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Dalyrie McFadden’s daddy wished him an (un) Happy Birthday


Police: Father stabbed 1-year-old, hid body in basement

Man charged with stabbing 1-year-old son to death

25-year-old Hari Close celebrated his son’s first Birthday (which they had in common) by making sure he didn’t see his second.

The day of Dalyrie McFadden’s first birthday, Close was contacted by his on again / off again girlfriend (also the baby’s mother), Jessica McFadden,  to see if he would see his son on the special occasion.  Close didn’t show up until after McFadden had gone to bed.  She woke to the sounds of Dalyrie crying and found Close carrying him out of her room.  The three of them then went to bed… together.  The following morning, Close and McFadden left the home, walking in opposite directions, but leaving the sleeping baby home alone.  When McFadden returned from taking her older child to school only 10 minutes later, Close and Dalyrie were both MIA.

Officers were called to the home, where they found a trail of blood from the mother’s bedroom to the basement.  It was there that they found little Dalyrie.  Stabbed multiple times in the neck, his tiny body was lying in a pool of blood and wrapped in a deflated air mattress.  He was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Mcfadden was contacted on his cell phone and asked to come in for question about his son’s death.  Of course, the monster claimed he found Dalyrie bleeding from his neck and put him in the basement.  He was only guilty of not calling 911. He told officers that he gathered a bloody sheet and clothing and placed it in a plastic bag inside a box and left it inside a vacant house.  Well, he must have forgotten about the bloody knife that was inside the box.  I think prosecutors like to call that “evidence” or “exhibit A”.

McFadden told police that this was not the first time the evil fucker tried to hurt Dalyrie.  He once tried to choke the baby and police were called once because he had bitten Dalyrie’s ear. Police found no evidence during that call and the baby seemed not to be in distress, no charges were filed. Court records also showed that McFadden sued Close for paternity earlier this year.  Sounds like a recipe for disaster, if you ask me.

Hari Close is being charged with first-degree murder and is being held without bond.

Hari Close’s father (Also named Hari Close) is a funeral director in Baltimore and is the president of MD mortician board.  He claims his son was raised in a Christian church, a 2 parent home and was given great opportunities for education.  Sadly, none of that stopped him from being an evil bastard.

Thanks go to Amanda for the tip

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  1. Poor baby. Mom should get charged with something also IMO. She knew this guy was dangerous. Baby’s father or not he shouldn’t have been around that child if he’s tried to hurt him before. Good thing is this bastard will get a wonderful homecoming present from inmates that will be a good ol’ shanking!

  2. Hey!  Check me out!  No cussing.

  3. Well in all fairness your last word was “bastard” but we’ll let that one slide. 

    Wow what a story, poor baby that’s no way to celebrate your child’s birthday.  Hopefully he gets some serious punishment for this.

    1. That’s not a bad word.  Now, if you want my actual opion of him – I think he’s a little no c*ck having bitch who thinks killing babies compensates for his dicklessness.  Now, that being said, I hope he is ass raped daily by some well hung inmate, who doesn’t like to use any form of lube, while being forced to stare at a picture of the son he brutally murdered.  Fucking piece of shit asshole.

      1. Now there is the April I know and love!  😉

        1. Wah theenk ye…  I lost myself in this one.  Started it last Friday and just posted it today.  There’s a FB page for the baby.  His sweet face has me all fuckered up.

      2. Actually I think a broom handle would be more what he deserves  🙂

        1. With splinters

          1. I don’t think splinters matter if it’s shoved up to his throat like it needs to be  🙂

  4. ummm hellooooo..she left a one year old baby home ALONE??? WTF is wrong with people?

  5. So “Mom” has called the cops on this evil fucker before for hurting the baby? And in what delusional world was “Mom” living in that inviting him back around that precious child was a good idea? If somebody hurt my child, they wouldn’t have the chance to be around him again, nor would I call the cops. The only call I would be making was to the coroner. And what the he’ll were both these idiots thinking leaving the baby home alone?

    1. Sadly, it wouldn’t be the first or the thousandth time that some brain dead excuse for a mother chose some worthless sperm donor over the welfare of her child(ren). 

  6. Something about his doesn’t add up. I’d be curious to know if Jessica has a history of leaving the baby alone or if  Hari somehow subjugated her into it.  If this is the case why call him and why let him into her bed? 

    Hari you are a disgrace to fatherhood. Youl’ll never get away with it. 1st degree murder-happy birthday you RIP Dalyrie.

  7. OMG!  That poor baby!  I place blame on the mom as much as this dude.  She knew what this dude was capaable of and still allowed him contact with his son. 

    Little angel, I am so sorry so many failed you.  RIP! 

