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Parenting so bad, it's criminal

Toddler watches as mother shoots up.


Courtney Leigh Hardy

Woman jailed after found  with syringe in her arm and child in car

Police catch Mom shooting up with daughter in car 

On Wednesday, November 9th, a Police officer at a gas station in Huntington, OH spotted a woman in her vehicle with the engine running.  The officer, thinking something didn’t look right, approached the vehicle. Inside the vehicle he would find 21-year-old Courtney Leigh Hardy, drifting in and out of consciousness with her arm tied off and a syringe still in it, in the passenger seat her 2-year-old daughter.  Nice!

Hardy was arrested and charged with felony child neglect and misdemeanor driving under the influence with a minor in the vehicle. Her bond was set at $30,000.00.

Her daughter was placed in the custody of CPS.


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  1. I do not get it. The drugs are not that fucking important. I will scar the children for life. I know I used until I found out I was pregnant. My son is now 3 and I have been clean for almost 4 years.
             I wish these women would realize what they have before they lose them. There are so many kids in foster care right now it is crazy. Please please for the love of christ think before you act.

  2. Neglectful drug-abusing sorry excuse for a mom.

  3. Damn, I am guilty of “smoking while my toddler watches”, smoking cigs of course, and he only watches through a glass deck door, he is not exposed to the smoke, he just has to see me around or he would start to panic. Still guilty though.

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