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Twisted Breeder decapitates 7-year-old son who had cerebral palsy

Jeremiah Lee Wright

Jeremiah Lee Wright decapitated own 7-year-old disabled son; chopped up body to spite mom: cops:

Police: Father Confesses To Decapitating Son:

Police: La. man decapitated disabled son, 7:

Dad charged with decapitating handicapped boy:

Being the boss here at BB comes with one major disadvantage. When there’s a story that no one else can handle becuase it’s so disturbing it falls to me to post. Why? Well, I think it has something to do with that I’ve been blogging about stories like this for so long that I’ve unfortunately have become kind of numb to some of the horrors that find their way into our inbox. This is one of those stories but it even affected my cold black heart so I can only imagine how it affected the other writers here at BB.

I’ve been sitting on this story for a couple of days now knowing that it’s been sitting in my inbox. I used the excuse that I had other posts for my other blogs to write but I still knew that it was sitting in there waiting for its turn to be posted. When I finally cleared the other e-mails and it became time to post this story for the first time in a long time I just didn’t want to do it.

For the past 9 hours I’ve been trying to type out the words to what happened but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. I kept staring at the blank white empty space within WordPress trying to think of something to say that would do this story justice. I kept getting up from my desk to take way too many cigarette breaks in order to organize my thoughts. Eventually I gave up and laid down for what I thought was only going to be 30 minutes. That turned into 3 hours. It seems that my body shut itself down over the anxiety of posting this story.

I even thought about passing on this story but so many people sent in tips that there was no way I couldn’t do this story. Even now I’m still hesitant to do so but it is unfortunately a story that needs to be known to show that there are people who are purely evil living among us.

The evil in question is one 30-year-old Jeremiah Lee Wright of Thibodaux, Louisiana. He’s been charged with and allegedly confessed to the brutal murder of his 7-year-old son, Jori Lirette. Jori had cerebral palsy, was confined to a wheelchair and required the use of a feeding tube. Wright had sometimes referred to his sin as an ‘inanimate object’.

Police say that Wright bludgeoned his son before decapitating him. Family members have said that Wright used a meat cleaver and decapitated his son over the kitchen sink. Jori’s mother had left the house to get her vehicle repaired. Wight allegedly left Jori’s head in the driveway so she would see it and ‘feel stupid’ but gave no further explanation about that.

A passerby saw Jori’s head in the driveway and called police. When authorities arrived Wright tried telling them that Jori’s dismembered body was a CPR dummy and part of a joke. Shortly thereafter police say that he confessed to killing his son. Jori’s body was found nearby in a white trash bag. His feet and a hand had also been severed from his body. Wright is also believed to have said that he was tired of taking care of Jori.

I couldn’t possibly understand what it must be like to take care of a child that requires such attention as Jori did but I do know this. You love your children no matter what their medical faults may be. There is absolutely no reason for what happened other than pure selfishness. What could Jori have possibly prevented this lowlife from doing except for possibly drinking a case of Old Milwaukee on the porch?

Prosecutors have not said yet whether or not they will seek the death penalty but with this being Louisiana and the brutality of the crime I can’t imagine that they wouldn’t.

As y wife is fond of saying the death penalty is too easy for a scumbag like this. You feel a pin prick and then you go to sleep. Even though that sleep is forever that’s still not good enough for what this jackhole did.

If it was up to me ‘they’ would decapitate the bastard but not in a quick way like a guillotine. The way I would have ‘them’ do it is to put the top of his shiny dead on a deli slicer and then just keep slicing off layer after layer of his diseased skull until his neck was a bloody stump.

Some may say that I’m just as sick as Wright for wishing that kind of violence on him. Maybe I am but Jori committed no crime but was brutally executed anyway. Why should his killer be treated any better.

Thanks to everyone who sent in tips.

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  1. When you read shit like this, you wonder wtf is wrong with people? I agree with you about your idea of punishment. The laws aren’t protecting these babies, it seems like they protect the parents more. I wish they had laws to make these pieces of shit pay.

    1. Isn’t it just too bad that there isn’t a vigilante group out there intent on exterminating these evil, sub-human vermin and the DAs & judges who let them off?

      1. Clevo,I’m right there with you. The death penalty is so much not enough for monsters like this one.

  2. I am sitting here  trying to understand  why someone could even fathom doing this to any child, much less their own. I…I cannot say anything but I agree that death is too good for him, though Edgar Allen Poe’s The Pit and the Pendulum comes to mind as a punishment suitable. Alternately a metal bucket, a rat, and a small charcoal fire would work just as well.

