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Another Murdering Boyfriend, SSDD

Gresham man accused of killing baby
Family releases statement after baby’s murder

SSDD = Same shit, different day for those that are unaware. And I don’t mean to call the murder of a 1-year old “shit”, it’s just an expression before anyone gets their panties in a bunch.  I do not ever take a child’s death lightly; whether it be from natural causes or some motherfucker snuffing out a young, helpless, innocent child. 

In Gresham, OR Jeffrey Locker, 22, called 9-1-1 to report an unconscious 1-year old who had hit her head on an object in the house. Two days later, little Brooklyn Saechao would die.  The doctors had diagnosed her with a severe head injury.

Can anyone take a gander as to what our buddy, Jeffrey, blamed as the culprit for the head injury? One of the regular excuses we see here at BB – she fell in the bathtub! But the state ME was smarter than this fifth-grade educated man, and declared that his account of what happened was inconsistent with her head injuries and that the baby had died of BFT to the head.  The ME described the trauma as severe and said the little girl died within 48 hours of receiving the injuries. The autopsy showed this little girl suffered subdural hematomas, optic nerve hemorrhaging and brain swelling.  All not things that a spill in the bathtub can get you.

Locker has been arrested for murder and first-degree manslaughter for his alleged involvement in her murder. But only after po-po had to track him down, as he had fled the area and was on his way to Washington when he was found.

Only word about the mother was that she wasn’t home at the time of the beating of this little girl. The paramedics were called to the house at 2pm on a weekday, so I’m going to guess that mommy was working and boyfriend was watching Brooklyn. Do men not work anymore these days? Every fucking man in my life does!  I’m not placing blame on her mother, Jamie, at all at this point as I have no details whatsoever to indicate that she was or that she’s defending him. If you know otherwise, please speak up.

RIP sweet Brooklyn.  How could anyone ever have wanted to hurt you?


***We were asked to remove Brooklyn’s picture by a person who claims we were not being respectful to the family by posting her picture here.  The mother (who was not the person who requested the removal) “supposedly” would like to remember Brooklyn as happy and smiling.  Well, remembering a happy, smiling baby who has been murdered is hard with out a picture… in order to make that “person” stop posting moronic requests, I have replaced one happy, smiling face with another happy, smiling face.  If you want to see Brooklyn, please visit one of the news sources I linked in the comments section.

Thanks,  A

Thanks to SarahO for the tip.

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  1. Ugh another attack of the killer bathtub.  Poor sweet little girl.  Of course he fled…he knew he was in for it.

  2. Ohhhhhhh… Baby.  I hate seeing thier faces.  It mamkes me remember their names.  Then it becomes too real to me.  Guh…

    1. Its even worse when it becomes a reality in your life.

    2. Its very real 🙁
      At least they will be remembered, by us if nobody else…

  3. Look at that adorable little baby….This shit kills me! I have never seen how a peice of ass superceeds something so precious. It kills me how these assholes can harm an adorable baby like this. I cannot say I have been completely free of getting angry at my children breaking things but I have not gotten so angry to hurt my child, I cannot imagine how I would feel to see my babies with a bruise that came from me knowing how I feel when I see them when they have hurt themselves. I almost cry everytime I see one of my kids with a bruise or skinned knee and I always try to kiss their boo boos away. There is nothing and I mean NOTHING in this world that would superceed the beauty of a child that is growing up. It hurts my heart to see such innocence killed and they will never be able to live the life that God gave them. PARENTS men and women alike PLEASE start checking your boytoys and funbags to make sure that they wont hurt your BABY. You are responsible for making sure that they are protected! I will never get how this happens, I mean jesus there is no punani on the planet worth this shit!

  4. I usually post at another site, but I read here quite often.  Just wanted to say that you have some great writeups.  I love seeing these adorable babies’ pictures but, in a way, I also hate it because it truly does make them stand out and stick in your mind.  What a sweet little beautiful angel.  I will never understand how someone can look into an adorable face that like and then hurt a child.  I don’t want to understand because to understand, I’d have to have that mindset.  It’s sick.

  5. 🙁

  6. wow, your such an ass……:( I would have his babys..

