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3-year-old beaten to death for refusing to eat a hot dog


Girl(3) dies after stepfather brutally beat her for not eating a hot dog

Mother arrested connection with daughter’s beating death 

On Saturday, October 29th, 3-year-old Dani Mayo died after clinging to life for two days.

Dani had suffered a beating at the hands of her stepfather, Corey Daniels (22), on the 27th that most adults couldn’t survive.  The reason behind the beating – because she didn’t eat the hot dog he had made for her.  A hot dog?  Really?  You bastard!

As the usual, the story goes like this: Step-asshole was alone with Dani while mommy was at work.  He called 911 to report a child not breathing because she had choked on a hot dog! Liar! He has since confessed to becoming enraged with the baby when she wouldn’t eat her hot dog and pushing her to the floor.  The push was then followed by punching her in the chest, arms and legs and lashing her with a belt more than 36 times; even after her body gave out and she fell to the floor.

This wasn’t the first time her hurt Dani.  He also admitted to biting her when she urinated on herself in the weeks prior to her death.  This poor sweet angel.  Being left alone with this monster had to have brought on fear instantly.  My heart literally breaks for her!  I can only imagine he was mean to her constantly and sought out reasons to punish her.

The autopsy on Dani’s body showed she had multiple blunt force trauma injuries, brain swelling, extensive bruising in different stages of healing and bite marks on her buttocks.

Phoenix police officers responding to the call said, they were shocked at the severity of the violence Dani had endured.  **Cry**

The fucking monster was charged with murder and was detained in lieu of an $850,000 bond.

So, I am assuming you are wondering why mom’s face is up there as well staring back at us.  She’s a victim as well. She was at work and, according to neighbors, was heard wailing as she arrived home to find police and paramedics at her home trying to save her baby.  No, not so much!  It appears there’s a whole lot more that Ambreatte Daniels was aware of and still left her baby with this monster.

See mommy, up there was arrested on November 7th, in connection with Dani’s death and stands accused of knowing about the abuse and doing NOTHING to get her baby out of a dangerous situation.  You bitch!

Police served a search warrant on Ambreatte Daniels’ cell phone and what they found was nothing short of appalling.  Between September 3 and October 27th, Ambreatte was aware of the abuse inflicted upon her baby and had even taken photos of Dani’s injuries and stored them on her phone.  It doesn’t end there.  Text message threads show conversations regarding the abuse of Dani.  On October 7th, a text conversation between the couple mentioned Corey’s abuse of Dani and leaving bruises and bite marks on her.  This is 20 days before he beat her to death.  Some other text conversations between them consisted of Corey asking where the duct tape was so that he could tape Dani’s hands in front of her so she would not be able to block the belt during his spankings.  Ambreatte told him not to use the belt on Dani… WTF!  That’s it?

If I were to get a text message asking me where the duct tape is so you can beat my kid – You best believe I’m leaving work to come home and beat you to death with the belt AFTER using the fucking duct tape to cover your mouth to stifle your screams.  Then I call April; we’ll collectively arrange to have your body hidden and/or destroyed… end of story!

Thanks to Ashley G. for the tip.

R.I.P. Dani, you are surely one of the most beautiful angels ever!

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  1. Okay – a) My son has never touched a hot dog.  I don’t blame him.  They’re just nasty.  and b) I hate seeing their pics…. I’ll go cry now.

    1. I know dear, I seen her picture and I was like OMG!  she is divine how could anyone want to hurt her!

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  2. My 3 year old rarely eats what I make for him. I think most 3 year old go through a picky phase… I think it’s more “I’m trying to establish my independence” than “I’m doing this cause I want to get beaten to death”.  

    What a horrible, selfish monster to leave that beautiful little girl with a man she knew was violent and had no logical child rearing/coping skills.  Evil, evil, evil.

  3. I’m guessing “Mom” never refused to eat a hot dog… if you know what I mean.

    Both of them should bleed to death in the gutter with the rest of the garbage.

  4. And “bite marks”?  Seriously?  What a piece of shit excuse for a mother.  Do us all a favor and die, you ugly wastes of oxygen.

  5. Now i have been around some children who could drive the sanest person bat shit crazy….I would even go so far to say that a few of them are bad as hell, and I generally don’t like to label children “bad”…but what the ffffffuck on earth could have possibly made this man target this baby in such a way that she was methodically abused?  Right under the idiot mothers nose, none the less.  Shit, he basically had her permission if he was so bold as to ask the bitch where the duct tape was…ugh I hate them. 