    1. Not only did she let the douche nozzle see the little one again, she left him home alone.  Stupid stupid stupid!!!!

    2. Not only did she let the douche nozzle see the little one again, she left him home alone.  Stupid stupid stupid!!!!

  8. i’m not buying this…how did the cops see this trail of blood but she did not? seriously i think she and him killed this baby…

    1. danielle and I discussed this case in depth yesterday.  There is some conflicting information in each article.  She may have seen the trail and it wasn’t mentioned in the media.  Then again, it is stated that the call came in as a possible abduction.  She is NOT without some blame, but they arrested Hari for a reason.  They obviously saw he was responsible for the murder.  She should face some charges (IMHO).  Hd she not left him alone, this may not have happened.  Then again, he may have been dead before they ever left the house.  He was reportedly still sleeping in her bed.  Sleeping?  Or had he been strangled?  Suffocated?  I have so many questions.  None of it matters.  A precious baby lost his life and his parents are to blame.

    2. that’s what I said!

      1. Well i totally agree with u and maybe just maybe when he didnt show up to the kids party mommy stabbed the boy out of anger idk

        1. BUT!!!  There IS a reason why they arrested him and not her.  He admitted to throwing evidence behind a vacant house.  Including a knife!!!  Maybe she was covering for him, but I don’t think she did it.

          1. She may not have committed the act of stabbing the child but I think she should be charged for letting an abusive asshole who supposedly has a history of hurting the baby around him at all.  It sounds to me like she was trying to get this dickhead over to her house (and into her bed) and used the birthday as a handy excuse.  That’s just how the whole situation looks to an “outsider” reading the story, I may be wrong (but I doubt it).    Why would anyone let a man stay in their house after he bit their baby?  That’s fucked up, she put little Dalyrie in danger and should be held accountable for it.

          2. I certainly think she needs to be up on some sort of charges.  Hell, she left the baby home alone for fuck’s sake.  What sort of shit for brains does that???  She may as well have handed the baby the fucking knife herself.  I just wish we had more info.  There are so many holes in this story.

          3. idk here story or at least what’s told in the articles makes no sense either, why on earth would she leave a baby on the bed…esp a 1 yr old that can roll off it? makes no sense..any sane mother would not do this

  9. Hm – money needed to raise a child would seriously take away from funding of lifestyle. Solution? Remove need to raise child.  

    I think they did it together and made up this very thin story with very little forethought.

  10. I absolutely HATE people who think they can damage and maim and murder babies/children! Who does that shit? The mother still allowed this “man” to have access to her child after he’s already proven that he’s 1) dangerous 2)untrustworthy, and 3)has no problem hurting his own flesh and blood. There should not have been a second incident with Close hurting this poor little baby. After the first time, that should have been the LAST time he EVER got to see the baby. My ex is scum…When my son was 5 weeks old, my ex decided he was frustrated with life and decided to take it out on my (our) baby. He broke all but one of his ribs, cracked his right ankle, and broke his femur into 2 separate pieces. 5 WEEKS OLD! He would not come to the hospital with me. He tried to blame the injuries on me, on my mother, on his 4 year old son, and on my mother’s dogs…right. You know what I did? I sent him to jail and terminated his parental rights. I wanted to kill him, but I’d rather not join him in prison. 
     My son will be 8 next week. He needs a lift in his shoe because the growth plate on his femur was damaged and therefore does not grow correctly. There is a 1 1/2″ difference in his legs. After puberty sets in and he starts growing rapidly, his doctors plan on breaking his leg again and putting a spacer in the bone so that he can have legs with the same length. Even after all of these years my ex is still affecting him… And the ex only got 2YEARS and is now out free, with another son. He should have been castrated, broken, and beaten with a tire iron and left to rot on top of a fire ant hill. SO, long story short, I HATE people who think they can hurt babies. My heart goes out to all of those little souls.

    1. Oh, Jessie.  I’m sorry about your boy.  I hate to hear he has to know even a moment of pain.  Hugs to you doll.  Stay strong for him and be will grow into a wonderful man.

      1. Thank you, April. People have been telling me for years to let go of my anger and forgive him…  He doesn’t deserve my (or my son’s) forgiveness. Besides, he’s a sociopath, and they don’t care. They’re more like robots than human. Then I found this site and there were so many other people here with the same “no mercy for the evil” attitude that I have. 
        My son is a beautiful, caring, intelligent little human. He knows what happened (only because he started asking why he doesn’t look like daddy and his siblings). He cried at first and then said he was happy that his daddy (my husband) loves him. We are in the process of getting him officially adopted by my husband. He’s been an awesome, loving dad, & my babies deserve nothing less. =)

        1. Are you the Jessica who’s ex is featured on this site?  Just curious?  And I’m glad you found us!!

        2. First of all, you are freakin AWESOME!!!  It’s a sad state of the world that we are super proud when a parent does what they are supposed to, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that you put your chid where he belongs, first.  Good job!!!
          Secondly, whoever is telling you to “let go of your anger and forgive him” has no fucking right to say that to you.  You’re right, IMHO, he doesn’t deserve your forgiveness and if your son wants to forgive him when he’s an adult, that will be his choice, but giving him your forgiveness is your choice and NO ONE has the right to tell you that you should forgive a “person” that could have very easily taken your child’s life.  Whooo, that pissed me off.
          I’m so grateful that your child is OK and that you and he have found someone to help complete your family.  Also, your restraint in not castrating that fucking fuckwad who donated the DNA to your son is admiral, to say the least.

