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We get letters: Critical Thinking. Emphasis on critic.

Here we go again kids, more of the same. Got this little gem in the (P)BB inbox recently…

From: Critical Thinker
Subject: More reporting, less editorializing

Message Body:
1) Please use writers who can write well and have someone proofread their work. Suzee, in particular, could use a remedial writing class.

2) Report the facts, research further, and follow up. DON’T fill space with all kinds of conjecture, “purple prose”, and name-calling.

3) It is disturbing to see so much misogyny allowed/promoted among the writers, moderators, and commenters. WTF? The comments about, and descriptions of, these messed up, neglectful, brutal women, are often about their appearance, weight, or something OTHER than their terrible behavior. Anti-female slurs are never appropriate–it’s what she did or didn’t do that warrants criticism and outrage; her sex is irrelevant. Much less is said about the messed up, neglectful, brutal men, and what IS said is much less demeaning and is not anti-male. THAT is f**ked up.

4) The same goes for remarks about:
– economic status (being poor doesn’t mean you are bad or stupid), and
– intelligence (if you don’t have their IQ test in front of you, you don’t know; besides, bad behavior is as much about callousness, sadism, and irresponsibility as it is about stupidity), and
– race (oh, wait, nobody dares say that out loud anymore; but you can still call women “holes” and “stupid cows” and you can still call poor folks “trailer trash”….).

Suggestion: Why don’t you do some stories on programs that teach GOOD parenting, family planning, get families out of poverty, etc. and the hypocritical jackasses who fight AGAINST them…contributing to the very problem you report on here? DO you care about PREVENTION and protection of these kids orr are you guys only about punishment and sensationalism AFTER-THE-FACT?

You’ll have to forgive me if I get a little juvenile…


Dear Fuckface,

As I have mentioned multiple times before we are not journalists and we are not professionals. We are fathers, mothers, step-parents, foster parents, adoptive parents, survivors, cycle breakers and most of all human. We don’t get paid to do this. If you don’t like the fact that we don’t abide by the AP style book then you’re more than welcome to have auto-anal intercourse with said book while it’s turned sideways.

Since you bring up Suzee I have to commend her because she has really busted her ass working on her posts and I think she does an outstanding job with a passion that can only come from someone who truly cares about the victims of child abuse.

Your claims of misogyny are laughable. The last time I checked there was only one male writer on the site and that would be yours truly. While I run the site I neither encourage nor discourage my writers about certain words that can or can not be used on this site about how they feel about the perpetrators of child abuse. Not to mention I noticed that you had no problem when we refer to male suspects as sperm donors and vag-fillers. It’s only misogyny to you because that’s what you choose to see. I wouldn’t be surprised if you spelled the word ‘women’ as ‘womyn’.

As far as race and social status go we are, as the old joke goes, equal opportunity offenders. We will call people hoodrats and trailer trash if we feel it fits. As we’ve stated on this blog many times before being poor is no excuse for being an abuser. And we’ve gone after plenty of those who you may consider a higher socio-economic status. Hannah Overton comes to mind between her high price lawyers and her legal defense fund backed by a high powered church but then again you only choose to see what you want to see. I also notice that you don;t mention the fact that I personally have been calling for more media coverage of a missing Hispanic child by the name of Giovanni Gonzalez while the rest of the country was focused on trailer trash whore Casey Anthony. I even went as far as personally speaking to Nancy Grace to try to garner more attention for his case. To me that is tantamount to making a deal with the devil as I feel that Nancy Grace is more part of the problem than the solution.

The purpose of this blog is to highlight the fact that in what is supposed to be an advanced society that child abuse is still occurring at an ever-increasing rate in all corners of the country and some abroad. We call the abusers on the carpet and we don’t let them try to use some bullshit excuse on us when our defenders come calling. We are the defenders of not only the children but of common sense.

And as to your question about why we don’t do any stories about ‘good’ parenting. First off there are already tons of blogs like that out there. My goal is to always be different from the rest of the herd. Besides I also noticed that you didn’t see the e-mails that we get from parents in dire situations asking how they can protect their kids. We aren’t sunshine and rainbow farting unicorns here. We are reality, a reality that you seem to have trouble accepting. Now that I think about it this entire blog is filled with a simple but powerful lesson for all parents. If you want to be a good parent don’t do what the fuckwits in our stories do. And if you do we’ll be there to make sure the internet knows about you.

So in conclusion please take your umbrage and cram it with walnuts.

Sincerely go fuck yourself
Trench ‘El Jefe’ Reynolds

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  1. Erin (Danica's Mommy)

    Dear Trent-I have been reading this site for over 2 years now.  The number one reason I do read here is because it isn’t PC.  I love how the stories are written.  I love that they are written exactly the way I would want to hear them on the news.  You can hear the passion/disgust/anger in the writing and how Suzee, April & the others would tear the abusers to shreds if they had a chance (as would I).  We all wish for a day when this site doesn’t need to exist, but unfortunately there will always be bad breeders. 🙁  I just know I am doing the best I can to be a great Mother to my amazing daughter.  Thanks to all of you who work so hard to make this site everything it is.  I think you all do an awesome job.

    1. We all wish for a day when this site doesn’t need to exist

      No one wishes that more than me. 

      Thank you for your comment. 

    2. Well said…

  2. Yep…I’ve been a reader for a couple of years as well. I am somewhat of a grammar nazi too but I love the filthy and quite creative writing more than I love grammar. 🙂 I often share stories on facebook (with a warning not to read if you’re offended by foul language) and check the page DAILY for new stories. Thanks to Trench and other writers, the stories that should be national news and often aren’t, can get some coverage here.

    1. the stories that should be national news and often aren’t, can get some coverage here.

      Thank you. That’s one of my goals for all my websites. 

    2. I think the creative expression shows the intelligence of the writers much better than perfect grammar ever could. Perfect grammar can be learned by rote, creative invective comes from the brain and soul. And, I can be somewhat of a grammar nazi myself, but have learned that most of the time it isn’t worth it, unless you want to pick a fight. When the writer deserves it, that can be loads of fun, but not something to be done daily =)

  3. Keep doing what you do….. There is always going to be bad breeders and there is always going to be dumb people. Who gives a shit about what they think? I sure don’t and never will. What a waste of time to send you a long message about how they feel, about YOUR writing. OMG!!! Don’t visit this page then, again you all rock and bring a powerful message. I get it and so do a lot of others. OMG, and the proof read thing again. It’s like they only read a couple stories and slam you, like on their first visit to this site. Happy new year and I wish all the little sweet babies peace……….. LOVE YOUR BABIES AND PROTECT THEM!


      It’s really not that hard.

  4. really and truly the wanker does not get it … next he will be telling you to proof read our comments for spelling and grammatical mistakes before posting.  God dayum wanker

  5. Simply…..poetic. Hand me a tissue, Jefe.

  6. Heh, one thing I have noticed about local news sites (at least those in Atlanta) is that the stories are often poorly written and include misspellings and enough incorrect information that I think they are just trolling the crime blogs. Obviously the current crop of mass comm majors aren’t exactly grammar experts either. The only difference is that we actually care. They just want a paycheck.

