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"She’s dead, my grandma’s dead and my daddy’s dead.’’

DJ’s gun verified as weapon used in fatal shooting
Police: child witnessed double murder, suicide

Marcus Trotman and Danielle Lorenzo

25-year-old Marcus Nathaniel Trotman and 30-year-old Danielle Lorenzo were only married 18 months when  he killed her in late September. He wasn’t even living in the same house as her and her 5-year old daughter at the time because of a no contact ordered that was enforced after a domestic dispute, involving Danielle and her mom, that landed Marcus in jail and on probation in August of this year.  Marcus was shacked up with his buddy and mentor, DJ Laz of Miami local radio fame.

Allegedly, Marcus stole DJ Laz’s gun and went over to the house where his wife, and her mother Linda Scudera, 56 were and after an altercation, he shot them and then himself. Details of exactly what happened haven’t surfaced  yet. But all three died.

Danielle’s 5-year old daughter was home and she went running to the neighbor’s house.

“She’s dead”, the girl said of her mother. “My grandma’s dead and my daddy’s dead.”

Poor little girl, she’s 5 and likely going to remember this for the rest of her life. From the stories I found, one says that she’s with her paternal grandfather and another said that she was with a trusted babysitter that is being heavily monitored by CPS. Looks like she has an older brother who is in someone else’s care and another child born to Danielle in 1998 is in someone else’s custody and has always been and will stay that way. Sounds like there’s more to this story as far as the mom goes that meets the eye.  The article said that the little girl had not been raised in the same house as her older brother and that the 3rd child hadn’ been with the mother in a long time. So what does that all that mean? I’ll let you assume away, the same way that I am without the facts.

The fact that he didn’t kill the 5-year old is the silver lining to this story, if a silver lining can be found. We always ask that the parents don’t kill the kids too and our prayers were answered in this case. That doesn’t make this story any less horrific though.

Thanks to Deena for the tip.

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  1. Holy fuck!  Wow.  What a pussy.

  2. Tragic situation all the way around. Creep should have killed himself first!

    1. Yeeeahhh…. about that… These fuckheads never get it right.

  3. Ugh, they released the 911 tapes from this.. You can hear the little girl in the background asking the neighbour if she can please live here because my mommy and daddy are dead. Fecking BRUTAL. I’m not going to  link it, anyone who wants to hear it and cry your face off can go find it.

    1. Thanks, Nadia. And welcome.

    2. Poor kid. 

  4. Poor little girl. Probably scarred for life.

    Selfish prick! Why can they never get it right??!!!!

  5. sad to say but this probably saved the little girls life … how all over the place and this .. seems the  care of the children was not first on anyones mind..i hate that i am so jaded seriously i need to be more understanding .. but it’s so difficult when you read that kind of shit

    1. You’re not alone… Since I stumbled across this blog and am scouring the archives, my entire world view transformed. I hate that this world solicits such cynicism, but at the same time, I’m grateful for that because I’m more alert and cautious than ever, hopefully to the benefit of my girls.

  6. even in that photo, she looks a little scared…  

  7. well who ever gave denna is that gave a tip   first of all danielle was a excellent mother she has 3 kids and till this day they ask for the mom everyday day there is nothing more to meet the eye on shit second of all the kids diid grow up in the same house and the kids still are in the same house some people should get there facts straight      if anyone else has shit to tell get the facts before you post

    1. Well… dumb ass the “tip” is the link at the top of the post. The story is/was in the news and as far as I can see nothing was even said negatively against Danielle.

  8. First off may they al rest in peace.Second my heart goes out to all who was affected by this senceless act of Love Gone Bad!!! no one and i mean no one can say what happened and it was not done in front of the little girl..Not makeing it even more right but if he was soooo bad why did she go all the way to Ga. and got him whem he was up there to bring back for what he had assaulted her right????? see no one knows what was going on in that marriage but those two and til death do them apart… I loved my brother and always will he was hurting and she was playing with his mind and feeling sob4 any one speculates what happened shut the fuck up!!!!!!!!!! 

    1. Did you brother shoot and kill two women in front of a little girl? Did he take away her mother and her grandmother? Did he leave her scarred for life? Yes, Yes and Yes. Love him all you want he did this he bares the burden of it… so you can shut the fuck up!

    2. Your brother is burning in Hell, and you should do the world a favor and join him, c***. She was “playing with his mind and feeling”, so I guess that means she deserved to die, same with her mother? Your parents did a wonderful job with their offspring, they must be so proud. One a murdering pussy, and another who’s a fucking window licker. Awesome.

    3. just to let you know he did do it in front of her second he used to beat that lil girl and danielle and no one deserves to die there are children now with out there mother and grandmother its been almost a year already and all these children do is ask why why why if u have nothing nice to say dont put it on here these kids dont need to read this deena did u used to be with her brother

    4. well first of all ur brother hurt alot of people and yes your brother did do it in front of the lil girl

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