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SAPD: Woman Found Dead in Fire Had Filed Protective Order

Conrad Ochoa

Samvastion “Sammy” Ochoa was told by her uncle, Baron Ochoa, that she would die if she ever told anyone that he had been molesting her.  He wasn’t bluffing.  Sammy was stabbed to death on September 14.  She was 10 years old.  Her mother, Rebecca “Veggie” Gonzales, and Gonzales’ roommate, Pamela Susan Wenske, were also murdered before their home was set on fire.

Let me back it up just a smidge.

In August, during a custody battle, Rebecca Gonzales reported to police and CPS  that Sammy claimed to have been sexually abused by her uncle and father from November of 2010 to July 2011.  A protective order was requested.  Sex crimes detectives requested a forensic

Baron Ochoa

interview of Sammy.  She gave graphic details of the abuse she had been subjected to.  She claimed that he uncle made her watch pornography and recorded himself assaulting her.  She also told how he threatened to kill her and her mother if she ever told anyone.  Well, he “allegedly” made good on his promise.  Baron Ochoa wasn’t the only relative Sammy claimed was sexually abusing her.  According to the little girl, her father inflicted the same type of sexual abuse on her.  Sounds like damaged DNA to me.  The kind that should be removed before it spreads like cancer.

That interview was August 11th.  Sadly, warrants to investigate the sex abuse were not issued until after the murders.  FAIL!  It wasn’t until September 21st,, 7 days after the murders, that police reviewed the recording of the forensic interview.

Baron Ochoa and his brother, Conrad Ochoa (Sammy’s father) were questioned after the killings.  Conrad was arrested on the day of the murders for an outstanding traffic warrant, but was released.  Police state that, during his interview that day, they “immediately smelled the same strong odor” that was noted in a fire earlier that morning.  As if that wasn’t a tell-tale sign, he made comments about websites and what-not instructing how to combine materials to start fires, yet he denied any involvement in the crime.  WOOP WOOP WOOP!!!  (That’s not a fire alarm.  That’s a “he’s the fuck head responsible for murder” alarm).

When police interviewed Baron, it was noted that he had fresh scratches on his neck, head and shoulder.  WOOP WOOP WOOOOPPPPP!!!

Two days later, armed with a search warrant, police found a black vibrator in Conrad’s SUV.  Also seized was Conrad’s computer and digital storage.  He had over 7,000 images of suggestively posed, scantily clad little girls and some images of young boy.  There a video of Baron having sex with and girl whose age and identity were unknown.  If that wasn’t stomach turning enough, there were another 21,900 images from a single encounter that show Sammy engaging in sexual activity with another young girl.  Documented in those images was the use of a black vibrator.
(I think I just threw up in my mouth).  The second little girl was interviewed September 27th.  She identified Baron as having repeatedly sexually
abusing her, beginning when she was in the fourth grade.  Conrad was not starring in any of this putrid pornography; not that it makes him any less guilty or any less vile.

Neither of these sorry bastards has been arrested for the murders.  The murder investigation is ongoing.  Baron Ochoa has been charged with two counts of continuous sexual abuse of a child. Conrad Ochoa was charged with possession and promotion of child pornography. Both have posted $1 million dollar bails, but remain in jail. Thank God.

Conrad’s crimes weren’t limited to those of his equally as fucked in the head brother.  To add insult to injury, he had asked for Sammy’s remains to be sent to a funeral home and that there not be a service for her.  As next of kin, he was the one to make that decision.  Sammy’s grandmother, Suzy Bianchi-Peters, is fighting to remove his right to make that decision.  She has received a restraining order preventing Conrad from claiming Sammy’s remains, but has not been able to lay her to rest.  She should have been buried with her mother, but Conrad’s final act of assholery prevented that.

It’s evil mother fuckers like Conrad and Baron that make me happy that Texas has the Death Penalty.  I hope the crimes committed against Sammy, her mother and Pamela earn the Ochoa brothers a fast pass to death.  I’m hoping for a slow, painful death, but I will settle for them being put down humanely; as long as they aren’t able to hurt any more children.

Rest in peace Sammy, Rebecca and Pamela.