    1. Scary thing is, a lot of college graduates any more are like that. I worked with a young woman that was going to school for CJ, and she could not balance her checkbook, or spell correctly. Wonder how she did when she had to write papers in her junior and senior level classes, those standards are pretty strict. Actually I wonder how a lot of the supposed college graduates made it through that, or maybe they didn’t have to going to a traditional university. I did all my classes online, so all my assignements were papers and Powerpoints (which I enjoyed the challenge of, and did well on).

      But I could definitely write a lot better than some of the journalists posting for the major news sites, and my degree is in IT. And you even see people complaining about it in the comments. Makes me glad the online news is mostly free, I would hate to pay for that lack of quality, although that could be part of the problem, lower standards because nobody is paying for that service.

      1. The funny thing about CJ students is I get a lot of them commenting on my blogs who seem to not know dick about crime or law. 

  7. Without a doubt the people you write about on this site deserve the way you describe then, male or female. I would hope that if the people who question and often critic this blog realize how hard the people on this site work to bring justice for all the children with no one to protect them and that they really don’t care if you misspell something or forget a comma. I personally love the name calling and would have been thinking it anyway. Please, to all the anal retentive grammar and/or spelling police, fuck off because you do not realize that the abused and neglected children of the world deserve this site, as a former child abuse victim I am glad that there is someone willing to call it as it is. Thank you to all the writers who take the time to post on this site. I for one think you are all terrific! 🙂

    1. Thanks, Mama. I needed to read this this morning. Sometimes writing and reading this stuff is hard enough…. then to have mother fuckers who get their jollies from “trolling”…. just makes it a little harder. Sadly, there seems to be a troll infestation these days. I may need to get out my pointy stick and start slaying them again.

  8. I’ve been reading here for a couple years but don’t think I’ve ever posted.  Why do these complainers continue to think they are reading CNN rather than a blog?  If they’re so picky about perfection in journalism, I suggest they google the headline “women looses disability due to facebook posts”.  Seriously, “Women Looses” (meaning woman loses) in a nationally published fox news headline.  Then go fill up the foxnews people’s inbox and leave the Bad Breeders contributors alone.

    1. Thank you for coming out of lurkitude and welcome. Nice to know we have “silent” regulars that don’t hate us.

    2. Shoot, I’ve read several of the news sites, where the writers actually get PAID to write about the news, and they could use someone to proofread their work 9 times out of 10. HuffPost is notoriously bad about it.

      And I don’t hate women, I just hate women that choose to have children they won’t take proper care of, that starve their babies, while looking like they could do to miss a few meals themselves, that have babies wandering around naked in nasty ass dirty diapers and horrible rashes while they have their hairs and nails done on a regular basis and wear expensive clothing and jewelry. Who let convicted felons, including those convicted for crimes against women and/or children into their homes, watching their babies while they work, instead of finding some other person to watch their babies. Who let their babies get beaten, just so their bed isn’t cold and lonely at night. Those are the women I hate. If they want to live that way, fine, but not when you have any children, at that point, you have to consider their well-being, sometimes even over your own.

      We don’t have to hate on men to be effective, in many of these abuse cases, it took two to tango, and many times the mom is just as culpable, sometimes more so, and any male who abused her child. Mom is the guardian if her babies, when they get hurt by someone she brought into their lives, she has failed in that duty.

      Maybe the dickwads that keep going on about the writing standards of the site would be willing to pay a salary so that the writers could quit their cureent employment and focus full time on writing? Didn’t think so, they are never willing to put their money where their mouth is, I guess maybe because their foot is already there. Guess they missed the memo that most blogs are editorial on current events, NOT journalism, so standards regarding purple prose (even though a lot of it is more blue =)  ) and conjecture are a lot different.

      1. I always thought purple prose was being overly descriptive in a flowerly overly positive light – using lots of big words ending in “ly” – but like I said upthread, grammar is not my friend but a cold dark stranger lurking ever presently in misty threatening comprehension obscuring shadows. Or something.

    3. right? trench and april and many others who do write ups are constanly telling these morons that this  blog, and not a news sight. but alas, they are dim witted and dont get it.

    4. I actually had to stop reading the news for awhile. Especially on It gets to a person when they’re turned down for job after job for being fat and/or socially awkward and mouth breathers are getting professional writing gigs. I’ve had trouble with grammar since like grade two so I let it all go. Usually. I’ve been to sites where it seemed like the author never made it past 1st grade and no matter the content or intent at some point extremely poor writing does get too distracting. But for the most part this place is okay.

      1. Your grammar doesn’t seem bad to me. 🙂 And this coming from the resident Grammar Bitch.

  9. You guys are great friggin writers. Don’t ever let anyone discourage what you are doing in regards to this website. The angry imbacile who sent you the email is probably a relative of an abuser or an abuser themselves. There has to be a reason why they’re so angry.

  10. Those who can, do.  Those who can’t, criticize.

    As a commenter, I am not misogynistic.  The only women I hate are Bad Breeders and any bitches who defend them.  I also hate men who fall into those categories and won’t hesitate to call for them to be castrated or to have sundry objects rammed up their asses.  I hope that’s “anti-male” enough for “Critical (sic) Thinker (sic)”.

    Keep up the great work, writers.  The critics can all go to hell.

    1. I want you to know that I love you a little more every day.

  11. Dear Jefe, 

    Your reply gave me a hiney tingle. 

    That is all.


    1. Hey! Stop sucking up to him! That’s MY job!

    2. Possibly my favorite comment of all time. 

      1. <> — I <3 you, Trench – big time.

  12. 3 cheers for Trench and my hubby agrees  

  13. I’d also like to add I’ve been following the blog for several months now and love the fact that the writers here say what most of us are thinking when we read these stories in the news. I am considered lower income and even live in West Virginia and am female and have never been offended by any of the stories here. Why, you might ask? Because I don’t treat my children like the fucktards you write about here do. Children are the most precious gift we can be given and should be treated as such. You call them like you see ’em. Keep up the good work

  14. Girls & Trench, I have been an avid reader/lurker and rare commenter for a few years now and I want to commend you all for not only holding down jobs, raising families etc but for donating your precious spare time to such a good cause and informable site. Keep it up x 

  15. <3

    Trench really can me smile.

  16. edit:

    Can really make me smile.

  17. Well said Trench, and thank you for the kudos.

    To the readers here, thank you for your support in reading and commenting if you chose to do so.

  18. Wow whoever wrote that letter is a c***, male or female. Hope they like my non discriminitory name calling (and how I probably just misspelled that). You rock, Suzee, we all love you!

  19. Where do these dumb-asses come from?!? I mean really how can someone be so stupid and heartless???! Everyone who writes for BB does a damn good job at it. This site is about the poor children who are being tortured, abused,raped and murdered EVERYDAY! I don’t care if it’s not PC or has perfect grammar and spelling because hell without spell check I’m lost.