    1. I’m sorry – what?

      1.  I agree, what is she talking about? Does she mean this sick, baby-killing fuck? or do you think it was a mis-post?

        1. i’m going with troll.

  7. wow, your such an ass……:( I would have his babys..

  8. In my experience when they say the injurys dont match the story, the “story” is a lie.

  9. Her eyes remind me a great deal of my little girls eyes.  It is actually haunting me right now. 


  10. EveryVillainIsLemons

    What an adorable little dollface?  What kind of inhuman monster could ever want to willfully harm such a sweet little girl?

    LWOP, DP–either is fine with me.  It won’t bring her back, but at least it will take away his ability to blame the bathtub for more baby murders.

  11. Please be respectful and take Brooklyn’s picture down. Thank you

    1. Why is having her picture up disrespectful?  Should she not be remembered?  Should her face not serve as a reminder of why we all want justice for her?

    2. With all due respect you come here and ask for her picture to be taken down but you don’t tell us WHO you are or anything.  This picture is all over the internet already.  Disrespect would be if we had featured a picture of her condition at the time of her death.  Our picture is simply meant to honor a child whose life was cut far too short.  I think I speak for all of the writers here when I say that we do everything possible when we feature a picture of a child to show a picture of them healthy and happy rather than battered and broken so as to remember that each of these children is an innocent victim.  Once this scumbag is caught and goes to trial for his crimes FAR worse pictures are going to be featured in news stories and on the internet for everyone to see and there’s nothing you will be able to do about that. 

      1. Meh.  I took it down.  I just want the troll to go away.  I’ll put it back in a few days.

        1. There’s an even cuter pic of her from when her grandparents announced her 1st birthday a week before her death.  I just read that the murderer has been indicted:

          More than likely the TROLL is from his family and wants to keep his crimes as quiet as possible. 

          1. More likely the troll doesn’t seem concerned with justice ofr her daughter as much as she does a fucking picture being posted.  How pathetic is that?  mother?  My ass.  She’s no mother.

      2. Meh.  I took it down.  I just want the troll to go away.  I’ll put it back in a few days.

  12. It is disrespecting me and my family who are grieving over our lost. We would greatly appreciated that her picture was not all over the internet. Thank you

    1. Juliet – I am in no way trying to disrepect you, your family, or especially that beautiful baby. By posting her picture with our story, I am try to memorialize her. Show her gorgeous face and sweet smile so that it can serve as a reminder that justice needs to be served for her.

      If you absolutely insist, then I will remove her picture. Please know that no disrepect was intended on any level.

      1. You are nicer than me.  I’m pissed.  Respect.  HA!  How do you respect someone who doesn’t appreciate that perfect strangers love that baby enough to tell the story of her tragedy?

        1. Good point my dear friend. And when googling her name, the picture that I used comes up in over half of the links. Is Juliet asking all of them to take it down as well?

          Juliet – I believe I will leave it. It is there with no harm intended but to show the face of a little girl who deserves justice.

          Sorry for your loss.

    2. Are you grieving over the loss of the murdering asshole?  Because I still don’t see how we are being disrespectful.  I’ll tell you what, since you are obviously a moron and don’t want that little angel to be remembered, or for people;e to see the face of an angel that was taken too soon, I will take down the picture.  But not out of any kind of respect for you, because I have none.  I just want the people who read this site to see that Brooklyn didn’t stand a chance with people like you in her life.  People who want to hide her picture as if she doesn’t exist.  People who don’t want the public to see the face that this mother fucker MURDERED.
      Just kidding.  I just talked myself out of removing the picture for the fact that you are asking me to do it out of respect for you and I have none.  You better hope the blog owner is more sympathetic to your bullshit.

  13. did you ask this site to take down the pic?

    What about this one?

    Then there is this one…

    The more I find, the more “disrespectful” I want to be.  Maybe I should pull all the pics I find and make a collage.  You know, the person who “disrespected” you family is the sack of shit who murdered Brooklyn.  Maybe you should spend more time focusing on bringing her justice, and less time worrying about a picture on a blog that was taken from a news source.  A picture that was probably given to a journalist by a member of the family.

