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Buckeye Breeder accused of raping baby

Alleged baby raping bitch Ashley Jessup

(Take heart Ohioans. She’s originally from Michigan.)

Mother accused of raping baby son:

24-year-old Ashley Jessup of Columbus, Ohio has been arrested for ‘allegedly’ raping her 10-month-old son. I can’t believe I’m saying the phrase ‘as usual’ when it comes to a baby rape but as usual investigators say that she would record the rapes on video and send them to her boyfriend in Battle Creek, Michigan. From what I can tell Jessup is also from the Battle Creek area.

Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on your point of view, exactly how she raped her son has not been made public to my knowledge. I don’t want to know how for jollies or shock value but to determine if the baby could have been injured and to what extent.

Jessup was busted when the boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend was on his computer and found the videos. So far the boyfriend has not been charged as far as I know but he is being investigated. I can’t imagine that he won’t be charged. While I have read about it happening rarely does this happen without being solicited by the boyfriend first.

The baby is currently in custody of Jessup’s mother who is horrified at the charges. However the baby’s father, who is not the boyfriend, is currently trying to get custody.

Even if the boyfriend asked her to do this what woman would look at her baby boy, that she carried for 9 months and brought to life, and then violate him sexually just because her long distance vag-filler asked her to? If the boyfriend didn’t ask that makes it even worse.

She’s looking at a life sentence but the death penalty should be an option in cases of baby rape.

Thanks to everyone who sent in this tip.

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  1. Where the fuck are her eyebrows?

  2. Fellatio, and using his hands to pleasure herself.  Sorry, I know you didn’t want to know.  The ONLY good thing to come out of Battle Creek was Kellogg’s Cereal.  Stupid whore.

    1. Do you have a link Soobs?

        1. Yep, I’m going to be ill.

          —– Original message —–

    2. Hey now, I am from Battle Creek, MI. (I know your comment isn’t directed at me.)

      Ashley just deserves female circumcision and also a lot of prison justice. I cannot believe that she has plead not guilty, but then again I can because she is going to try and say that she’s not the one on video doing it.

      The biggest failure in this case though is the fact that her mother got custody of this boy and she lives at the same freaking address as Ashley did before being jailed. Why allow this poor baby to return to the location of where he was assaulted?

      1. Most likely because he’s 10 months old, and the perp isn’t anywhere near him.  If she does get out, she’ll be supervised around  him.

      2. My guess is her defense attorney is going t0 fight to exclude the video on some technicality.  If she draws a brainless judge who agrees, there goes the only evidence against her and she’ll walk even though she’s red-handed guilty.  Sometimes the “justice” system makes me sick.

        (I don’t believe legitimate evidence should ever be excluded on technical grounds.  Facts are facts.  Instead of punishing the public, and rewarding the perp, by excluding important evidence, why not fire the cop who gathered it improperly?  Hell, even put the cop in jail if the technical violation is that serious.  But don’t take valid evidence out of the hands of the jury because someone forgot to dot all the i’s on a search warrant.)

        1. completely agree justice system sucks! bak in the days shit like this wud b delt with towns people, fire, and a good ol fashion hanging and burning…

    3. Gag!



  3. That bitch has got to be dead inside. 

  4. Hysterectomy!!… And cut her vagina lips and clit out too!!!… That rapist needs to pay for the abuse inflicted on her son!!!… God knows what else she would have done or would have allowed to happen to the baby!!… She makes me sick!… Fucking whore!… I hate her!!!

  5. This is sad I hope the father gets his son I mean he is driving all the way to michigan to get custody he really loves him. That’s what the little boy needs not the pig of a mother he wa born to

  6. It makes me want to vomit out my lungs to think I share the same first name as this… this… thing 

  7. Thwarted by an observant, diligent citizen. She cares more about a baby she doesn’t know that if her lousy excuse of a boyfriend leaves her. The willingness to do what is right, regardless  is what keeps the moral part of our society together, (albeit hanging by a thread at times). 

  8. I read about this yesterday and nearly got sick. 10 months old? GOD…I will never understand how a mother can do that to her child. I carried my daughters 9 months, I raised them…I can’t imagine hurting them in any way, shape or form. 