    I can safely say that everyone here wishes this site did not have to exist. It breaks my heart everyday when I see a new post. But since their are poor excuses for humans and pieces of shit out there ( in all walks of life) this site will have to0.

    So if you don’t like the way this site is written take your snooty ass somewhere else so you don’t get your panties in a bunch.  Remember the bottom line is about the children and making it known what the fuck is going on out there.

    1. Let’s not forget that handy dandy little X in the top right corner. If we bunch your panties to the point you want to send retarded emails, use the mother fucking X and move right the fuck on. What a concept.

      1. That’s right my sister from another mister!

        1. Haaaaahaaaaaaa. You make me smile.

          1. Well then mission accomplished!

  20. To “El Jefe”:

    YOU ROCK!!

  21. I have been reading this site for about four years now and I can say without a doubt that I am a better parent because of that! I believe I have more patience and understanding with my kids. I’m still not perfect, but I bet if my four and fourteen year old daughters and my eight year old step daughter knew what an impact this site and the writers here have had on my parenting, they would give you all one of the melt-into-you hugs that I live for!!

    1. I want hugs!! Where do I go to collect? My son is getting to where he wants to hug OTHER girls and not his oh so amazing mom. Sucks.

      Jokes. He still huugs me. Just… not when his friends are over.

    2. This misanthropic misogynist says thank you. 

  22. Oh Trench Reynolds, you hunka hunka man:). I somewhat feel sorry for the jerk offs that offer their DOUCHEBAG advice here. If they spent ANY time on this site (which I’ve read regularly for many years) they would know that not only are their opinions EXTREMELY unwanted, but will be met with a large FUCK OFF. Suzee, you rock out with your socks out as do ALL our writers here at BB. As for THAT writer’s opinion? Go adopt a kid (or NOT, you judgemental creep). And when you don’t like it, shove it up your ass and go elsewhere. And, by the way, you jerk: “Or” is with one “r”. Not two. Asshole.

    1. Hehehehehehehehehehehe

    2. *evil laugh* I love our readers.

      1. And the “critics” wonder why we don’t give a fuck. Because the people who DO love us fucking rock, that’s why.

        1. Exactly!

    3. i love crystal.

    4. Thanks Crystal. Suzee is da bomb. Kids still say that right?

      1. If by “kids”, you mean “thirty-somethings”… erm… no. They all stopped saying that ages ago. *snicker*

        1. I’m what several here would consider a kid, but I don’t say “da bomb” anymore. I can’t quite remember when that died out.

          April, don’t hurt me too badly, but after remembering how old you are my jaw dropped because you are technically old enough to be my mother. WEIRD!

          1. Nah… I’m old enough to be your mother. NO way is April that old.

            Then again, I think I keep forgetting her age because it just doesn’t make sense in my brain.

          2. No, she is truly old enough to be my mother. I am 6 months from turning 25, and my egg donor isn’t even 40. :X

          3. I’m 40… surely April is younger than I am. o.0

          4. Oh, I know. I know she’s in her 30’s and very close in age to my bio bitch.

            Sorry, April, I know that’s a kind of insult given who my egg donor is, but you’re nothing like her and spifftastic.

          5. Why doesn’t it make sense? I’m 36. My son is 11. I was married when I was 23 and my husband 28. April I will be 37 and Jue I will be married 14 years. What part makes no sense?

          6. I saw your pictures. You don’t look anywhere near being that close to my age.

          7. 36. Going to be 37. I refuse to look older. I’m fighting it every chance I get.

      2. *major blushing* Thanks Trench.

        Sorry, I am extremely self critical, and I truly have zero self confidence thanks to a rough road to adulthood. Enough of that shit though, I’m not going to bring down the fun this went to with all that.

  23. I suspect this asswipe may be the same person as the troll who was weeping his heart out for the trailer skank who fed her kid oxycodone.  It’s the same general tone to the complaint, and we all know how these types like to pretend to be different people.

    1. I had the same thought. But there have been so many lately and they all sound the same.

    2. My thoughts exactly.

      1. I wouldn’t be surprised since I started hashing it out with him and then April joined me. Oh well, I’m trying to let it roll off of my back.

        1. Suzee, after doing this for almost 12 years let me tell you that only one opinion matters and that’s yours. 

  24. Loved the reply Trench. The only thing I’d add is, “Fuck you and the high horse you rode in on” with it.

    Good grief – sorry, the only sterilization wishin’ going on here is for the abusive shit stains that pollute the meaning of parents. If they want ‘sterile’ stories go read a damn newspaper site, that’s what they’re paid for….jeez!

  25. Suzee… PLEASE! Let it roll!!! You are doing ALL of us that read PBB (BB) a supreme service and you do it well!!! The same assholes that feel the NEED to correct you guys is most undoubtedly the same sick fucks that will defend the abuse on this very site. Which makes THEM the sick fucks that do not even deserve our acknowledgment (which I’m sure I’ve spelled wrong:). So fuck them and LOVE you:)!

    1. Thanks and love you back!

      1. Back at you, sister:).

  26. Don’t change a thing! The brutal honesty of your word choice makes the child abuse that much more real to people. Kudos to you for taking a stand against it!!! And I agree the judgmental ones are most likely the same people who are letting these douchebags get away with it when they’re sitting on a jury panel. Keep up the great articles!

  27. This site had me at the word “fucktard.” 

    I am actually a copy writer in a marketing department and believe me, I’m pretty anal about grammar. And you know what? I could give two shits about the typos or spelling or punctuation errors on this site. Because that’s not what it’s about. And it’s too bad that dumbass is too much of a FUCKTARD to understand that. 

    Thanks to the whole BB crew for keeping the memories of sweet angels alive with people who care about them. 

    1. Thanks! And welcome!

  28. I’m sorry to say, that while I’m addicted to reading these horrific stories, I have to agree with some of the points made by the reader above.  I do read the stories, but pass on the vulgar personal opinions posted after each story.  I initially read them all, now I just find that over-use of vag filler, etc gets on my nerves.  And the response to her with all the “fuck/ing” words just sounds as trashy as the people you write about…sorry, but I’ve referred a few friends and they’ve stopped frequenting the site over this.  For what it’s worth, just my opinion.

    1. So… as has been suggested numerous times, feel free to click that little “x”, or surf to another site. The regular news outlets are full enough of these stories, all sanitized for your pleasure. Go read those.

      Please note the lack of swear words… I didn’t actually feel you deserved them, since you weren’t rude about it, or (so far as I know) one of the breeders referenced anywhere on the site. But you can find the sanitized versions of these stories in the same places we get them.

      1. @ DodiaFae@takurospirit:disqus 

        I appreciate your response, and more importantly for not telling me to f-off!  It was just my opinion, with no insults or disrespect intended.  As I said earlier, I am addicted to the site and read every article and I’m just as horrified and disgusted as everyone else here ….just thought I would voice an opinion and perspective about this article.  Open forum; free thought; mutual respect of differing opinions??