  14. My family and myself would greatly appreciate that her pictures are not posted all over the internet. We would like people to remember her by her beauty, how amazing she was and how she could put a smile on anyones face. Thank you

    1. “We would like people to remember her by her beauty, how amazing she was and how she could put a smile on anyones face. Thank you ”
      But without a picture that reflects that?  What a joke.

      Danielle, take the picture down so this idiot goes away.

    2. “We would like people to remember her by her beauty, how amazing she was and how she could put a smile on anyones face. Thank you ”
      But without a picture that reflects that?  What a joke.

      Danielle, take the picture down so this idiot goes away.

  15. ‘Brooklyn’s mother is struggling every day with the loss of her daughter. She is working with dectives through the entire case to keep this SOB behind bars. Brooklyn and her family will get their justice. She would like people to remember Brooklyn as the beautiful angel that she is. Thank you

    1. Remember her… but No pictures, please.  I feel for her, but you are still an idiot.

    2. And how exactly does that picture not allow people to know how beautiful she was?  How does that not do anything but HELP bring justice for her.  When the murderer goes to trial you will have people that you’ve never met at the courthouse holding signs that will call for justice in this case, people that were compelled after seeing the stories of her death and seeing that sweet picture of her to be there and HELP stand up for her even though they never met her and never knew her.  If it were my write-up I’d totally go back and edit the picture so that it was even bigger so that everyone could get a good look at that angel rather than doing as you wish and taking it down.

  16. There you go, dumb ass.  Now will you pound sand?

  17. Thank you

  18. Thank you

  19. Devious, relentless, heartless, Hell bitch. How do you like me now?


    1. Yup.  That’s me.  And?  What the fuck is your point?

  20. Devious, relentless, heartless, Hell bitch. How do you like me now?That is this April girls description of herself.  I am going to guess she does not know Jamie or any one else in the family.  As Brooklyn’s picture (a select few of them) are all over facebook (all her family members have her picture as a profile), news reports, and even a birthday message from her grandparents.  How can having a picture up harm the family in any way??????  This article is how the family should react, not hide it and not talk about it, which seems to be what is happening. 


    1. If you are referring to APRIL who has commented here already no she does not know the family.  She is one of the people who helps to oversee this blog in many different capacities.  And yes when I searched for pictures I found that they are ALL OVER the internet and I don’t see any requests at other sites for them to be removed. 

      1. Merc, you are talking to idiots.  I don’t want to know the family.  Why would I want to know anyone who thinks people who are angry about a child being murdered shows disrespect?  If someone murdered MY child, I would want the WORLD to see his beautiful face so that they could understand my pain and share it with me.  She is obviously too stupid to see that.  She’ll be on to her next snatch snack soon enough.  Hopefully really soon.  I’m tired of her comments popping up in my email.

        1. I know and because I know that I went and did a little digging.  “Juliet” is apparently part of Jamie’s myspace handle.  Now beyond that it’s been a little difficult to find information but I’m of the thinking that it’s the murdering SOB’s family trying to take some of the heat off him.  They have been very vocal about his “innocence” in all of this and generally that means becoming trolltards all over the net.  I also discovered when I went to Brooklyn’s facebook page that a good friend of mine from high school who just happens to live in Portland has liked the page, now he’s not the type to just like some random kid’s facebook memorial so I shot a message off to him to see if he knows anyone from Brooklyn’s family just to find out for my own curiosity why the family would ask us to take the picture down.  I’m still waiting to hear back from him and it’s a longshot but you never know.

    2. Yup.  That’s me.  And I don’t care to know a woman who leaves her child alone with a baby killer.  All I care about is justice for the baby.  As for the pictures, If Jamie doesn’t want them on the internet, why is she poting them on FB.  Stupid ass.  Perhaps making them private was to hard for her to figure out.

      1.  sorry i got yall confused. 

