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PyroMom…. GUILTY!

PyroMom  – original post by Angel – October 2009

Opening Statements November 1, 2011 

Mother’s murder trial-debate over evidence

Michigan mother found guilty in children’s deaths 

“She will die in prison…” said Wayne County Prosecutor Lora Weingarder on Wednesday, November 9th

On Wednesday, November 9th, it took a jury approximately two hours to give Anthony and Alayna Hinojosa, the justice they deserve.  After two long years their birth vessel Sharon (I’m an evil, child murdering beast) Hinojosa was found guilty of felony murder and arson.  Hell-to-the-yeah Baby!!! May every moment of the rest of her pathetic life be miserable!  I hate this cow!

For those of you who don’t know the story of Anthony and Alayna or don’t feel like reading the link above I will give you a little insight.  You see, Sharon had four children all by different fathers.  Her oldest Erin was living with her father; her three youngest Anthony (4), Alayna (3) and Aiden (1) lived with her and her boyfriend/Aiden’s father Justin Whistler.  By all accounts Sharon and Justin had a turbulent relationship with a lot of issues surrounding Anthony and Alayna and the fact Justin preferred they were gone.  Well… Sharon got rid of them alright, but she didn’t send them to family or their fathers she opted for a far more evil way to rid her life of her beautiful angels…she lit Justin’s trailer on fire grabbed Aiden (his son) and walked out.

She stood her sorry fucking ass outside that trailer and listened as her babies screamed before succumbing to the smoke and fire.  Imagine that if you can… the sounds of YOUR children burning to death.  Hard to stomach?  Yeah, it should be, but not for her. Sharon would lie to neighbors who tried to save her babies telling them the children were on the wrong side of the house.  She busied herself calling Justin to tell him various lies about what happened, but assured him his son was safe.  Funny how that worked out, isn’t it.  No not so much… this cow cared more about the man who was breaking up with her, evicting her and dating someone new, than she did the two beautiful children God blessed her with.  Sickening!

Sharon“attempted” to kill herself, by drinking rubbing alcohol after she confessed to killing the children.  She was unsuccessful, unfortunately, but aren’t they always when it comes to really ending their lives.

If I sound angry I am, or was until Wednesday the 9th, when the cow got what she deserved.  She cried crocodile tears throughout the trial and when the verdict was read.  I wasn’t moved in anyway.  I feel NO sympathy for her.  Her family said those children adored her… loved her with all they had and she burned them alive… ALIVE!  For what?  A man, who didn’t love her, didn’t want her.

This all happened close to my home and brought me to BB.  It changed me forever, these two sweet faced children, so innocent, so loving… murdered.  I would cry and tell my husband she has to get convicted I can not take it if they don’t get justice.  It just can not happen.  I was thrilled to hear she was convicted and that day I visited them, as I do on holidays and the anniversary of their deaths, and said NOW babies you can rest in peace.

I never met Anthony and Alayna, though I wish I had, but they changed my life and will forever be in my heart.

Angels.... Alayna and Anthony

 R.I.P. Sweet Angels…now you have the justice you deserve. xoxoxox

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  1. Oh, she “tried” to kill herself, did she? I hear SELF IMMOLATION is a BIG, BIG suicide trend this season. She should try THAT!

    Waste of taxpayer’s money, keeping this tw*t alive. Give her a bottle of gasoline and a box of matches and tell her to do the planet a favour.

    1. I agree.  Let her die the same agonizing way she killed those poor babies. 

  2. Beautifully written, Deena, I’m so glad we are seeing some justice. It seems rare for these monsters to actually be punished, although anything short of burning to death is better than she deserves.

    1. It is better than she deserves, and is nowhere near justice.  But I guess it’s as close to justice for Anthony and Alayna as we are going to get.

    2. Well thank you very much, I have waited for her to go to trial and when it finally happened I asked April if I could write the update.  I felt like I needed to.


  3. Deena, you are so sweet to visit those childrens’ graves on holidays and the anniversary of this tragedy.  The world needs more people like you!

    1. Thank You Kathy, these babies hold a special place in my heart.



    2. No more like Deena!! Then she wouldn’t be special. I like her special!

      1. Awww… thanks love!  You’re pretty special too!



  4. Rest In peace babies. We love you!

  5. Finally! So glad to see that this whore went down. Awesome write up Deena. 

    1. Thanks Darlin’… I hate this cow with all of my being!



  6. There is justice in the world.  All I can say.

  7. Deena, thank you… For bringing this final development to us with your broken heart. You clearly love these two children as they should’ve been loved by their “mother” in life. You’ve honored them in profound ways- in just a few loving (& devastating) paragraphs, you’ve ensured that their lives will NEVER be forgotten; that their deaths will resonate with the horror & unbearable sadness it should…& that their unbelievably beautiful, innocent faces won’t soon (if ever) fade from the memory of anyone reading your words.
    Not half-way thru your piece, I started crying with such grief & heartache that I thought I’d never be able to stop. But then I went to my toddler-baby’s crib, & picked him up in his sleep- just so I could feel him breathe & look into his face. Forget housework, forget the dishes & laundry for one day. NOW this day is only for loving my babies with all I have! Today I won’t tear my attention or affections away from them for anything or anyone! Yes, you truly continue to love & honor Alayna & Anthony- even thru others: Tears of Remembrance, & the unconditional love & devotion only a Mother can give. I can’t think of any finer memorial. May Jesus hold them both fast in His arms & bless you as well.