  3. Omg, I don’t even have a comment to this it is so horrific.  My oldest who is 6 is special needs, and my husband loves him and he can drive us absolutely nuts, but we love him no matter what.  I don’t even understand how anyone can do this to any person let alone a child.  It’s just sad to see that there are people like this in the world.

    1. A little louisiana law will find it’s way to this guy….. Alligators are perfect for disposing bodies even those of the obese category. Please god let him end up at Angola.

      1. I ♥ this comment.  LA justice sounds better than TX justice.  And I love TX justice.

  4. its the end of the world as we know it…….and i feel sick

  5. As the step mother and part time carer for two children, 7 and 9, who both have their challenges due to what they have endured at the hands of their mother and the full time sole carer for my own two children, 9 and 11, I understand the stress of looking after children. Particularly after a long day at uni when my nerves are already fried. But there is nothing on this earth that could bring me to the point if even considering such a heinous act!
    Bring on the deli slicer and the rat in a slowly heated metal bucket. It still wouldn’t be enough to make up for what this sick lowly bastard has done.
    Hug your children extra close tonight people, give them (and us) reason to believe that there is some good out there to counter balance the evil that seems to be plagueing our world.

  6. What a sad sick shit. A slow and painful demise is due.

    1. Overdue apparently.

  7. Great Job Trench… I could not stomach it!  

  8. Good job Trench.  I also could not have done this one especially after seeing pictures of sweet little Jori. 

  9. I broke down while reading this. I work with people who have disabilities such as cerebral palsy and they are some of the sweetest, funniest, and most loving people I have ever met and I consider it a privilege to work with them. SO how in the hell can you look at your child especially one so dependent on the adults in their l.ives and do something so brutal, and maybe saying this makes me a monster but the only justice I can see is to do the same to this waste of space but with a dull rusty butter knife very very very very slowly. RIP little man may you find peace.

  10. There are no words for such evil.  I cried the first time I read about this poor little boy, and I’m crying again now.  It’s hard to come to terms with the fact that such evil exists in our world.

  11. This is my second time reading this story.  The first time was on my favorite mom blog.  In that write up it said that the little boy was 10-years-old.  In this one he is 7, which happens to be the age of my son.  I read the story the first time with a bad taste in my mouth.  This guy is the worst kind of evil I think I have ever seen.  He did this because he didn’t want to be burdened anymore.  He made a CONSCIOUS decision because he is a LAZY FUCKING ASSHOLE!  I am really hoping that they break out the old hanging gallary for this guy, and let the audience watching throw sharp things at him while waiting for his neck to snap.

    Going back to the little boy being the same age as my son.  My son is a outstanding little guy.  He is so fun and super smart.  My heart aches knowing that this little guy never ran, or climbed a jungle gym, or rode a bike.  This little guy was was probable a joy to be around and probable had a wonderful bright smile, like my little guy.  My heart is aching right now knowing that a fucking monster took his little life away, that was already missing out on so many things. 

    RIP little angel boy.  You are running and playing in heaven!   

    I have never cried as hard as I am right now reading a story on here.

  12. I almost forgot to point out that his middle name is Lee. The Ray-Lee-Wayne and sometimes Earl theory only applies to males by the way. 

    1. Earl???  I think I’m offended.  My middle name is Earl.

      1. I know it’s not but now I’m going to call you Earl.

        —– Original message —–

        1. Only if you say it in that NC accent.

          1. I don’t have an NC accent.

            —– Original message —–

          2. A little.

          3. I’m in Jersey again. I’ll lose it soon.

            —– Original message —–


    ok i’m pretty pissed about the entire situation this child Jori was in, look at the pic on his facebook page his face is scraped and bruised looking, he looks abused..and the article on the mother…don’t even get me started….she knew since he was 6 months old and is now trying to blame Law Enforcement for complaints she made against him from all those yrs ago when it is she that let the protection orders lapse..she needs to be charged with failure to protect..of course that is my opinion but she was a lousy mother and this poor child didn’t get what he needed from her…i’m sure she loved the SSI check each month though

    1. What a fucking bastard…. I read this shit below and my blood started boiling! ‘Wright said that he recently saw the way the dummy looked at him and there were signs and little things the dummy did to him that let him know that Jori was not his son, but a dummy.’Favalora said Wright told police that ‘he was tired of taking care of the dummy. Wright said that as soon as he realized that Jori was a dummy, and not his son, he ‘started contemplating on killing him.’
      Read more:

    2. She mother fucking KNEW he wanted to kill him.  She let him come back!!!  She allowed this to happen.  Fucking c***!!!  She should be locked up too.

      1. There’s rumors that Jesslyn Lirette didn’t want to care for her son as well. Look up her facebook acct, and nowhere does she mention she has a son?