Thanks go to Deena for this tip.

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  1. Excellent write-up! 

  2. I can actually hear the oxygen being stolen.  I can think of an excellent use for that “black vibrator”, i.e., ram it up their asses and then down their throats.  Then line them up so no more than one bullet needs to be wasted on them.

  3. This story is 8 different tragedies rolled into one.   One of those tragedies is the way our legal system simply does not take threats to women and children seriously.    I wish the huge anti- gay marriage movement could put its energy into a huge anti-child abuse anti-domestic violence movement. 
    Imagine the power…

  4. Sick Twisted bastards!!! That poor little girl……….she’s in Heaven now with her mommy and won’t ever have to go through pain again. As for the “dad” and uncle- Bubba will take care of them!!!!!!!! My heart breaks for the Grandma as well as the victims……….

  5. Death penalty for murderers, and death penalty for child molesters.

  6. when i read the articles on this the other day i  was so shocked and just amazed that the threats weren’t taken seriously .. then a day or two later it happened again when another child molesting rapist killed a mother and her disabled adult son..after the man had made threats against their lives for reporting the abuse, this is a sad world that they got to follow through..that’s why it’s probably best to kill the mf’er as soon as you find out .. no benefit of the doubt when it comes to my kid

  7. These two evil fucks deserve to be flayed and then burned alive!!

    As usual great write up!!  Thank You…

    1. Thanks, Cyn.  I think you would have trumped me on this one, but I got their fugly faces posted.  Go team!!

      1. where does the line start and who gets to use the spiked club first? or just on any trolls that may crawl in? Go Team!!

  8. I cannot imagine what any of those poor children must have gone through to have been abused by either of these two disgusting, depraved, ugly fuckers. The monsters of every nightmare are real, and the worst thing of all is that old- time phrases like “disgusting fucking lowlife pervert” have been watered down to “sex offender.” Offense? I take offense at jokes in poor taste. “Offense” doesn’t nearly begin to cover what these dregs of society inflict on their innocent victims. I hope Texas slices and dices these shitbags and leaves their remains out for the roaches!

  9. From Hell’s heart, I stab at thee!  And thy equally repugnant brother!  WTF is wrong with them?????

    1. They’re defected fuckbrains.

  10. I’m too angry to even speak!! Dammit, I’d pay to see these two publicly lynched!!

  11. OMFG.  So even after the allegations of sexually abusing his own daughter, fuckbrain still has the right to bury his daughter.  I hope to hell the grandmother wins.  The only right that either one of these fuckbrains have is to die.

    1. RB: Mom did win her remains. She won custody of Samm’ys remains the day Sammy would have turned 11 years old.

  12. I love the women these fuckheads killed.  Today was Sammy’s birthday and the gift was custody of her charred body going to grandma instead of her demon father, who didn’t even care to show up in court.  He just wanted to fight for the sake of fighting.  We can now bury her next to her sweet mama.   Your write up is the best I’ve read yet.  You can’t really imagine the depth of the horror.  Sammy was snatched from her mother because her personal satan (he’s no father) sued to get custody, knowing her mother couldn’t afford a lawyer.  He told Rebecca he had dropped the case.  So when she did not show up for court she lost custody and was not legally able to petition for change for a year, despite the accusations of abuse (oh, brave Sammy had spoken up long before this), her mom couldn’t get her back.  The hell Rebecca and Sammy lived through is beyond words.   Sammy accused her uncle a year  ago.  The fuckers at CPS made her go back home to her dad, where her uncle lived.  He threatened her, and she recanted.   When she accused a second time, it was like she was the liar who falsely accused before.  She told them where the video evidence was.  They never looked – and when they did, after her death, there it was.   CPS had been warned about the abuse.  No authorities believed them.  The files weren’t reviewed until after her death.  Her forensic evidence of rape against a pre-pubescent child was not reviewed until after her murder.  There were four people who died that day. Rebecca, Sammy, Pam and the baby Rebecca was carrying.  May they all rest in peace.   I hope we have fight because there are a lot of Sammys out there who need someone to stand up for them.

