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Middlesbrough man denies causing tot harm

Middlesbrough man blames mother and gran for child’s injuries

Grangetown child attacker facing indefinite prison term

Dean Cochrane bit toddler and fractured her skull ‘to teach her right from wrong’

Grangetown man jailed for shocking attack on tot

Not long ago, I mentioned that I am rarely, if ever, satisfied with the sentences handed down to the abusers featured here on  I’m all too happy to share this as a possible example of one of those relatively gratifying rarities.

Dean Cochrane (24) of Middlesbrough in England stood trial facing two charges of causing grievous bodily harm with intent, one count of causing actual bodily harm and one count of child cruelty.  I can’t find this “man’s” relationship to the unnamed toddler but I feel confident in my assumption that he was the mother’s boy toy of some nature.  The little girl was admitted to James Cook University hospital where staff discovered 68 separate bruises, a human bite mark on her shoulder and multiple skull fractures.  The left skull fracture was caused by an impact seven to ten days before she was taken to the hospital.  The two right side fractures were caused by a “high force impact” hours before she was admitted to the hospital.  Doctors found mascara and talcum powder on the girl presumably to disguise the injuries.

Shockingly, Cochrane was left alone with the girl the day before she “was taken ill” (those Brits, always so damn polite) and dental experts were able to confirm the bite mark was left by Cochrane so, it pretty much stands to reason that he was responsible for at least some of these injuries.  He did finally admit that the bite mark was his (it’s pretty clear even from his closed mouth smirk that he’s got a shall we say, distinctive bite pattern) but that he’d been told to “nip” her if she bit other children so, he was just trying to teach her a lesson.  Maybe my dictionary is out of date but I don’t believe the agreed upon definition of “nipping” involves leaving a mark so deep it can be clearly matched to a dental impression.  Here’s a tip there, chief, if you’re too damn stupid to know that biting a child to teach them not to bite is about as asinine as beating them to teach them not to hit then perhaps you are not the best child care option.  Toddlers are not empathetic little creatures; they have no concept that what they do has any impact on others, moron.  Of course, Cochrane has placed the blame on everyone except himself.  He claims the mother and grandmother are responsible for all of the abuse except the bite mark.  I tend to think he may be at least partially correct.  Injuries to that extent don’t often just show up over night and the grandmother has admitted to “nipping” her to teach her not to bite – WTF is wrong with these people!?  She’s not a friggin puppy!!

Now, on to the good news….  The child’s mother has been convicted of child cruelty by neglect because she failed to take the child to the hospital when she was told to by NHS Direct (a medical advice hotline in the UK) she was taken by ambulance the following day which is when the extent of the child’s injuries was discovered.  She was sentenced to four months in prison.  The jury found Captain Creepy guilty, in just three hours, of all charges.  He has been given an indefinite sentence which means, there is a minimum time he must serve but that he will not be released until a parole board deems him no longer a threat to society.  He must serve at least 6 years and 82 days before being allowed to apply for parole.  Given his long history of violent behavior it will hopefully be a long, long time before he sees the light of day.  He still maintains his innocence and shouted “nice one” to the judge when he was given his sentence.  Cocky asshole.  The best news of all, the little girl recovered quickly and is doing well.

Thanks go to Connor for the tip!

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    1. Oh crap – should I add a TM notation to his mugshot?  Don’t wanna get sued!

      1. Makes me want to go to the jail and model new hairstyles on him. After he gets the crap beaten out of him of course.

        —– Original message —–

        1. Maybe you could try out some amateur dentistry as well.  Without anesthesia of course, administering drugs without proper medical training would just be wrong.

  1. Oh yeah the old, “bite them back they’ll never bite again” theory.  Whenever I hear this one I cringe.  My epileptic son is prone to VIOLENT fits thanks to a new med and we still teach him NO HITTING even as he’s litterally smacking me so hard across the face that I can’t see I never “hit back” and when he resorts to biting no matter how bad it hurts (and he’s been known to draw blood) I don’t bite back.  Whenever he goes to hit we simply catch his wrists to keep him from hitting and firmly tell him NO HITTING.  I can’t see how biting a child in the head can possibly be to teach her a lesson.  At least he’s not getting out of jail!

  2. Yeah, this guy definitely belongs to the missing link clan! Just eliminate him by the most expedient means possible. AND the mum needs to serve more than 4 months. Idiot c***!

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