        1. It’s all private.  I don’t care if she wanted him or not.  She knew that lousy bastard had it out for him.  Whore.  I get pissed every time I think about it.

        2. Be careful in cases like this to listen too much to the “rumors” that you hear.  More than likely his family and friends are attempting to take some of the heat off of him.  As for not having her child listed on her facebook acct, there’s no rule that says you have to list your children on there and many don’t simply to protect their children.  There are alot of sick creeps out there on facebook and you never know when one of them might be on YOUR friend list.  One of them is my ex-fiance.  He came on facebook about a year ago and started talking to all of us (the old gang from HS) and come to find out that the whole time we were “catching up” with him he was on trial for sexually abusing an 11 year old boy.  We were all shocked when we found out a little over a month ago that he’d fled texas and is now on the run because he never showed at his sentencing in December.  Quite a few of the old gang have been contacted by the US Marshals and quite a few of us with kids were very quick to get him off our friend list.  I’m not saying that it’s not true because I don’t know this woman but I do know how rumors can run when something like this happens.

  14. OMG… When I read the tips that came for this, I know I couldn’t read it – or fucking write about it.  Silly me – I read everything trench writes.  I feel sick.

  15. I am speechless. I will not eat tonight.

  16. He depersonalized this poor little guy.  How heartless must have his “care” been?   All children need love and nuturing, but special needs children need it even more just to survive.
    There are so many families that would have taken this baby.   DSS would have taken him – if the family “surrendered” him, saying they just couldn’t or wouldn’t any more. 

    There is nothing that can be done to this wipe that would even come close to what his victim suffered, because this wipe would at least have an understanding of what was happening, and why.


  17. FutureCrazyCatLady

    @Mellybug — I google imaged little Jori & was just so sad. I mean, yeah he had a lifelong disability & was just so heartbroken to see that someone [yet again] could be so cold, calculating, & callus & murder this beautiful little guy. What a piece of shit this douche bag is. I have a 4 1/2 year old, who is the love of my life [his daddy is a close 2nd, but my son takes top honors], and even if my healthy [minus the asthma I gave him – I smoked throughout my pregnancy] son was born with any sort of disability, I would love & cherish him for the rest of my life.. As would my husband. I just don’t get why this asshole felt the need to do this to this child. If little man was such a burden, then why on God’s green earth would he stick around? He could have just left & little man would still be alive. Although, it makes me wonder how much the mother knew.. Like the fact that the “father” was tired of this “burden”. What a waste of space this looser is.

    1. I tried to warn you, I am sorry!

      The better question is, why would the mom let the douche stick around knowing that the douche had lost his mind?

  18. Every time I come upon a story that makes me think, “well, that’s it, now I’ve heard everything, and nothing can be worse than this,” there’s always something that one-ups my own pronouncement.

    I really, really, REALLY hope there will never be anything worse than this. This made my skin crawl.

  19. if this, whatever you want to call him except a human being wanted to  be free, he should’ve just left. there is no excuse to commit such a heinous crime against children, especially ones that are disabled. he will get his in the afterlife. R.I.P. little angel, may you be at peace.

  20. I haven’t read any of the other comments yet, so forgive me if I am repeating. 

    I read about this story when it happened and it made me physically sick. This poor baby had such a sweet face…and I am sure sweet a disposition. How some sick fuck could do this to any child, let alone one that is disabled is beyond me. 

    My biggest question and the one that has disturbed me since I read about this is–WHY did the mother leave him with the child? I read he had already said and done things that lead her to believe he wanted to hurt this baby. I would never, EVER leave my children with someone who was a threat to them. I can’t help but wonder how abused Jori was before that sick piece of shit killed him. 

    I can’t imagine what this sweet baby suffered during……….I can’t even say it. I hope someone takes this bastard out in a slow, painful way.  (Trench, I like your idea). 

    R.I.P. Jori. 

  21. The bastard has been ruled incompetent to stand trial.

    1. He was competent enough to muder a child in the most brutal way possible, how in the fuck is he not competent enough to stand trial.  We put fucking dogs down for lesser offenses.  Kill the mother fucker.

    2. well then, let’s hit im with haldol until he IS competent.  Those rulings aren’t irreversible…

  22. Recieve treatment? I’m curious to know what kind of treatment he can recieve that could possibly “fix” this fucker. What a travesty.

    1. .45 caliber lobotomy.

      1. If only. This one has really gotten to me.

      2. If only. This one has really gotten to me.

  23. Oh my. Horrible just horrible. Words aren’t adequate for the pain I feel for the horrific death of this boy. I see why you had trouble writing this story.

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