    1. Awww…. I am all choked up after reading your comment.  Thank you so much for all of your kind words.  I do love these little ones, I never knew them but my heart has ached for them everyday since they passed.  God Bless You and Your Family.


    2. Beautifully written Mama Bear….. this site has resulted in many days like you mentioned- loving my little one and soaking in every second of the gift I have been given.
      I wish more than anything that all parents felt this way. Children are such a gift and a blessing.

  8. I see the picture above of her crying in the courtroom because she knew she was going to prison.  I bet she wasn’t crying as she listened to her babies screaming and burning to death, while she sent would-be rescuers to the wrong end of the house.  What a pathetic excuse for a human being.  How does somebody possibly end up that much of a coldhearted c***?  I hope she hears their screams of terror every single night when she tries to sleep.

    1. Me too sister, me too!  I pray every single moment of the rest of her life if haunted by those very screams.  How anyone could not love those faces is beyond me… let alone light a fire and walk out.  Sickening!  When this first happened I would have to mentally block the imagined sounds of their last moments and I was not there and I am not their “mother”.  One of the neighbors who tried to rescue them has had to seek treatment for PTSD… the neighbors demanded the trailer me removed from the park.  You could see it driving by on the main roads, I can not imagine seeing it daily in front of your house.  I hate this bitch with everything I am, I’d like just five minutes with her.. that’s all five short minutes.


  9. She will die in prison… and the sooner, the better.

  10. Deena, I am choked up after reading that you go visit those poor kids’ graves. They need that love, even if they’re gone.  It’s much more than what their own mother would have given them. 

  11. If only I could reach through my computer screen. I seriously want to punch that woman for crying in court!!! I’m getting a knot in my stomach just trying to imagine a child screaming as they burn to death. If that was my child (if I had one)…I think I’d be on the floor having a breakdown.

    Deena, that is so thoughtful of you to visit these children’s graves. These angels will never be forgotten.

  12. I can’t  possibly conceive of someone so evil that they would deliberately burn their own children to death. I’d like to think that she was crying in regret for the unspeakably horrible thing she did,but I seriously doubt it.

    1. She is definitely not crying in regret, if she is crying about anything it’s for herself.  She’s nothing but a selfish cow!


  13. Deena your story touched me deeply, as I was also brought to
    BB following the brutal death of a 2-year old little boy named Daniel in my
    neighborhood last year. I had never met this precious little boy, but I soaked
    my pillow at night for weeks mourning his loss. I stumbled upon BB and found a
    place to express my anger and confusion at the senseless death, and have
    remained although I can’t tell you why. The stories are almost too much to take
    in, but they have to be told. I have also visited Daniels grave and wept openly
    at the life that was viciously taken away. I hope he knows that he was loved.

    I have a son that is very close in age to little Daniel and
    I thank God every single day for him. To see people act so wreckless with these
    precious little lives is beyond explanation. I follow the trial updates of the
    monster that killed Daniel (Mom’s boyfriend- no big surprise) and I will not
    rest until he is locked away for good. I am so happy to hear that justice was
    done for these sweet babies. Bless you.

    1. Thank You so much… Was Daniel”s story on here?



      1. Yes it was  and it was very well written. It brought me to BB and I have since stayed 🙂

        1. We want you to stay. These babies need us to be mad as hell. The people who love them (too often) don’t gve a shit. But we love them. I think we rock. Bunches, even.

  14. I am so glad that Sharon finally got the punishment she deserves.But nothing will bring back the kids she murdered.

  15. Hey, this is my neck of the woods! I remember when this happened. I’m glad this horrible bitch will spend the rest of her life in jail. She won’t find many friends there, either.

    1. My neck of the wood too… really only about a 5 minute drive from my house.  What area are you from?


      1. I work in Ann Arbor and live in Chelsea.

        1. I live in Romulus and work in the “D”.

  16. So glad to see she’s getting what she had coming!

    Lesson she should’ve stuck to? Her kids have priority over her needs to be a cum dumpster. Y’know B.O.B’s a good alternative. (Battery Operated Boyfriend)

  17. I get upset if my son gets sick or hurt…how can someone be so coldhearted? 

    1. Because she is evil beast!



  18. Finally some good news for once.

  19. The State of Michigan as a website that describes child abuse and neglect and how to make a report;,4562,7-124-5452_7119—,00.html
    It is under Children’s Protective Services.  
    Everyone reads these stories and while there are always those we cannot help in time, there are those that we see and wish we could call someone but aren’t sure.  You can always call, do not feel stupid about it.   If it is something that belongs to another agency-police or Friend of the Court, you will be directed to contact them.  Some issues involve multiple agencies.   At the end of the day it is a relief that you tried to do something rather than grief that you should have called. 

    1. On 11/30/11… Sharon (I’m a fat, evil child murdering beast) Hinojosa received 4 LIFE sentences…. yeah babby! Die Bitch! I hate you!

  20. WHY THE HELL is she crying in court? She did not shed a tear when she BURNED them! I don’t know how someone can be so heartless and walk on this earth. She must’ve came straight out of hell.

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