        1. No worries, but that is from my profile.  For the record, I am a hell bitch if you are on the wrong side of me.  Usually it’s the people who defend the murdering shit stains.  Or people that think posting a murdered child’s picture is disrespectful.  Everyone else thinks I’m a doll.  =0)

  21. This is Brooklyn’s mother. I do not care what you say about me, bash me all you want. Just please respect my daughter. She will receive justice, he will be sentence for murder and first degree manslauter for killing my baby. He will not survive behind bars for too long. However, this does not bring back my beautiful baby girl! I struggle every day to try to find a reason to live. I still cannot believe she is gone. My daughter was my life my world and she was stolen from me! I appreciate people who are. Defending my baby girl and who want her to have her justice. Thank you

    1. Nothing will bring her back.  We all know that all too well.  I think though that it is a shame that you don’t want anyone to see her and it almost sounds as if you’re ashamed of what happened to her in some way by making requests for people to take her picture down.  I hope that you will seek out some counseling because it sounds like you really need some help knowing who the real enemy is here because it’s not people who only want to remember Brooklyn.  In any case we took the picture down so there’s really no reason for you to remain here.  I hope that you can find the peace that you are searching for.

      1. Her asking me to take the pic down make me have NO respect for her.  I suppose that she thinks the pic I posted is more respectful.  I’m guessing her IQ is in the double digits.

        1. And I’m guessing that double digit IQ is a compliment.  ;-p

          1. Where have you been.

          2. Under a mountain of stress (as usual).  It says that things happen in threes so I’m hoping that saying is true.  ;-p  The third thing was my ‘puter giving my heart an aerobic workout. 

            Thankfully I’ve been able to keep up with the bad behaviour of breeders a la this awesome site!  And yes, I’m still a vigilant defender of this and other stories!!

          3. Yes thats a good thing, because you sure get alot of guff. Your doing a awesome thing.This locker dude needs to go down,The mother made a terrible mistake shacking up with some one she barely knew,and that is why we cannot take things for granite, no one wins in the end. Especially those who commit such terrible crimes, just think whats going through his demented mind now…Sad thing probably not remorse, unfortunatley, but some pretty messed up thinking. That is the chain of a generation of evil messed up demented  families, cant blame the family though cause we all have minds of are own, and we do know what is right and what is wrong.

    2. I took the fucking picture down.  No kindly fuck off.  You are a complete moron.

    3. Ya know, I’m a little puzzled.  First you’re a friend of Brooklyn’s mother and now you’re Brooklyn’s mother.

      I know that ‘alleged’ killer is bipolar.

      Are you a multiple personality?

      If yes, then the whole Jamie and Jeffery coupling makes sense.

  22.  She’s from CA.  He plead NOT GUILTY!  I have heard rumors that the baby was with her father the night before.  Jamie had a restraining order placed on him and he was arrested back in march for not listening to the Order.  If he is abusive and she was with him the night before and then this guy gets her, bathes her, etc…. im sure Locker did it, but what about the abusive dad???

    1. That could be a legal thing.  I know here in NY there is a mandatory “not guilty” plea on all felonies so that a full trial can commence.  I’m not sure about Oregon’s procedures on this though.  My guess is that he is still going with the “accidental” defense even though the medical professionals have already weighed in on it.

    2. What about her?  Maybe she had something to do with it?  Maybe that’s why she wants the pic down so bad.  Concience is getting the best of her.

      1.  It has crossed my mind.  There are cases where the baby is abused and then it shows a day later….

        1. Yup.  Sadly, she probably DID love Brooklyn.  But being so adamant about removing the pic makes her look like a goofy twit.  Even more when she started screaming that Brooklyn’s mother wants people to remember her smiling and happy… not murdered.  DUH!  First of all, if she had of told us she was Brooklyn’s mother and asked for the picture to be removed,  I would have done it without any explanation.  She made herself look foolish.  Total comedy.  Remember Brooklyn for being a beautiful, happy baby… but understand that her mother is a shit head, so there will be no face to place with the name of the murdered angel.  Humph.

  23. I can only go to one site at a time. I see comments about people defending the SOB, I know it is his family. It kills me to know that anyone would defend someone who murdered a baby. Brooklyn will get her justice. It is just difficult for me because it still doesn’t help with my suffering…

    1. It kills me that someone who claims to love her doesn’t want people who AREN’T defending the mother fucker to see her beautiful face.  But then again, that’s what makes me think you’re an idiot…. so… whatever.

