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Antonio Gutierrez

Man attacks son with sword for not doing chores, police say:

It’s not always about Breeders who harm their minor children here at (P)BB. Sometimes we do post the occasional story about a Breeder that harms an adult child. This is one of those stories.

43-year-old Antonio Gutierrez of Ventura, California was said to have not been pleased with the lack of chores his 18-year-old son was doing. As with most teens it escalated into an argument.

The argument allegedly got so heated that Gutierrez started brandishing a 4 foot long sword and attacked his son with it. Luckily, if you can use that word here, the son only suffered minor lacerations of the hand.

I haven’t been able to confirm this but I would take a guess that the sword was probably a katana, more commonly known as a samurai sword.

I tend to see the katana as just another tool of the macho douche who thinks he’s a badass and has watched too many Jean Claude Van Damme movies.

It’s also a sure sign of ‘trailerism’ right up there with neck tattoos and mullets.

Thanks to JoAnna for the tip.

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  1. My asshole ex has one that he calls his “girlfriend” and tells our daughter to bring her boyfriend over to meet his “girlfriend”. 

    And the asshole wonders why our kids hate him. 

    1. Does he drink Busch?

      1. Drinking that swill is sacrilege around these parts and a little too high-brow for that winner.  Milwaukee’s Best is his poison (or was a few years ago).

        1. Unleash the Beast.

          —– Original message —–

    2. What in the world were you thinking when you let that winner slip out of your hands?

      1. I don’t think he slipped.  If I know JJ, and I think I do, she shoved him.  When a bus was coming or from the top of a flight of stairs.

      2. I know, right?

  2. On-tone-yo needs to grow his hair longer in the back.  Combine that with the poofy top he already has and he would have an excellent Mexi Mullet, or what’s more technically known as a mulletino.  Then he would just need a neck tattoo for the whole trailer package.

  3. Guess what Dad, [the macho douche well said, Trench.] With gashes like that your son’s chores will come to a halt for awhile until they heal. Plus he’s probably pissed off. Guess your sword-fighting-of-the-unarmed -idea was moot. You are a scumbag with a criminal record and jail time. Enjoy!

  4. Hello, my name is Antonio Gutierrez, you did not do your chores, prepare to die. 

    1. I watched that fucking movie last night as I was going to bed.  What are the odds?


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