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“Mom” Leaves 4 yr old at DUI Crash, Infant and Baby Home Alone

“Mom” Flees Scene Leaving Daughter


Drunken, Moronic Breeder Lisette Gonzales Avakian


That would be 35 year old Lisette Gonzales Avakian.  Not to mention she’s a selfish twit to boot!!  Of course this is all “allegedly”.

This 35 year old single “mother”  decided to get her drink on…  Of course if she had been responsible before she got drunk and got a sitter she wouldn’t be gracing our pages!!

It seems she was out for a joy ride at 2am and drunk as hell, “allegedly”.  Of course, she needed a companion on her midnight drive so who better to keep your drunk ass company than your 4 year old baby girl?!?  The wet brained bitch hit two parked cars and flipped her car.

Now, as bad as that is, her selfish stupidity doesn’t stop there!!  She then proceeded to exit the vehicle and run away…  That’s right she ran, LEAVING her 4 year old, who was thankfully strapped in her car seat, hanging upside down in the crashed car!!

Police were called by people that lived in the neighborhood that heard the crash.  These people ran to the car and found the 4 year old hanging in her car seat.  They released the baby from her seat and authorities found her sitting in the car.  She told them her mother had run away…  What a wonderful memory for a child to have!!

But wait there’s more still!! 

Some of the neighbors told police they heard her say “Where’s my baby?” as she ran away.  At the crash site there was an infant car seat.  This led police to think there was an infant involved in the crash that had been ejected.  And they started searching for the infant.

When they found the cowardly c***, hiding behind some bushes a block away, she refused to cooperate or even tell them if there was another child in the car!!  Wait, if  she was drunk enough to run away from the car because she was searching for her infant wouldn’t she want help finding that baby?!?  I think she’s full of shit!!  If your frantically looking for your baby why the fuck would you be hiding in the bushes?!?

When they took her and the 4 year old to the hospital, a nurse remembered the little girl from a previous visit and told authorities she also had a 3 month old baby.  They finally found her address when searching the vehicle and went to her apartment.  They then found a 1 year and 3 month old in the home alone.  The 3 month old was in a bassinet and the 1 year old was walking freely around the house!!

Luckily, none of the baby’s injuries were serious and the 1 year and 3 month olds were ok.  They were all taken into protective custody and later released to their father.

The complete waste of estrogen was treated and released from the hospital, and then booked for suspicion of drunk driving and child endangerment.  She’s being held on $100,000 bond.  Child services is investigating before more charges are filed.


Thanks go to Deena for the tip!

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  1. Sorry, I got lost on part of this — was there another child in the car besides the 4 year old? And where was the 4th child if there was the 4 YO in the car, the 3-mo and the 1-YO at home?

    1. One of the articles said she was a mother of 4.  I didn’t add any details about the 4th because I couldn’t find out for sure where that child was through this incident.  According to what I read she has a 10 year old that wasn’t at her home or in the car at this time.

      The 4 year old was the only one in the car with her when she wrecked.  The reports are reading like they thought her infant (the 3 month old) was in the car with her and conducted a search but finally found her at home alone with the 1 year old.

      Do I need to rewrite it??  It was about 4 am when I wrote it if it doesn’t make sense I’ll redo it!!!

      1. Maybe throw in somewhere that there wasn’t any available details about the 4th child? Now that I re-read the article I can see how someone would get confused. I don’t think it needs a total re-do, but maybe a polishing to make the fourth child’s presence or absence to the crash more clear.

      2. Yeah I was a little confused on the 4th child and if there was another kid in the car or not — great right up though! 🙂

  2. What a worthless waste of space. She is so lucky that she didn’t kill anyone in that crash, and she is really damn lucky that none of her children were killed due to her piss poor choices.

  3. This thing has so lost the right and privilege of raising children. She could have so easily injured or killed her four year old.  Thank goodness all the kids are physically okay.

  4. …too many issues to even count with this one. She needs to do the world a favor and quit having kids. Whatever a mother is supposed to be she is the opposite.

  5. What’s surprising is that she bothered to strap the 4-year-old in!

  6. Just more proof to me that a person should have to pass an IQ test and get a certification before being allowed to reproduce!!!!!!

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