    2. Hmm, no, but cruising the web reading articles about your child’s murder DOES help with your suffering????

  24. Jamie, sorry for your loss.  She is beautiful!  why hide your name?  Have you gone to all of the news reporters, sites, and other blogs/news sites to have them take her picture down?  This blog was/is DEFENDING brooklyn and I hope you understand that.  There is nothing disrespectful.

    sorry i confused april & juliet. 

    1. Thanks for the apology.  I was a little pissed, but I understand the confusion.  Brooklyn was a beautiful child.  All of the children posted her are.  All senseless murders.  What a shame Miss “Juliet” doesn’t want the world to remember her beautiful face, as she claims to.  I don’t even have it in me to feel sorry for her, as I would for any other mother in this situation.  shame on me, but I can’t stand the ignorance.

    2. My guess is no, Jamie hasn’t gone to all the web sites to ask that they take the pictures down, if it is Jamie posing as Juliet.  My guess is also that Juliet is not Jamie but perhaps one of Jeff’s supporters.

      See, if Jamie is an honestly grieving mother, then she would be (I suppose) too upset to be web-surfing.  Once she gets out of her shock, then (and if she really loved her daughter), then she might rally to fight what will be a long and arduous process of seeing Jeff maybe get a court date and eventually go on trial.  This soul-sucking process may take years and only the strong survive.  I measure mothers of murdered children by fine examples demonstrated through strong women, like Amber Huggins, Lauren McConniel’s mom, women who lost little angels through a convoluted and perverse series of circumstances.

      What transpires here will be indicative of how much Brooklyn really was loved.

      I have yet to see a mother of a murder victim request that a photo of their lost baby be REMOVED from a story like this.  A photo can only help make the case of never forgetting Brooklyn.  Removing it is like erasing her from the violent act that took her life.

  25. I wanted to ask you if you think in these situations the mother is part at fault for leaving their child with someone that kills their  child?  I know this family as well.  They are good people!!!  Sounded like Brooklyn spent more time with her aunt and grandmother than with her mother.  This POS that killed the baby…cheated on his fiance with Jamie….he’d only been living with her 2 months.  Do moms typically just trust people with their kid?

    1. Let me be frank, I would NEVER leave my son with my latest snatch snack (if my husband and I ever split up, that is).  I need to know more about the situation to hold Jamie responsible.  How long did she know him.  Did he have violent tendencies?  Had he abused Brooklyn before.  I believe that there had to be signs.  Usually the “murder” is not the first time the child has been abused.  Know what I mean?  Was he on drugs?  Did he have a criminal history?  Where was she while he was killing her baby?  I have so many questions.

      1. Latest snatch snack?  ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Sorry,  I know that this is serious, but I just inhaled my vitamin water!

  26. She was at work.  According to his family and his ex-fiance that he cheated on with jamie that is blasting on other sites comment section, he had bipolar.  She is married and seems to be in the process of getting divorced from brooklyn’s dad, who had the baby the night before, and who has a restraining order out on him.  i really hope we hear some details.  this was a SHOCK to everyone that knows them.  I have heard rumors that later in the night after Brooklyn was brought to the hospital that Jamie had her mother removed from Brooklyn’s room by security guards of the hospital.  She was supporting Murderer and his reasoning as to what happend.  obviously that was changed.  The donations they ask for to go to Raphael House, which is a domestic violence center.  it brings up a lot of questions too. 

    To see beautiful Brooklyn and her supporters you can view her “story” here where her family has all her pictures and videos of the special girl:

    1. Thank you!  I have added the page on FB.  So… riddle me this, Batman.  How come there is a FB page dedicated to her with pics galore, but we were asked to remove our pic?  Head scratcher.  It’s making less and less sense.

  27. Also, when she was bathed, you can see in all the pictures of her in the tub, she was always in a basket in the tub.  how could she have fallen?????  I would love to know what Brooklyn’s dad’s side of the family is saying/feeling.   

    1. Perhaps someone should invite them here.

    2. We are all angry and in disbelief on how the mother would be careless and let this happen. Also it must take some sick individual to take a child’s life and and go out of town knowing he/she was injured during his supervision….