        1. You absolutely have the right to voice your opinion. However, while I am extremely capable of shredding someone without using obscenity and have done it more than once on this site, sometimes it is truly a pleasure to call an anal orifice by the more common name and I applaud Trench and the writers here that they AREN’T totally brainwashed by political correctness (which is a form of social control BTW as in Big Brother) or prissy social convention and just let loose. For someone with a passion for children and a hated for abuser/killers this site is one of the few places one can truly vent! And with so much horror in THIS country with no one in power giving or doing a thing to stop this red tide one NEEDS a safe place to vent believe me.

          1. Agreed, this is the perfect site to vent and these abusers are the lowest form of life; actually there are no words to describe what they are. 
            My comment wasn’t intended to insult or direct anyone on how this site should be run, or even that it wasn’t appropriate.  The site is unique and opinions are definitely not watered down!  My comments were based solely on the email that your site administrator received of which certain aspects of the email I agreed with.  To be honest some rants do overtake the horrific story, woman do seem to be trashed more than the men that inflict this torture on their kids, and attacking their Socioeconomic class is pointless as most abusers are caught in a poverty trap (due to lack of “intelligence and education”), which CONTRIBUTES (does not cause) to all sorts of abuse, be it substance abuse or their spouses or children.  This is not to excuse their actions by any means, because most of these people go beyond your average child abuse case.  These are psychopaths and sadists that as a society, we should want off of our streets permanently. 
            Again, you are in your perfect right to say what you please and yes, anyone can click the X at anytime.   I wanted to give you another perspective from a reader and the response from friends when I referred them to the site.  As a business owner, I am always open to someone’s opinion on my products, even if it pisses me off; it helps me grow and expand.  I thought you would be open to an opinion, but the response was MOSTLY hostile, which I don’t get.  Why tell me off?  Why not just say we’re venting, it’s the only place we get to do this so that I don’t leave the site with a sour taste?  Instead,  I’m an asshole for being a decent person and an avid reader?

          2. “…attacking their Socioeconomic class is pointless as most abusers are caught in a poverty trap (due to lack of “intelligence and education”), which CONTRIBUTES (does not cause) to all sorts of abuse, be it substance abuse or their spouses or children…”

            Maybe, just maybe, they shouldn’t have kids then?  Having kids is a CHOICE, because contraception is safe, effective, widely available, and pretty much free if you’re poor.  If you’re “caught in a poverty trap” – whatever the fuck THAT means – then don’t bring any innocent children into that trap.  And if you won’t use contraception because of what that old Nazi child molester coddling bastard in Rome says, or what some lesser snake oil salesman says, then you deserve what you get for your credulity.  It’s just too bad innocent children must suffer because their parents were too stupid to defer reproduction until they were financially and psychologically able to deal with the consequences.

            Save your sympathy for those who deserve it – victims of fate, not their own gross negligence and idiocy.

          3. I agree completely. I was in poverty when my birth control failed and I got pregnant. When I found out I was pregnant I was working part time at Sonic and my husband was mowing lawns! Oh and living with my crazy cat lady aunt in a shack that smelled like piss. Today, 2 years later, we are both flourishing at very good jobs and have a wonderful life. Never once did our situation contribute to any sort of abuse. Our situation coupled with our amazing son contributed to us doing everything in our power to do better for him. It wasn’t luck, we worked our fucking asses off, and it angers me that people use this as an excuse to keep getting pregnant for food stamps and letting their next baby daddy discipline their current children! Ok end rant.

          4. I couldn’t agree more… birth control is far easier to get than anyone refusing to use it is willing to admit. And if you can’t afford the children, don’t have them to begin with (or at least give them a better chance by giving them up for adoption if you’re not going to be bothered with feeding them or not beating them bloody).

            I will never understand why people have children in the first place, when it’s apparent that they don’t actually want them, or why they don’t allow more loving parents to adopt them. Are they that angry that they must bring another being into the world to take it out on?

          5. Once again Shadow…Bravo, you masterfully hit the nail right on the head.

          6. See, I can’t dislike you. You’re too nice. 🙂 And I’m glad you understand why we talk about these people the way we do.

            I don’t know… maybe it is a little sexist on my part, but I can’t help but feel that any mother should be 100 or 1000 times more protective of their little ones than *anyone*, because, lets face it, that baby was a part of them for nearly a year (in the cases of birth mothers, at any rate.) I’m still more than a little stuck in the idea that mothers should have a maternal instinct, which (maybe I’m a little wrong in this assumption, but) I think is different than the paternal instinct (I’m pretty sure there is such a thing, even though it’s never talked about). So as horrified as I am when a mother’s boyfriend (or the father’s girlfriend) abuses a child, I’m more horrified when it’s the birth father. But I’m never more horrified as I am when it’s the birth mother. I’ve thrown myself in front of a moving car to keep a child from being hit, and that child wasn’t even related to me. I can’t imagine not doing everything I can to protect my own child from harm. I would kill or die for either one of my babies. So I’m at such a loss when it’s the “mother”, or when the “mother” allows the abuse… it makes me far more angry than any of the others, and I can’t help but to wish the very worst on those “mothers”. And, so, I tend to vent a little bit more in those cases, and be a little bit harder on them. If anyone feels that makes me sexist or misogynistic in anyway, I think I can live with that.

            As for picking on people for “unrelated issues”… I’m the first to admit
            that I’m kind of vindictive like that. If someone gets me angry enough, I
            will rake them over the coals with anything I can find. I’ll rag on them
            about their looks, about their hair, about their living arrangements
            (trailer trash? I have no problem using that one.), about their meth-face,
            about their spelling, grammar, apparent mental capacity, economic status
            (this coming from someone who is “getting by”, but still manages not to
            abuse her kids), whatever. I don’t care. The fact that they’re an abuser
            means it’s all up for grabs, as far as I’m concerned. It in no way means I
            have anything against anyone else with any of these issues, but the minute
            they start abusing others, it all becomes relevant as far as I’m concerned.

          7. Excuuuuuuuuuuuse me!  BUT I did not and was not referring to you when I made the anal orifice comment nor was it my intent that you take it so.
            I was referring to the victimizers written about here and I did NOT tell you off, simply stated my own opinion as you did yours.
            Touchy much?

          8. Oops! Somehow my reply to anon didn’t come out as a reply to that individual. That’s what the Excuuuuuuuse me was about.  🙁

      2. Thank you. I responded without cussing. I guess I’m not all that trashy after all. But I do use the fuck word frequently. Do I lose halo points for that? Do I care? Hmmmmmmm. So many questions?