    1. Amiga, Thank you and welcome.  I wrote this from my heart, as hard as it was, and cried the entire time.  The details were more than I wish I knew.  You telling us that Rebecca was carrying a baby when she was murdered brings back all the hurt I was feeling last night.  Bloody fucking hell.  Is there no  end to the lives these evil bastards took?  Sammy will be another child that haunts me, and another reason for me to do this every day.  My heart goes out to you and all who knew Rebecca, Pamela and Sammy.  On the plus side, Sammy and her mother can finally be together again.
      *hugs, honey*

  13. It’s gonna take legislation to take lie detector tests before pro-creating or babysitting to weed this disease out. This shit is not going to stop if the system refuses to believe the children.
    Make eunuchs out of these loser brothers and then put them into waste management crusher, depositing their putrid corpsepuddles and the surrounding refuse into the landfill, letting the birds peck at their remains if they wish. These filthmaggots  are not fit for a cemetery. Until this is possible I will be happy with having them endicted for the murders that we know of. I pray the investigators get enough evidence for a solid case for the death penalty.

    1. Scretch,I believe you mean that after Texas executes both Baron and Conrad,their corpses will be thrown into the landfill.

  14. Amiga, I am heartbroken that this poor little girl was brave enought to speak out not one, but TWO, times and was only made to feel like she was the liar. I cannot imagine the pain she felt knowing that she was taken from her mother, not because she was deeply loved by that monster, but solely to be abused..and she was helpless. I just can’t believe it. Just know they are all in our hearts. So many out there are thinking about them right now, and that will never end.

    They are positively beautiful and I am sorry for your loss.

  15. There are no words to describe this evil twisted mess or the condition of my heart  having to live through this. There is still more to this story. Their vile existence reaches beyond what you have written. If you only knew. And someday soon you may. God Help Us All.

    1. Good Lord… there is more and worse, I wouldn’t have thought that was possible!  So sorry you have to live through this on one should ever have to!


    2. My deepest condolences to you. I cannot even fathom what this has done to you and your family. If you ever need some extra strength you can always come here! We’re all here for you in this!

  16. I hope these 2 perverted sickos get the death penalty.They were responsible for not just murder,but also sexual abuse,so they deserve it.Plus,I think the black vibrator can be shoved down Baron Ochoa’s throat while he is being executed.This is because he was responsible for most of the sexual abuse and made the murder threat.

  17. Even if they don’t get convicted of murder, prison has its on form of justice for child molestors. They signed their own death warrant.  There will be a line of inmates outside each of there cells taking turns with them. After a few days they will be so torn up they will be unable to walk.  Only then, will a schedule be arranged with their maker.  We don’t need to foot the expense of putting them to death humanely.  The inmates will do it for free and with poetic justice. 

    1. Unfortunately, very often these days, a known baby raper will be put in “protective custody” for this very reason. 🙁  Otherwise the pervert’s family can/will sue for putting them “in harm’s way”.  Unreal huh?

    2. You have a good point.These two brothers are so sick in the head that Baron Ochoa was even filmed while he was having intercourse.That level of sick pervertedness can never ever be fixed.The brothers will even die as perverts.Even the other prison inmates know that.

  18. Update from 22 Dec 2011 from San Antonio news mentions that these 2 sick perverts will face life in prison for all the sex charges.As of today,they haven’t yet been charged with the murders.But once they are charged with the murders and put to death,I hope that there will be huge media coverage of their executions.

  19. My name is Amanda Gonzales; younger sister to Rebecca and Aunt to Sammy. The ashes of the girls are slowly but surely making their way all around the world in what my family and I term, ‘The Just Love World Tour”. Just Love is the philosophy that my sister lived by, the words she ingrained into my niece and spread to the hearts and lives of those around her. After these devastating events those words have become a movement. Protect our children, teach them that it’s NOT okay to let others hurt them and it’s NOT okay to hurt others. Sexual assualt on a child is absolutely horrific. While fighting to win Sammy back, knowing she was in the reach of evil and not being able to do a damned thing about it…no mother should have to endure that. If you come across abuse, ANY abuse, be it animal, elderly, child, or spousal don’t turn away. Speak for the silent and do all in your power to get push the authorities to take preventative measures BEFORE it’s too late. Just Love, JUST Love, and Just LOVE.
    P.S. I am happy to report that early next year these two evil men will be going to trial…seperately…for both the arson and the murders.