      1.  We are all angry and in disbelief in the situation. The fact that Jeff would have an inconsistent story with the injury only incriminates himself. The grieving process is is hard, honestly who goes out of town when the child they are in charge of watching gets injured and ends up in the hospital?

        1. yes its been a hard hit for everyone weather your related or not. Inconsistants of a story to say the least… When your a chronic liar,it ultimately catches up with you in the end. Murder of a child is usually not a random act, somewhere in the murders life there is disfunction,probably abusive parenting,which is no excuse to take a life.

  28. April, you got me.  It’s not like your article says ANYTHING bad towards Brooklyn.  Also, why doesn’t the page or anywhere else talk about what happened to her.  The page makes it seem as tho she passed away from a illness or something.  If my baby were MURDERED i would be announcing it and all details to everyone.  I am guessing b/c of the court case/trial, they are told to not say anything.  But … it’s misleading.  I find it VERY odd that she wanted her picture removed too.  I also find it odd that she didnt just write you as Brooklyn’s mother and ask you to take it down, instead of a fake name.  Maybe it is not jamie after all???  who knows.   I read your page daily.  i will keep up with you and any news let out.   There is MORE to the story.

    1. Thank you and thank you for being a loyal reader.  Please keep us posted.  I may put the picture back.  I’m not convinced that it was Jamie, now that you pointed it out.  Curious….

  29. It makes no sense to me either of why there is a FB page with pics galore, and we are asked to remove her picture. Oh well, stupid is as stupid does. It’d be interesting if her family truly came here to explain.

    1. Right?  So I’m not the only one who thinks she’s bat shit nuts?

  30. Have you seen the comments at the end of the following article?  He has family on there protecting and sticking up for him.  Very interesting.   i posted this on every article that was written and comments below.

    1. I love this comment:

      goindeep19 August 08, 2011 at 2:22PM

      I worked with this nut case. He’s guilty. A baby hitting it’s head on an object, that can barely walk, to the point where the baby dies, is highly unlikely. Not to mention his family coming out about how well he cared for this baby, if he did such a good job caring for the baby, it would of never got into a situation where it somehow “hit it’s head on an object in the house, knocking the baby unconscious.” This guys karma finally caught up to him. He was currently on leave from his job, for “getting struck by a tri-met bus” although never submitted proof of this, and had not been to work for two weeks. He’s a low life, and is not liked by anyone outside of his immediate family. Just take for example what his family was saying is true, nobody would update him on the status of the baby? Yeah, cause they didn’t want the guy anywhere near the situation. The mother finally realized how nuts this dude is.

      1. This guy sounds as bad as David Trebilc*ck.  Next thing you know he’ll be telling us that he did kill her but he did it because “Jesus Christ” told him to.

        1. No.  I doubt that.  David never tried to lie.  This fucker is just a flat out liar.

          1. Well that’s true.  It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

  31. Mercedes-you went to estacada? 

    1. No, I grew up in Washington state.  I went to Timberline HS in Lacey and also to Elma HS in Elma.  My friend went to Timberline HS as well.  He now lives in Portland though and like I said when I went to the page he was listed as “liking” the page.  He is not the type to like a random child’s page even in cases of murder.  So as not to give him away to the family I will just say that his reply was “I see no reason why they would ask BB to take the picture down.”  He is an aquaintance of the family.  (Again I don’t want to say too much as he’s asked me not to.)  Basically we were probably feeding an enemy troll, someone who obviously knows Jamie enough to know that she uses “Juliet” as part of her user name at other sites.

  32. Imo, I think the picture should have been left there.
    There was no disrespect being done.
    If a lawsuit ensues because of a picture, then all the sites displaying her picture should be involved INCLUDING facebook.

    Juliet, I understand you want to remember your daughter smiling and laughing, and that is exactly what she was doin in the picture that was attached to this article.
    Personally, I myself would have never asked for it to be taken down. Also, I know the loss of a child myself, so I understand how it may be heartwrenching for you to see your beautiful baby associated with this story, but the picture should have been left alone so we readers can experience the angelic glow of your precious daughters’ face and cry with you. You are not alone and if you need someone to talk to feel free to click on my name for my email.