    2. You opinion is just that. An opinion. For every ONE person that has an issue with this BLOG, there are ten that love us. So….. What do we do? Please the people who mistake our passion for being “trashy”? Or continue to love these kids more than the people who should and don’t. I’ll go ahead and wear the label of “trashy” and continue loving these kids with every ounce of my being. Even if it doesn’t suit you or your friends. Sorry. I appreciate you reading, but…. I have my opinion too, and that’s.
      As far as “trashy” – that’s hardly the case. I’m perhaps one of the LEAST trashy people you will ever meet. I love with my whole heart as a wife, mother, daughter and a friend. I give my time to this site in addition to working full time, raising a child, loving my man and caring for a mother with health issues. I still make time to keep a spotless home, continue my education to advance in my career, spend time with my friends… Should I go on? I won’t even get into “social status”. I don’t think money makes a person trashy or classy – but I am financially stable. In fact, I have helped perfect strangers (some from this site) when they were down and out. So…. You may want to get to know us before you make any kind of assumption or throw out words like “trashy”. Just sayin….. If spouting off a few obscenities because we hate, with all out hearts, people who abuse children offends you, you aren’t here for the right reason. The purpose is to be a voice for those who need it. You can use your words, and we can use ours. We should all be on the same side. That hardly makes ANY of us trashy.

  29. @ Madison: thank you, Love:). @Anon, while I respect MOST people’s opinions, BB is designated to a certain type of people. That being said, if ANY reader is more offended by the language on this site than the absolute repulsive behavior of the sick fucks that are written about, that’s your malfunction. If you want “tasteful” news on such sick and demented realities, any local news site will cater JUST to you. There are a million out there. My advice would be to find one of them. And do not waste the time of the stellar people that take their FREE time to write up these stories. Makes you look like an asshole. Period.

    1. Bravo Crystal!

    2. Marry me? Please? Or just have trashy lesbian sex with me and my potty mouth? No strings attached.

  30. Go Trench!!! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! Love you!

  31. Dear Mr. “El Jefe” Trench and writers:
    You guys ROCK!!!!  Keep up the good work!  Don’t let the trolls get you down.  Everyone that writes for BB do wonderful work to make sure the precious angels are never, ever forgotten. 

    1. sorry that the precious innocent angels are never forgotten.

  32. Trench, you are my hero!

  33. Dear Critical Thinker
    If you can read this ( through, with no mistakes, the first time through, WTG!  If not, STFU and go peddle your trollishness elsewhere.

  34. I agree with the letter writer about certain things.  Largest is the physical cuts…these people are heartless and we should focus on the rotten inside not sterotypes and beauty.  I appreciate your sharing this on your site and your response to the letter as well.  But I enjoy this site for the information and end up skimming certain authors because they are simply words and not adding anything to the story or my understanding.  Thanks for listening

    1. Oh, we comment on the pretty ones too. It’s just easier to pick apart the beasties. Let’s be honest – a person with a beautiful soul radiates from the inside out, regardless of their physical appearance (and vice versa). So if you are a beautiful; person inside, thus making you beautiful on the outside, the bullshit we spew about the physical features of these fuckwads really shouldn’t affect you. The names we call are really nothing in comparison to the abuse inflicted on the children.

  35. Speaking as someone who made my living for a number of years as a professional proofreader and freelance journalist, I’m honestly surprised by this letter. I think Bad Breeders is quite well written. Your stories are always well-sourced and the slangy style helps take the edge off the sadness of what’s being reported without trivializing it.

    Women who are poor, uneducated, of low intelligence, mentally ill, substance abusers–in short, the sort of women who don’t have very much control over their lives to begin with–are less likely to be selective about their sex partners, use birth control, or reach out for help when they run into trouble taking care of their children. So, yeah, these conditions generate more child abuse and neglect. These are facts. At one time we believed that bad breeders like the ones featured here should be forcibly sterilized, and we actually did that (google Carrie Buck.) The results were eagerly noted by some people in Germany who eventually worked out ideas about what was called “eugenics” into what they called the Final Solution. And after we got a load of that we decided we weren’t going to do that to people any more.

    So what do we do about these bad breeders and their helpless children? I think we’re going in the right direction when we keep an eye on them, stop them from harming children when we can, and publicly naming and shaming them. If we can get past the idea that children are just things that are owned by their parents and that they can do anything they want with them, we’ll be doing a world of good.

    1. Anne, my darling proofreader. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know if you catch any errors. You help me fix them before the shit sticks do! These idiotic letters are getting as boring as the moron defenders that grace our pages.

      *hugs* and Happy New Year!!!

      1. I get a sense of some serious pent up rage…maybe these stories are affecting you more than you realize.  Why so hostile over respectful conversations between adults sharing views and values?  Though you find them idiotic, your friend Anne thought they were worthy of a lengthy post which I found to be quite intelligent, well thought out and written. 

        Anne, thanks for sharing your thoughts. 

        1. Oh yes. Pent up rage. That’s it. Should I NOT be angry that people are more concerned with verbiage, grammar and spelling than they are about the children? Priorities, I guess. Perhaps you would see that if you removed your head from your ass. Rage… because I HATE people who hurt children. As though that’s a bad thing.

        2. We all have that pent up rage… unfortunately, it’s illegal for us to release it in the way we really want to, which would be to give each of the soulless douchebags written about a taste of their own medicine. So people will either have to take the swearing, the colorful descriptives, etc. with a grain of salt, a shot of tequila, and a lime wedge. Or they can surf to other pages, or just click that little “x” to close the window/tab. If they’re going to choose to stay on the site and read and fully experience the way the blogwriters here choose to express themselves, they can very well keep their bitching to themselves. Especially the ones who think it’s more important to comment on the writing than on the stories.

          1. It’s so cute how the people that don’t take the time to get to know me assume I’m some angy c*** because I hate child abusers.

          2. Hey, I get the same thing… you saw that FB discussion. Apparently, I’m some closed-minded, childish bitch for not believing that sex offenders have committed sex offences without being provided proof otherwise. And that’s just one instance.

          3. Hey – I don’t care if someone thinks I’m a bitch. My opinion of myself and the opinion of those who love is all that matters. I can’t please EVERYONE, can I?

          4. You know I love ya. 🙂

          5. And you are one of the few who’s opinion I care about.

    2. Very well worded and well thought out, I agree with you completely.  But, I also agree with email above in many ways.  It’s great to have a place to vent, but I think maybe she/he was trying to point out that it might be great to take all this energy and anger and direct it to changes within our communities as well as having a site that supports those against these horrific crimes. 
      We have a small business where we make and sell stuffed animal pets (frogs, piggies, puppies) that you can heat up in the microwave.  They stay warm for a couple of hours.  We donate a substantial amount of these to the Family and Children Services / Children’s Aid Society in our area so that when kids are apprehended and sent to care, they have something warm to hug that night in bed.  Obviously we can’t control the maniacs that put them there, but we can offer some help through the adjustment period.

      1. Anon, there are sites set up to do just that. I have one. It was set up to provide information, statistics, resources, and a place for victims, survivors, and activists to share information and network. Sites like that are, in fact, much more difficult to get people to participate in and help grow than sites like this one. In fact, I’m in the process of changing my site into a blog and getting a facebook group going in it’s place so I can do away with the network.

        This site is meant to spread awareness of the problem to encourage people to help find solutions to the problems on their own. Many of the writers and regulars here are foster parents. Most of us are mothers. I’ve been an anti-abuse activist for years, and I see the value of sites like this one.