  11. No, I haven’t seen any info about my ex on this site. I’m a different Jessie (my parents didn’t like the name Jessica because it had “ick” in it). Although he’s perfect material for BB.

    1. Gotcha.  Well, welcome!  The Jessica I was thinking had an ex who was arrested for impregnating his new gf’s 10 year old daughter.  Sick bastard.

      1. Ugh, I remember that one.  He was a true piece of shit.

        1. Naw.  He was lower than shit.

          1. He was the shit that the shit shat.

          2. Who are you?  Dr. Fucking Seuss?

          3. Aw, fuck, my secret’s out.

          4. Would you fuck him in a chair?
            Would you touch his nasty hair?
            Do you mind the prison smell?
            What about his bitch like yell?

            Could you, would you, JJ Dear?

            Fuck this shit I need a beer.

          5. Bravo, bitch.  Bra-fucking-vo.

          6. Heeeheeee.  Only for you, my love.

  12. I recommend a hydrochloric acid facial (to improve his looks), followed by a prison wedding to Bubba.

  13. I’m sorry – I didn’t pay much attention when I posted his pic yesterday, but that goatee and pouty lips…. doesn’t that look like a well groomed vagina he has on his face?

    Male model, my ass.  The dude is not model material.  He looks like a little bitch who would cry if he fucked up his manicure.

    1. Model for the little statue they give out at the Fucking Pussy of the Year Awards, maybe.  He has the perfect face for it.

      1. Find his FB page.  He thinks he’s the shit.  Fuck that – He’ll be lucky if he can control his shit after the cell block boys get done passing him around.

  14. I am crying. CRYING. Tears streaming down my face for this baby. How the… how do you do this to a baby? YOUR baby?

  15. The father is a cold-blooded monster and the mother is an A-list moron! She should definitely be charged as well. Why in the hell would you let a violent person around your baby?!

    I can barely even see my computer screen now…my shirt is getting wet…

    1. Yeah, shouldn’t being a mother with terminal stupidity be a prosecutable offense?

  16.  This fucker should die for what he did to this child. My heart is breaking right now……..I don’t want to even THINK of how much pain that baby went through at the hands of this sick bastard.

    And the mother, REALLY??? He had hurt the baby before and you just leave him alone with Dalyrie??  He had choked him and BIT HIS EAR? And it also seems like the cops dropped the ball on this one too. No evidence? *shakes head* 

    All of this just makes me sick…makes my blood boil. 

    Jessie–God bless you and your child. And I don’t believe in forgiveness…moving on, yes, forgiveness NO. Some people don’t deserve being forgiven. I will never forgive the people who abused me. 

  17. Can’t you just tell from his prissy hairdo and Fu-mancho that this murdering bastard thinks the world revolves just for him? He is a pussy. Hope he hets his comeuppence in the slam.

  18. The mother is not so innocent in this.  Call me suspicious or parnoid or whatever you want, but for her to leave that baby alone, with this idiot “leaving” at the same time as she, knowing what he had done previously to the little one, I think she knew exactly what he was capable of and what might happen.  Shit, maybe she even WANTED it to happen.  Get rid of the kid, and let the jerk take the blame for it.  Why on earth would you allow a man who had abused your child to carry him out of your room, then welcome the creep into your bed when he comes back without the kid?

    Classic case of “mommy chooses penis over child” and the kid comes out the loser every time.  She should be facing charges herself.  I honestly think that this is something they could have cooked up together, to rid themselves of a kid.  Just my opinion.

  19. punk ass muther fucker- this pre-pubescent p.o.s should be put in a round room…with a strobe light….in a strait jacket and eletrictrodes on his neck…with images of his son happy and healthy placed behind plexy glass (so he can’t tear them down), and happy joyful laughing of his son piped through invisible speakers…. and just when he starts to smile from the contagious laughter that all babies have….he gets a electric shock to his neck…. enough to choke him so he pukes…… then it stops…. more laughter poors through the speakers….only this time is slowed down and not as jovial….hours, days months, years, pass by. Daily he is haunted by his sons pictures, laughter, and the life he stole from his own child…… this p.o.s is never allowed to leave his new “life”.  It takes only three years of  living in his own feces, urine and puke, to finally give up. He ends up dyeing of “natural” causes.  If only he suffered more.  Worthless to society p.o.s’s should NEVER get a chance to “rehabilitate” <—–what a crock!  Its a tax that as taxpayers should NOT be burdened with.

      (Soap box, and digression at its fullest- I apologize) 
    I'm just glad I was able to stop now. 
    ok now
    ok now I really mean it
    ok bye
    luv you all

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