    1. Shes not so innocent she left brooklyn with her phsyco bf after being with him for two months thats not a mother and the only thing she had to say to the dad in the hospital was its not my fault seriously she needs to spend more time in the psych ward

      1. Alicia H. (YES I KNOW WHO YOU ARE) I advise you to STFU, if you are smart enough to.

        1. That’s a threat and that gets you banned. 

        2. Be warned shes crazy ive known the dad for 4 years and hes been a good person for as long as ive known I was just giving my perspective as a mother I could care less if u know who I am lol u really sound like a mourning mother u have a lot of growing up to do jamie

      2. Okay, you said that you didn’t know the murderer, and in a comment replying to this one, you say you do. You need to get your shit straight, child.

  33. So let me guess….

    You know Jeff and he can’t possibly be guilty blah blah blah.

    Who the fuck are you to say she needs to be in a psych ward?
    Bitch you need to get hooked on phonics.
    Your grammar sucks, and you can’t even fucking spell.
    Run along little doggie. Save the insults for those who have a fucking brain.

    Kids, Alicia here is a prime example of why you should stay in school!

    1. Actually I dont know him at all lol you can be immature if you want Im a mother a single mom at that and know I would never leave my son with anyone I was “dating” ur responsibility is to protect ur children and its really sad that parents these days fail to do so watching a family hurt because they couldnt do anything about it is heartbreaking

      1. Maybe, Rat forgot to tell to you honey that he denied Brooklyn as his daughter? OH AND  he was a horrible father who was never there because he was too drunk?! Please, people get your facts straight or STFU!

  34. April, I understand why you removed the picture.  Unfortunately, I don’t think that will do the trick (make the tards go away).  If you’ve seen the asshole’s picture, then you must realize that a “good lookin” man is hard to find and has charmed all the ladies in his life to drop their panties and forget their obligations start and end with their CHILD’S LIFE.

    And, unfortunately, if you give in on one point, then the assholes are likely to think, “Hey, we can get them to remove the story.  After all, a “good lookin” man like Jeffrey Locker can’t be guilty, right?  Let’s hound them till they remove that disrespectful story.”

    My point is that they start off with what seems like a reasonable request (although it’s not reasonable in my estimation, but it’s not my call), and then they ask for a little more and then a little more and pretty soon, you’ve given them what they want.

    Well, truth be told, what they really want is for everyone to just forget that he murdered a little girl and by the jeezus, you will hear some desperate convoluted reasons as to why he isn’t guilty (yes, and JFK was killed by a single bullet that defied the laws of physics, dontcha know?), and it will be their own little “Casey Anthony is innocent”-type of crusade.

    April, I love your style and don’t want you to lose your edge.  I know that you and the rest of Trench’s crew are a tight bunch, but I don’t want you guys to think that you have to give in to any kind of dipshit pressure because there isn’t a groundswell of support for this kind of internet censorship.  The focus for me is, always has been and always will be, the child.

    You are smart and classy — because of the note up front on the story, I went OUT OF MY WAY to track down a picture of the baby.  So  there!  Nyah, nyah, nyah!  So much for trying to keep me from associating this murderer with her picture, because that’s what the hue and cry was all about — the picture of the baby was inflammatory to their claim that he wasn’t a killer.  You just look at the baby’s picture and associate that princess with the picture of the man who took her life away — kind of makes him look a little less innocent, doesn’t it?

    Again, kudos to Danielle for an awesome writeup and kudos to Trench and Trench’s girls — keep fighting the good fight and know that honourable people everywhere celebrate your dedication.

  35. wow

  36. I know Jeff and his family I watched him grow up his whole life is twisted.i think he probably didnt realize he was being abusive..Is that right hell no disfuntional

    1. Disfunctional or not the cycle has to stop somewhere.  He killed a child, a child he hadn’t known that long and a child he wasn’t even related to (not that that would be any better) and for that regardless of how “twisted” his life was he should have to pay.  Plenty of people have grown up in disfunctional homes and families and haven’t gone on to commit senseless acts of violence against defenseless victims.  It’s not an excuse for his actions and I hope that it does not become his defense for this.