        I commend you on, and thank you for the work you do to help children. You say it’s not much, but it might be to those children that receive those cuddlies.

        1. You’ll have to provide the link to the site, I’d participate and spread the word 🙂

          I do agree with you that as a mother, you would think that these women would have at the very least some sort of  maternal instinct to protect their kids.  If you can’t fall back on your mother, you pretty much have nothing in life.  A neighbour of ours (was in narcotics) is a police officer in child abuse.  He was telling us not long ago about a boy around 2 that was apprehended.  Severely abused, mentally and physically and when assessed he didn’t make a sound.  Psychiatrist and doctors say he doesn’t even respond to pain anymore (associating  more crying with more beatings).  At that young of an age, their assessment is that he’s a Dahmer in the making.  So heartbreaking and in the future he’ll be looked at as scum.  This is such a vicious cycle.

          1. OMGs… that poor baby. I can’t help but feel that he can be saved if the right person (or people) could take care of him. Very sad, but equally sad that he’s basically being written off. And at two years old.

            The network is Feel free to check it out. Unfortunately, it’s hit the max of members for the free network, so I’m going to have to thin out the inactive members to make room for the new. The blog needs much updating, but is linked in the updates on the main page, as is the FB group.

          2. I follow the FB page. You can boot me for Anon. I’ll still love you.

          3. Dammmmmmmiiiiit. I love you. You mah sistah, chick.

      2. How darling you are. While you have this assumption that I’m some calloused bitch full of hate and rage, I have donated thousand of dollars, clothes and toys to the local battered women and children’s shelter. I have clipped coupons for diapers and baby formula, purchased it and donated it. I have purchased make up, body wash, lotion, toothpaste, tampons, hairbrushes and other beauty needs to donate. I have taken collections at work for all of these items as well, stored them in my home, transported them to the main office to donate (the shelter locations are very privileged information due to safety for the victims). So, I guess I have a very good outlet for all of the rage I have pent up. Doncha think? Never mind. I really don’t care what you think.

        Oops. There I go. Being all angry and shit.

        1. April,

          I think it’s great that you contribute back to the people that need it most.  My point is that you’re attacking me for my opinion; I didn’t insult you personally, I didn’t say you were a bad person nor did I say you were “trash” or hint at you being a bitch.  I didn’t even reference anything you said.  My comments were only in reference to the email sent in and my opinion of that email and the writer’s views.  Not my opinion of anyone one here personally.   I couldn’t care less about anyones spelling or grammar.  It was just an opinion and comments that a couple of friends made when I referred them to this site.

          And for the record, I don’t think that I’m all that.  So you may think that I’m a self-righteous bitch, but if you think that all the people on this site are decent, child loving people, I would bet my last dollar that there is more than a fair share sitting here reading this, who’s kid is pulling their arm asking them for food while they tell their kid to “get the fuck away from me, I told you I’m busy right now”. 

          I’m not going to on all night with you over what?  Same values, same opinion on your cause?  Truce?

          1. I’m not arguing with you. Let me put it into persepctive for you and maybe you’ll understand why I come across so sensitive on the issue. I work full time. Sometimes more than full time. My designated hours are 8:30 am to 5 pm, but often I am in the office until well past 8 in the evening. I miss doing homework with my son, having dinner with my family, and just all around me time. Now, what little “me” time I do have I spend here. I see all the tips that come in. I cry and hurt for all of these kids. I CRY!!! I literally sit with my head in my hands and I bawl until I’m spent. All of this is my burden to bare. I signed up for it. But when people mother fuck me or the other writers, even more – TRENCH… I get a little pissed the fuck off. So, it may not be anything personal to you, but I would think that ANYONE who loves kids the way I do and the way you claim to would understand why we get angry and why we say the things we do. It’s passion. This is a blog, not a news site. It’s our forum to say what we want. We invite you all here to be angry with us. If it doesn’t suit your needs (not just you, but anyone) it’s really simple to stop reading. So – that’s why I get pissed about these letters and comments that are negative toward (not just me) any of us. I believe if you put as much energy into loving these children as I do, you’d take it a little personally.
            Now, that being said, I will also fight tooth and nail to defend our regulars. If you have read here for any amount of time, this is something that you should know about me. I’m not a heartless bitch. Sadly, I care more than most. That’s what brings me here every day. That’s why I give
            selflessly to this site, the readers, the writers, the owner. I give my
            time, my friendship, you name it. Whatever they need. So all I ask of you
            is to rethink your opinion of me or anyone posting here. Our passion for
            the children should overshadow any of the other bullshit that people feel
            the need to bitch about.

            No need for a truce. I’m not mad at you. I just needed you to
            understand. Hopefully now you will. Feel free to email my husband and ask
            him how many nights I have sat with my laptop in front of me and tears in
            my eyes. I love babies that no one cared to love enough to keep safe. I
            know I’m not a super hero, I just would like a little appreciation instead
            of the constant negative bullshit. It’s starting to wear me down.

            I have said it to more than one person who was feeding me the same lines
            you are – people either love me or hate me. There is no in between. I
            love with all my heart, which makes me an amazing person and a friend. So,
            it’s up to you where you want to stand with me or where I stand with you.

  36. I heart Trench.

  37. I fricken LOVE ALL YOU GUYS!!! I don’t speak up much, but I’ve been reading this site for a few years. I personally am too torn up from what I read, to even notice typos…who gives a shit??? REALLY? People complain about such foolish things??? I also LOVE IT when you comment on person looks & such!

    To the people who slam any of the writers here….Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out…problem solved!

    1. We love you back!
      Sent via BlackBerry from T-Mobile

    2. Oh, Amy. You are the reason I do what I do here. It’s readers like you that make it all worth it. Come sit next to my angry ass. I need some cuddles after this most recent teen suicide. Damn. I need to stop feeling so much for these kids. It makes me all unhappy and stuff.

  38. From a Latina, single mom, who works her ass off to provide for daughter; THANK YOU FOR KEEPING IT REAL, so tired of the politically correctness that’s everywhere these days.

    1. Why thank you! And hats of to you. I’m sure being a single mother is tough, but you do it without raping, killing or putting dick ahead of your babies. Awesome.

  39. Until our laws recognize children as PEOPLE and not PROPERTY, this site needs to be as loud, proud, and honest as it is and has always been.

  40. Journalist are suppose to report the news without opinion or “spin”. The people submitting here are not journalists. I read this site because they tell it like it is and share my opinion on the vile animals that have no regard or care for the children in their lives. They don’t deserve an unbiased account of their deplorable acts. The legal system will give them plenty of consideration, too much in fact, and that’s exactly why the court of public opinion needs to be even harder on them. I could go on but the truth is these people don’t need me or anyone to defend their reporting style. They are shining a light on the c*ckroaches that call themselves parents and caregivers. Keep up the good work… typos, name-calling and all. I will continue to read and in doing so be reminded everyday to be aware of the things I see, and more importantly be reminded to love and adore my children even more. 