    The only “good” (I hate saying that word when it comes to abuse) that could come of this is that the baby is so young and won’t remember it. HOWEVER, what are they going to tell the child later in life when asked about “Mommy” (gag). 

    1. Hopefully he won’t know about it until he is an adult and then someone should tell him the truth, that his birth vessel was a sick, twiste, obscene baby raping worthless waste of skin!!!

  9. Sick to the pit of my stomach. I hope she rots in Hell, what a filthy, disgusting, dumb, ugly, waste- of- life whore. What a legacy to leave your kids- “My momma was a perverted baby rapist.”

    I’m surprised she got pregnant in the first place. I hope that bio dad gets custody, even if being visually impaired may be a parenting obstacle he needs to overcome.

  10. Stupid bitch you make me sick how could u you should of got a fucken broom or something and fucked ur self hope u rott en hell

  11. STFU with this story. Who does this to their poor defenseless baby?!? One day he fill know about this and that makes me so SICK!!!!!!

  12. The death penalty is too good for this sick, evil bitch. And not nearly painful enough.

  13. It’s too bad she didn’t put a gun in her mouth the first time she even considered this.  The world would be a better place if she had.

  14. Trench, thank you for writing this.  There is no way I could have gotten through it.  I have a son and I could never even fathom of exploiting / victimizing him in any mother fucking way.  In fact, I would kill anyone who did.  It makes my ass twitch thinking about what this whore did to her baby boy.  Thank GAWD that the ex gf found the vid.  There’s no telling how far she would have taken it.  My guess is it would have been a matter of time before she let some douche rape him for her disgusting selfish pleasure.


    1. It would have accelerated to the point that she killed him most likely!
      She needs to be locked away for life and yes the death penalty would be the best result but that won’t happen!

  15. Court doc…. read it if you can stomach knowing any more about this skanky skank.

    1. Gag!



  16. This is so bad.She is supposed to be protecting her child from people like he

  17.  I have been reading BB a long time and I’ve read stuff that will tear your heart out and shred your brain but I think this is possibly the most nauseating story I’ve ever read. It’s up there anyway. What kind of sick, perverted woman could possibly use her own baby as a video sex toy? Shouldn’t the first thing you say to someone who asks you to do that be “get the F out of my life!”?

    1. Actually I think it’s “go F yourself you effing sick pervert!”

  18. Get out of my state,you fucking crime against nature! Why does it always seem so much worse when the baby raper is a woman?

  19. FUCKING GROSS!  Stupid tw*t waffle.  She needs a vagiotomy! 

    I think the baby should be as far away from that family as possible! 

  20. She and that Jennifer Barnes freak are like 2 peas in a pod. They are even going to be disgraces to the inmates if, (hopefully when) they are convicted for what they have done to their sons. GRRRRRRRR May they experience hell on earth before they experience hell in hell.

  21. why is she my age yet looks 20 yrs older..geesh get a brush or sumthing 

  22. I am sad to say that I acctually knew that sick bitch n everytime I see her pic ne where it makes me sick! We were pregnate together my daughter is 2 months older than her son I almost let her watch my baby! I cant belive she would do that shit! Im so glad she was never around my baby n my heart goes out to that poor lil baby!

  23. what the fuck? what the fuck was she thinking? does she even give a fuck about her son? as for that sick bastard boyfriend of hers; they need to lynch his ass, but if he gets charged and convicted and sent to prison here in michigan the other inmates will take of him.

  24. Such a sick pervert.I wonder WTH is wrong with her,to make her rape her own son.She is such a rotten excuse for a mom.

  25. Here is a Vid I made about this messed up situation

  26. Update! Ashley’s slim ball boyfriend who received the photos and videos is now in jail too!

  27. Another update:|topnews|text|Frontpage

    He won’t get what he deserves from the justice system, but at least some justice will be served!

    1. Thanks Suzee…. how are your feeling darlin’?

      1. I’m feeling as okay as I can right now. We had a cold come through the house, and mine decided to turn into a sinus infection. Now I have some nasal spray and antibiotics so I will be feeling much better soon! No dreams since I’ve taken a break from writing.

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