  37. totally agree the whole situation is very very sad,because its alway the innocent who suffer.Ultimately no matter how disfuntional,derranged,bi polar whatever,the penality must be paid… It’s too bad it took the life of a angel,to bring it to this point

  38. Mi3nh13oi- I would shut your fuckin mouth! You have no clue on what the mother is going through! How would you feel when you get a call say ng that your baby is being rushed to the hospital? She loves her daughter, she was her world. And I must say the baby’s father was no prize winner himself! You need to get the story straight or STFU!

    1. Damn… My lat comment posted before I was done. Sorry. Ignore the people that have nothing important to say. My next question is, are you the person who asked us to remove the pic? Or the one who asked us to put it back?

  39. Mi3nh13oi- I would shut your fuckin mouth! You have no clue on what the mother is going through! How would you feel when you get a call say ng that your baby is being rushed to the hospital? She loves her daughter, she was her world. And I must say the baby’s father was no prize winner himself! You need to get the story straight or STFU!

  40. A new picture has been added to this post at the request of Brooklyn’s mother.  It’s seems the asstard that asked us to remove it was an impostor.  Possibly a member of the murderer’s family. 

    Rest in peace baby Brooklyn. 

  41. Jeffrey Locker is a good man, When the trial starts and HARD evdience comes out, you will all see. That SHIT happens.  I love jeffrey locker. And i hope the truth comes out soon. 

    Seee you in court

    1. “Seee you in court”

      Are you suing your mother’s doctor over the botched abortion?  I think you have a strong case.

  42. Yet Rat is still seeing Jamie. Funny how that goes… Locker is guilty. Sorry to burst anyones bubble. He shall rot in prison.

  43. Innocent till proven guilty

    1. when he’s found guilty will you post a video of your eating your hat?

    2. And… You a brainless fucktard until proven otherwise. Capiche?

  44. You know,  my husband slipped down the stairs and dropped my son (who was around 2wks old at the time) on the basement floor (cement) from about 2ft up.   We called 911 we did everything we could, he’s fine now, right now, he’s getting over the flu, but you get the idea.  If a 2wk old gets pretty much nothing but a headache from a drop on a cement floor then…a 1yr old slipping in the bathtub would just get a goose egg, not all that brain damage. 

    1. I posted this in the thread.

  45. Id like to update this comment board with my recent find on facebook about the 2nd child jamie has had with another man who claims she is pretty much crazy. On his name is joshua Smith and he needs help seeing his son. thoughts on mother?

    1. It’s, not gofindme, he’s trying to raise funds for an attorney so that he can get full custody of their son.

      1. From what it sounds like is Jamie is suffering from PTSD ( post traumatic stress disorder ). It’s understandable any mother who loses her baby at a young age is traumatizing, you’d go a little crazy too. However it looks like she never seemed any sort of counseling or treatment for it. So with this new baby shes on crazy b*tch mode which is not healthy for herself or the baby. I hope for the babies best interest he goes to his father so Jamie can receive the proper counseling.

        1. How do you know if she seek help or not?

          1. Reading from what josh has stated it looks to like she didnt. But maybe she did or is continuing to go or maybe not you’re right I don’t know. I wouldn’t expect her to be ok for a very long time.

          2. Interesting.


            1. she didn’t “lose” her baby; her baby was murdered. big difference. I had a friend who “lost” her son to suicide because his girlfriend dumped him. It was very painful to go through with her.

            2. doesn’t matter what age any parent is, “losing” a child to anything is devastating.

            3. I wouldn’t mistaken grieving for “being crazy”

            4. I have to start believing in mermaids and fire breathing dragons because someone on the internet stated they are real.

            5. why haven’t we found anything on the mother? And if she is “crazy” why hasn’t CPS done something about it?

    2. I guess we will get that answer when the judge decides who gets their son.

      Food for Thought:
      This is what I dug up.

  46. Have you’ve seen the Justice for Brooklyn Saechao page?

    1. where is this page at?

  47. Years later and Joshua not only looses his fight to save his son from this crazy lady; he hasnt seen his so called endanger son in years. go figure. he is too busy trying to be a political figure.

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