    1. Thank you and welcome.

      As I said before, for every ONE negative comment we get, there are soooooo many more awesome people lined up to love us. This makes it all worth it.

  41. I had my first baby at 18, the next at 21. I never recieved welfare, or housing assistance. I worked…I also quit partying. I put those kids ahead of any of my needs! My daughter got all the cool clothes for school, as I did not buy myself a thing for at least 10 years! I don’t think my son got in trouble once in his whole life! They are now 24 & almost 21. I did a great job if I do say so myself! I chose to do it all again & now have a perfect 5 yr old! The one thing this site does for me is makes me appreciate my kids! One sad story equals lots of lovin for Elizabeth. I am more aware of the evil in this world, and if I ever suspect anyone is hurting a child within my reach, I will not stand by. If I didn’t have my kids I’d probably go on a killing spree to wipe some of the scum off this earth, but she (my 5 yr old)needs me to not be in jail! The stories do stick with me, even make me physically ill sometimes…but even when I try to keep my nose out of these stories, I just can’t…being a news junkie is just part of who I am. I’m sick of people killing and abusing babies & children!!! I am for the death penalty, life sentances, and ripping out wombs! & I’m sure I mispelled a bunch of words!

  42. Trench, what did Grace say??? WHAT is the news on Giovanni??? I have been repulsed with his media coverage, where did this baby go??? And what in the HELL do we do to press the parents (father), and the DA to come clean and find out where he WENT? This story SICKENS me, I hate to say he is most undoutedly dead. So what NOW??? Where is the justice??? Seems so WRONG:(.

    1. A few years ago at the height of the Casey Anthony hysteria Nancy Grace appeared on am internet call in show hosted by another blogger, he may even be an actual journalist or writer. 

      I was the first person to call in to speak with Ms. Grace and I detailed all I knew about Giovanni’s disappearance and the details surrounding it. I thought his story was so similar to that of Caylee Anthony that I could talk her in to at least mentioning Giovanni on her show. She was nothing but polite to me. She asked me for additional details which I forwarded to the host of the show. She told me that she would look into it. 

      As far as I know to this day Giovanni has not been mentioned once on any of her broadcasts. 

      Giovanni’s father is still in custody. He told a reporter that he killed Giovanni but police say his story doesn’t match the evidence and no body has been found. 

      Like I said before it felt like I was making a deal with the devil but it would have been worth it to bring national media attention on Giovanni’s plight. 

  43. I personally have nothing but respect for the women who write this site while Trench sits back and takes the credit. And by respect I mean I’m jealous beyond words that Trench is lucky enough to have all these women writing here.

    As a “professional” writer I can tell you the pieces I get paid for often have typos that even the editor doesn’t catch – and I still cash my check. One of my paces was actually mentioned on the Rush Limbaugh show – and was riddled with errors. Didn’t matter.

    You guys do great work and no person who won’t sign their real name to a lecture on professionalism has the right to say anything different.

    1. Well Thank You Very Much! BTW… I’m a fan!
      Sent via BlackBerry from T-Mobile

      1. I’m a fan of yours. Bad Breeders is one of the best crime blogs out there and the Trench Reynolds empire is, as far as I’m concerned, the gold standard for our little industry.

        1. Only because Steve retired. 

          1. I’ll be honest, I think you do better work.  I point to craigscrimelist and bad breeders all the time when people want to argue crime. This site in particular is really what the Internet looks like at it’s best with multiple contributors, niche subject and real passion.

          2. Mmmmm. April ♥’s Rob. BTW – That’s Miss P’Cock if you’re nasty.

          3. And the Bad Breeders love fest takes a R-rated turn.

          4. Sorry. I’ll take the blame for that. I tend to turrn all kinds of shit R-rated.

          5. It’s OK – it’s not prime time.

          6. Is a good flogging in order for this?

          7. We will have to delay until I drink my blood (coffee) this morning. It’s almost done brewing.

          8. Just wait. It’s been known to go NC-17.

          9. Steve was a true investigator though. I may have been first but to me Steve was who put crime blogging on the map. 

          10. I see your point but I think the web is more about archiving the stories so they don’t disappear, aggregating crime to see patterns and forming a basis for activism, which is what your sites do. Magazines will still do the investigative stuff, but more and more people need a interactive archive of the news which memorializes the victims and gives them a voice.

            So he’s like the Hulk Hogan, doing the movies etc, but you’re like Ric Flair working the indies, carrying the company and really giving the fans what they want, not what you want them to want. That’s the difference in that there’s too many writers trying to turn blogs into books.

          11. Except substitute Flair for Jericho. 

          12. OK, I’ll be Flair. Though I think I’m more a Scott Levy – destined to be almost famous.

          13. Damn, I should have picked Scott Levy. lol

          14. Did you see his new project – vloging on YouTube. Sad.

          15. That’s too bad because his written blog was actually interesting. Plus YouTube is the new thing for midcarders. 

          16. Can I be Rowdy Roddy Piper? He always had sexy knees. ^_^

            I kid!

          17. Another overlooked worker. He carried Hogan.

        2. Wait a fucking minnute. Did you all forget that APRIL rocks? Fan of Deena?? I found Deena. Plus she wants to have my babies. Or I want to have hers Or just have long make out sessions.

          1. You ALL rock, that’s m point. But please, more description about the inner workings here.

          2. Oh, well…. Inner workings. I get naked and dance in the shower while singing “I touch Myself” (and actually touching myself) and these bitches do whatever I tell them to if they get to watch. Trench get’s all the credit, as you pointed out. Typical man.

          3. Damn. I sit at my kitchen table/office begging my editor for another greenlight while my wife tells me to do the dishes. Like you need to wash them after one meal! C’mon.

            So you guys doing a documentary anytime soon?

          4. So, it turns out I m ay be the most rocking ass wife on the planet. I like football, hot wings and sex. I keep my house clean and I do dishes myself, because I am the only one who does them right. I work full time and make a decent salary – better than my hubby. I don’t bitch and complain about much. I pick my battles. I also have been known to send my husband sexy texts when I know he’s having a rough day. I may have to do the world a favor and make a documentary. If I can get the others in on it. I know Deena would GLADLY give me a “hand”. Danielle….. She’s in. Suzee like women and have offer to hold the camera (she’s knocked up so she’ll make her debut in the sequel).

          5. Jeez Trench you’re the one that’s “Winning” – you should have rubbed this all in Sheen’s face.

            April I’m overnighting you a camera.

          6. I just surround myself with awesome folks. 

          7. Feel free. You know have my complete list of credentials.

            Potty mouth
            cute as a button
            likes boobies
            and penis
            and hot wings

            Dammit! I forgot about beer and Captain Morgan. Beer makes me giggle. Captain makes me mean AND naked which is ALWAYS tons of fun.

            Send that camera. It’s warm enough in CA that I may consider being naked until March. Hell, I just tossed my hair up, slid into some boy shorts and a tank top and I’m sitting here flirting with the two hottest men in this mother fucker. I think APRIL wins!!

