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Halloween Horror Movie Review: The Stepfather

Police: PA couple locked boy, 7, in coffin

Scranton police seek couple after diaper-clad boy,7, tells of abuse

PA boy, 7, forced to live in basement and sleep in coffin

Police: Pa. couple locked boy, 7, in coffin

Sleeping quarters

Movie takes place in Scranton, Pennsylvania… Couple is arrested for making their 7-year-old sleep in a coffin wearing only a diaper, bound by tape. They like to scare the young boy by telling him there are ghosts in the basement. They go even further by dropping heavy chains on the floor to scare the boy with the sounds… sounds like a horror movie right?

It isn’t.

Lori Gardner (26) & stepfather, Brian Sleboda (31) really have been arrested for just those things to a real 7-year-old little boy.

Neighbors heard the young boy crying in the basement of the condemned, bug-infested home and called police.

“Are you here to help me?” the frightened child said as he hugged one officer. “I am hungry and didn’t get dinner yet,” he told another officer. Police said that he was often placed in the coffin or taped to chair in the basement as punishment and told him that ghosts lived there. They would even pick up chains and drop them to scare him in the dark.

The basement was nearly pitch black, illuminated only by a “Camel Exotic Blends” sign that hung on the wall. In one corner, flies and ticks swarmed around a broken toilet. – Seriously sounds like a set for the next Saw movie…

The young boy says that his step-father would “often” duct tape the coffin shut. Ms. Gardner says that “they were merely playing a game.”

This home was condemned and should not have had anyone living there. There was also evidence that there had been a fire inside the home. “The whole basement – all the support beams were burned out.”

It was probably a matter of time before the boy could have been crushed by a falling home. 

Both Lori Gardner and Brian Sloboda are being held on $60,000 bail each. They both said nothing as they were escorted to the county prison. 

*Thanks go to Joy, Keri, Marcy, April & everyone else who sent this one in.

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  1. OMG! “Are you here to help me?” Crack! That’s the sound of my heart breaking into two!

    I hate to say that and hope and pray that I am wrong, but this seems like a PERFECT recipe to make a future serial killer.

    They better not get this kid back!

  2. HOLY SHIT – this is horrifying! What the FUCK is wrong with people! “just a game”?!?!? and “are you here to help me?” — I just cannot get over this!

  3. The parents sneed to be put in a pine box.  In the ground.  And buried alive.  CUT!!! 

  4. OMG! I cannot even imagine. Why not place them in a coffin and allow the house to come crashing down on them? Then let them die there in the same terror their son was in.

  5. A game huh? Well let’s see how the parents like the game of being locked in [a cell] against their will.
    Duct tape is never to be place on children anywhere for any reason. I hope these turdlickers enjoy the handcuffs.

  6. oh chains for sound effects? Well the metal crash of cell doors clanking shut over and over can be the echos of their son’s little horror game. Not so funny now that it’s you two hearing the noise. Someone please kick their asses!

  7. ““Are you here to help me?” the frightened child said as he hugged one officer.”

    That line alone made my heart snap in two! Wherever he is, I hope he’s with people who will cherish him like he deserves to be.

  8. omg i remember my abusive piece of shit for a mother putting me in the garage and my sister in the basement overnite one winter … just one nite and i can’t imagine this poor little boy..i hope they find someone to love and take care of him

    1. OMG, Kim.  You poor thing.  Tell me you don’t speak to her.  She doesn’t deserve you.

  9. geesh

  10. I can’t imagine the mentality of “people” like this…poor kid may be scarred for life!

  11. Unfortunately, all charges were dropped against the egg donor. He is still facing charges, though.

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