  She was released on her own recognizance.

Hopefully, the kids are now staying with the father since the bio-bitch can’t seem to get her priorities straight!!



I get to end this on a good note!!  This case has no murdered, beaten, tortured or molested babies/children in it!!



Thanks to Emeraldkat for the tip.

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  1. My mother used to make me do this kind of shit when I was little and she was on probation. Thankfully she only would do it right before she went in to see her probabtion officer. Why people have to be this stupid is beyond me.

  2. BrainsWithaDashOfGarlic

    oh come on! the stupid bitch was the abuser, not the weed. don’t blame the jane.

    1. If not for the weed she wouldn’t have abused. And we’ve seen cases here where pot growing weedheads have been so gone they have starved infants to death. If one is responsible for the welfare of children who rely upon one then one should not be using mind altering substances.
      It always endangers the children. I do blame her…she’s an irresponsible selfish hag!

      1. Clevo, Trench, and Rob–the aberrant idiots you are talking about are hardly representative of the nation’s 30+ million tokers, most of which do so responsibly.  Just like the drunken morons that appear all too often on BadBreeders are hardly representative of the nation’s 150-200 million drinkers.

  3. Not once did I blame “the jane” as you so delicately call it! 

    I blamed a mother who should have grown the hell up when she got pregnant with her first child and put her own needs on the back burner until they were grown!! 

    Like it or not pot is a drug, hell alcohol is a drug!!  IMHO No parent should be abusing either one when their kids are running around their house and they damn sure shouldn’t be using those kids to get around the law!!

  4. EducateYourselves

    Marijuana is not the cause of this abuse. Very misleading entry.

    1. No.  The title is not misleading.  Obviously you’ve smoked too much.

    2. Riddle me this:

      If not for the pot would she have needed the kids to piss in bowls?!?

      1. Riddle me this:  if not for the (hypothesized) urine drug testing for whatever reason, would she have needed the kids to piss in bowls? 

        1. So you think she is an otherwise good person – that decent people draw their kids into their criminality/ If marijuana isn’t habit forming why couldn’t she just stop? You’re claiming we should change the law but we’re talking about a person who won’t follow the law now. Also many people on probation aren’t allowed to drink.

          I just glad you’re Trench’s problem now.

          1. Gee, thanks Rob. 😛

        2. Let me clear something up for all of you retarded burnouts….This is straight up child abuse, because Burnout Betty up there wasnt fully aware of the break down of the protien in urine while exposed to room temperature. PSSST. Those pesky wiz quiz administrators actaully can tell when the urine is old. Unless she was planning on doing a urinalysis within a few hours of the kids pissing in the pot then she was wasting her time and abusing her children…..So explain to me exactly how weed doesn’t make you a full out moron? 

    3. How so? Sans weed smoking would she have come up with a hair brained scheme like this? Would she need clean urine if she stayed sober?

      1. She simply would not need clean urine if cannabis was treated like alcohol in America and she was not (allegedly) subject to urinalysis tests for whatever reason. 

    4. Amen.

  5. It seems that the burnout brigade is out today.

    If you have small children in your care you have no business smoking or being in possession of pot.

  6. “I get to end this on a good note!!  This case has no murdered, beaten, tortured or molested babies/children in it!! ”

    For a site like BadBreeders, that’s something to be thankful for.

  7. I never said that she was an otherwise good person or that cannabis is non-habit forming.  That’s putting words in my mouth.  Of course a few people with addictive personalities will become psychologically dependent–if not on weed than on something else.  That’s just a given.  There are also a lot of idiots out there, both tokers as well as non-tokers.  Generally morons long before they ever even took their first hit.  But my main point still remains:  this idiot is hardly representative of the nations 30+ million tokers, most of which are good, responsible, hardworking men and women who really want nothing more than to be left alone.  Kinda like most drinkers.

    1. Actually you kind of did defend her actions by saying “She simply would not need clean urine if cannabis was treated like alcohol in America and she was not (allegedly) subject to urinalysis tests for whatever reason.”

      To which myself “Shellee” (cant get on FB on certain computers) repiled BS because of the breakdown of protein in urine at room temperature.

      Basically by defending Burnout Betty up there you in a round about way did say that if she didn’t need the urine she wouldn’t have done these atrocities, so no one put words in your mouth that was all you.

      Oh, and by the way as a child having a parent that is so stoned out of their mind so that they can’t take their child places isn’t a good parent. My mother was a pot smoker, it is a gateway drug and due to her piss poor decisions I had the displeasure of finding her dead of an OD shortly after my 18th birthday. I’ve known people that sit and get their high on and let their kid roam free because they were so fried they didn’t care. Thankfully the child was taken away from that burnout. Needless to say I pretty much loathe weed, drugs, and alcohol because they hinder perception to the point of disregard and in my opinion that is not fair to the children that have to live in those situations. ANYTHING a parent does is an immediate reflection on their children. Kind of a crappy situation that the kids don’t get a say so in. Jus’ sayin’.

  8. ..Disturbing.

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