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Baby suffocates after Breeder gets her Halloween drink on

Corrina Atuatasi

Corrina Atuatasi Accused of Letting Her Baby Suffocate in Clothes Pile After Booze Binge:

Baby suffocated in clothes pile while mom was drunk, police say:

I don’t know if I’ve ever shared this with you before but I don’t drink. Not to excess anyway. I can go for months without having a beer and I can’t even remember the last time I got drunk. Not because I got so wasted I don’t remember it’s just been that long. There’s several reasons behind my semi-tea totaling ways. The first is my dad was a mean drunk and I’ve seen what kind of damage excessive drinking can do to a family. The second is in a bout of excessive drinking on my part I gave myself alcohol poisoning in my early 20s and that made me lose my taste for hard liquor. And lastly during my first year of marriage I went to a bar one night to drown my sorrows and when I came back my daughter, who was 10 at the time, told me I reeked of beer. I was so embarrassed thinking back to when I was her age and my dad coming home stumbling in the door drunk reeking of booze right before he hit my mom.

So you can kind of understand when I say I don’t get why some people put alcohol above the welfare and safety of their own children, like 27-year-old Corrina Atuatasi of Garden Grove, California.

Police allege that Atuatasi was watching her two-month-old son, Aiden Galeai, on Halloween night while her husband and daughter were visiting family. While she was outside smoking, and the baby was inside alone mind you, a couple of neighbors invited her to their Halloween party. She left her son to go drink but shortly went back to get Aiden, putting him in a car seat then taking him and going back to the party for a few hours.

Supposedly when she returned home in a drunken stupor at 4am somehow Aiden found himself face down in a pile of laundry where he suffocated to death. Considering he was only 2-months-old I’m going to assume he didn’t end up there under his own power. Atuatasi woke up 2 hours later and called 911. When police arrived they said she had BAC of .23 which as I’m sure I don’t need to tell you, is almost three times the legal limit. This was 2+ hours after she had stopped drinking so I can only imagine what it was when she stopped drinking.

When April asked me if I wanted to do this story I said yes because someone with that BAC would normally qualify for the BB BAC Board. Usually I reserve that dishonor for cases where the kids are relatively unharmed so we can point and laugh at the idiot drunks. There’s nothing to laugh about here.

Thanks to amulbunny for the tip.

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  1. Atuatasi is a stupid old piece of trash.I am so disgusted that she did not realise that she was suffocating her baby.

    1. Atuatasi is a last name foolio

      1. Hey foolio, that commenter was just referring to that whore up there by her last name.

  2. I don’t drink either, mainly because I hate the taste of alcohol.  I have no problem with people who do drink, even parents, as long as they’re responsible about it.  This waste of carbon obviously wasn’t.

  3. I decided at 15 I wasn’t going to drink. One, I hate just the smell of alcohol and two, I have a friend whose parents are alcholics and she refuses to even go home because she can’t how her parents and the house always reek of booze (she stays with an older cousin). I went to her house once and I could smell the alcohol the minute she opened the door. Ick!

    1. was her husband their?

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