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The Baby Murderer from Green Bay

Update: Vega Arrested in Arizona for Death of 13-Month-Old Girl in Green Bay
Green Bay man wanted for toddler’s death arrested in Phoenix

Baby Murdering Motherfucker

I guess as long as there are tw*ts out there that love dick more than their babies, then we will always have these stories to write unfortunately. A Green Bay, WI man was arrested in Phoenix, AZ for the alleged murder of his girlfriend’s 13-month old daughter.

Little Lilly Tebeau was found unresponsive in her bed back in August after being left alone with her mother’s boyfriend. Her mother took her to the ER claiming that she had fallen off the bed onto a hardwood floor  a few days prior. LIAR! Another fucking dumb c*** who protects her c*ckandballs before her baby – sickening! She probably didn’t want to get him in trouble. How romantic.

Doctors saw through her bullshit and also saw bruises and obvious injuries that were consistent with severe abuse to her head and called the authorities.  Baby Lilly died the next day after being taken off life support.

Daniel Vega was arrested some time later in Phoenix  after tipsters called in that they’d seen him, and she was arrested on suspicion of murder. PS – his girlfriend and mother of the baby was with him hiding in Phoenix. He is facing three charges including one for first degree reckless homicide. If convicted, he faces a maximum of 72 years in prison. Not long enough if you ask me.  Where the fuck are the charges against that c*** of a mother?

I’m so fucking tired of writing about babies murdered by their mother’s boyfriends. When are you going to learn that you cannot trust that guy that gets you off with your kids?  Meeting your children should be a privilege that is EARNED and not something that happens after the 2nd date.  The day you meet my children is the luckiest fucking day in your life. Why can’t these selfish bitches think of their kids 1st? I just do not get it and never will.

RIP Lilly…

Thanks to Carrie for the tip

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  1. OMG! How horrible. 72 years is way too lenient! However death via injection is too in my eyes. The egg donor needs to be put away too. Here’s to hoping the other inmates see it our way and take matters into their own hands! I’ll send each of you a carton of cigs and $20 bucks for commissary.

  2. Have any of these women heard of vibrators? If they need it that bad, they might want to try one, the biggest bonus they can’t beat your kids to death.

  3. I would LOVE to get my hands on this fucking c***!  I can not even call her a mother! 

    This dude is definitely  someone’s bitch in prison! 

    RIP little one! 

  4. Isn’t is amazing how many more “accidents” little babies have when mom’s penis -oops i meant boyfriend- is around. And WTF is reckless homicide. Lying ass evil fucktards get these charges that sound like someone had an unfortunate accident, then spin THAT and before you know it they become the fucking victim. Well, at least he will get substantial time if convicted of the 3 counts. She on the other hand walks?? They cannot be serious.

  5. If this isn’t a good reason to have children in wedlock (meaning with the person you’re married to), I don’t know what is.

    Not saying all stepparents are bad (my mother married my stepfather when I was 3 months old and he adopted me, because he WANTED to be my daddy), but stepparents don’t appear to have the same bond with children as natural parents.  (I always wondered why my dad seemed to favor my younger half-sister…still he did his best.)

    1. Not necessarily true. I only have step-children and still consider them to be my own.

      —– Original message —–

      1. My dad considered me as his own, even though he wasn’t my biological father.  I’m just saying that *in general* I think that stepparents don’t create the bond that natural parents do.

        1. I think this is not going to be something a lot of people are going to agree on. I’m also a “step-parent.” I actually hate that term. For me it’s derogatory. My husbands daughters are my daughters too. I love them the same as I do my own children, and I bonded with them the same as I did when DH and I had our own children.

          Parents who are not the natural parents, whether adoptive or “bonus parents” as I like to call step-parents, can and usually do bond the same as the natural parents. It’s all just personal belief I suppose.

    2. I disagree.  My youngest child (I have three, 17 in a few weeks, 15 and 10) has a different biological donor than my older two, and he was out of the picture before I even knew I was pregnant.  My ex developed a relationship with him during my pregnancy and over the first few months of his life, and made the decision that he would be his father.  His family (who I hate with a passion and the feelings are totally mutual) knows the whole story, and have NEVER treated him any different than the two that share his DNA.  Trust me, we have HUGE problems between the two of us, and his parenting leaves alot to be desired (he’s their buddy, I’m their parent), but he loves them unconditionally and regardless of their problems with him, they love him the same.

    3. I have 4 kiddos. My husband is the biological father only to the youngest 3. He’s been my oldest son’s daddy since he was 15 months old (we just celebrated his 8th birthday) and he is given the same amount of love, and attention as his 3 younger siblings. My husband doesn’t refer to him as his stepson, just as his son. The “sperm donor’s” parental right were terminated long ago, and we’re a few steps away from making my son the “legal” son of my husband. Strangers even say the two look alike (I think it’s their blue eyes) not knowing there isn’t a genetic link. So, I don’t believe stepparents don’t bond the same. I think that if the “stepparent” loves the “stepchild”, it really doesn’t matter who donated the DNA. We love our children for who they are, not for who they came from.

      1. I must say Jessie that I LOVE this comment!



  6. My sister and I are adopted. We were both adopted at birth. I have never felt less than their child. We were the only two children they had. I do believe that my bond with my parents was a lot stronger than my sister’s bond. I think we were brought up equally and given a fair amount of attention. If anything I think my sister got “more” than I did overall. She does not share the bond I have though. Great discussion!

  7. I know Daniel Vega personally and can tell you he most definitely is guilty! When he was growing up myself and others continuously called authorities because of the abuse he inflicted on family members including his baby brother who was at the hospital with him. Many family members try to believe prison has changed him but his sisters have not forgotten. I remember his sisters constantly telling their mother if something wasn’t done he would spend the rest of his life in prison. This is where this monster belongs and hopefully they have learned their lesson and will not let him out again. I hope Debbie Vega burns in HELL because if she would have done anything to teach him respect this poor innocent child would still be alive. I would not be surprised to find out this is not the only child he murdered!!!

    1. Thank you for the information….



  8. danielle u r only mad because u think ur boyfriend slept with her and ur mad because he aint with u and he cheated on u maybe ur mad at the wrong person

  9. This guy was sentenced today to 6 years incarceration and 6 years extended supervision.  He was convicted of the following in 2002:

    Daniel E. Vega was found guilty of Child Abuse-High Probability/Great Harm, a class C felony, Wisconsin Statutes 948.03(2)(c).

    Those charges carried a 10 year penalty enhancer due to habitual criminality.  IF he had been sentenced accordingly, he would still be in right now and wouldn’t have
    had the opportunity to victimize and murder that innocent baby girl. 


    1. Thanks for the update. These fuckers never get what’s coming to them. sigh.

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