          8. Pics or it didn’t happen as the kids say.

            Er, I’m going to need 20-30 minutes alone …

          9. Oh, fuck. I’ve been down this road. There were pics. Ask Dodia. She is still working on that stutter my tits caused.

          10. Hrummph! Dodia’s my friend and never shared them Outrageous.

          11. I may have deleted them before she could. There is a lesbian that faps (do lesbians fap?) to me on the daily. I get pics of that. Mmmmmmmm. Hawt. Is that a testament of my greatness?

            I’m sure all of the cry-babies are REALLY gonna hate me now. Wait until they read my next post.

          12. I love when they complain that you’re not a prude thus can’t be disgusted by pedophiles, murderers and other degenerates. I once had a pedophile complain that I had ads for Tila tequila ebay items show up on a site – thus I was also a pervert.

          13. I’m not a pervert. I like sex. I’m just one of the few women that isn’t afraid to admit it. I’m a sexual person. I’m not afraid to express myself sexually. If that makes me a pervert, then ROCK ON! I think being a prude just means you probably have a large ass and don’t even want to look at yourself naked. I like looking at me naked. So why wouldn’t my husband, right? Then again, sometimes I get a little insecure. Depends… But I still like being naked.

          14. This is why I say BB is genius, pure f’n genius. You guys kept me on here like an hour when I was getting ready to go to sleep.

            But keep on nekked trucking April!

          15. Oh. I will. And again… I win. I kept you here longer than I think you have EVER stuck around.

            Tell Trench I want a raise.

          16. I’ll double what I’m paying you now. 

          17. Deal. Can I get that in writing?

          18. Didn’t I just write it?

          19. Typed it. Whatever. Lazy ass. I’ll taked typed cuz I love you.

          20. Love, you and I are too much a like. I’ll just second what you said for myself.

          21. It’s April’s fault… she deleted them before I had a chance to upload them to the new porn site I’m planning on starting to make extra cash.

          22. True story. I’ll put them back if you want.

          23. Only if you don’t want me to be able to check the group until the boys are in bed. LMAO “Mommy, who’s that lady?”

          24. Yeah… Karan’s son has me saved in his spank-bank. She says she left the page up. Dammit. He’s like… 19. Ick.

          25. Truthfully, I am. 0.0 And I don’t even swing that way.

          26. Lies. I’m nothin’ special. I’m 30-something with a big booty. It’s all about lighting.

          27. Not true… unless you put on some weight since those pics were taken.

          28. Christmas cookies. Nom…..

            Jokes, but I am back into full swing. I took the stairs today.
            *fist pump*

          29. Why didn’t you CALL me?! I missed everything while I was trying to sleep and failing miserably.

          30. I’ll hold the camera and maybe just get some hand action in there or something. Teeheehee. Then I can make a full debut in the sequel. 😛

          31. Squee!

    2. Thanks, Rob. You know I’m a fan.

      Let’s get real. You don’t need to be jealous of Trench for having all of us. You have the same rock star status and we would all toss our panties at you in a heart beat!

      1. Careful April… he’s got high blood pressure. 😉 And I think you may have made him blush.

        1. I am blushing – and thinking of ways to parlay panties into moolah.

          1. I forgot about them. Nice people, wacky country. Great metal scene though.

          2. Sell them on ebay. *snicker*

      2. And now I can die happy.

        1. Except that I don’t wear panties. Just… FYI.

          1. Now I have to rethink my business model.

          2. Do tell. I volunteer to *ahem* model. Even if I am aheartless bitch, I happen to be a cute one. We all win.

          3. Now I’m more jealous of trench than ever.

          4. Yeah. You should be. Jokes. You can have me. When ever you want. I’ll let you and Trench hash it out.

          5. If you guys aren’t my fb “friends” I assume I’m missing alot.

          6. Trench’s only mistress is his blogs. 

          7. Mine is the ocean.

          8. Ohhhhhh…. Mine is the ocean. Rob…. Were we lovers in a past life?

          9. If you’re from jersey maybe this life.

          10. I’m not. I’m from Texas. I live in California. I LOVE Hawaii. I’m a beach bunny with southern values and a knack for making grown men cry.

          11. Now you sound too perfect – are you a pedophile trying to get me to sext?

          12. Yup. You are sooooo onto me.

          13. I knew it. All the hot chicks online are men.

          14. Yup. I have a hairy back, too. And moobs.

          15. Again, talk slow.

          16. Eeeeeeek. So…. Does that mean all the hot online men are…. Women?

          17. Her hair isn’t big enough to be from Jersey. 

          18. My hair isn’t big at all.

          19. And the cashier at the gas n sip. Or whatever the fuck that place was you were goingt to in NJ.

          20. It’s called Wawa and it’s the most awesome place on earth.


          21. Wawa. Isn’t that the feeling you get when you inhale nitrous oxide? Wawawawawawawa…..

      3. Also, I’m a big fan of all you’re doing.

  44. <———
    door.  don't let it hit you in the ass on the way out.

  45. Well, I’m seeing this one a little late but i have a response for our little thinker.
    Dear CT,It is disturbing to see so much misogyny allowed??Oh that’s rich. The misogyny taken onto the innocents in this world is what is truly disturbing, Apparently your critical thinking needs a tune-up.You talk about anti-woman slurs??The biggest anti-woman slurs are the way in which some women abuse their children and allow their boy toys to do the same. This is the most anti-woman, anti-mother behavior, PERIOD.Get your priorities straight, please and thanks but no thanks for your input.

  46. I have long said that the quality of the writing of online journalists is deplorable. Bad grammar, strange punctuation, even missing words and incomplete sentences seem to be the norm anymore (I am not a journalist, so spare me the finger pointing based on this comment), and apparently editors are deemed unnecessary for online articles. In my opinion, your writers have just as much skill as the writers for supposedly top shelf newspapers and magazines who publish online. The editorializing isn’t professional, but if you want to read stories from professional journalists then go to a different site. I don’t understand how people can find fault with your site as compared to other sites. This site is about the children. It is about stirring human emotions, and hopefully people who read these stories will be affected enough that the next time they suspect a neighbor, coworker, friend, relative, or anyone else of child abuse they will pick up the phone and save that child from a life of pain and misery. For me, personally, I have been in a major clinical depression for awhile. My shrink wanted to know why I read stuff like this (my husband ratted me out because he thought it was making my depression worse), and I told her that when you feel numb most of the time, you read these stories and it fills you with anger, loathing, and righteous indignation, and in my opinion feeling any strong feelings, positive or negative, is better than feeling nothing at all. I love what you do, and hope you never stop. You’re our collective voice, and you speak for these babies who had no one else to speak for them. Thanks.

    1. I love this comment. Thank you!

    2. <3 Thank you! And I hope, with all my heart, that you're feeling better every day.

  47. “You’ll have to forgive me if I get a little juvenile…


    Dear Fuckface…”

    I died.  You’re awesome, Trench. 

      1. Lawd. Is your head gonna be okay, Master Trench, sir?

  48. I just now saw this…Good shit, Trench…

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