  6. I just want to smack that look off his ugly face. Yeah, you’re such a tough guy who beats baby girls to death, stupid fucker.

  7. My 2 yr old refuses to willingly eat anything that isn’t cereal chips or yogurt. Meal times at my table are hell but do I beat my son for this reason , you bet your ass I DO NOT . Do we sit there for over an hour reheating the same plate of food until he unhappily but willingly takes enough bites to constitute a semi full tummy , you bet WE DO. I don’t know when these “parents”, and I use that term very loosely , are going to understand that the things kids do aren’t done with malicious intent and beating them isn’t going to yield the behavior that these people are so desperately seeking from their kids. If you can’t handle the pressures of parenting and can’t take your head out of your ass long enough to learn how to be patient and understanding with babies and children then keep your legs closed , wear a condom or better yet have your self sterilized so the rest of decent humans can rest easy knowing that babies arent being murdered every hour of the day for selfish and idiotic reasons.

  8. I cried when I saw Dani’s picture… my son has exactly that same smile.

  9. All I want to do is love that little girl.  How can a person even let someone do this to their own child?  That kind of brutality?  I just can’t even imagine how that little girl must have felt as she was dying.

  10. OMGs… I couldn’t even finish reading this (no offense, Deena… you did an awesome job writing this one up.)  Why are these people still breathing???

  11. So sad 🙁

  12. My 5 year old son is a very picky eater and last night i made him chicken, potatoes and veggies.  He was mucking around with it, so i punched him in the face and shoved him in the closet…… no, not really.  I told him that if he ate his dinner very fast then i would take him out for ice cream and guess what?  all gone in less than 5 minutes!

  13. This story made me nearly throw up my dinner. Really? Because she wouldn’t eat a hot dog? The mother is just as bad and as much to blame. She may as well have told the jackass he could have his way with the baby!

    I haven’t touched a hot dog since I was 7. I just don’t like them. They taste weird.

    R.I.P. Dani. You’re such a beauty.

    1. I wouldn’t touch hot dogs when I was a kid, because I thought they were made from something disgusting (which, it turns out, they are).  My parents let me put hot dog toppings in a bun and just eat that.  For some reason it never occurred to them to beat me or bite me on the ass. Imagine that!

  14. RIP little angel, so sorry for the pain you endured.

    As for the piece of excrement that beat her to death, put him in prison in general population and make sure the other inmates know why he is there,. It seems fitting to me as I am sure there will be a lot of inmates there willing to give him the beat down he deserves as well as a few hotdogs he can eat…….

  15. Corey will soon have all the hot dogs he can eat.  The other inmates will also be playing “hide the hot dog.”

    1. Bwaaahaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaaaa Maybe someone will beat him to death for refusing to eat theirs.

      1. We can only hope!


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  16. Burnt hot dogs are delicious.  Why didn’t they just burn the hot dog instead of beating an innocent child to death? “Oh, Muggle, what if she still didn’t like it?!” THEN YOU FIX SOMETHING ELSE FOR HER TO EAT, ASSHOLE.  I don’t understand parents who insist that their kids eat everything put in front of them, as if kids don’t have taste buds.  WTF. And to this level… I hope their fellow inmates beat them to death.

  17. Daniels is such an animal.He has no right to live,so I hope he gets killed in prison.

  18. This happened about a half a mile from my house. Absolutely tragic. I cried for days about this case. I hope they both rot in hell. 

    Poor little Dani was being beaten for a while… and all ‘mom’ has to say is ‘dont use the belt’? Are you friggin’ kidding me?!?? I would kill him with my bare hands for even thinking about touching my child.

    Not sure if the story mentioned it, but of course mommy dearest is pregnant with the stepmonsters child. She was pretty far along when she was arrested so she has probably given birth by now. Uuugghhhh……

  19. My kids won’t eat hotdogs either…there’s a good reason for that…they’re shit! No nutritional value whatsoever!

    I have a 2 year old who eats porridge, bananas & grapes…that’s it. I offer very thing the rest of us eat but no dice…so I spike her porridge with Pentavite & sustagen & let her eat it. She will grow out of it eventually!

  20. He got life in prison and should have got the death penalty tbh. I grew up with him and he was the most sweetest and funny person ever. Came from a good family and had a two parent home. I hate him for what he had did to that beautiful little girl, I’m sure he will get his in prison. As for the mother she should have got more than 2 years probation and she always post pics of here child like bitch you wasn’t worried about her when you knew corey was beating her so why care now? Little too late smh….. rest in paradise sweet angel

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