    1. I’m terribly sorry for your loss. Thank you for taking the time to post and updating us.

    2. Amanda, do you know the perv’s backgrounds? were they always sickos?

  20. Conrad Ochoa will be tried for pornography and promotion and Baron Ochoa will be tried for 2 counts of continuous sexual assault of a child. NEITHER ONE HAS BEEN INDICTED FOR ARSON OR THE MURDERS of Rebecca “Veggie” Gonzales, Samvastion “Sammy” Ochoa or their roommate Pamela Wenske.

    1. Thank you for the update.

  21. I was horrified by this whole story. Have the Ochoa brothers been convicted yet and are they being tried for the murders and arson? Thanks.

  22. Just caught this story on Lockup….disgusting! What is the background on these two? I would think it a safe bet that Sammy wasn’t their first victim. Have any others come forward?

  23. Im just shocked at the whole situation. First it is a clear cut guilt of association. We are pressuming the outright guilt of the father only because the uncle is deranged. So he gets charged with child pornography even though there is nothing to link him to what his brother did. Its like saying if you are a parent and your 13 yr old son downloads pics of other 13 yr old kids nude on a community computer should the parents be charged with child pornography. No they shouldn’t. Im sorry this tragedy happened I m pretty sure the brother did these crimes but there is no evidence they committed them. They took dna evidence in swabs of ears nose skin to them to a crime. It all came back negative. The police will always put false statements in the public if they have no evidence. To say they smelt like the house is a big lie if it was true they would be charged. Where supposed to be innocent until found guilty. But this is america today your guilty in the public view bye false allegations by police just trying to get them for murder. You waste all your time focusing on one while the other is free. And how many parents out there no that kids are easily manipulated by patents in custody battles. What if sammy told her mother about her uncle and she decided I can get her father in this so I win my custody battle. Kids are impressionable and will say anything to please there parents. But I beleive when conrad finds the truth out about his brother he will roll on him I serious dont think he knew about it. As for the statement about a black dildo in conrads truck it is 100% false. You need to know the truth before you write to swing the publics view.

    1. Sounds like you have inside information. Or think you do. Sammy’s father raped her. That is a fact.

  24. @justice_in_america:disqus : Sammy was the one who said her father raped her. I know because she told me too. And you don’t wait until the judge tells you, three weeks after the accusation of Baron raping Sam, to throw the pedophile out. He allowed his daughters rapist to stay in the same apartment with them. He had to have been in on it.

  25. @ecaba79531378f9c397e32892cc7d73d:disqus : First trials on current charges start in Feb.

  26. In January 22, the Ochoa brothers were indicted. Capital murder.

  27. After seeing this on “Lockup, Texas” last night I literally didn’t sleep all night! I cant believe a man would actually have sexual relations with his own little girl and allow his brother to do the same!! If that little girl said they did it, they did! I mean she, her mother and roommate ended up dead after the little girl alleged they did it, that’s not a coincidence! They killed Sammy and her mom so that they could not sit up on the stand in court and testify against the men. Such sick motherfu****, I hope they BURN for what they have done!!!!!

  28. I am watching the Lockup episode now and found this article. This is so upsetting that the Texas Children’s Protective Services allowed this to happen. These brothers have serious mental disorders and there should have at least been an in home CPS interview ordered before the judge ruled on the custody case. Barron shows classic signs of being a pediphile in how he answers the Lockup interview questions.

    There are protocols in place to remove children from potentially dangerous situations and to expedite investigations and charges. The incompetent case worker and her supervisor and director of the CPS office that handled this case should all be investigated and removed from duty.

    The mayor, sherif the citizens of Bexar County elected along with the chief of police choose to divert limited resources to investigations, and vice raids against strip clubs and fighting online prostitutiin instead of protecting our children. The Texas criminal justice system is seriously flawed.

    Amanda you are a wonderful person for spreading the Just Love message.

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