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Change of venue sought in Elisa Baker trial

Elisa Baker

Change of venue motion filed in Zahra Baker case:

Speaking of the Sheen-Cow her lawyer has filed for a change of venue for her trial in the murder of Zahra Baker.

Her lawyer says that the cow “cannot obtain a fair and impartial trial” in Catawba County and that coverage in area newspapers and comments on the web that “reveal a deep prejudice against” Elisa Baker.

Normally I would say that since this case has garnered international attention that moving the trial would not be a winning strategy. Jose Baez and the Casey Anthony trial proved that it might and I really hope this doesn’t go this way.

Then again the Sheen-Cow isn’t even remotely attractive so I doubt she would get the sympathy that some gave Casey Anthony.

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  1. What’s the point of moving the trial?  She won’t have a ‘fair’ shot anywhere. 

  2. What’s the point of moving the trial?  She won’t have a ‘fair’ shot anywhere. 

  3. Although not as large as the Casey Anthony, her case is well known even in different countries. Not matter where she goes, she will hopefully get was she deserves

  4.  What in holy fuck? The woman is a freaking monster. People do have a certain tendency to be ‘prejudiced’ against tw*ts who hurt kids.

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